Home Sitting


Tom turned off from the main road of the city limits as we headed out towards the suburbs. I had been with Tom for the best part of eleven months now. We had met at my friend’s birthday party, her boyfriend being good friends with him. We took an instant liking to one another and were attached at the hip for the entire evening.That night, I pulled him away from the party as he stood smoking outside one of the bars into the side exit of a nearby restaurant. We kissed for what felt like hours and before I knew it, I was knelt down blowing him. He came within a few minutes. After we returned to the party, we couldn’t help ourselves and went back to my place.As we approached our destination I checked my bag one more time, ensuring I had everything I needed for my stay. Tom turned onto a cul de sac and pulled up to the house I would be staying at for the next few days.Fiona and Bruce, an older couple in their sixties, were friends with my mother, and incredibly rich. They had taken a short break trip to Sicily and had set off earlier in the day. I had been asked by them if I would mind going to occupy the house for them for a couple of days and look after their two £5,000 indoor cats in the process. Along with the small fee they would pay and the idea of a change of scenery for me, I decided to accept the offer.Tom dropped me off at the house, which appeared more like a small mansion, and drove back into town for an evening meeting at work; he would be joining me the next day. I had never been there before but had met Fiona and Bruce a number of times in the past. Fiona owned a hair and beauty business where she met my mother. I was never clear on what Bruce did; needless to say, it must have paid well.The entire house screamed expensive; everything from the TV to the wine selection looked pricey. The cats were immediately friendly and easy to deal with. In the kitchen, I found a note on the counter of the centre island.___________________Amy,Thanks very much for looking after the house whilst we are away, we really appreciate it. We have made your bed up in the guest bedroom with fresh sheets.Please feel free to make yourself at home and help yourself to whatever you want. The cats are very friendly! The food and treats are kept in the cupboard by the window. Bruce has asked Jason to come around tomorrow at 10am to have a look at the taps in our en-suite bathroom, as they are not working properly.P.S. Help yourself to any of the drinks in the fridge or wine cooler that you want. Thanks again,Fiona  even though I was alone, I still felt self-conscious about being nude in someone else’s house; plus, this was the kind of house that probably had internal CCTV cameras, although I didn’t know where they would be.The bathroom was insane, with marble tops and a giant bathtub that had stairs leading up to it. The walk-in shower was next to the bath. I turned on the water, which heated instantly, and stepped in. I must have spent at least twenty minutes just stood under the hot water, it was so luxurious. I sang aloud without reserve, soap suds draining down my skin, and whirled around my feet as I washed and rinsed my hair.Switching off the shower, I stepped out, grabbed the towel off the side and began to dry off and pat myself down. My damp hair rested on my shoulders as I inspected my body in the long mirror; my face was fresher now and my skin had a warm glow. Standing to one side, I took inventory of myself. My stomach was taut and somewhat toned. My breasts were looking plump and firm and my ass was looking particularly tight and lifted. My entire body was shapely and attractive and I couldn’t help getting aroused at how good I was looking at that moment. Even the decadence of the house was itself a turn on.However, I resisted the urge to excite myself further. When my hair was dry, I wrapped myself up in the towel and stepped out into the hallway.In the bedroom, I slipped into my silk nightie; it finished just a few inches shy of my ass line. I figured I could stand to be a little bit underdressed as the summer heat had been blistering all day. It wasn’t a particularly low cut, but the shoulder straps were very thin and showed off all my shoulders. I went back downstairs to watch more television. According to the news that was now playing, it was nearing ten-thirty.As I sat on the sofa with a glass of red wine, getting more and more comfortable, one of the cats suddenly rose from sleep and darted across the carpet, out of the living room door, towards the front door of the house.Something must have spooked her, I thought to myself. I got up and followed her to investigate.Just as I stepped out into the hallway, the front door cracked open! I jumped out of my skin and let out a slight wail of terror as a man entered the house. Equally startled, he murmured a curse word under his breath and re-thought his entry for a brief moment, pulling the door back towards himself.“Oh my God!” I said, recognising his face. “Are you Jason?”“Yeah — who are şişli escort you?” He was quite confused.