South Pacific – Pt 1 – Susan


I shivered as I walked toward the administration building. What did Jerry Williams want of me that was so important? Jerry was the University’s Vice Chancellor, the big guy, the boss, the HMFIC. Jerry had the final say on who is hired and fired. Was I being fired? Did he want to personally can me? I didn’t think so, it was no secret that he was after my beautiful wife Susan. He was always hogging her time at parties. Most of the other professors and their wives saw how he would blatantly flirt with Susan. She lost a few friends over his actions. Apparently they were jealous of the attention she received from him. “Hello Mike, come in and set down,” Jerry said as he handed some papers to his secretary. I followed Jerry into his spacious and well decorated office. Jerry motioned to a chair and I sat. “You are probably wondering why I called you to my office; well don’t worry. This is all about a generous special monetary grant the school has received. The USDA is funding a research project and they want you to head it up. They know that you are the leading entomologist in the country. You and two assistants will be heading for a very isolated island in Melanesia. The USDA wants photos of not only the insects, but of how your research is conducted. I’ve taken the liberty of assigning Niles Jackson to your crew. He has the necessary skills to photograph what is needed. The other researcher selection is up to you. You know who will be a best fit for your bug work. Jerry was always taking a swipe at my profession. Whenever he could, he would try to humiliate me. It didn’t bother me one bit. I mentally called him what he was, an asshole. Jerry was one of the lucky black kids who rode the diversity train to his current position. He worked hard to make it here though. He paid his dues, he deserves everything he has. “Here are the papers they sent me. When you read them you will see what they are after. Bon voyage, I’ll see you in about eight months.” I took the papers and exited Jerry’s office. His secretary smiled as I passed her desk. “Old boy is sending you out of town for awhile. You better lock Susan up while you’re gone. He has taken a fancy to her.” Jeez, does everyone on campus know he wants to fuck my wife. She would be a sweet prize for him. Well I know my Susan and she would never cheat on me. I would sue the crap out of the university and Jerry, if he ever got to far out of line. I pretty sure Jerry knows that. Susan and I discussed the project over dinner. We both determined that this research project would be my ticket to work at any school in the country. The only drawback was the six months I would be away. We talked about that and decided that the opportunity was too great for me not to go. It wasn’t like I could refuse anyway. If the government wanted me, then I must go. Susan was a wild woman in bed that night. She made me cum, twice! We hadn’t fucked like that for a long time. For the next two months my little team made ready for the trip. I had chosen Traci Nelson as my assistant researcher. She was at the top of my list of eligible candidates. My team was complete. Our supplies and equipment were shipped. My team was feeling good about leaving. The day before we were to leave, Jerry invited my team and Susan out for a bon voyage dinner. The dinner was great and the company was great also. Jerry didn’t flirt with Susan which was a relief for me. After dinner we left to go home. On the drive home Susan said, “Is something bugging Jerry? He was the perfect gentleman tonight. No flirting or sexual innuendos, I almost liked him.” “He probably behaved himself so I wouldn’t feel apprehensive about leaving you here at home. I don’t trust him and I think you shouldn’t either. I have a sneaking suspicion that I was selected so he could have a clear path to get to you. The bastard wants your pussy baby, be careful, very careful.” “Oh Mike, don’t you worry one bit. Your conspiracy theory is so wrong. I have no intention of ever cheating on you. Him coming after me would open up a can of worms that he and the university don’t want opened. He is my boss also, you know. I would file a lawsuit if he put any pressure on me to have an affair or sex.” “That won’t stop him, he wants to have sex you and I know it. I watch his eyes follow you. I’ve seen the bulge in his pants when he looks at your ass. The whole campus knows he wants a piece of ass from you. You’re a beautiful sexy woman. He’ll try to break you down until he gets what he wants. Just be extra careful around him.” “You will be gone only six months, I can be faithful to you. You do trust me, don’t you? “Of course I trust you, it’s that I don’t trust Jerry.” The rest of our ride home was uneventful. Susan and I chit chatted about my trip and what I would be doing. We sat on the couch like two lovebirds. Both of us knowing this would be our last night together for some time. Susan said, “I’m going to go get ready for bed. Give me some time before you come to bed. Better yet, wait until I call you.” Normally Susan takes a lot of time getting ready for bed. Tonight she called me in ten