Middle Man


Much as I respect the wit and wisdom of the Urban Dictionary, there are actually a few more variations than that, which I’ll get into. The MMF (or, as it’s generally written if its option number one above, MFM) was not something I encountered too much when I was first starting out escorting as a young woman. But in the last five or six years of my work, it became very, very common…I don’t know if it’s because Maxine was specifically putting me up for these jobs or if the practice itself had become more common with American men. It’s very possible that the latter is true, because I think increasingly people have been exposed to all sorts of variations of couplings that they see on internet porn, and certain things spark their fancies and they want to try them for themselves.MMF falls into the category (probably, I wouldn’t really know) that a wife or girlfriend might not go for, so a pro is needed. Part of the reason is probably that no matter what anyone says, there is a certain homoerotic aspect to sex of this kind, and that is something that many men really want to keep private and secret.To talk about this part of my career, I think I need to tell a few different stories to give you an idea of the variations on this theme.I don’t remember now if Vince and Brian were my first MMF experience, but if not, they were certainly one of the early ones. These guys were buddies who, I think, were gym rats and knew each other from regular workouts at Gold’s Gym here in Venice. They were in their thirties, and their daily workouts were paying off – they were both in great shape, and quite handsome.They were well-dressed professionals of some sort, but I don’t know what kind. I’m guessing that they had taken quite a few showers together at Gold’s. Perhaps that’s how the idea of being together in a threesome arose (so to speak). My guess it was Vince’s idea, because he was somebody Maxine knew as a regular Rites of Eros customer, and, during the act itself, he was definitely to take on the alpha role.We met at the bar of a nice hotel in Santa Monica. They were, as I say, both well (expensively) dressed and handsome. This will be easy! I remember thinking. Neither one wore a wedding ring, but I could see a bit of skin whiter than the rest of the finger where Brian’s ring normally was. (Why he felt compelled to take it off for my sake I have no idea. But quite a few men do.) They made room for me to sit between them in a dark booth, then got back in, having arranged us so we were all on the same side, with me squarely in the middle.We made some inane small talk for a few minutes, but I could tell there wasn’t going to be much of that. I was wearing a short skirt, and Vince put his hand on my thigh and started nuzzling my neck. Brian seized on the other thigh. I remember wondering if he was going to nuzzle me at the same time, telegraphing to everyone in the bar what we had going on here. But he was too discreet, or shy, or something. They seemed alright, so I was good to go upstairs with them.We were the only three people on the elevator, and Vince wasted no time planting a big kiss on me and groping my ass. A lot of sex workers don’t like to kiss their customers, but I’ve always found that a little funny given that we invariably end up sooner or later with their penises in our mouths. I don’t mind if the gentleman is gentle about it and doesn’t have a bad case of halitosis or whatever.But before the elevator shuddered to a stop on their floor, Vince had taken Brian’s hand and placed it on my other ass cheek. See what I mean about him being the alpha? But Brian seemed willing enough to comply.They seemed in a big hurry to get on with it, which, ankara escort of course, was fine by me. They had cut a deal with Maxine that they would pay my full one night rate, but get me for just half that time, since there were two of them. Makes sense, right? So they had me for four hours, which would have meant to some that they could go slow and savor the experience. But not these two, or not Vince anyway. I had failed to captivate them with my scintillating conversation. I guess, and by then I had a pretty clear idea it wasn’t my brain they were interested in.They got me naked in no time at all, four hands and two mouths all over me as they were tugging away my clothes. It was a little odd when both of them latched onto my breasts and suckled as if they were hungry newborn twins. That can be quite a tender part of lovemaking, but to these two, it seemed more of a predatory act. Tit vampires, if you will. Brian kept at it while Vince struggled out of his clothes. Then Vince took over while Brian took his off. I noticed they were both very erect, so whatever was happening in the room was working for them.We ended up in a heap on the bed with me pretty much the object of attention, their hands all over me, their mouths. Each of them had a go at my girl downstairs. Brian, I remember, was particularly