Hiring An Assistant


Greg sat at the bar in Embers, nervously reading his first erotic novel as he waited for Sarah and Don to arrive for a business meeting. Absent-mindedly he smoothed his smart black trousers unbuttoning his burgundy blazer as he took a deep drink from his coke zero, not wanting to be intoxicated when Don and Sarah arrived.A smile spread across his lips as he read a section that Sarah had written. She had a sexy quick mind when it came to writing about sex. Greg knew that he owed at least a small part of his success to Sarah and he just hoped that Don would be okay with her being his assistant. He had told Sarah the full entire job offer, including the sex and writing duties.Greg’s mind wandered into the possible future of experiencing Sarah over a desk, enjoying her supple body under his caressing touch. The thought of her body writhing under him was arousing him far more than he should be getting with meeting Don and Sarah. He was so lost in thought he didn’t notice Sarah and Don entering Embers. Sarah scanned the crowded restaurant looking for Greg as Don was speaking to the Maitre d’, Sarah grinned as the Maitre d’ started to show Don to their table and she saw Greg.“Greg! We are over here; it looks like our table is ready for us,” Sarah called waving to Greg as she started to follow Don. Hearing her voice Greg was brought back to the here and now, he shut the book as he looked at Sarah, marveling at her tight short cocktail dress that showed of her curves to perfection. He watched her wriggle her sexy ass as he stood and followed slowly, wanting to look controlled and classy. As Greg reached the table he stood on Sarah’s right side and directly opposite Don.“Thank you for meeting us here Greg,” Sarah spoke quickly, giving him a courteous peck on his cheek while failing to hide the excitement in her voice.“No, no, thank you both for agreeing to meet me for this,” Greg replied as he felt his cock twitch with anticipation at the excitement in her voice.Sarah sat as the two men looked at each other slowly. They shook hands, each man squeezing a bit harder than normal, gauging each other. They sat, both men unsure how things were going to go. Both men studying the other, Greg noticed his well-defined body, his slicked-back blackish hair and his clean-shaven look a direct opposite to Greg’s beard. As Greg looked at Don’s deep green eyes examining him he could tell that Don was unsure what to think of him, what with Greg showing his fiancée attention. Greg placed the book on the table without thinking.“Remember we each pay for ourselves, that way there isn’t any awkwardness,” Don stated softly as their waitress arrived, her long red hair in a ponytail as she opened the little notebook in her hand.“We will have a large Pinot Grigio for the lady, a double Johnnie Walker Green Label for my friend over there and a double Glenfiddich for me. Thank you.” Greg smiled happily that Don looked impressed with him getting the drinks order right. Greg placed his left hand on Sarah’s knee without taking his eyes off of Don.“So Don, what do you think of the Jacksonville Jaguars? I have played rugby and some small amount of American Football,” Greg began, trying to lighten the mood a bit.”I can’t say that I wasn’t a little cautious about us being here tonight. I want no bullshit between us.” Don chuckled. “I’m more of a baseball fan. But we can talk about that later. Let’s get to the gist of this meeting before we eat.””I want to be open, and my success is in some part down to your fiancée,” Greg squeezed Sarah’s thigh, “so I’d like to hire her as a PA.” There was silence as Don digested what Greg said and wondered what he meant as he noticed glances between Sarah and Greg.”You remember, I was exchanging emails, thoughts and ideas,” Sarah placed her hand on his gently. “And then with the editing.””That’s right. So she did a good job of helping then? That’s why you’re ready to offer her a job?” Don nodded his head as he remembered her email so much.”Sarah is a natural with the written word,” Greg hastily added wanting Don to like the idea. “I can’t think of anyone better to help me.” Sarah lowered her other hand under the table and squeezed Greg’s knee smiling at him before turning to face Don.”Wouldn’t it be great if I got paid for it now?” She leaned in and kissed Don’s cheek softly as Greg smiled, feeling her hand on his knee but keeping his attention on Don. As Don escort izmit was about to speak his attention was drawn away to his cell phone, ringing in his pocket. Taking it out of his pocket he looked at it before placing it on the table, clearly torn between answering and ignoring it. Sarah watched it ring noticing it was from his office.