minutes. The bedroom door was open and I could see the flickering of candles. I stepped into the room and saw my wife on the bed. Susan was in a sexy see through nighty. It barely covered her naked crotch. Her breasts were pushing the fabric out, her nipples pointy and dark. My cock immediately sprung to attention. I ripped off my clothes, and threw them on the floor. Naked as the day I was born, I climbed onto the bed and lay next to Susan. “Want some lovin’, lover? I’ve got something hot and juicy for you!” I rolled up and kissed her. My right hand slipped up under her top, cupping her breast. I worked her nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Susan always liked for me to play with her nipples. She also liked for me to kiss her neck while twisting her nipple. When I kissed her neck, she melted in my arms. Susan was ready for me to go down on her. Her nighty fell off her shoulders after I untied the ribbons. Her body was now fully naked. I kissed my way down to her tits. First one then the other, I kissed and sucked on them. Susan was moaning softly. I moved down her belly, kisses falling on every bit of her soft skin. Susan’s landing strip was gone! I looked up at her. She read my mind, “Full Brazilian three days ago.” Wow! I was impressed, since istanbul travesti she would never get one before. She only shaved her pussy. I was anxious now to run my tongue up and down her slit. I moved to get between her legs. Susan spread those long slim legs, granting me full access to her beautiful pussy. I looked closely, her labia glistened with her wetness. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I run my tongue from her knees up until I was next to those glistening lips. Over and over I teased her. Susan was nearing the end of her rope with my teasing. She grabbed my head and forced my mouth over her pussy. My tongue shot out and parted those slippery lips. I savored her sweetness. I never could get enough of my woman’s taste. My tongue penetrated her love box, licking the walls as deep as my tongue would allow. Susan was continuously moaning now. As I moved up her slit, my mouth covered her clit and it’s hood. My tongue snaked out, teasing her throbbing clit. Susan’s clit hood slid back as her blood filled clit exposed itself. My lips surrounded her clit as I sucked gently. My tongue tip dancing from side to side then up and down. Over and over I worked on her clit. I was soon rewarded with her first orgasm. “Oh fuck, Mike. You eat my pussy so well.” It was then that I attacked her clit again as I slid two fingers into her vagina. Susan loves to be finger fucked. I was slamming her pussy hard when she had her second orgasm. “Oh god Mike, your tongue and fingers are taking me to heaven! I love the way you make love to me.” I wasn’t done yet. Susan likes pressure either against or in her pussy when she cums. Her crotch was drenched with her love juices, so I folded all my fingers together and pushed all of them into her as far as I could. I didn’t have much further to go before I would be fisting her. I sucked her clit harder now and moved my tongue like I was writing hieroglyphs. I was pressing my fist hard when Susan had her third orgasm. Her juices squirt around my fingers, wetting my face and the bed sheets. “Fuck me now Mike! Oh god, I need your cock in me.” I moved up between her legs. Susan wrapped her finger around my cock and guided me into her vagina. I knew this would be the last time we made love for months and I wanted the pleasure to last. I fucked her slow and deep. Susan was moaning while holding me tightly against her breasts. I kissed Susan. Susan responded by opening her mouth to take my tongue. She gently sucked my tongue as my cock slowly fucked her warm and wet pussy. “I want to suck your cock Mike. Pull out so I can.” I pulled out and sat back on my feet. Susan sat up and leaned over. Holding my cock steady, she pressed her lips over my cockhead. She stopped and sucked hard, trying to pull her lips off me. The tugging on my glans was very pleasurable. Only Susan had sucked my cock like this. No woman ever sucked cock like her. Susan flopped back onto her back. “Finish me off big boy! Ram my pussy hard now.” That was Susan’s signal that she wanted to be fucked hard until she cum again. I didn’t disappoint her. My cock isn’t the biggest, but it isn’t the smallest either. I fucked Susan hard. My cock plunging into her until my pubic bone crushed her clit. Two minutes of this and Susan had her orgasm. I knew she was cumming because she holds me as tight as she can. Tonight she passed out, this happens quite often because she holds her breath. I raised up removing my weight off her chest. A few seconds later Susan looked up at me and smiled, she was back. I continued fucking Susan hard. I was building for my own climax. Harder and harder I pounded her pussy. Susan moving wildly under me, her vagina muscles tight around my cock. These were the sensations that I was hoping for and I exploded deep in her cunt. I held deep and hard in her as she continued to writhe beneath me. Then Susan achieved another explosive orgasm. Susan grabbed