My Wife’s ex-college roommate Part 1


I was parked at the airport waiting for my wife and her ex- college roommate. Ami. Linda’s friend was arriving from overseas where she had lived the past 5 years. Linda and I agreed to let her stay with us until she could find her own place. I had only met Ami for a short time five years ago at our wedding and I enjoyed the idea of her being with us. Ami was a tall thin chocolate colored woman with very nice perky looking breasts.I knew that they were very close but was not able to spend any time with Ami at the wedding, so I was looking forward to getting to know her. Besides having two beautiful women to look at everyday was a bonus. Looking towards the terminal I saw Linda and Ami holding hands approaching the car. Ami was dressed in a tight white dress that came to mid thigh. The color contrast against her milk chocolate skin was stunning. I got out and she hugged and kissed me on the lips.The aroma of her perfume was almost intoxicating. Her ruby red lips seemed to melt into mine. To be honest it got me hard real quick. I was a bit surprised that her tongue entered my mouth. Just a quick dash but definitely more than a friendly kocaeli escort kiss. I could also feel her boobs against my chest and it was clear she was braless.I got back in the car after loading her luggage and watched as Ami got in the back seat. Those long legs slightly separated and I caught a brief glimpse of her red panties in the rearview mirror. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. I knew I had been caught looking but Ami didn’t seem to mind. We lived about 30 minutes away and Linda and Ami were chatting up a storm. Every now and then I glimpsed in the mirror. Our eyes would connect and she gave me that sexy smile and a view of her panties. My hard on grew with each glance that got more frequent. It was almost two o’clock in the morning when we arrived home. Ami said she was very tired and Linda showed her the way to the guest room. I went into our room and stripped naked. My cock was throbbing and hard. Linda came back into the room saw me and said “not tonight Rob, Ami and I are going to chat for awhile.” I ignored her and began unbuttoning her blouse. Linda was thin like Ami but had huge 40dd breasts. kocaeli escort bayan Linda was persistent about the no, grabbed her robe and went in the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out with the robe on and said “I’ll make it up to you honey”. I lay in bed and was tempted to jack off. I had not jacked off since college. I remember that day well as my roommate and I jacked off each other while watching porn. I watched as this guy pulled down the panties of this gorgeous woman with big tits. I was shocked to see a big hard cock pop out. I looked at my roommate and he laughed and said you might like this. I watched as the guy began sucking and stroking that big cock. I had always been a bit bi-curious and was turned on. I looked over at my roommate and saw he had his jeans around his ankles He was stroking his cock and looking at me. John was about 6 cut with a nice mushroom sized head. I already had the beginning of a hard on and seeing him stroke made me fully hard. I stood up unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear. My cock was a bit bigger than John’s, about 7 with a very izmit escort large head. I sat down next to him and his hand left his cock and went to mine. I closed my eyes as he worked his hand up and down. “Do me”. I looked at him and grasped his cock. It was almost as hot as a poker. I was so tempted to take it in my mouth but just as I was about to lower my head he exploded. His cum shooting onto his belly and my hand and that put me over the edge. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of my cock.It had been quite awhile since I had cum so hard. Unfortunately it was our last night at school and we never saw one another again. I decided not to jack off as I still hoped Linda would come back and fuck. I turned on the TV but soon got bored. Then a thought hit me. I had worked on the shutters that were outside the guest bedroom. The ladder was still there. Maybe I could sneak up and see the two of them. Maybe, Ami was in her nightgown. Jumping out of bed I pulled on my jeans and scampered outside.I slowly climbed the ladder so I would not make any noise. It was off to the side and I had to lean a bit. Ami was just coming out of the bathroom and all she had on was a towel wrapped around her waist. Her breasts were magnificent. They were perky with very dark aureoles and the nipples hard. I was surprised that Linda was not there but then I heard her voice coming from the bathroom.

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