Perchance To Dream Pt. 3

Big Dick

After a beautiful afternoon of lovemaking and some sodomy, Melanie has just revealed to our hero, me, that debonair and dapper gentlemen only twenty-some-odd years older than her, that she is sleeping with my daughter. And she told me this as I was cooking her dinner!I took the tongs and carefully placed the chicken breasts back into the bubbling sauce. As I ladled the sauce over the chicken, Melanie seemed to think I went deaf.“Did you hear me?” she asked.“Yeah, I did. That’s awesome. She’s a lucky girl.”I grabbed the cast iron pan with a hot pad and slid it into the oven. 375 degrees, if you recall.“So, Melanie,” I began. (I called her ‘Melanie’, but her friends call her ‘Mel’. Did you see what I did there?) “Set the timer for 20 minutes, okay? In about ten minutes you should start steaming the veggies. Then pop in that 90 second Basmati Rice when you’re all set. Okay? Oh, and put some raw cilantro on top of the chicken as a garnish.”I looked around for my car keys… ah, on the counter over there by the door. I made for them.“You’re not leaving!” Mel cried out. “Can’t we talk about this?”I dropped the keys in my pocket and sighed heavily. “I don’t even have any idea what to say.”“Okay then… sit. And let me talk,” said Melanie, and pointed to a chair at the kitchen table.Fine, I sat down. I mean, what the fuck, over.“Go ahead”, I said, sighing.Mel rubbed a couple fingers on her forehead, over her eye, like she had a headache.“Look,” she began. “A few months ago, I was… in a bad place… a very bad place. James had just dumped me, you read about that. But you didn’t read that Gianna moved out of town at the same time. I was so… lost, and devastated and… I was doing bad things, risky things… you just don’t even know.”Mel struggled, biting her lip. She dropped her head and crossed her arms, remembering some bad shit, I guess.“Okay hon,” I said, rising out of my chair. “I’m sorry. It’s okay, just tell me. I want to understand.” I held her close for a minute or so. She didn’t hold me back, but she did rest her head on me. Then I let her go and sat back down, “Go on, I’m not going anywhere.”I watched as she took a deep breath. I could tell she was trying to collect her thoughts. She found her wine glass and took a swig. Not a sip.“Alright,” Mel said as she wiped her eyes. “When James ended our relationship I went into a severe melancholy. Although I wasn’t medically diagnosed, from what I’ve read, I’m positive I was suffering from severe depression.”She paused again.“I didn’t hurt myself, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it.”Tears were again beginning to well up in her eyes, but I let her continue at her own pace, uninterrupted.“I entered into a very destructive phase, hanging out in the clubs… partying, drinking, going home with a lot of… club girls. Looking back, it was very unhealthy.”I watched as she looked down to floor while she almost unconsciously traced a finger along the rim of her wine glass.“Then I met a young man who was about my age and we began a very toxic relationship that lasted a couple of months. In my state of mind, I wasn’t good for anyone. I felt lost, adrift, and alone.”“I’m sorry, Mel,” I said sympathetically.I wanted to say something more substantial, more meaningful, but I just couldn’t find the words.She gave me a soft smile and continued.“To make matters worse, my managing partner gave me the task of interviewing the summer interns, and it wasn’t going well. They just all seemed so young and eager and stupid… and I could barely concentrate on anything they said and was on the verge of tears the entire time.”Mel drained her wine glass with one long gulp.“And then, your daughter came in. I mean, of course, I was distracted by her looks. But, she looked at me like, like I was a person, not just the person with the job. I don’t know exactly what happened next, somehow she got me talking about myself, and the next thing I know she came around the desk and hugged me. And I completely broke down. Totally. And she just held me and soothed me, and then helped me with my makeup and got me presentable again. And that was our whole hour!”“She does like to ‘fix’ people,” I said.“Well, what you call ‘fix,’ I’d call ‘save,’ because that’s exactly what she did: She saved me.”My face broke into a knowing smile as I began to comprehend the true nature of their relationship. It was quickly becoming obvious that this wasn’t just casual sex between co-workers, this was much more.“So then, Alice got the job, I guess?”“Yes, she did! And she pulled me out of my depression and out of my… stupid things I was doing. And then one night after work, she came here to my apartment for some drinks and we were hugging goodbye… and I kissed her.”Mel looked visibly relaxed. She continued on. “And Alice didn’t pull away, so I kept kissing her. She wasn’t my first girl, of course, you read about that. But I was her first girl.”“But,” I interrupted. “She had a boyfriend back then. Still does, or is there something I don’t know?”