for and screamed into her pillow. She was rocketing upwards for another orgasm. Her pussy was clamping, then relaxing as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high. “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had,” exclaimed Susan. “The best ever, are you sure you have to leave tomorrow?” “Yes I think so, but I don’t really want to. That was the best for me also. I love you Susan McGlenn.” “I love you Michael McGlenn.” The next morning Susan helped me finish packing my suitcase. I’m not a fan of carry-on luggage, so all my necessary items were packed in one large case. I made sure I had my passport and any necessary travel papers in a waterproof holder. These were sitting on top of my suitcase. I was ready for my trip. Susan made us lunch and afterward we just sat on the couch holding each other. I don’t think either of us wanted to talk about the coming separation. It was time to leave for O’Hare Airport. The drive to O’Hare was uneventful. I parked near the Kiss and Fly dropoff; to be near the airport tram. I handed my keys to Susan; I wouldn’t have any use for them until I returned. We rode the ATS to Terminal 3 and disembarked. My flight would be leaving in an hour and thirty minutes. I still had to find Niles and Traci. Susan walked with me to the TSA area and that’s were Niles and Traci were waiting for me. We talked together for awhile before Niles left to stand in the security check line. Traci stayed with Susan and I, she was trying to keep our departure light-hearted. “I think it is about time to join Niles. Mike are you coming?” “Be right there Traci,” I said. I turned to Susan, there were tears forming in her eyes. A teardrop ran down from her eye, and then more followed. “Buck up Trooper. These next few months will fly by and I’ll see you in baggage claim. I love you.” I wiped her tears away with my thumbs. I kissed her as tenderly as possible while hugging her tight. “I love you Mike. Please hurry back to me, I’m going to miss you so much.” I gave her another quick kiss on the lips, then I walked to the security check point. The line was almost gone, so I put my wallet, change and money clip into a tray. The money tray and my shoes went into a larger container. I passed through the x-ray booth and reclaimed my property. I looked for Susan, saw her, and blew her a kiss. She caught it and turned, hurrying away. I knew she was crying and didn’t want to watch me walk out of her sight. ***** Susan’s Story istanbul travesti I knew Mike would take the research project on. I would not stand in his way, it always was a dream of his to do something like this. It would only last six months and then he would be home again. Coming back from the airport was really hard. I sat in my car and cried until there were no more tears. The drive home was the longest drive I had been on in years, at least it felt that way to me. When I entered the house it felt so empty. I was alone and I felt empty also. I fixed myself a meager dinner, watched some TV and the went to bed. I tossed and turned for the longest time. Mike called me to let me know they were in Los Angeles and would be boarding in a few minutes for the next flight. The conversation was light talk. Neither of us wanted the other to cry or feel bad. After many “Love you’s,” we ended the call. I lay my head on the pillow and stared into the darkness. Finally fatigue overcame me and I fell asleep. I had a dream about Mike, he was never going to return to me. All I saw was him being consumed by a huge insect. I sat up and screamed. I tried to fall asleep again but couldn’t. My dream had so unnerved me. I was shaking when I stepped into my shower. The falling warm water eventually relaxed me enough to begin my day refreshed. I had a lot of projects that needed to be completed today. A quick cup of coffee and I was on my way to work. I pulled into my parking spot and was walking toward the administration building. “Susan, wait up, I’ll walk with you.” It was Jerry, the Vice Chancellor, Mike’s nemesis. Mike warned me to stay away from him. I think Mike was overstating the danger he thought that Jerry could inflict on our marriage. Jerry always treated me like a queen. Sometimes he flirted or made a double entendre remark. I flirted back sometimes, more to tease Mike than anything else. Most of the time we were just acting silly. Jerry was a handsome man. Six foot four, maybe one ninety, very much a man’s man. I saw him playing tennis one hot summer day. His dark black skin shiny with sweat. If I wasn’t married to Mike, I would have dated him. I liked him even if Mike didn’t. I turned and waited as Jerry hurried to catch up with me. “Mike and his crew catch the plane okay?” “Yes, he called me from LAX, The plane ride was fine and he was looking forward to his research in the South Pacific. Niles and Traci are getting along fine too.” I didn’t tell him that those two were masturbating each other during the flight. Jerry opened the door for me and walked me to my office area. “You have a nice day. Maybe we can do lunch someday.” “Maybe,” I replied. I didn’t smile or wave my hand goodbye. Maybe my being a