“God, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to scream in your face! I’m Amy. Your mum and dad asked me to look after the house and the cats whilst they’re away!”Jason rolled his eyes, finally stepping fully inside.“I wish they would have told me that!” he said, laughing.I laughed along and we moved into the kitchen.Jason was fair-skinned, which made sense as his dad was Irish. His eyes were blue and his hair was almost jet black, cut not too short and was parted slightly to one side. He had stubble as if he hadn’t managed to shave for a day or two and was about 5’ 10” tall. I had no idea what he did for a living, but he was wearing smart navy-blue suit pants and a pink shirt that looked quite expensive. After a brief chat, I explained how I knew his parents and that it was nice to finally meet him.“It’s nice to meet you too,” Jason said, smiling as he leaned on the kitchen divider.“Your mum and dad left a note about you coming to look at the sink or something? But, it said you’d be here in the morning!” I said.“Ah, yeah, well I thought I’d be best doing it now. The wife is out tonight and I’ve made plans already for tomorrow.”“Ah, nice one. Okay,” I said.“… So how long are you here for?” he continued.“I’m here for the next three days.”“Ah okay, I see… Did you drive up here then or–““No, no, my boyfriend drove me out here,” I answered, cutting him off prematurely.“Cool.” He walked towards the fridge and opened it, taking out a can of Coke. “Would you like a drink?” he asked.“No, thanks, I’ve got one in the living room,” I replied.“So, have you been together long, or?” he asked.“Erm, we’ve been going out for just under a year now.”“Okay.” He cracked it open and took a sip. “Oh! I should say, my friend’s supposed to be meeting me here soon. He’s going to take a second look at that sink.”“Oh right, okay,” I said, “Well, I’ll be sure to get out of your way whilst you fix it.”“No, don’t worry, I’m sure–” Just then, the front doorbell rang.“… That’ll be him here now,” Jason said as he went to open the front door.“Seriously, I’ll get out of the way,” I said, following him to the doorway of the kitchen.“No honestly, you’re no bother!” he insisted.I leant against the door frame, feeling intrusive, and held my wrist, my arms resting over my front as Jason opened the house to his friend. I saw his toolbox before I saw him; the heavy looking green metal case gave way to a tall guy who looked more my age or maybe only just slightly older.“Alright, Jason?” the guy said.“Not too bad, not too bad!” Jason said, letting him inside.He turned and looked in my direction as he entered, I could see his curiosity was pricked as he quickly scanned over me. A look of confusion glazed over his face.“…Hello,” he said to me.“Hi,” I replied.Jason closed the door.“Oh, Drew, this is…” Jason pointed lightly towards me for a split second before clicking his fingers together. “Amy!” he said.Drew stepped towards me, swinging his heavy toolbox from one hand to another. Outstretching his newly freed hand, he reached out for a handshake.I extended my hand whilst wrapping my other arm around my chest in an attempt to stop anything coming loose from my nightie.Drew had a firm, but not too hard grip on my somewhat limp hand and shook it.“Nice to meet you, Amy,” said Drew.“Nice to meet you,” I replied.Drew was about 6’ 2” with tanned skin; he looked to be mixed-race. His eyes were coffee coloured and his hair was light brown. He looked as if he had just come from another job.“Amy’s a pal of the folks. Been instructed to look after the place whilst they’re away,” Jason said as he walked towards the two of us.“Oh, cool, okay…” said Drew.“Do you want a drink before we look at the bathroom, Drew?” Jason asked.“Sure, yeah.”“I’ll make myself scarce and get back to the living room,” I said with a quick smile.The two guys went back to the kitchen. I went into the living room where the TV was still on at a low volume.Picking up my phone, I could hear them both laughing and joking with one another; they must have been very close friends from the sound of things. I picked up my phone and started texting Tom to let him know that there were two men in the house that I didn’t really know, just so he knew. I was about to press send when I heard Jason call me from the kitchen.“Amy?” he shouted.“Yeah?” I replied, shouting back.“Can you come here a sec?”I hesitated for a moment, looking at my phone screen. I bit my lip. Then I hit the backspace button and erased the entire message to Tom. I threw my phone onto the sofa cushions, picked up my glass of wine and walked to the kitchen.“What’s up?” I asked, entering the kitchen.“Mercedes or Audi?” Jason asked.I paused briefly, confused. “Erm, neither…” I replied, slowly.“Oh, come on, you can’t get away with that!” Drew said sharply.