“Yeah, she and Ryan are still going strong I guess…”And she stopped talking. So, there are things left unsaid. And she didn’t seem to want to say them, so I had to ask.“So now what? She knows what we did last night, yes?”Mel nodded.“And is she upset with you, or me?”“Not really. She was pretty happy that I got her dad laid! Even if it was with me! But, she may think it was just a one-night thing. She was rather surprised that I invited her over tonight and said that you were here.”“Alright then,” I sighed a big sigh and looked at my watch. “You and I have known each other all of about, 16 or 18 hours. And we haven’t done all that much except fuck.” Mel chuckled at that. “And the fucking has been unbelievable, trust me. Even now, part of me is figuring out how can I get you face down on this kitchen table… ““That being said,” I continued. “I was counting on seeing you some more because I want to know what you’re like outside of the bedroom. I mean, I really… feel a lot for you. Obviously, there’s lots of lust in the mix, but I feel there’s a lot more than just that.”Mel came and sat in my lap. “So do I, Jim!” And she kissed me, hard, as we embraced.Then she rearranged herself and straddled me in the chair. Since she was sitting on top of my lap, her breasts ankara travesti were just about in my face. She bent down and kissed my eager mouth. Her free-range breasts dangled onto my neck and chest, we kissed more. And, rather surprisingly for everything he had been through last night and today, my cock responded in full. Thank you, Pfizer. She pulled back and looked at me, a definite twinkle in her eye.“What’s going on down there? Huh? Still like me?”I hiked up her t-shirt to expose her breasts. Glorious. That’s the only word. Full, big, soft, warm, somewhat pendulous, capped by lusciously responsive nipples. Hard nipples, at this point. Mel smashed them into my face. Beautiful. I nuzzled her and began getting lost in them.Fortunately, my brain clicked in and reminded me that the timer was literally ticking! The food should be ready in about ten minutes, and my daughter was showing up God-knows-when. If I’m going to do something, it better be now.“Get up honey,” I said. “This will only take a minute.”Well, it’s just a saying, I hoped I would last longer than that!I pushed her back and Mel got up off my lap. Standing up, raging with lust, I spun her around and pushed her towards the kitchen table, some kind of wood table, I don’t know. It looked expensive. Unceremoniously, I bent her over that table and grabbed those fucking yoga pants and yanked them down to just above her knees. Her naked rear-end beckoned me.I dropped my pants and let the big guy breathe. I could actually feel a bit of an ache in my cock. I guess it was the muscles that cause ejaculation because they were tender and hadn’t worked this hard in years, or maybe ever! But I told them to quit whining and get to work, there’s a phenomenal woman here who wants our fucking!“Are you ever dry?” I teased, as I felt her sex.“Not since last night, no. I’ve been constantly wet.”I believed her, she was wet enough right now.With her legs held closed by her pants, it was going to be tight. I pulled her lips apart and pressed in with my cock. Mmmm, her hot juice coated my cock’s mushroom head. And she was so tight like this, beyond virgin tight. I pressed in deeper against her body’s natural resistance.My hands gripped her hips, and I worked my cock back and forth, little by little until we overcame her vise-like pussy walls and got the head inside.Melanie moaned out, “Oh God… yessss…”As Mel lubricated me with her juices, her resistance withered somewhat and I worked my way in about halfway. But this was taking longer than I thought. Mel shuddered, shaking her head a little bit. Her ponytail flipped from one side of her head to the other.Idea!I relaxed my right hand’s grip on her hip and grabbed her ponytail and gave it a good tug. As Mel’s head snapped up and back a few inches, I slammed my cock into her pussy, up to the hilt.“Oww! Fuck!” cried out Melanie. And in a few seconds that changed to “Fu-u-u-u-u-ck!” as I rammed my now fully-wet cock in and out of her burning hot pussy. Jesus, she felt so good. My cock forgot all about being sore as we fucked Mel good and hard. With each thrust, I tugged her hair to show her who was the boss.I let go of her ponytail and watched as she flopped back on the table, her breasts crushing into the wooden surface. She then extended her arms and grabbed the edges. It was as if she was hanging on for dear life against the onslaught of my hard pounding. I pressed my right thumb against my cock and her pussy, getting it wet. I dropped in a load of spit on my thumb, then I rubbed it against her asshole. Slowly, I forced my thumb inside her to the knuckle. She groaned a bit but didn’t complain. I had, after all, just this very afternoon fucked her gorgeous ass relentlessly.Amidst the powerful thrusting, I couldn’t help but reflect on the inconsistency between my actions and my feelings. Before yesterday, I had never treated a woman like this and I had the unmistakeable feeling that this just wasn’t me. Regardless of the inner turmoil I was feeling, I wanted to own her, possess her, have dominion over her. This wasn’t something I wanted. It was something I needed. Desperately.It felt as if she was trying to get away from me, even though I know she wasn’t. I reached forward and grasped her ponytail and pulled her backward into my chest. I roughly kneaded her big breasts in my hands and I bent forward and gently bit her neck.I heard her cry out when she felt my teeth against her sensitive skin and I felt her hand rest on my thigh.