Nisha’s Husband Swap Chapter 3 : Satisfaction


Nisha had recovered from her first fuck and, conscious that there was less than an hour until the swap was due to end, she was keen for the action to resume. Stroking Sanjay’s cock and balls had been all it had taken to get him hard again, and Nisha knew she was ready for her moment of fulfilment. She retrieved a tube of lube from the bedside table and applied liberal amounts to her anus before smearing Sanjay’s cock with another thick pearl of jelly. “I’m ready for you now, Sanjay. I want to take every inch of you inside my arsehole. Promise to be gentle with me – at first anyway. Won’t you?”Sanjay grunted an indistinct response and got to his knees, cock in hand and ready for action.Nisha hadn’t planned to take Sanjay from behind at first, but she figured that if it was too much, she could always stop and take him on top until she loosened up enough to fuck him in other positions. Besides, Sanjay’s animalistic lust was turning her on, and she wanted him to feel that he was in control, mounting her like a bitch in heat and fucking her with none of the respect and unselfish concern for her satisfaction that Chris demonstrated in their lovemaking together. Nisha bent over on all fours, spread her legs, and planted the side of her face on a pillow. She gripped the sheets with both hands and steeled herself for the temporary pain she knew would soon follow. Even Chris entering her was uncomfortable sometimes, so Sanjay doing so was likely to be much worse. But, unlike anal sex with Chris, she hoped that once her anus had adjusted to the initial intrusion, Sanjay’s cock would continue to stretch her throughout their fuck and give her the anal orgasm she ultimately craved.Needing no further encouragement, Sanjay again knelt behind Nisha and opened her bum cheeks wide. Then, placing the tip of his cock at Nisha’s entrance, he tried to enter her, but seemingly this position was not to his satisfaction. Finally, after two failed attempts to get his angle of entry right, she felt the bed rock and heard the mattress springs strain as Sanjay stood up and crouched astride her, pushing her knees together with his feet.Sanjay again pulled Nisha’s buttocks open and lined his cock up at her expectant hole. Then, gripping the root of his cock firmly with one hand, he began to ease his way inside her. Nisha let out a small gasp as his tip broke through, but Sanjay didn’t pause to allow her body time to adjust. Instead, he just pushed harder, ignoring Nisha’s moans of discomfort as more and more of his twelve solid inches slowly disappeared into her bum hole. As he roughly pushed the thickest, mid-section of his cock inside her, Nisha realised Sanjay was becoming more and more challenging to accommodate, and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. The discomfort was worse than anything she had experienced with Chris. Her moans quickly turned into yelps and cries of pain as Sanjay continued to drive himself into her, apparently unconcerned by her obvious distress. Instead, Nisha could hear Sanjay’s satisfied grunts behind her – it must have felt incredible for him to have her tightest hole wrapped around his dick – but the pain was becoming more intense, and she bit the pillow hard in an attempt to stave it off. Sanjay only paused to allow Nisha time to recover from his overzealous entry when he was three-quarters inside her.As Nisha fought to override her body’s instinctive attempt to purge itself of the intrusion, her mind was in turmoil. She reminded herself that this was what she wanted – what she needed. The frustration of the past few months would soon be behind her if she could hold on a moment or two longer. All she needed to do was relax, and the pain would quickly ease. Then, she could look forward to the deep, hard arse-fucking she had yearned for all these months.But the temptation to tell Sanjay to stop was equally compelling. She only had to say the word, and he would withdraw, and the pain would end. Then, of course, they would both be disappointed, and Nisha would be ashamed that she had failed to deliver her promise. But wasn’t that better than enduring this eye-watering agony and maybe even the risk of a severe injury?In the end, the decision was made for her. The discomfort subsided slightly as Sanjay, obviously realising he had taken things far too quickly, made no further attempt to push himself deeper. Instead, he held his position, which belatedly gave Nisha the respite she needed to recover her breathing and adjust to his girth before she took more of him inside.After a few moments, she cautiously pulled her bum cheeks apart again, inviting Sanjay to continue deeper.Nisha now had no intention of stopping until she had taken all of Sanjay’s dick, and as he resumed his attempt to push himself inside, albeit more gingerly than before, she was pleased to feel her body become more accustomed to him. Her hole gripped him tightly, and it felt good – even more intense than when he was in her pussy – but she wanted to feel what it was like to take him to the root. Sometimes it felt like Nisha could take no more, but a slight change in her position appeared to clear the obstruction, and she felt his progress gradually advance. Eventually, she felt his short pubic hair pressing against her bottom and his balls brush her pussy, and sex hikaye she knew she had taken every inch of Sanjay’s enormous cock.