“Well, if you’re going to make me pick a car, it’s going to have to be a BMW!” I said.The two laughed.”Oh, for fuck’s şişli escort bayan sake!” Jason exclaimed.We all laughed.”Honestly… I’ve no idea,” I said. “I really know nothing about cars at all.””Yeah, fair enough,” said Drew.”Sorry, Amy. Just trying to wind Drew up about his car preferences,” said Jason.”There’s nothing wrong with a Merc!” Drew argued with Jason.”Yeah, no, nothing, especially if you’re not into indicating…” Jason said.I laughed and looked down at my wine glass, almost empty. I fancied another one. I walked over to the wine cooler as the two carried on playfully arguing. Bending down at the knees, I opened it up and grabbed some more drink.”… I’m bloody knackered after today,” Drew said to Jason. I poured myself a full glass. “Been at it all day.””Just have a drink, then before we look at the sink, there’s no rush. I’ve got nowhere to be, Jen’s out with the girls tonight… Amy, do you mind just grabbing us a beer out the fridge?” Jason asked.”Bloody hell. I might be looking after your mum and dad’s house but I’m not the living maid!” I said jokingly.Jason laughed. “Okay, fair enough, let me grab them,” he said as he started getting up from the kitchen chair.“No, no, don’t be silly, I’ll get them.” I turned and opened the fridge. “Which beers do you want?” I asked.“Can we get two of those Buds off the bottom shelf, please?” he asked.“Sure.” I bent down and grabbed two, without thinking. It wasn’t until I was clutching onto them that I realised what I was doing. The thought ran through my head in a millisecond. My nightie had ridden upwards; I could feel that my behind had been exposed. Not a lot, but just enough to have been visible for a split second. The moment only lasted an instant. I straightened up and put the beers on the side next to me. “Where’s the opener?” I asked, turning around, trying not to blush. I caught a glimpse of Drew, who was avoiding eye contact with me, his eyes fixated at an empty space with his eyebrows raised.“Err, they’re twist-off caps,” Jason said.“Oh! Silly me!” I said. I turned around, grabbing the beers off the side, and placed them on the centre counter where Drew and Jason were sat.“Cheers, Amy,” Jason said as he took the beers and passed one to Drew. They both pulled off their caps and took a swig. “Yeah, anyway, like I say, Jennifer’s out and I’m in no rush if you’re not, so we’ll just take a look whenever.”“Yeah, I’m done for the day now so whatever,” said Drew.I stepped back and took a drink of my wine. I felt kind of embarrassed and silly for doing what I’d just done. Part of me wanted to just get out of there and go straight home. I let things within me settle in for a few moments as they chatted together. I could feel my face getting flush but it quickly subsided. I carried on drinking, standing slightly awkwardly, not knowing whether or not to join in their conversation as they chatted away.I found myself in a daydream all of a sudden.“… Amy?” said Jason.“… Sorry?” I said, pulling myself out of the standing daze I was in.“I was just saying, what do you think of what Drew is talking about? Because I think he’s talking shit here,” Jason asked, letting me into a conversation I hadn’t been listening to.I ended up falling into their discussions, joining in and talking about various things. I began feeling more at ease instead of wanting to just get away and curl up in a ball on the couch in the other room. Drew and Jason each had another couple of beers between themselves as we all chatted. I started to feel the effects of the alcohol beginning to happen. My eyes were starting to slow a little and my legs were feeling heavy underneath me as I stood at the countertop.All of a sudden, I felt a chill. The temperature was beginning to drop, and my clothing wasn’t helping the situation. I felt a light shudder run through me. I controlled the shake without letting either of them know that I was getting cold.I had drifted out of their conversation all of a sudden. I looked at the clock on the microwave; it was half-past midnight. I brought my attention back to the two of them slowly and noticed that Jason was eyeing me up slightly.It was clear to me now; the cold had penetrated me so much that my nipples were hard. I was suddenly very aware of how exposed I was; they could practically see through my nightie. But my vulnerability made me aroused and I could feel my wetness starting to bubble up. I ignored the obvious and played dumb, taking a big gulp from my glass of wine. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Drew was looking me up and down. I knew I was looking totally fuckable.I finished off the wine and turned around to pour another glass from what was left in the bottle on the side. The bottle was placed near the wall at the back of the counter; as I overstretched to reach, I could feel the back of my nightie ride upwards yet again. I knew they must have been able to see at least the edge of my ass cheek. The thrill burned into me like an electric shock as I poured more mecidiyeköy escort wine into the glass.“How many of those have you had?” Drew asked.I turned around again to face them and drank as I did.“Maybe, too many,” I said, laughing slightly as I wiped my mouth with the back of my wrist.