An Office Fantasy Part 3 – Party Time


Mistress Melissa reminds us the next day that there is to be no sex or masturbating this week, we must wait until the office party. I carry on a very professional working relationship with Liz who dresses very conservatively at work. Melissa also dresses conservatively. Tammy, our lover and chauffeur dresses more professionally, the three of us do not flirt the entire week.Melissa sent out emails to the twenty employees last week with the necessary information. Dear fellow employees, Next Friday, you and your significant other are invited to an office party starting at six in the evening. This is a formal affair, gentlemen it is black tie for you. Ladies please leave something for the imagination 😉 Neil and Melissa Everyone at the office is talking about the party and are looking forward to it. The girls are all abuzz as to what they are going to wear and the guys are talking about what they would like to see the girls and their significant others wear. As the day of the party nears, you can feel the anticipation build.As the week goes by, Liz and I busy ourselves in office work. Melissa is busy with her charities and fundraisers. Tammy is kept busy chauffeuring Melissa around town and running errands for her. Friday Morning Slowly waking, I feel a mouth on my morning wood. Opening my eyes slightly I see a figure coming into focus. When my eyes fully open, there before me is my wife and Mistress.”Good morning sleepy head that must have been some dream. Now I’m going to suck your cum right out of your cock. Close your eyes, do not open them until I say so. Now lay back and enjoy.”I do as I am told and Mistress continues sucking my cock while her hand fondles my scrotum. I feel movement on the bed and someone positioning themselves above my face. I detect a slight scent of a woman’s sex and a tongue licking my scrotum.My cock slips from mistresses’ mouth and I feel her move onto the bed and slipping her pussy onto my cock.”Mmmm, you’re so wet M…” Before I could finish, I feel a pussy slide istanbul travesti across my mouth.“You may open your eyes, Neil.”My Mistress begins to slowly ride my cock, as the tongue on my scrotum swirls over the swollen sacs. I reach back and grab the arse cheeks of the woman on my face while licking the length of her slit. I recognize the taste of her juices, it is Liz. The tongue on my scrotum must belong to Tammy who now takes one of the swollen balls into her mouth and sucks on it.Liz tells me to fuck her with my tongue as Mistress is sliding up and down on my cock faster. My tongue swirls around in her warm pussy in search of the g-spot.“Oh God, Neil lick my spot now!” Liz shouts out as she pushes down on my mouth.Tammy runs her tongue along my shaft every time Mistress slides up on my cock. My fingers dig into Liz’s firm arse cheeks as she moves her pussy in a small circular motion on my mouth. I flick my tongue over and around her g-spot.It does not take them long to cum.“AAARRRGGGHHH, I’m cumming!” Shouts Liz as her sweet juice covers my chin and flows into my waiting mouth.“OH GAAAWWWDDD, I’m cumming!” Shouts Mistress as her sweet juices flow down my cock to my balls.“Mmmm, I love your taste, Mistress.” Moans Tammy as she licks the juices from my cock and balls.“Okay Liz get off Neil and we will watch him come on Tammy’s tits.”Mistress moves off my cock and Liz from my face and I rise up, kiss my Mistress then Liz. Tammy lies on her back on the bed and I straddle her. Mistress and Liz cover her tits with their juices, making sure to get her cleavage nice and slick for my cock.Liz goes behind me and begins licking Tammy’s slit as Mistress moves behind her head.“Put your cock between her tits, Neil.”I do as I am told and Mistress cups the sides of Tammy’s tits and pushes them together. My thrusts start out slow and every time my cock head peeks out from between them, Tammy licks the head and then takes it in her mouth.Liz is sucking Tammy’s clit and fucking istanbul travesti her pussy with two fingers. Mistress and Liz are fingering their pussies. The air is filled with their sweet scents and it does not take long for Tammy and me to cum.“OH MY GOD. I’M CUMMING!” Tammy shouts as she lifts her hips skyward.“DAMN, I’M CUMMING!” I shout as the first thick strand of cum lands on Tammy’s chin and neck.I aim my cock at her left breast and two more strands land on her, then I move to the right breast where two more land. The last strand lands in her cleavage. Mistress and Liz lick some cum from her tits, and share the cream as they kiss each other. They lick more from her caramel skin and share their mouthfuls with Tammy in a kiss.I have moved down and positioned myself so that I can place her legs on my shoulders. I push my cock into Tammy’s wet pussy and begin thrusting into her as deep and hard as I can. The three of them continue sharing what cum is left until Tammy’s breasts are clean.“Come Liz, let’s go take a shower, dress and go to the office. The both of you stay here and enjoy each other. We will see you at six tonight, don’t be late for the party.”Mistress and Liz disappear and we continue satisfying one another. The two of us never heard Mistress and Liz leave. Friday Afternoon Before Tammy and I know it, it is time to get ready for the party. I tell Tammy I will meet her downstairs in an hour.I am waiting in the den for Tammy, having a Jack on the rocks and thinking of what is yet to come.“Ahem.”Turning at the sudden sound, I see before me Tammy. She is dressed in a little black skirt which reaches mid-thigh and has slits on both sides going up to her waist. The plunging v-neckline of her black top reaches to her waist, both in front and back. Taking a quick spin, her skirt drifts upward and exposes her black thong.Facing me, Tammy asks. “What do you think, Neil?””Wheet whew, you look stunning.””Thank you for that Neil, I was hoping you would approve.”Tammy’s istanbul travesti 32C cup breasts strain against the material of her top, the outline of her nipples are visible.”You look very handsome in your tux.”Tammy walks over, kisses me on the cheek and takes my hand.”Let’s go, we do not want Mistress to punish us for being late, or do we?” Both of us giggle at the thought.Tammy goes to open the door to the limo.”No Tammy, I will sit up front while you drive.”Tammy opens the door and I slip into the Corinthian leather seat. Tammy goes around and slips behind the wheel, her skirt riding up to the top of her thighs and exposing the thigh high black nylons. I look at her from head to toe, feeling my cock growing. Tammy notices the growing bulge, reaches over and gives a squeeze.”Mmmm Neil, going commando. Just the way we girls like it.”While driving to the office party, I slide next to Tammy and run my hand along her nylon encased leg. Starting at her knee, I move slowly up her firm thigh. When my fingers touch her soft skin Tammy grabs my hand, placing it on her thong covered mound.”Finger my cunt now, Neil!”She pulls the thong to the side as I slip two fingers into her slippery pussy. Tammy has both hands on the wheel as I finger fuck her. Her sweet scent wafts through the air as my fingers make squishy noises sliding in and out of her cunt. Her hips instinctively move, meeting my thrusts. The knuckles on Tammy’s hands turn darker in color as her grip tightens on the stirring wheel. Her foot presses down on the gas pedal, increasing the speed of the limo.”OH DAMN, I’M CUMMING!”Tammy covers my fingers and the palm of my hand with her delicious juice. Her foot eases on the gas pedal, slowing the limo back to the speed limit. I hold my fingers in her pussy until she recovers from her orgasm. Slipping my fingers from her pussy, Tammy pulls into the parking lot and parks the limo. I bring my fingers to her mouth and we both lick her juices from them. We share a passionate kiss before exiting the limo. Friday Evening Liz greets us, with a warm embrace and a very passionate kiss for each of us. The party is just getting started, drinks are flowing and the hors d’oeuvres are plentiful.”Liz, where is Melissa?””Oh, she is preparing something special for a little later.”

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