Bunnie Tales: Riding Mr. Ed


“Your face rook Ed Zachary rike your face.” Behind her, CWO4 Davis laughed and almost spilled his fresh cup of coffee. Now, if you know anything about the military, the US Navy specifically, you’ll know they take their coffee serious. Not a day will go by when a senior member of the military won’t have their forefinger entwined in their cup. When I served, we had a term for these guys: LIFER. Lazy – Inefficient – Fuck-off – Expecting – Retirement. Mr. Davis wasn’t one of them; he really was a good man. As for the coffee, well I can tell you from personal experience the Navy should get all the credit for Starpukes. I swear Alfred Peet got his recipe there. A Lifer liked it strong, thick, and hot. There were times I wondered if the coffee made itself. There were… but I digress. “Now look what you’ve done. You done made my boss almost spill hot coffee in his lap.” The young lady growled at me, spinning around in her chair. She started to rise from her chair, but Mr. Davis quickly stopped her. “No spill, Bunnie. It’s all good.” My eyes rose ever so slightly. “Bunnie? Boss, did you just call her a rabbit?” I queried, with a grin and a wink. “That’s my name. You got a problem with it?” She was feisty and it was apparent she wasn’t going to take shit from anyone. I took a good look at Bunnie. Notwithstanding the dungaree uniform she was wearing, she looked quite pretty. Her brunette hair was pinned in a bun, yet it was obviously abundant and wavy. Her green eyes were shining, almost daring me to look her up and down, and I might have if she had been standing. As it was, sitting in her rolling chair, she appeared to be roughly 5’ 3” and around 125 pounds. Nice curves, if a little on the small side – chest speaking, of course. I mean, duh… I am a man. What else would I be looking at? “Seriously? If my parents had named me after a soft, fluffy rabbit, I’d have slapped them silly.” I snickered at my comment. “Fuck you and the white horse you rode in on,” she snapped. “Let’s go,” I quickly replied. “I’m ready, though I’m not sure about Mr. Ed.” This caused Mr. Davis to actually spit some of his coffee out. Trying to quickly keep the hot liquid from spilling into his lap, he jumped up, laid the coffee cup on his desk, and sputtered, “Robie, may I introduce Seaman Elaine White – aka Bunnie. She’s my new Division Admin.” “She’s so cute, too. All soft and fluffy. Does she enjoy cuddling?” I asked. “You’ll never know!” was her sharp retort. “Never say never. You may rue the day you have to eat those words.” * * * * * Right after returning from lunch, I went back to the Division Office. I told myself I needed to speak to Mr. Davis about a personnel issue, but I used it as an excuse. It was my intention to apologize to Bunnie for my statements earlier in the day. “Excuse me Seaman White, but is…” “You’re back again? What is it this time, you want to check out my cottontail?” she snipped. “Put that way, yes. Yes, I do.” I retorted. “As a matter of fact Bunnie, why don’t you stand up and show me now.” Shaking her head as if clearing a thought, she stood and came around the desk to stand in front of me. It was as if she was going to give me a lecture. Looking down into her eyes, I sensed something else, something mischievous. There was a twinkle, a glimmer of delight. ‘Would she?’ I asked myself. Barely thirty porno hikayeler seconds after I uttered those words, she spun around, unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans, lowered her zipper, and as she was bending over, she lowered them and wiggled her ass. Holy flirking bat smoke – she was commando and I was staring at the finest ass I had seen in a long time. I just had to; there was no sense in not. I reared back with my right hand and connected with her right cheek. SMACK! I rapidly followed with my other hand against her left cheek just as hard. SMACK! She squeaked, jumped, and quickly raised her jeans back up. “What the hell did you do that for?” she asked, as she finished putting herself back together. “It was there and I could.” She turned around and faced me again while straightening her shirt, her face blushing ever so slightly. As she raised her eyes, the door to the office opened and Mr. Davis entered. He stepped around us, placing a stack of papers on his desk. “So, Robie. Did you need something or are you here just to harass the hired help?” Without missing a beat, Bunnie turned back, walked around her desk and sat down. Looking at me, she winked