cold fish would turn him off. I buried myself in my work for the next two and a half months. One day Jerry came to my office. The look on his face told me something was wrong. “Susan, please come with me to my office.” It was a command, not a request. I walked with Jerry. “What is it? Is it Mike? Is something wrong with Mike?” Jerry’s jaw was tight. We entered his office and a US Navy officer was sitting in a chair by Jerry’s desk. When he saw me, he immediately stood. “Susan, this is Captain Reeber, Captain, Mrs. Susan McGlenn.” “Pleased to meet you Mrs. McGlenn. Would you please sit down, I have some very bad news.” I sat down, I had a feeling something bad was going to be said and I knew it involved Mike. “There was a cyclone that hit the area where your husband and his two companions were boating to. The two people, Niles and Traci were thrown from the boat. They did not see Mike or the boat after that. They had PFD’s on, and their lives were spared. They floated in an angry ocean for the rest of the day and through the night before they saw a small island. They swam, dog paddled, whatever, until they made landfall. Their satellite phones still worked and they called in a SOS. The Navy was tasked to find them and your husband. We found Niles and Traci, their phones giving their location. We were not able to find Mike, his boat, or his phone. After two days the active search was called off. We still fly over, looking for some sign of him, but to date nothing has turned up. I’m sorry to deliver this bad news, but the US Navy has determined your husband was drowned at sea.” I burst out crying, no it was more like hysterical sobbing. I sat in the chair with my head in my hands. Jerry and the Captain sat quietly waiting. I finally got myself under control. “Are you sure? Mike is a survivor, he is damn good at that. He’s out there somewhere.” “Ma’am, we have done our best to find him. Sometimes there are military exercises in the area where he was lost. If there is any sign of him, you will be the first to know. As of now, he is missing and presumed drowned. If it pleases you, I will leave you now. I will be contacting Mike’s parents after I leave here. Mr. Jerry Williams is a very capable man and will help you proceed from here on. Thank you, you are a very brave woman. Goodbye, I’m so sorry I had to deliver bad news.” “Thank you for coming and telling me about Mike. I know you and the Navy did your best to find him. Please send my ‘Thank you’ to all the men and women who searched for Mike, I am very grateful.” Captain Reeber left and softly closed the door behind him. Jerry looked very sad. “If there is anything I or the university staff can do, please let me know. Why don’t you take some time off, and visit with your folks and Mike’s parents. You come back to work when you feel like it’s best for you. Is that something you would like to do?” “Yes, I’ll do that. I’ll call you in a few days, just to check in. Thanks Jerry, I need some time with my mom and dad. Is it okay if I leave now?” “Of course, do you want a ride home? I’ll have someone drive your car to your place.” “Would you drive me home? I don’t want to drive, I’d probably end up in an accident.” “Sure, I’ll take you home. Go gather your belongings and meet me back here at my office.” I left and returned to my spaces. I cleared the top of my desk, I wouldn’t be back for a few days. I opened my desk drawer and picked up my purse. I said, “Goodbye” to my fellow workers and left. While I was getting my stuff together, Jerry had composed an email and emailed the staff about what had happened. People istanbul travesti stopped me to say their condolences and everyone offered me his or her help if I needed it. What a bunch of good people I worked with. I spent the next week with my folks. They helped me immensely, my mental mood was very good when I left to see Mike’s parents. Mike’s parents were still grieving when I arrived. My mother-in-law cried when she saw me. I hugged her and cried right along with her. Mike’s dad just sat in his chair and stared, not seeing anything. I stayed with them for week also. By the time I left them, they were both feeling better. I had told them that Mike was a survivor and he was out there someplace. I just knew it. I had called Jerry and let him know that I was coming back to work. He seemed pleased. We even joked a bit on the phone. I was sad and my heart was broken, but I was a survivor also. The university had a memorial service to Mike. It was so beautiful to hear all the good things he had done. Dozens of people stood and told of how Mike had helped them. Many repeated his jokes and how he was always pranking people. Everyone left the memorial service feeling good. I did too. I worked my ass off at work. It helped when I was in a blue mood. A year passed and soon I was the person that I was before Mike’s death. That is what I told myself, Mike was dead and gone. If I thought he was still alive I would have been going nuts. All the university staff were angels to me. They helped me at my home. They painted, mowed my lawn, shoveled snow, I didn’t have to lift a finger. Jerry helped