good at it. It was not unpleasant to be the object of that much male energy and passion and excitement, and I thought again that this would not be a difficult assignment. I noticed that the two men seemed to go out of their way to avoid touching each other even as they were all over me. I wasn’t sure what to make of that.A favorite for both of them seemed to be something I have since learned is charmingly called “spit-roasting,” which meant that I was on all fours with Brian’s cock in my mouth while Vince was fucking me from astern. Get it? Spit-roasting? And then they swapped. I figured out early on that the fucker drove the rhythm of my bj. It didn’t feel particularly unnatural once I got used to the sensation of penises at both ends of me.I could tell by a change in his breathing and a tightening of his balls that Vince was about to cum. I don’t particularly like to swallow semen, so I pulled him out of my mouth and he ejaculated noisily, his cum shooting over my shoulder and onto my back. This was, of course, in full view of Brian. True to form, the sight of a cum shot turned him on, and I felt and heard him cumming inside me in his condom immediately afterwards.I thought perhaps they would be done with me then, but we’d used up a bare hour of their time, so the three of us kicked back on the bed and finally had a bit of conversation. Brian seemed subdued, but Vince was garrulous and dominated the talk. I don’t much remember exactly what he said, but I recall that sports was a big deal to him, and there was a lot of boasting about his prowess at basketball.That irritated me a bit (I’m not too keen on braggarts) and I’m not proud to relate that I mentioned that a couple of the Los Angeles Lakers were regular clients of mine. That shut him up about his athleticism. That was a terrible thing to do from a good courtesan’s point of view, but this was fairly early in my career, and I tended to have a lack of patience for certain kinds of men in those days.It was Brian who came to life first. We hadn’t gotten dressed after round one, so he just started stroking and kissing my body again. At one point they were on their feet as I was sitting on the bed. I could see both of them would need some oral stimulation to get their hard-ons back, and I’m quite sure they had arranged themselves so I could get at both of them. And ankara escort bayan so I took a cock in each hand, pulled the two men closer to me (and each other of course) and took turns taking each one in my mouth, one at a time, continuing to stroke both.I’d had an instinct or a hunch all evening, and I decided to put it to the test. It was something I had seen in porn, but hadn’t ever tried myself. Having each lad firmly in hand I pulled them closer and closer so that the tips of their cocks were nearly touching. I didn’t want to freak them out, but was fairly sure I would not, that in fact that this is what they wanted.I had the tip of Brian’s cock in my mouth, and, without making too much of it, I crammed the tip of Vince’s in there too, so that both heads were pressed together inside my mouth. My hunch was right. They both gave ecstatic moans and their cocks became rock hard.Then they took turns fucking me some more while the other looked on and fondled me or himself. Inevitably (I suppose) Vince asked me if I would like to be DP’d, or double penetrated. The truth is, as I’ve said elsewhere, I am not all that fond of anal sex. I’ve done it plenty of times, but I prefer men who are not at all well-endowed, and, as I’ve said, Vince and Brian both had plenty. So I explained all this to the lads, but I did it with the offering that, if they were willing, we might try DVP, or double vaginal penetration.I was not at all sure we could work this out logistically, but I had had a few truly humongous cocks in there by this time (see my earlier remark about guys from the Lakers), and I thought with enough lube we might be able to manage it. Besides, that particular orifice can squeeze out a ten-pound baby, so it’s pretty elastic.This act, of course, puts the men in an incredibly intimate proximity to each other, but my double bj had been so successful I didn’t think they would object to that too much.We did manage to do it. I didn’t know too much about this act at the time (I learned a lot more in the years to come), but it works best if both guys are about the same size. The man on the bottom has to be able to sustain an erection while being fairly powerless to move (not all that easy, as I’ve observed), and the one on top has to be able to keep his weight off of both the lady and the bottom man. After a few failed attempts we figured this out, with Brian on the edge of the bed, me impaled firmly on him sitting up in what’s called a reverse cowgirl, and Vince standing on the floor and pressing himself in.They both came very quickly. I think they liked it. I was pretty certain they would.Urban Dictionary’s number two is my most common