“It seems important, sweetie,” Sarah spoke softly squeezing Don’s hand. Don reluctantly stood up, picking up his phone.“I’m sorry, please excuse me for just a minute,” Don spoke, answering the phone as he walked away conducting business. Sarah grinned as she looked at Greg.“Oh Greg, he’s going to notice if you keep caressing my leg with your hand,” She blushed enjoying the gentle caress of his hand.“Maybe he needs too,” Greg spoke softly and a sly smile. Sarah glanced over at Don.“I don’t think now is the time to tell him that this had gone, umm, further than just working on writing.” She looked at the table shyly trying not to be nervous. “I’m not sure we should take it any further, I mean I’m engaged now…” Greg moved his hand higher on her leg slowly.“Sarah you should try it, just the once. Just to make sure it isn’t right for you. Besides, we both know Don will benefit from it too.” Greg said glancing at him.“If we do something once, if I have sex with you once, and I decide it isn’t for me, you’ll back off, no hard feelings?” She bit her lip hoping Don couldn’t read lips.“I give you my word, I would back off and just work with you.” Greg took his hand off of Sarah’s leg as the drinks arrived at the table. Greg started to sip his whiskey as Sarah thought about it sipping her wine, the sips turned into a gulp as she came to a decision.“Okay,” She spoke softly but with conviction.“You choose when it happens,” Greg whispered as he shifted close to her slightly. Sarah drank the rest of her wine as she smiled, thinking of Greg’s latest book.“How about here?” Her voice was mischievous and playful.“What, in the bathroom?” Greg asked his eyes glinting with playfulness.“Like that scene between Richard and Amelia in your last book? You know, when they couldn’t wait until they were home?” Sarah smiled with a wink, trying to be subtle so as not to let Don see “I’ve got the dress for it.”“Oh that was an inspired scene, people absolutely love it,” Greg looked around “I’ll go first.”“Just a minute Greg.” Sarah put her hand on Greg’s before he could get up* “Don can’t see us both gone.”“I’ll see you shortly then.” Greg nodded standing and taking his blazer off leaving it on his chair. Greg went to the family bathroom and stood leaning against the door watching the table. He saw Don return to where Sarah was and look around for Greg.“Where has Greg gone?” Don asked as he sipped his drink.“Just to the bathroom honey.” Sarah hugged him close knowing that her plan was going to work out. “Gives us a minute to get close.” Sarah winked as she started to kiss him passionately, dropping one of her hands to sneak his wallet out of his jacket pocket. Don was lost in her surprising actions and was completely unaware of her taking his wallet.“Perhaps we should pay for the drinks and see if he’ll go to a less formal setting where you and I can sit more closely together,” Sarah whispered to Don as she nuzzled his ear. Don excitedly reached for his wallet, loving the idea, panic crossed his face as he realised he couldn’t find his wallet.“Damn baby, I must have left my wallet.” He spoke softly trying to remain calm, while Greg grinned realising exactly what Sarah was planning and doing.“I don’t have the cash for it, Don. You’ll have to go back to the house. I’ll order some coffee while I wait. I’m sure Greg won’t mind doing all the talking.” Sarah tried to look disappointed as she spoke to Don, her mind wandering to the bathroom and Greg. Don sighed realising he had no choice but to go back home.“Its at least a twenty-minute journey from here Sarah. If I make good time I’ll be back in forty-five.” Don kissed Sarah one last time giving her a soft pat on her ass before leaving the restaurant. Sarah watched Don go to make sure he left before standing and walking sedately to where Greg was waiting.“Where has he gone?” Greg asked quietly as he kissed Sarah softly.“He’s gone home to get this.” Sarah grinned showing Greg Don’s wallet. Greg felt a grin cross his face as he opened the bathroom door.“So why don’t we duck into here and have izmit escort some fun?” Greg winked as he entered the bathroom his heart beating faster, as he knew Sarah would follow. Sarah’s heart started to beat a tattoo against her ribs as she followed Greg.