“Please, Jim, easy.” I heard her say in a voice barely above a whisper.I remained motionless for several moments, feeling her body press against mine and we were both able to catch our breath.Without warning, I thrust into her hard and heard her cry out. I remained deep inside of her for several seconds and then slowly inched myself back out. Just as I was about ready to slip out, I rammed it back inside of her in a sharp, stabbing, thrusting motion and I once again heard her yelp in what must have been a little pain.I pierced her again, over and over; ensuring that there were several seconds between each hard thrust. I watched as her hand disappeared between her legs.“Get your fingers away from your clit, Melanie. This time, you’re going to cum when I say you can cum.”I watched, somewhat in awe, as she acquiesced to my command and solemnly put her hands back on the table. I knew that in this moment she would obey me, regardless of what I asked of her.I thrust hard inside her again, and paused, “Call me Daddy, like you did last night.”“Yes Sir, Daddy Sir”, she said in a near-whimper.I withdrew and slammed my cock home again.“Who loves you?”“You do, Daddy.”She said that with a smile, despite her discomfort.Another slam thrust.“Grab your tits, harder. Harder! Whose tits are those?”As Mel pinched and squeezed her breasts, she moaned, “Your tits, Daddy. Oh my fucking God!”I pressed her back down onto the table and I rammed inside her again, then spanked her right ass cheek hard.“Do you like that? Huh?”“Spank my ass, Daddy! Please! Spank it!”Instead of pausing, I sped up the rhythm and shoved it deep into her about every second or so. As I pulled out, I spanked her again, each fucking time.“Spank my ass more Daddy!”I yanked on her hair, pulling her head back travesti ankara uncomfortably. I didn’t stop fucking her.“Whose ass, Melanie?” I pulled her hair even harder.“Your ass, Daddy! I’m sorry, OW! It’s your ass… do what, OW! Do what you want, Daddy.”What I wanted, I thought, was to fuck her forever. Fuck her pussy, fuck her ass, fuck her mouth, fill her with my cum, cover her with my cum, make her mine…But time was short, and I struggled to keep my orgasm at bay. As much as I was trying to delay It, I knew it was going to happen very soon!I leaned over her and whispered in her ear as my cock kept pounding inside her, “I love you, Melanie, so much. I love you.”And I exploded inside her tight and trembling walls. My cum fired deep inside her. I watched as Mel gritted her teeth and grimaced and held her breath. Oh shit, I realized she’s trying not to cum because I told her not to. Dumbass! Can’t leave her hanging… or could I… maybe another day!“Cum for me, honey,” was all I said.In mere seconds, her pussy clenched my cock relentlessly as her orgasmic shock waves fired through her entire body. She finally let out her breath as all the tension went out of her and her body went limp.I raised up on my hands and watched as she gasped for air, trying to return to some semblance of normalcy. I did a few mini-thrusts inside her which sent her into another minor tizzy.Beep – Beep – Beep! Went the electronic kitchen timer, telling me to check the chicken in the oven.Reluctantly, I withdrew from Mel and pulled my pants up most of the way. I shuffled over to the oven and pushed the timer off and checked the chicken breasts.“Couple more minutes,” I informed Melanie. She hadn’t gotten up, and looked to be in danger of sliding off the table. I hustled back over there.“Hey, babe! Come back! We have a dinner guest on the way!”Mel’s eyes fluttered open and she looked a bit confused. “Why?” she asked.“Because you invited her! Now come on, you gotta get up.”“That’s not what I mean. Why did you fuck me that way?”She looked up at me with big, doe eyes. Her expression could only be described as of a little girl who looked lost. It was as if she was trying to give meaning to a situation that she didn’t fully understand. The ‘tough as nails’ attorney was gone and I felt like I was looking into the eyes of a child.Oh shit, I thought. Did I fuck up? I thought she liked it like this? Her diary was full of stuff like this… but… Might as well go with the truth.I helped Mel stand up and then held her face in my hands.“Mel. I keep saying that I love you. And I know that doesn’t make any sense, we barely know each other. But… since I saw you last night, I’ve wanted you. And not just your standard ‘want’, but so much more.