The Attic (Part 1)

Big Dick

It was Phil who told me all about ‘The Attic’. I first got to know him when I attended a bukkake afternoon at his house in Leeds, which you can read about in my story ‘Bukkake Time’. It was there that I heard about places where I could find more new and exciting sexual experiences.Although living in Nottingham for many years, I hadn’t heard of ‘The Attic’ in Derby.  Today, it is an active swingers’ club where, at the weekends, it is packed with couples and single men enjoying the freedom to indulge themselves with erotic adventures in a wide variety of themed locations, along with a cinema, a hot tub and a sauna cabin. Like a film set, they have created different scenarios for a range of sexual activities. It boasts a dogging area, a schoolroom, a medical playroom, a dark maze area with lots of glory holes and a dungeon with a pillory and stocks. Their ‘Greedy Girls’ nights are legendary, but that is another story!Back in the day when I visited there for the first time, şişli escort it was much smaller and more basic. I drove into a large car park at the rear of an old industrial complex and found the entrance to ‘The Attic’ tucked away in a corner. It was a Monday afternoon, ‘Tranny Admirers Day’, and I arrived there prepared for anything! I paid my entrance fee and entered, making the cinema my first port of call. Behind a curtain, I found a large dark room, warm and full of extremely comfortable leather sofas. Some were occupied by men indulging in sexual activities while others watched a tranny video on a big screen at the front. I was keen to join in, but first I wanted to see what else was there.Upstairs it was busy too, with cross-dressers of different ages, shapes and sizes, wearing female clothing and cruising the corridor and rooms for admiring partners. I stood for a while watching two couples through a one-way mirror that looked into a bedroom area mecidiyeköy escort from a small, enclosed, pitch-black viewing space. Several other men were in there as well, and I soon had my cock out and joined in with the groping taking place in the darkness. Moving on, I found more areas with king-size beds, some with men playing on them while others stood around wanking as they watched the action.Some cross-dressers there were quite convincing but one, in particular, caught my attention as I strolled around. He was young and pretty, wearing a dark-haired wig, and dressed like a schoolgirl with a blouse, tie, pleated skirt and long white socks. His femininity shone through and, as he passed by me, I looked him in the eye and smiled at him. Did he blush ever so slightly? I sensed my knees go weak and my cock begin to stiffen. I was overcome with lust, but I’d only turned my back for a moment and he was gone. Where? I had to find him. I moved from room to room but there was no sign of him. I wanted him now, and I couldn’t bear the thought of him with someone else.Unhappy and frustrated, I went back downstairs and into the cinema. I badly needed sex and fancied having some on one of those long, comfy sofas. My eyes quickly adjusted to the dark and I noticed a good-looking, casually dressed man sitting by himself. On the screen was a busty transsexual being fucked hard by a black guy with a massive cock as she lay on a circular bed on her back, with her legs in the air and rubbing her dick. I was more interested though in the guy watching it.I sat down next to him, unzipped, and began stroking. Before long, he reached out and took over from me. He had a gentle, sensuous touch and my shaft became rigid. I kept glancing at his face and admiring his good looks and mop of fair hair. I placed my hand on his bulge and, in no time, we had our trousers and pants below our knees as we took turns sucking each other. I had my mouth around the moist head of his uncut beauty as he lay back, legs outstretched, enjoying the sensations that I gave him. I could tell by his soft sighs that he was close to cumming.

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