“You’re clearly enjoying it, though!” Jason said with a wry grin. “Are you feeling it?”“Yes,” I said with a laugh. “Definitely feeling the effects!” I leaned forward on the counter and felt my cleavage drop forward slightly. They both took a brief look at my chest.“Oh, sh—” Drew almost exclaimed; he held his hand to his mouth coolly as he turned to Jason, whose eyes widened.I laughed hard and leaned back again taking yet another long drink. Jason looked away for a second and laughed in disbelief.“What’s wrong?” I asked, playing off my lack of sobriety. I wasn’t drunk, but I could tell they were into the idea of me being. They weren’t the only ones; I could feel a bead of wetness trickling down my inner thigh.“Oh, nothing,” Jason said.“Hmm,” I said in a not too convinced tone.There was a moment of silence before I broke the tension in the air.“Let’s play some games! If either of you could ask me anything right now, what would it be?” I asked.They both looked at me and squinted for a second. I could tell they were getting excited.“Be careful though, you only get one each,” I said, smiling.“What kind of question?” Jason asked.“Any kind of question,” I said.“Any?!” Drew countered.“Yes… any. Can be about… politics, my shoe size, sex…”“Sex, huh?” Drew asked cockily.“Mhm.”“Okay,” said Jason. “… What’s your favourite position, sexually?”I took a sip from my wine and thought about it briefly.“…Doggy.”Jason smiled and scoffed in disbelief and looked to Drew. I looked to him for the next question.“…Do you like being treated like a slut? You know, dominated…” Drew asked forwardly.I was taken aback and was briefly lost for words. Swigging the remains of my wine, I placed the glass firmly down and rested my hands on the kitchen counter, finally finding my voice.“…I love it,” I replied.Another silence permeated the room. I flicked my hair to one side and ran a hand through it, stepping back and leaning my hands on the counter behind me. My heart was banging in my chest like a kick drum.“Why don’t you come and show me how you’d treat me?” I said.Drew stood off the bar stool after a moment and walked around the counter to me. I looked up into his eyes as he approached.“First of all, let’s take this off, yeah?” he said, reaching out for the nightie. He slipped the strap off my left shoulder, letting the silk flow off my body until it clung to just my midriff. My chest, exposed for them to see.I continued only looking up into Drew’s eyes as he brought his hand up to my chest to cup my breast. His warm hand gripped at my fair skin and ran downwards quickly over the silk, towards my mound where he gently cupped and teased at my lips with his middle finger. I felt my face burning up with a deep blush and gave him a look so fuck-worthy as I bit my lip.My wetness spread as he moved his finger over my creases through the fabric. My legs began to tremble and I bit my lip again, letting my eyes finally roll inside my head with pleasure. His hand reached down and pulled up the bottom of the nightie. His warm finger slipped inside me effortlessly and he then began to unbuckle his pants with his other free hand.I looked back to Jason, who was still sitting, watching on. He stared at me intensely. My hands were still placed behind me on the countertop, my legs spread only enough for the width of Drew’s hand to fit inside my thigh gap as he continued to pleasure me.His buckle was finally open, showing his white boxers underneath. I watched as his pants fell to his ankles; my eyes were drawn to the bulge pushing at the inside of his underwear.He slid his finger out of me and brought his hand up to my lips. Parting my mouth open, he hooked the corner of my mouth abrasively with his two fingers and made me taste myself. I looked into his eyes and grinned, my lips curling around his fingers that still rested inside my mouth.I sucked on them lightly; the taste was sweet.“Fucking hell, you are dirty, aren’t you?” he said.I blushed, smiling even more until a laugh escaped from behind my teeth.Quickly, Drew pulled down his boxer shorts, revealing his large circumcised cock, and before I had chance to even think, he placed his hand on the back of my head and directed me down to the floor.I was crouched, now eye level with his throbbing member. Drew took himself in his hand and with his other hand, still holding firmly onto the back of my head, began to guide his cock towards my mouth.My pussy lips were gushing and throbbing hard. This was all so unbelievably hot. His cock was already topped with pre-cum. I went cross-eyed staring into the eye of his head as it came further towards me.Opening my mouth, I let his wet tip in and immediately began to moisten his shaft with my tongue. Drew exhaled loudly and rubbed the back of my hair with his hand.“Fuck, that’s good,” he said lightly.My lips were sodden as I slipped my mouth backwards and forwards along his length. His cock was long and arched upwards; it pumped with intent.

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