and went back typing whatever was in the typewriter. “Actually boss, there is. I’m having a difficult time making a decision and thought perhaps you could provide some valuable input.” As he was turning to look at me, I noticed his quick glance at Bunnie. She kept her head down and fingers flying over the typewriter keys, ignoring our discussion. “What’s so important, Robie?” “I have this problem with someone in the division. I just can’t seem to get my hands around the solution. Though, if you ask me, a good hard slap on the ass might solve it.” “Unh – shit!” escaped Bunnies lips. “Something… wrong?” I asked, not so innocently. “No, I just fucked up typing this paper. Now I have to start over.” Glancing down at her desk, I noticed a bottle of Wite-Out. Reaching down, I picked it up and tried handing it to her, but she shook her head. “Go on Bunnie,” said Mr. Davis, “use it to fix the typo.” “Excuse me? I pride myself on being perfect. I have never used that… that… that shit.” “I’ll vouch for perfect,” I opined. Mr. Davis gave me an odd look, then said, “It’s not critical, Bunnie. I was going to make Xerox copies and hand them out, so a mistake probably would go unnoticed.” “With all due respect, sir. No fucking way!” She ripped the paper out of the typewriter, tore it in half, tossed it in the trash, and went about inserting a new one. Both Mr. Davis and I shook our heads in disbelief, but what could we do? “Tell you what, boss. Why don’t we leave Bunnie and her cute little cottontail to her task? We can derive a solution walking down to my shop.” With that, we both left the Division Office. * * * * * Just before shutting down for the day, Bunnie knocked on the door to the shop and came in with some paperwork. I was discussing the backlog of work-orders with the rest of the shop, along with the schedule for the rest of the week. “Excuse me, Robie. Mr. Davis asked me to deliver these for your review and signature.” “Can it wait?” I asked. “Well, he does want these signed today,” she indicated. “He said something about getting your parts ordered in time for the upcoming cruise.” “Give us about ten minutes. We will seks hikayeleri be done and I can review and sign them then.” “Sure. If you don’t mind, can I just hang around?” “If you want, but there ain’t any seats available. You’ll just have to stand.” Glancing around the shop, she noticed all the chairs and stools were indeed taken. None of the six sailors in the shop was willing to give up their seat, as they were crowded around my desk going over the work orders and schedule for tomorrow. I didn’t push it being we had a number of topics to finish up before I released them for the day. As I returned to the schedule, Bunnie came over to my desk and peered over my shoulder. Irritated a little, I pushed away from the desk a bit. Looking up at Bunnie, I was a bit perplexed. “Is there something you need?” I asked? Shaking her head, she quickly slipped to the side and seated herself in my lap. “What the…?” I started to say. “Seems she found a place to sit, Robie, right in the driver’s seat,” chuckled Crackers, one of the more senior sailors in my shop. “I did, though it is a little soft right now.” She started wiggling her ass around in my lap, eventually finding the right position centered across my thighs. The obvious reaction occurred; my one eyed monster began growing. Combined with my having to reach around her to access the schedule and other paperwork, it soon became apparent to Bunnie I was physically attracted. “Gee, this seat is a little uneven,” she said, as she realigned herself with my ever growing bulge. It was becoming very uncomfortable for me to sit there with my member being pressed between her ass cheeks. Then I remembered she was commando and the image of her sweet ass popped into my head, causing my erection to enlarge even further. Even I began to squirm a little, trying to reposition my shaft so it was no longer pressing straight up but was lying down and centered between her cheeks. “Robie… uh, we can leave you two alone and come back in the morning if you like,” said Animal, grinning from ear to ear. Some of the others began snickering. “Yeah, really Robie. We don’t need to go over anything else. Everything from today was taken care of and all we are doing now is planning what we’re going to be doing tomorrow,” Monk offered. He was the junior sailor in the shop. “All in favor vote ‘Aye’,” said Crackers. In rapid succession, the six all agreed, turned on their heels and headed out the door. As Bobby was leaving, he grabbed the door handle, pulling it closed behind him. “Have fun, you two. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” He laughed as the door clicked shut. As the door closed, I went to lift Bunnie off my lap but she stood without assistance. As I was pushing away from the desk, she unbuckled her belt and lowered her jeans again. Good lord, what the hell? “Robie, I’ve been a bad girl,” she whispered, as she lay her chest down on my desk, moving papers to either side. Damn, those ass cheeks were begging to be spanked. I was in disbelief. Here was a dream come true. So, I did what any red-blooded sailor would do – I spanked her. Smack after smack rained down on her cheeks, one after another, turning them pink and then red. Each time my hand connected with one of her cheeks, it wiggled divinely. She yelped with each smack, but never once tried to stop the sex hikayeleri spanking. After roughly five minutes, I had to stop. Not because my hands were tired, not because Bunnie begged me to, but because a certain body part of mine was clamoring for release. Placing one hand on Bunnies’ back, I used my other to unbuckle my belt, open the button at the top of my jeans, lower my zipper and release the beast within. Yeah, I was commando as well. Once she heard the unbuckling of the belt, there was no real need to hold her down, but it was the moment. I was enforcing my control over this delicious thing on my desk. Taking the shaft in my hand, I lined the head up with the opening to her succulent pussy and pressed forward. Slowly, inch by inch, I slid myself inside her until my belly was pressed against her ass. “Ohhh fuck,” she whimpered. “That feels good.” Had to agree with her comment, she did. Tight, very lubricated, and pulsing around my cock, her pussy was like a velvet glove. The heat from her buttocks radiated into my groin. “Please, Robie. Oh gawd please fuck me,” was her plaintive cry. Taking my hand from her back, I gripped both of her hips and withdrew. Slowly. I took about fifteen seconds to back out until just the head was splitting her puffy lips. Standing there, I looked down and could see her lips quivering, trying to draw me back inside. SMACK! “Eek!” she squealed. “You are a bad…” SMACK! “Bad girl,” I said. SMACK! “Who the hell do you think you are coming into my office and sitting on my lap in front of everyone?” SMACK! SMACK! “What should I do with you?” I asked, as I slowly began advancing back inside. “Ohhh, please Robie. Fuck me,” she cried, reaching back with her hands in an attempt to grab my hips. Taking her hands in mine, I brought them together behind her back. Holding her wrists with my right hand, I reached down and pulled the belt from my dungaree jeans, wrapping it around her wrists and cinching it closed. “Never try that again. Do…” SMACK! “You…” SMACK! “Understand…” SMACK! “Me?” SMACK! “Yes. Oh, God yes Robie. I won’t do it again. I promise,” she blubbered. I gripped her hips again and thrust my hips forward, embedding my cock to the furthest reaches inside her. Holding there for a few seconds, I allowed myself to revel in the glory of being buried completely within her snug snatch. I chose to flex my muscle, to torment her some before I began to withdraw from the morass of melting paradise. Once my head was at her entrance, I quickly propelled myself headfirst, driving her legs into the desktop. I began to fuck this vixen. Drawing back and shoving forward, my cock was splitting her open like a ripe melon. Her pussy was quickly making squishy sounds as juices began flying around my cock and balls with each stroke. Each thrust was followed by a feminine grunt, as her breath was repeatedly driven out. “Unh…” was all I heard with each stroke in, followed by an intake of breath as I withdrew. “Robie… oh fuck… Robie… I’m going to…” she started to say. I halted my movements as the head of my cock was poised to piston back inside her. “You’re going to what, Bunnie?” “You bastard. Please. Please fuck me and let me cum,” she wailed. SMACK! “Are you sure it’s what you want, Bunnie?” SMACK! “Fuck yes, you bastard. Fuck me. Fuck me now!” I continued from where I stopped, pummeling her pussy over and over. Over the next four or five minutes, Bunnie endured a thrashing as I had never given a woman. Slamming my cock in as hard as I could, I was claiming her. Suddenly, she jerked rigid, lifting her chest off the desk.

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