“I feel like,” I paused, running my fingers through my hair. “I don’t know, it sounds stupid. But I feel… primal, like a caveman in your presence. You just make me feel so, so raw, so basic. I… hunger for you, and I just… have to have you…”I kissed her gently, and then pulled back, searching her face for what she was feeling. I couldn’t read her. My hands dropped to her hips.“Mel?”She sighed, and said, “You said you aren’t like ‘him’.” She meant the dominant guy from her diary. “But, it seems almost like you’re trying to be.”She pulled her shirt down over her breasts, and then pulled up her yoga pants.I plunged forward, “Well, honestly, I feel like I’m competing with him. And competing with my daughter, and competing with every other guy in the world.” I was scrambling for something to say, but I felt like I was blowing it. I rubbed my forehead, trying to coax my brain to say something right. “You’re just… you’ve made me… aww shit, I don’t even know how to say what you mean to me. And I’m probably not right for you, and I’m probably not enough for you, and that… terrifies me. I can’t imagine not being with you. But now I see you’ve got something going with my daughter, and I just… I don’t know…”I looked into her eyes and saw tears starting to well up and then run down her cheeks.“Mel, It wasn’t my intention to hurt you, or make you cry, I just…”“You didn’t hurt me.”She paused for a moment as if trying to find the right words.“It’s just very intense, having sex that way, and very emotional for me… as the… as your submissive.”“I don’t know anything about that world, Melanie, only what I’ve read in your writings about your past experiences.”Thankfully, her tears were starting to subside somewhat. She smiled a little smile at me.“There’s something called ‘aftercare’. I just need you to hold me after we do something intense like that and we might need to talk about what we’ve done.”I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I felt her press her body into mine and she clung to me tightly. We held each other for several minutes, the silence was broken occasionally by me whispering things like “I’ve got you” and “It’s okay”. Eventually, I broke our loving embrace.Our eyes met.“I just want you to know that you’re not competing with anyone. Besides your daughter, you’re the only other person that I’m seeing. I just need you to be yourself with me, and the rest will work itself out.”A soft smile broke across our faces.“I will, I promise,” I said simply.“I’m going to grab a quick shower and get your cum out of me… again…”She leaned in and kissed me gently before smiling and turning towards the master bedroom.= = =I slugged down the rest of my wine and refilled the glass. Damn, this bottle’s already empty! I was still trying to process what just went down a few minutes ago. We went from having sexy-fun-time to… a place of dominance and submission, in the space of about 15 seconds. Holy shit. My behavior concerned me a bit. Combined with last night’s behavior, I’m either a complete asshole, or I’m turning into… someone else.A hard knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. My daughter Alice has arrived! This should be interesting.I opened the door but didn’t let her in. Dad’s love to tease.“Wrong house, lesbian!”“Step aside, you adulterous old fart!” She gives as good as she gets, that’s why we get along so well. I held the door open and let her in.She dropped a bag of crackers and cheeses on the table, the very table that I was fucking Mel on just five minutes ago.“No hug for ankara travestiler Daddy, li’l punkins?”“Of course!” and she hugged me hard. I kissed her on her forehead.“What smells so good? Ohh! You’re making your chicken! Hey, where’s Mel?”“She uh… she needed a quick shower.”Alice gave me a knowing look as she unbuttoned the top button of her beige blouse. She was dressed similar to Mel, Ladies business suit and skirt.“Yeah, I’m sure. She and I have needed ‘quick showers’, too, ya know.”I let that one go by because, really, what would I say? We chatted for a few minutes while I finished up the vegetables and rice. Alice opened up more wine.“Really? I didn’t think you’d be up for any alcohol tonight! You know, considering…”“Oh dad! I’m not a kid! That wasn’t my first time being drunk.”“Well, honey. You need to be careful. Just saying. There are bad guys out there that will take advantage of you in that condition.”“Yeah right, Dad! You mean, like how you took advantage of Melanie last night? That was quite an interesting video you left on my phone.” Alice gave me a knowing look.Oh shit! I guess I knew she would see that, but it was weird to be confronted by my own daughter.“Yeah, well, it was consensual. Trust me.” I didn’t know what else to say. I was praying Melanie would re-appear.And re-appear she did.”Hi guys!” she said as she strode confidently towards both of us. She was wearing a short, light blue faded denim jean skirt with tight berry colored tank top. Her big breasts were gently swaying from side to side and her nipples were poking through the thin material which made it very evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra.Alice set her wine down in anticipation and was rewarded with a big hug. And a juicy kiss. A rather long, juicy kiss. And the kiss kept going, and I began to wonder why I was there!