Metamorphosis Of A Good Girl


Bree pulled up in her car at the horse farm. It was dark with a few lanterns lighting the way from the parking area to the entrance. Her heart pounded with fear. What a way to spend her birthday.I can do this. I can do this, she thought as she grabbed her bottle of liquid courage, Malabu Rum.A single tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered his last words to her. “I just don’t love you. And to be honest, I find you a little boring,” he had said.She had given him her best. She was a good girl… honest, loving, loyal. It wasn’t enough for him. She felt hurt and humiliated by him. What was the point of being a good girl? she thought, wiping away another tear. I’ll show him how NOT boring I am.A local swingers/fetish club had their annual fetish retreat tonight at a horse farm outside the city. Bree had heard about it, but of course, never thought about going. Raised by strict parents, she had always done the right thing in the past. Ray had been her first lover. She had saved herself for the ‘right’ man only to find out he didn’t care. After he broke her heart, something snapped in her. She saw the ad for the fetish retreat and something inside her told her to go. She waited outside Hustler Hollywood until the store was almost empty, then quickly ran inside and bought a black corset, leather skirt, black stockings, and a garter belt. She hoped no one she knew had seen her.Now, she sat in her car with her voluptuous breasts spilling out over the top of her corset. She opted to skip her panties and just wear the crotchless black stockings with a garter belt underneath her black leather skirt. Black eyeliner, smokey gray eyeshadow, and false eyelashes transformed her face. She applied a red, glossy lip to finish her look.  This was quite a transformation for a girl who had never worn much makeup before.Okay. I can do this, she thought istanbul travesti again, and slowly climbed out of the car. Her head was spinning a little from the rum. She slowly walked to the gated entrance to the farm. A nice looking man smiled at her and welcomed her and took her money for admission. He looked her up and down as she nervously stood there. “Have fun,” he said smiling.Just take it one step at a time, she encouraged herself. She wondered if anyone could see her shaking.It was truly a sight to behold. Still dimly lit, she could see the shackles and ropes around the trees. Rustic barns had people milling in and out. It was beautiful under the starry, night sky. She looked up and saw the full moon, shining some light on the other guests. She sighed relief as she saw most were dressed similarly. Black leather was everywhere. Also, there were many women wearing no top at all. Large breasts being fondled by other guests. One man was bent over with another woman’s nipple in his mouth while her head was thrown back. A DJ was playing on a cleared out dirt area. Bree was frozen. She didn’t know what to do next.”Remember, let us know of any birthdays here tonight,” the DJ announced.That was her ‘in’. Tell him, she told herself. Good girls lose. Time to be a bad girl.Bree slowly walked up to the DJ.”Excuse me,” she said softly.”Well, hellooo, sexy,” he replied. “What can I do to you?”Bree nervously laughed. “It is my birthday,” she said.”HEY! We have our first birthday girl!” the DJ excitedly yelled. “Time to break in the whipping tree.”Bree gasped and said, “The what?”Before the DJ answered a man suddenly appeared by her side and took her by the hand. He was in tight jeans and no shirt and had a wild look about him. He pulled her quickly to a nearby tree.”Now, pretty thing, face the tree and get istanbul travesti your birthday paddling,” he instructed. He moved her into position and pulled her arms around the tree and slid her wrists into restraints. Bree was instantly alarmed and pulled hard against the restraints.”I … I don’t know about this,” Bree stammered.”You will enjoy it,” he whispered. “Light pain is a close cousin to pleasure, remember. Now, I am going to slide your skirt down.”Bree suddenly remembered her pain when Ray told her he didn’t love her. She had poured her heart out to him. She just wanted the pain to go away. She was hardly aware when the man slid down her skirt exposing her naked round bottom.”Who wants to give the birthday girl her spanking?” announced the DJ.Bree turned her head and saw men coming out from the crowd of people and walking towards her. The first man was stocky and dark-skinned with a black beard and mustache. He looked quite a bit older than her. He walked up to her with a large wooden paddle in his hand. Bree’s eyes grew wild with anticipation. She wanted to feel the paddle on her bottom. A different pain to replace her emotional pain.”Happy Birthday, lovely girl. Are you a bad girl?” he whispered in her ear.”Yes! I am very bad,” Bree said.”Then, you shall get a bad girl’s spanking,” he replied, with mischief in his eyes.Bree held her breath and then whack! She felt the first sting of the paddle. She let out a gasp. Then, she found herself wanting more.Whack…whack…whack The man continued paddling her glowing red bottom. It was a good hurt. It was replacing the hurt in her heart with each smack of her bottom.Then, the man stopped and kissed her cheek and moved back to give the next man his time with her. The next man was a tall blonde and had a leather strap with little leather straps istanbul travesti dangling off the end of it. He moved towards her.”Happy Birthday, beautiful,” he said and kissed the back of her neck.Bree smiled. This was feeling really good to her. The man ran the flogger down her back and teased her with it between her legs. “Ahhh,” she moaned. That felt really really good to her.He pulled it back and swatted her bottom with it. Again and again and again while Bree was moaning. Her head was thrown back as she looked up at the stars.Man after man after man came forward to wish her happy birthday and spank her in their own ways. Her bottom was on fire but she didn’t care. These men made her feel desired and beautiful. She liked playing the bad girl. Her embarrassment left her. The man who had restrained her appeared again and released her. He too kissed her cheek and whispered, “Happy Birthday.” She had noticed the blonde man had stayed around watching the other men spank her. His bright blue eyes never left her. He approached her smiling with a collar and leash in hand.”Bad girl, will you be my pet?” he asked seductively.She found him very attractive. His attention filled the emptiness Ray had left inside.”Yes,” Bree said bravely, curious as to what that would entail.”My name is Jax,” the man said.”Hello, Jax. I am Bree,” she said.Jax cupped her face and gently kissed her red lips. His tongue quickly pried her anxious lips apart and he deepened the kiss. Bree was instantly breathless and wanting more of this man.Should I do this, she asked herself. I don’t even know this man. I shouldn’t do this, but it feels so good.Jax pulled away from her and placed the collar around her neck. Then, he attached the leash to the ring on the collar and held the leash in his hand.”Come now, my pet,” he ordered, lightly pulling on the leash.He pulled her towards one of the open-air barns. Bree saw a few other women on leashes. She couldn’t believe what else she saw. A man was on his knees licking a woman’s pussy. Another woman was bent over a hay bail being fucked from behind for all to see. Jax pulled her towards a corner hay bail. 

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