**********Chris had needed very little recovery time after his first orgasm. Having swallowed his load, Meenakshi had immediately set about getting him hard again with her mouth. She restored his cock to its previous turgidity, its tip throbbing as she took it deep in her throat.Meenakshi ran her lips up the length of his shaft and released it from her mouth.“I think I’m ready, Chris,” she said coquettishly. “I think I’m ready to do what I’ve wanted to do for so long and take you inside my bottom. Would you like to do that? Would you like to be the man to take my anal virginity?”Meenakshi didn’t wait for his response. She knew it was what they both wanted, and she rolled onto her front and opened her legs wide.Meenakshi had often thought about how she would first like to be anally fucked and had narrowed it down to two positions. Initially, she had felt spooning would be the most comfortable, but she knew she would need to be fully relaxed as Chris entered her and had decided that it might be best if she lay face down and let him take her that way. She wanted to feel his weight on top of her, to feel his breath on her neck, and to be able to whisper instructions to him if she needed him to ease off or, more likely, speed up his thrusts.“Take me like this, Chris. When you think I’m ready, get on top and ease yourself inside me. Teach me how to enjoy a man in my most private, sensitive place. But be gentle as you break me in.”Meenakshi knew Chris would eagerly comply. He immediately got to his knees and shuffled down the bed, positioning himself between her open legs as he stroked his erection with his right hand.“I think my bottom might need to be prepared first,” Meenakshi said coyly. “I don’t think it’s completely ready just yet.”Meenakshi let her hands fall limply by her side and closed her eyes, deferring to Chris’s greater experience of anal sex by temporarily allowing him a little more control as he set about preparing her for his cock.Chris lay on his front between her legs and pulled open Meenakshi’s firm bum cheeks, inspecting the small, tight hole at the base of her shallow cleft. Immediately she felt his tongue trace a circle around her opening, gently licking her rim with the same dexterity he had demonstrated when performing cunnilingus. She quickly became used to having her anus touched, moaning as Chris took his time, his tongue flicking over her opening and occasionally pushing inside her. She gripped the duvet tightly, delighting in the intense gratification of Chris pleasuring her in a new and electrifying way.Rimming was something she had done for her husband many times, sometimes licking his arsehole during a sensual massage or as extra stimulation when giving him a sixty-nine, but he had never reciprocated. So feeling Chris eagerly undertake this most personal sex act with consummate skill and an unselfish commitment to her satisfaction made her momentarily resentful towards Sanjay. Why should she always be submissive when there was so much enjoyment in making a guy her supplicant?Kneeling and reaching for the lube, Chris covered his index finger and slowly eased it inside Meenakshi. She gasped as she felt herself tighten around his finger. She needed to loosen up considerably before taking the much greater length and girth of his cock. After a short pause, Meenakshi relaxed, and Chris could move his finger deeper inside her. Occasionally she still felt herself involuntarily clam up, her anus gripping Chris’s finger tight as a wave of discomfort rendered any further penetration painful, but he would always relax her by pausing and whispering encouragement.“Just give it a moment. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy it,” Chris would say. “That’s it – it feels good when you relax, doesn’t it?”It did feel good. His long, thick index finger slid in and out effortlessly as Meenakshi’s anus eventually slackened. She now understood how Nisha must feel as she began to crave more length and girth inside her.As if he had read her mind, Chris slid his middle finger inside her pussy, finger fucking her in both holes simultaneously. “Oh yes, I love that!” she cried. “Keep doing that, and I’ll cum again.” Chris found Meenakshi’s G-spot and concentrated on stimulating it with his fingers, reading her body language to gauge how she most liked to be touched. Pinching both fingers together and finger-fucking her hard to the knuckle elicited the most feverish response, and when Chris coupled that with some clitoral stimulation, Meenakshi reached her climax. She came noisily around his fingers, and a torrent of clear pussy juice splashed his fist and soaked the bed sheets with each of his firm thrusts.“Oh God, no!” she moaned, but Chris continued stimulating her, apparently more concerned that Meenakshi was enjoying her orgasm than he was about any mess she was making on the bed.Meenakshi could feel her wetness on the inside of her thighs and was appalled that she had squirted on someone else’s bed sheets, but Chris’s obvious pleasure at her response enabled her to relax and enjoy her climax. Eventually, her orgasm ebbed away.“Sorry… I should have mentioned… I squirt sometimes,” Meenakshi seks hikaye said, gasping for breath.