“I’ve never done anything in the bathroom before, but your book made it seem so hot.” She blushed, still unsure but filled with the desire to find out.“I have and you know who with,” Greg spoke softly as he locked the door behind them. “And now here’s your chance to find out. And I reckon you will enjoy this.” He winked with a smile, watching as she blushed, pulling up her dress to show him her black lacy thong. Greg kissed her passionately as he undid his trousers.Sarah leaned against the wall as they kissed her hands fumbling with his trousers. Greg assisted her in pushing his trousers and underwear down. He moved his hands along her legs, softly caressing her, he felt her moist panties moving them to one side as he ran his cock along her slit.“You want this, don’t you?” Greg teased her.“Yes, I’ve wanted it for a while,” Sarah answered quietly, smiling, her breathing was fast. Greg started to push slowly into her, enjoying her tightness wrapped around him. Sarah placed her hands against the wall to steady herself as she felt Greg enter her slowly. She grinned as she realised that she would want this, again and again, wishing that he would lean in and kiss her.“Oh this is exciting, I’ve never had sex standing up.” She said fluttering her eyes hoping Greg knew what she wanted. Greg nodded as he held still fully in her, leaning forward slightly he kissed her passionately.As Sarah found her balance she wrapped her arms around Greg, pulling at him, silently telling him she wanted more, needed more from him. He broke the kiss as he started to thrust into her, long deep rapid thrusts. Greg started to kiss all over her neck being careful not to leave any marks that Don could see when he returned. As she felt him start to push deeper and faster into her, each thrust almost lifting her up, she started to moan. Her moans mixed with Greg’s groans as he felt and enjoyed how tight she was around him.“Oh, Greg, this can’t be all I get.” She moaned louder as she wrapped one leg around him, his hands gripping her sides to counter his harder thrusts which were lifting her off the of the ground.“Do you want more now or later?” Greg asked winking at her.“Hmmm, give it to me now. At least I can tell Don that you’re a great writer that will make us both money. I’ll try to convince him to let me work with you.” She could barely speak, her lust overflowing as she moaned loudly not caring if other restaurant-goers could hear her or not. Greg wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off the floor thrusting up into her as she was supported purely by his body. He was determined to make her want more and more.“Oh yes, god yes, do it like Richard. I’ve always desired to have that done to me.” Sarah practically screamed as her phone started to ring in her handbag, her eyes darting open in shock. She felt Greg’s cock throb as he held her in the air and his cum flowed into her deeply. Sarah put a finger to her lips as she reached for her phone, and taking a minute to answer with Greg’s cock still spurting in her.“Oh, hey there Don.” She tried not to sound like she was out of breath as she listened to Don speaking rapidly while Greg kissed her shoulder. “Yes, I hurried away from the table so Greg wouldn’t hear…” She smirked slightly as she carried on listening. “Well let me look in my handbag.” Greg finished cumming with a grin as she held the phone against her middle whispering to Greg. “We must do this again.” She smiled as we went back to the phone. “Oh yes, sweetie, I have it. I’m sorry it’ll take you a few minutes more to get back. I’ll order another coffee.” Greg lifted her off his cock beaming having heard what she had said.“Perhaps we should put our clothes back together and have another drink,” Sarah said realizing how disheveled she looked as Greg nodded looking in the mirror.“Yes, I don’t think Don wants to see us like this.” He chuckled, as Sarah pulled out a brush and redid her ponytail. Greg grinned as he pulled her thong of wanting to keep it. She grinned as she pulled down the shirt part of her dress to where it should be. Greg pulled up his trousers, straightening his shirt as izmit kendi evi olan escort well.“Who should go back first? I know he’s not back but the people near us may say something.” Sarah asked nervously hoping she could convince Don to like the arrangement.