scenario. Generally, it goes something like this: my typical client is an older man, married invariably, who is either closeted gay or deeply curious. He wants a homosexual experience, but he wants nothing to do with the gay lifestyle or identity, he just wants to try new things sexually, and he feels better about the whole thing if there is a woman someplace in the mix.I’ll tell you about Harold, a client who became a pretty good friend. He’s not exactly typical, but I like him a lot and enjoy talking about him and remembering some pretty good times. He was a retired CEO of some sort, always affable, generous to a fault, and always extremely grateful for whatever I could arrange for him. He left the choice of the second man up to me, and I drew on gay or bi friends I knew.Harold was willing to pay for that guy’s services too, but I generally preferred to bring someone I knew would just be into the experience for its own sake. Harold always hosted these parties at the luxurious Beverly escort ankara Hills Hotel (the pink palace on Sunset Boulevard owned by the Sultan of Brunei), and most of my friends didn’t get to spend time in places like that, so that was payment enough for the likes of Jimmy and Slade and Cole (who was maybe the love of my life, and, briefly, my husband).I think I’ll use Slade here, as I can remember one particular time clearly. Slade and I met Harold in the famous Polo Lounge at that hotel, and Harold bought us expensive drinks and we talked about anything except sex. Harold liked my mind, and all the weird eclectic things that interest me, and I loved how he could get me to gush enthusiastically about whatever I wanted, and he would always pretend to be fascinated by every word. Eventually, we went to the room or bungalow he had rented.Without too much ado we all three undressed, and Slade and I put Harold on his belly on the bed, and gave him a four-hand massage. He was a very large man, and there was a lot of flesh to cover. Slade, a powerful young man, straddled Harold’s ass, and gave him a deep tissue shoulder and upper back rub,Slade’s cock pressed against Harold’s crack, and I knew Harold liked that a lot. I employed my friend Fang Xia’s soft touch and lightly tickled Harold’s inner thighs, balls and anus. Between us, we got him very excited as we saw evidence of when we rolled him over. Harold always requested that I bring a straight guy so we could “spoil” him (Harold’s word).None of the guys I brought ever actually was entirely straight, but we never told Harold that. Next, I told Slade that I was going to feed him his very first cock, and I was going to show him how to suck it properly. “But I’m straight!” Slade protested, fairly convincingly, I thought.“I’m afraid you have no choice,” I said. “Now put your face right next to mine and do everything just as I do.And so I would demonstrate a lick, and Slade would follow, protesting, “But it’s so big!” (It wasn’t.) And then I’d show him how to suck and use his hand, and so we passed Harold’s very happy cock back and forth between our mouths, Slade making a pretty good show of having difficulty getting it all the way in his mouth and then loving it once he got it there.I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to remember that the very first time I was with him, Harold fucked me, but that was positively the only time. For the most part, he was primarily interested in the middle man I brought to the party. But the fact that he had done me the one time technically puts us in the “man in the middle” category. But after Slade’s blowjob lesson we moved on to the part that Slade particularly liked, and that was for me to lie back, very visibly play with myself, and tell the two men what to do. Order them what to do, in fact.Harold loved to think that I was turned on by watching this male homosexual activity, and I think that was some sort of justification to himself that he was still pleasing the woman in some way. It was fine, it took all the pressure off of me, and I certainly didn’t mind the sight of two males coupling, though feigning a great deal of enthusiasm for it was a bit of a stretch. Still, I think I managed.By having me tell the boys what to do it also took away the responsibility that might have fallen on Harold to initiate things that he probably didn’t want to admit to himself that he liked… But I knew what he liked, and I made sure he got it. “Okay, Harold,” I purred, “I want you to go down on Slade. That’s it, take him in your mouth. How do you like having a man suck your cock, Slade? Good boy. You love it, don’t you? Alright guys, I want to see you sixty-nine each other, come on. Oh my god, that is so fucking hot. Yes… yes… God, you’re gonna make me cum just watching you. Okay, Harold, face down, ass up. Put your condom on, Slade, that’s a good boy. Now I want to see you fuck your first man, Slade. That’s it, lube him up.”

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