“Don’t worry – Nisha has squirted on this bed more times than I can remember. That’s why we have an under-sheet. It protects the mattress from all our messes,” Chris replied reassuringly. She didn’t doubt that it was true. On the contrary, she thought that if she had a husband who could pleasure her the way Chris could, she would squirt much more frequently too.Meenakshi knew Chris wouldn’t be able to wait much longer to cum again. Kneeling between her open legs, she could see his cock leaking copious amounts of pre-cum as he pumped his shaft back to full turgidity. Meenakshi knew the moment had arrived. “I think I’m ready, Chris. Fuck me now. Make my bottom yours and fill me with your cum.”She reached back and spread her bum cheeks wide.Chris reached for the lube and covered his cock as Meenakshi wiggled her hips invitingly. Again, she gasped as she felt him press a small, cold globule of lube against her opening with his middle finger, and again her body momentarily fought against his attempt to insert a finger into her anus. Then, relaxing, she felt her body welcome him inside, and Chris was able to spread the lubricant they both knew would be essential if she was to enjoy her anal deflowering.Chris pushed Meenakshi’s legs wider with his knees and assumed the press-up position above her prone body. With Meenakshi prising apart her cheeks, Chris didn’t need to use his hands to line up his cock at her hole. Instead, with a slight wiggle of his hips, Meenakshi felt his tip pressing on her opening, and with no further delay, he slowly and gently nudged his tip inside her. Meenakshi drew in a deep breath as Chris dropped to his elbows, firmly pinned her hands down either side of her head, and gradually eased his cock deeper inside her welcoming hole.***********At last, Nisha had what she wanted – a huge cock sliding in and out of her anus, and the feeling was incredible. Sanjay’s thrusts started with small, almost imperceptible movements, but they gradually became more pronounced as Nisha’s arsehole loosened and his cock became easier to take. Her previous discomfort had gone entirely, and now Sanjay withdrew completely before gradually filling her up again with each of his long, slow thrusts.“Fuck me harder,” she ordered, tossing her hair back. Sanjay did as he was told, taking Nisha’s hips in his hands and pulling back hard. He spanked Nisha twice before resuming his grip on her and continuing his thrusts, this time harder and faster than before. Nisha knew how good it must feel for Sanjay to be balls-deep in a woman, to have every inch of his cock gripped and stimulated simultaneously by a tight, wet hole. His cock had always been too long for Meenakshi’s pussy to accommodate, and even Nisha hadn’t been able to take it all in her pussy. But now, he was taking full advantage of her ability to take every inch of his length in her anus. He slammed his hips against her cheeks as she took him to the root every time.Pushing Nisha forward, Sanjay withdrew and told her to roll onto her back. She had no sooner done so than Sanjay grabbed her ankles, bent her in two and entered her again, his huge cock urgently fucking Nisha’s hole much harder than before, the sweat spilling from his brow as he threw back his head with every strong lunge.Sanjay moved Nisha’s legs around his shoulders and leaned forward, taking his weight on his arms as he thrust as deep and hard as he could into her. He looked like an enraged animal as he pounded her furiously, panting and snorting with every thrust and grunting obscenities under his breath. Nisha had never been fucked as savagely in her life. She was glad her natural suppleness enabled her to bend into this position, even if it was uncomfortable to have her knees pressing against her ears and her toes on the pillow behind her.************Anal sex was everything Meenakshi had hoped it would be. It felt exciting and dirty to have her friend’s husband doing to her what her husband couldn’t, especially as she could hear Nisha’s moans and Sanjay’s grunts from next door as they also took their anal satisfaction from one another.Any anxiety she had harboured had long since disappeared. Chris was an experienced and sensitive lover, and Meenakshi felt safe in his hands as he gently continued her anal deflowering. She whimpered softly as he partially withdrew, slowly fucking her with only his tip before sliding his cock deep inside her again, allowing her to feel his entire length and girth as he filled her up. All the time, he whispered in her ear, checking she was enjoying it and telling her how good it felt for him. Although Meenakshi loved her husband and his brand of urgent, rough sex, she thought how amazing it must be to have an adventurous, considerate, sensitive lover to guide her towards as yet undiscovered pleasures. Chris could be both dominant and submissive, and Meenakshi could only imagine the fun they could have if only they had more time together. Nisha was lucky to have such a good fuck for a husband! Chris rolled Meenakshi onto her back and, holding onto her ankles, spread her legs wide. Then, kneeling between her legs, he entered her again, closing his eyes as he started rhythmically fucking her again. Meenakshi was pleased to see Chris enjoying their anal fuck as much as she was. He had a zen-like serenity on his face as he pistoned into her, evidently happy that his cock could give a woman anal pleasure, even if it was a woman other than his wife. And any concerns she had harboured that he might find her a disappointment or that she might prove unequal to his expectations had been misplaced, judging by the soft purr emanating from his throat.