In Awe After Beach Visit


I am still in awe, after all these months, of what I had seen…We decided to head to the unofficial nude beach on the Texas coast, but when we got there we found that it was unreachable without a four-wheel drive. So, we headed west along the road and found a quiet spot on the beach about three miles east of a small fishing town midway to Galveston.Shortly after setting up our area, a white Toyota SUV drove past on the beach, then after a few minutes, it came back and parked a few feet away. SHIT! “Now we can’t lay out nude,” I said. Sheri was also upset.When the couple from ankara travesti the SUV got out, they laid out a blanket and the lady immediately got naked. “Okay,” I said, “get undressed.”It took about fifteen minutes for him to walk over and begin chatting with me. He asked if we would like to move our stuff over by them and all four of us could visit together. We agreed and soon we were all introduced and began to talk about mundane stuff while consuming copious amounts of adult beverages..A quick descriptor, Sheri was in her mid-forties, a heavier built five-foot-four-inches with travesti ankara a pair of 40DD’s, light reddish brown hair and her medium tanned skin has the cutest freckles on her shoulders, neck and boobs. Marlee stood about the same height as Sheri, but with smaller “C” cup breasts and dirty blonde hair. She had a nice round ass and a smooth lightly tanned skin.I heard Marlee ask Sheri to put lotion on her front as I was going to the truck to get more refreshments. It didn’t dawn on me to turn back and watch it happen. I was just ankara travestiler going with the flow. I guess I figured I would see it again soon enough. When I got back, The gals were chatting away. After a few minutes, Marlee made a move and asked if she could kiss Sheri. She said, “Yes, I guess.”  With that, she moved in and they kissed a bit. Then Marlee started rubbing her tits. I was in awe. The two would stop and talk for a bit, then start back again.I got up and started talking to Darby, just a few feet away, always keeping my eyes on the gals. He couldn’t believe this was Sheri’s first girl on girl kiss because she seemed so into it. I told him it was and we both kept our eyes on them. I watched them from a distance for a bit longer while they had stopped to chat. When they started the petting again, I sat back down by them.

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