“I should, seeing as I left first.” Greg kissed her softly before he left quickly. Sarah stood there for a moment with her back against the wall again smiling as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. She knew she had to find a way to get Don to agree. She took a deep breath and walked out as casually as she could manage. She arrived at the table, sitting as the waitress was putting more drinks on the table that Greg had ordered.“Well, I must say I’m glad I had you convince me to try it.” She spoke softly lifting her glass of wine.“Here’s to a long prosperous, thrilling future working together.” Greg raised his glass in a toast clinking against Sarah’s as Don arrived at the table, Don looked between them both trying to figure out what was going on.“What’s going on here? What have I missed?” Don asked sitting down placing his hand on Sarah’s leg.“Sarah has agreed to be my PA provisionally,” Greg spoke softly a small smile on his lips.“It’s a lot of money Don,” Sarah spoke quickly to back Greg up.“What duties do you expect from her? What do you write?” Don asked bluntly unsure of Greg’s intentions. Sarah looked at Greg, nervously hoping that he gave Don as little information as possible.“Her duties are to help me, and I write lots of things, mainstream things,” Greg stated quickly.“Don, it’s an office job.” Sarah contributed. Don noticed the book on the table, specifically the cover and picked it up, quickly scanning the cover. Sarah and Greg exchanged nervous glances as they watched Don’s face. He started to flip through the book before reading the back.”“This is just a bunch of sex. Sarah, I don’t want you being a whore.” Don spoke quietly his temper starting to rise slowly.“Don, calm down. For one thing, you and I know that.” Sarah placed her hand on Don’s to soothe him.“Don, I can assure you, Sarah will not be a whore,” Greg spoke with conviction and passion.“You’ve always wanted me to improve in the…” Sarah leaned in closer to Don and whispered, “the bedroom.” Don looked at Sarah studying her face as Greg leaned back deciding to let Sarah handle the issue. Sarah could see that he wasn’t budging and thought of something that could work.“Greg, will you excuse us for a minute?” Her voice was husky with lust.“By all means, I’ll order some more drinks for us all.” Greg nodded with a grin as Sarah smiled at him winking to let him know she had a plan.“Don, drink your scotch and come with me.” Sarah stood taking Don’s hand, not intending on giving him a choice in the matter. Greg pointedly took out his phone, making a show of not paying attention. Don froze for just a moment before downing his Johnnie Walker Green Label, standing to follow her. Greg watched Sarah walk Don over towards the bathrooms, noticing she was swaying her hips just a little more than she had earlier.“Remember when you told me about those times the girls at the club sucked you off in the bathrooms?” Sarah whispered as she kissed Don’s cheek.“I remember babe.” Don nodded and hugged her, his hands low on her back just above her ass, as he kissed her.“Well, through helping Greg with the book, I think I found the courage and want to try it with you.” Sarah reached casually to his crotch, moving her fingers along his growing clothed shaft, in just the way that he loved her doing in the car. “Let’s go to the family bathroom and I’ll show you.”Don tried the family bathroom door, finding to his dismay that the door was locked. He looked around, determined to enjoy this experimental mood Sarah seemed to be in. Moving towards the men’s bathroom, he opened the door to see if anyone was in there. Don grinned seeing it was empty, entered leading Sarah by the hand, going straight into a stall, locking it as he did. Sarah kissed his lips softly before crouching down to almost kneeling, but not touching the floor with her knees in front of Don.“Go ahead and undo your pants. Let me show you.” Sarah smiled licking her lips. Slowly he undid his pants, taking his cock out excited to finally be doing this with the woman he loves. Sarah took his cock from him and started to stroke his shaft slowly, smiling up at him, looking into his eyes as he caressed her hair. Suddenly she took his balls one at a time into her mouth, sucking on them hungrily, wanting Don to feel her desire for him. She started to stroke his shaft with more pressure, emulating the girls that Don used to enjoy so much, the ones he sometimes misses.

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