“Oh my God, Chris. It’s incredible!” Meenakshi whispered. “Let me taste my arse. Put your cock in my mouth and let me taste my arse.”She would never usually have been this bold but the intensity of the experience – and several glasses of wine – had lowered her inhibitions. She wanted to experience all that anal sex had to offer. She might never get the opportunity again.Chris obliged. Pulling out and lying beside her, he allowed Meenakshi to reverse straddle him in the sixty-nine position and greedily lick their juices from his cock as he reciprocated, licking her pussy and twitching anus clean. “How does my arse look?” she asked him. “Is it gaping wide open yet?”“Not yet,” Chris replied. “Would you like me to show you a different position that will do that? It will open up your arsehole for sure, as well as give you some pretty intense sensations,” he explained.Meenakshi nodded as Chris rose from the bed. He placed a large cushion on the floor in front of the sofa and suggested she apply more lube. Then, telling her to lie on the cushion with her legs on the couch seat, Chris sat down between her open legs and pulled Meenakshi’s hips up towards him. He bent her almost double to get her in the correct position. Her head and shoulders were on the cushion; her lower back rested on the sofa’s edge. Once her bottom was level with his cock, she pulled her cheeks wide apart, offering her anus to him again. Almost immediately, Chris was inside her.Despite the discomfort of sex in this position, Meenakshi found that Chris’s cock was now hitting all the right places. She felt her G-spot stimulated by his tip and her hole stretched wide by his shaft as Chris entered her almost horizontally. Meenakshi had thought it improbable that she would achieve orgasm through anal sex like Nisha had told her she did. But she knew that if she was going to cum that way, this was how it would happen.Meenakshi touched her clitoris, moving her fingers over and around it using the excess lube from her anus to make her fingers slick. Then, as Chris increased the tempo and depth of his strokes, she placed two fingers inside her pussy, frantically fucking herself and relishing the double penetration she had so often enjoyed with Sanjay and her dildo. But this was much, much better. The ability to self-stimulate her pussy and clitoris as Chris worked his magic on her anus drew out sensations much more intense than Sanjay’s relentless pounding, and the passive, dull stretch of her dildo ever had. She had learned how to induce sublime feelings of pleasure in her pussy long ago but to have a guy simultaneously invoke equally powerful sensations in her anus was a moment of epiphany.Chris took his weight on his feet and raised himself from the couch, crouching and gripping her legs firmly in his strong arms to gain more purchase as he fucked her with incrementally increasing speed, depth and power. He seemed to know how to vary every thrust to educe a rhapsody of sensations in her anus, and Meenakshi felt her whole body begin to respond.She rested her head on the cushion and closed her eyes as her orgasm took over. Her legs began shaking uncontrollably as she again put two fingers in her pussy. Within moments, Meenakshi fingered herself to completion, squirting another clear stream of cum over her head and onto the laminate floor behind her.**********Nisha was flicking her clit as Sanjay continued to fuck her roughly, this time from behind. He withdrew his cock, held it tightly in his hand and drove it back inside her, this time into her pussy, making Nisha yelp in surprise. After five or six deep strokes, Sanjay pulled out again and plunged his entire length back inside her anus. He alternated between holes every few strokes as if trying to decide which he liked best. By now, Nisha was too turned on to care about hygiene. The sensations it generated were incredible, and she never wanted them to stop. Suddenly, she felt sexually fulfilled and complete, and a sense of wholeness she had never previously experienced or even thought possible quietened her mind. It wasn’t Sanjay alone giving Nisha this rare moment of bliss: she knew no one man could. She would always need Chris’s emotional connection, unique tongue, and creative cock. But it was apparent at that moment that it was only with the addition of Sanjay’s enormous size and his rough, peremptory approach to sex that Nisha could allow further facets of her complex sexuality to unfold. She needed to be assertive and submissive, experience pleasure and pain, and know love and physicality. Two hours with another man had brought about such a rare clarity in Nisha’s understanding of herself and her needs that she knew her relationship with her husband might never be the same again.When Sanjay roughly entered her anus yet again, Nisha felt familiar sensations in her body quickly build, and she knew she was about to cum. Her knees buckled, and her legs trembled as she succumbed to the intoxicating onset of another orgasm. 

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