Sperm Donor


“… and don’t forget to go to Helen’s on the way home!” my wife nagged.“Of course not!” I snapped, knowing full well I had already forgotten the instruction from earlier in the conversation, “Love you, see you soon.”Helen is my wife’s best friend of over thirty years. They went to nursery and school together, went to the same university together, had holidays together and was her bridesmaid at our wedding. That was the only difference – I had pursued Meg at twenty-two and finally lost my virginity, settled down and started a family, while Helen had stayed single.I always got on with Helen. I have known her for over twenty years and since Meg and I started dating, Helen had softened to me. Helen was very chatty but could also be quite opinionated. This opinion and her perceived independence are what had stunted her relationships before they had ever got going – that and she always seemed to be interested in men that were unavailable.Helen was a great friend to Meg and a brilliant ‘aunt’ to our kids.As usual, I had been asked to call in to help her with some DIY which usually consisted of me either measuring for furniture, building said furniture, or something similar. My last visit had me putting curtain rails up in her bedroom and mirrors in her home gym so she could prepare for her next marathon, şişli escort or something. Sometimes I think she just wanted the company.I pulled up and knocked on the door, she opened it as usual with a cheery smile, wearing leggings that clung to her lithe, supple body and a baggy hoody that hinted at the pert mounds on her chest. She chatted away about one of the neighbours that was parking their car differently. This was the usual protocol where I would then have to remind her why I was there to snap her out of it. But today was different, she took me straight into the living room and went off to make a cup of tea, still chatting away.When she returned from the kitchen, she set the mugs down on the coffee table and perched on the edge of the sofa and patted the seat next to her.“So…I don’t really need you to measure up for new wardrobes,” she said meekly. “Don’t look so worried, Meg knows all about this – it was actually her idea.”I sat down.“I want a baby before it’s too late!” she blurted. “And hoped that you would be a sperm donor.”I sat in shock. Even though I had expected her to go down this route, I never thought she would ask me.“Okay…” I said slowly, trying to take stock of the situation.She stood up and rushed back into the kitchen and came back with some papers. mecidiyeköy escort “I’ve looked into the legal side of it all and worked it all out.” She rushed to speak and handed me the papers.I started to flick through them, scanning the odd word. There was certainly a lot of information.“Meg has looked through it all too, it’s all correct, it’s a standard sperm donor contract.”I finished flicking through the papers and set them down on the coffee table. “If Meg’s happy and it’s definitely what you want, I’d be honoured to be your donor,” I said warmly.Helen’s guard started to drop, and a big smile flashed across her face. She hugged me, a long, wholesome hug.“If you’re happy with it, can we start tonight?” Helen asked. “Just that I have been doing the ovulation tests and now is the time to try. Meg said that the best way to do is to try for the full two weeks of ovulation – she told me that’s what you had done,” Helen said looking hopeful.“What’s the process?” I asked.Helen’s smile was back again. She reached down the side of the sofa and produced an Amazon box with a home insemination kit, complete with little pots and syringes. “You need one of these,” she said handing me a small pot. “You can use my bedroom for privacy.”I followed Helen up the stairs to her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed. I had been in Helen’s bedroom before, only the previous weekend fitting a new curtain rail. It was small with a double bed, two bedside units and a beach picture on the wall. All her wardrobes were in the other two bedrooms along with her vast shoe collection and gym. “I’ll just be in the other room,” she said as she sidled out and pulled the door to.I could hear Helen moving about in the next bedroom, taking hangers in and out of her wardrobe. As I sat in this fairly empty room looking at an empty specimen pot, I didn’t feel at all aroused.Suddenly, I could hear Helen standing outside the bedroom door. “How are you getting on?” she asked.”Erm, I’m not feeling that turned on,” I said defeated.Suddenly the door opened slightly, and Helen slipped through. She had changed out of her leggings and hoody into a fly-away miniskirt, fishnet stocking that didn’t meet the miniskirt, and a string bikini top. My mouth dropped open. “Maybe this will help,” she said shyly-seductively and biting her bottom lip.I sat agog and could feel my dick start to push at the inside of my boxers and jeans.“It might help if you take your pants off,” she said demurely.I stood up and slipped my jeans off, still not able to take my eyes off the sexy outfit and supple body now visible. My top followed along with my socks. I pulled my boxers down and let my full erection spring back and sat back on the bed. Helen’s eyes went wide, and it was now her turn to look agape at me.

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