“Ahem!” I cleared my throat. “Sorry to intrude, but…”Mel released Alice, then turned to me and gave me an equally juicy kiss. Now that’s more like it! My cock, feeble as it was from all the activity, did manage a slight twitch. I was proud of that guy, considering all he’d been through.“Okay, that’s enough, you two,” intoned Alice.Mel giggled, I laughed, and then so did Alice.“Dinner is ready,” I announced, and they sat down while I dished out the meal. Mel and Alice sat down on the long side of the table, I sat at the head of the table, next to Mel, of course. We chatted about little things like how much they liked the food, what was in it, what happened at the office…And then it hit.“So Melanie,” started Alice as she finished up her chicken. “I’ve told you all the good stuff about my dad. But there are some other things you need to know.”I was like, what the fuck? She better not be sabotaging me!“First off, he will always, and I mean always, dance the ‘Electric Slide’ whenever it’s played. Weddings, bars, clubs, the kitchen… it’s embarrassing!”“No kidding? Teach me!” piped in Mel.“Never!” I replied. “I’m turning over a new leaf. No more dancing, or ‘sliding’.”Mel ran her hand up my thigh. “You sure?”“Well, maybe not…”“And another thing,” continued my darling daughter. “He loves music. Which is fine, but he really loves it. To the point where he will tell you who sang what song, the year it was released, band member’s names, what bands they used to be in, it’s really annoying. Oh, and he plays air guitar, it’s so stupid.”“Thanks, honey!” I was getting embarrassed. She was really helping me out. Yep.“So you’re like a savant then?” Mel asked.“Yeah, an Idiot Savant, that’s me!”We goofed around some more, or rather, they goofed on me some more. But it was all in fun and didn’t seem to bother Melanie much. In fact, I think maybe I looked a little better in her eyes after this, somehow. My daughter actually was helping me!Then she said something kind of weird.“Dad, when are you serving the papers?”I just about spit my food out. “How do you know about that? I haven’t told anybody! Not even Melanie!”“Makenna told me. She works over at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. Apparently, you’ve been over there a lot lately.”“Wow, so much for Attorney-Client privilege! But to answer your question, I think Wednesday is the day.” I played with my food a little bit. This was very personal, I didn’t want to involve Melanie in my shit like this. But, here we all are, so…“How do you think your mom will take it?” I asked Alice.“Not good. She’ll cry for a couple days, then she’ll be pissed, then she’ll pretend it didn’t happen. But, seriously Dad, what are *you* going to do? Remember, we talked about this last year.”Oh yeah. My wife can’t remember a damn thing, but my kids, they remember everything. Damn it!“What did you say, Dad? Something like, ‘I never want to get married again. I don’t even want a relationship. I just want to get with as many women as I can.’”Wow, we went from fun to dead serious in just ten seconds. Mel gave me a funny look I couldn’t decipher. I think she liked watching me squirm. Yeah, she definitely was liking this.“I… may… have said something like that, in a moment of stress,” I admitted. “But, I certainly didn’t expect to meet anyone like Melanie.”The mood in the room changed from affable to somber in half a heartbeat.“I had better not be just some notch on your dad’s proverbial belt,” Melanie said to Alice, then turned to me and gave me a stone-cold expression that scared me. Then, she broke into a big smile and gently rubbed my leg under the table.“Of course, maybe he’s just another notch in my lipstick case!” Mel continued.Mel and Alice seemed to think that was uproariously funny.“Oh, and what else did you say, Dad? Something about always wanting to be with a black girl?”Alice smiled at me.“That’s enough!” I mock-shouted. “Go to your room!”“Fine, my room is Mel’s room,” Alice replied. “See ya later!” And she grabbed Mel’s hand and started to get up.“Okay, okay,” I said, defeated again by women. “Point made. Sit, please.”Mel patted my hand. “It’s okay honey, I’ll get you a black girl!”I stuck my tongue out at Alice and held Mel’s hand. We’re all very mature.“Well, Alice, what about you and Ryan? You two seemed all hot and heavy, and yet you’re here on a Friday night.” I left that one hanging out there for her to mull over.“Yeah,” began Alice, grabbing Mel’s hand again. “I think we’re taking a break, or at least I am from him.”“Excuse me!” cried Mel. “I can hardly eat with both of you grabbing my hands all the time!”We both let go, smirking at each other like little kids.“You were saying?” I prodded.“Ryan, he, well he wants to get married.

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