Be sure your sins will find you out


Margot La Salle loathed her son-in-law with a passion. Why her darling Sarah had married him when she could have done so much better, she was at a loss to understand? He did something called ‘sales and marketing’ which to Margot sounded common, and barely a step up from a street stall. Surely he was some sort of ‘spiv’. He was making a lot of money, but it wasn’t from a decent source such as law or banking. These were things she understood. The last straw, as far as she was concerned, was when Alan had got this job based in Preston and suggested they move to the North West. She had managed to stop that happening; there was no way her angel was going to live so far away and not be under her protection. Sarah was the perfect daughter. She was beautiful and talented in music and art, and she could bake the most divine pastries for Margot’s friends to admire and enjoy. There were many other things that she was very good at, and she and Alan loved exploring them together. Things of which Margot might think were ‘not nice at all’. Alan Barnet tried his very best to get on with his mother-in-law, but she would never even meet him part way, let alone half way. He simply understood that she could not reconcile herself to losing her daughter. A thousand times he had listened to her saying how Sarah could have done so much better for herself. But he loved Sarah more than he could express, şişli escort and when Margot wasn’t around they had so much fun. Robert La Salle was mild and easy going. He had gone into his father’s law firm and, through genuine ability, he had eventually become senior partner. He wouldn’t say so out loud, but even he found Margot ‘difficult’. He loved their only child and wanted only the very best for her. Here he differed markedly from his wife, he thought Alan was the best. For one thing, he wasn’t cowed by Margot. Elaine Barnet loved her son and she also loved Sarah. In fact Elaine loved everybody and only had less than kind words to say about two people; the new vicar and Margot. So Alan and Sarah kept the house in Hinckley, Alan found a flat in Preston, coming down for weekends. The strains on them both soon began to tell as they went from a very highly active and spontaneous sex life, to a timetabled one. “I’m sorry Al my love. You’ve been away three solid weeks and on your first day home my mother has invited herself for coffee. I’m really cross with her, but you know how she is. ‘No’ is a word only she’s allowed to use. Look I’ve bought you a bottle of Laphroaig as a treat, and when we’ve got rid of everyone we can get seriously wicked as well.” “It’s alright sweetie, I understand and I promise to behave. Thanks for inviting my Mum too; we won’t be quite mecidiyeköy escort as outnumbered. I hope she’s the first one to arrive.” “Oh she will be darling, I asked her to make sure she was here soon after ten. That way she will be well ensconced before Mummy gets here.” “That should put her nose out of joint a bit,” said Alan. “Have you any idea at all what your Mum wants to say to us that’s so important? Maybe she’s been accepted by the Foreign Legion to terrify new recruits.” “Oh come on Al, she’s not quite that bad. Look there’s a taxi outside; your Mum is obviously expecting us to get the Harvey’s out later, I got plenty in.” They both welcomed Elaine who immediately threw her old woolly cardigan over the back of the high backed armchair and sealed her claim to it with her handbag. It was Margot’s favourite chair as it raised its occupant higher than everyone else. “I only ever wear this when I’m likely to meet your Mum dear. She hates it; that and me calling her Marg. Is that very wicked of me?” “No Elaine it isn’t; it’s like having a secret ally in the room. I’ve got the coffee on the go but they’re not due for at least half an hour.” Margot and Robert were actually only two miles away at that moment. Margot had decided that it would be more effective to catch her wretched son-in-law off his guard. “She has to be told Robert, and that is that! It will be painful I know, but she’ll thank me later on. That philanderer has been found out. I can’t wait to see his face and hear what pathetic story he tries to come up with. The evidence is all too clear.” “Dearest, I really am not sure about this, and I’m not sure the ‘evidence’ would stand up in court.” “Nonsense Robert I don’t want to hear another word from you on the subject. Now! Look where you’re driving and mind the roundabout.” “Stand by the repel boarders,” shouted Elaine, “they’re early.” Guard my chair Alan. I’ll open the door and greet them, that’ll spill the wind from her mainsail.” “Helloooo Marg and hellooo Robert darling. Lovely to see you both. Mwaa! Mwaa!” “Elaine, I er I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” “Marg love, I haven’t seen my lovely boy for three weeks and when I heard there was going to be a coffee party, I invited myself in. The kids are in the kitchen getting things ready. Come in and make yourselves comfy, they won’t be a minute.” Sarah and Elaine served the coffee all round keeping up a steady chatter to shut Margot out. They had taken in the extreme discomfort that Robert seemed to be in, as well as the mounting frustration evident in Margot. “It’s probably as well that you are here too Elaine, to hear what has to be said. Sarah my treasure this is going to come as a horrid shock to you we know, but I’ll look after you darling, don’t worry. We’ve put some suitcases in the car and we can take you back home with us which will be best.” Both Alan and Sarah were rendered speechless for a moment, and just looked at each other.

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