me find a good lawyer who helped me. Jerry was always there for me. There was no more of this flirtie talk between us. Jerry was always a gentleman and I appreciated that. A couple months later Mike’s parents approached me. They wanted to talk about having Mike formally declared deceased by a court. They thought it was best for everyone concerned. They talked about how young I was and I needed to move on. They needed to move on also. I said I would discuss their wishes with my lawyer and if he told me to proceed, I would. The lawyer told me he would write up the necessary paperwork and petition the court. Two months later I was legally a widow. There were annuities and insurance policies that would allow me to quit working if I wanted. I wanted to work, that was a blessing for me. The atmosphere changed for me at school. Men began to ask for a date and I still said, “No.” Jerry asked if he could take me to dinner some evening. I said, “Maybe, but not right now.” Jerry wouldn’t give up though. He wasn’t being a pest about it. One Friday afternoon he asked me again, “Is there any chance that you will go on a dinner date with me? If you won’t I’ll give up asking anymore.” This time I told him, “Yes.” How about tomorrow evening. I think I would like that.” I thought the time was right to date Jerry. I watched Jerry as he walked back to his office. Right before he entered his office, he did a little jig. He must have been happy with my answer. I sat down at my desk and sent him a text. “tomorrow @ 7, cant wait”. Ten seconds later a return text. “me neither, 7 is gr8”. I sat down to read after I had finished my dinner and cleared my dishes away. But I just couldn’t get into the story. I was thinking of tomorrow night and how I would feel and act. I still felt sorrow that Mike was gone. I also felt that I needed the company of a man also. I would start dating again if the date with Jerry worked out. God only knows how many men have already asked me for a date. I didn’t want to sit and mope around, so I took a walk in the neighborhood. A few of the neighbors were out walking and we exchanged pleasantries as we passed each other. When the sunset, I returned home. I went to my bedroom closet to make sure I had nice clothes for my first date. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to wear. I would have to go shopping tomorrow for new clothes. I brushed my teeth and undressed for bed. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Nice body, I hadn’t gained any weight. My tits still stood out proudly. An ever so slight sag, but they still looked perky. My nipples were the best feature of my tits. They were so big around and long. Mike used to suck on them every chance he got. Since I always slept in the nude, I just slipped between the sheets. I was looking forward to my date so I didn’t fall asleep. I laid in bed thinking about Jerry. I remembered all the times he would flirt with me and how Mike would get pissed. Mike warned me that he wanted to get in my pants. I wondered if he would make a move on me tomorrow. I didn’t know how I would respond. I thought of the times Jerry would have a bulge in his trousers after watching me walk. Sometimes he would get hard just looking at me. Knowing I had that kind of effect on him made me a somewhat horny. I was rubbing my nipples, and that wasn’t helping. I needed some relief for my pent up sexual desires. I reached into my nightstand drawer. My favorite toy was under a stack of handkerchiefs. I brought it out and turned it on. The batteries were dead, then I remembered I had removed them. Damn, I got up and walked into the kitchen to retrieve fresh batteries. I was nude so I hurried, someone may glance toward the house and see me. Back upstairs I replaced the batteries and the little devil started buzzing and vibrating. I jumped back in bed and spread my legs. When the vibrator touched my clit, I jumped. The sensations felt fabulous. I worked my clit until I was good and hot. My pussy was exceptionally wet. I slipped my fingers up and down my slit. My fingers were wet as I pushed two of them into my vagina. I was fairly tight again from not having any sex for such a long time. I imagined Jerry was sliding his cock into me. I hadn’t had an orgasm since Mike left on that fateful trip. My fingers were deep in me and my clit was hard. Then it hit me, my first orgasm in over two years. My old dildos were kinda funky from no usage; so I threw them away. I’ll buy some new ones first chance I get. I fell asleep thinking of what tomorrow evening might bring. I arose fresh and ready to tackle the day’s errands. I made a stop at the drugstore and picked up some condoms. I had been off my birth control pills since I learned of Mike’s missing. I also picked up a morning after pill. I would be prepared if Jerry put the move on me and I consented. If it happened tonight or didn’t happen, it made no difference, I was prepared. I drove out of town to the nearest adult store. A few cars were in the parking lot, none of which I recognized. After I entered the store; I looked around.

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