The Job Interview- Part II


All weekend, I fantasized about my job interview from Friday. I had applied at a modeling agency and the interviewer had been more than gracious in the initial interview. I had the job and I was happy. Actually, I was ecstatic! I called Jill, a close friend of mine. I couldn’t wait to see her to give her the good news. Jill, like me, was an aspiring model. Where I was the shapely one, Jill was rail thin and had huge boobs. We had met in a modeling class at a local community college and we hit it off, right away. She and I both liked the instructor, a young fellow about twenty-something, from the Julliard School of the Arts in NY, but neither of us had the guts to try and approach him on a personal level. We plotted our attack. I would grab his arms, pull them over his head and she would rip open his shirt. I’d use it to tie his hands and she would strip him of his trousers. The plan was a good one, but neither of us lacked the will to carry it out. Then, we found out he was gay and our bubble burst. Jill worked as a legal secretary and I was the “party” girl, working as a hostess at a local hip hop club. The modeling job was my way to get away from the club. “I got it!” I exclaimed as Jill answered the phone. “Oh yeah!” Jill quietly exclaimed. She was at work, so I understood her reserved response, but I knew she was happy for me. “And . . .” I continued, “They are looking for more models!” “Really?” Jill responded. Her interests were peeked. “What do they pay?” Jill asked. “A thousand a shoot and up to five, if you do anything involving nudity,” I replied. Jill had no issues with nudity. She once posed fully nude for eight hours while artists tried to recreate her image in oils on canvas. “Didn’t you get horny?” I had asked when she told me about the experience. “Only for short period of time, but after a while, it went away,” she replied, “but that damn watermelon I held between my legs had its issues.” I liked Jill’s sick sense of humor. “How much nudity?” Jill inquired. “As much as you want, I guess,” I replied. I could hear Jill’s mind thinking through the silence on the phone. “If you want, I can set you up with an interview or you can go with me on Monday and check things out for mersin escort yourself,” I replied. “Let me check with my boss and I’ll let you know,” Jill responded. We hung up and I rubbed my pussy, I was still aching from the previous day’s activities. Jill called back after a few minutes and said he had managed to get Monday off. I was excited, but more excited because I knew she was going to get the fuck experience of her life. Sunday evening, we went out for drinks, like we always did. “What shall I wear tomorrow?” Jill asked as we sipped on our wine at the Vineyard. “I wore a print sundress,” I replied. I wanted to tell Jill how the interview was really going to be conducted, but couldn’t. Jim, the guy that I interviewed with, was drop-dead gorgeous and a good interviewer. I didn’t want to spoil any surprises. “is there anything I need to bring to the interview, like prints or my portfolio?” Jill inquired. “No,” I replied, “Jim is the talent scout. He knows how to spot good talent and has been at this for quite a few good years. Leave your inhibitions behind you and you’ll do fine.” I picked Jill up at nine and we headed to the non-descript offices for the agency. She was dressed in a halter top and designer jeans and looking fabulous with her eight inch black heals. “So what is the name of this agency?” Jill asked as we pulled into the parking lot of the agency. I hadn’t thought to ask. “I don’t know,” I responded, “but it doesn’t matter, because they have connections to some powerful people, so they don’t need to advertise- they work on “word of mouth” referrals.” We took a seat in the very same non-descript waiting room I had waited in on Friday. I could tell Jill was nervous, because she kept swinging her leg back and forth, her hands clasped in her lap. I put my hand in Jill’s thigh. “Relax,” I said. “I just hope they like me,” Jill responded. The door opened and Jim’s familiar face smiled, seeing that I had brought a friend. “Hi,”I’m Jim,” he said, sticking out his hand, “I’m Jill,” Jill responded, shaking his hand. I winked at Jim and he smiled. “Follow me,” Jim said, as he led us down the long hallway. I looked at Jill and winked. She silently mouthed, mersin escort bayan “WOW!” Jim peppered Jill with questions as we walked down the hallway. “So where do you work now?” “Where are you from?” “Have you ever modeled before?” “Have you been to college?” By the time we stepped into the interview room, Jim knew almost as much about Jill as I did. Jill and I sat on the couch as Jim took up his interview position sitting behind the desk. “So, Jill, how much did Katy explain about this process?” he asked. “Well, she said that there is pretty good money to be made with your agency and I am excited about that,” Jill responded. “Did she explain to you that some assignments require nudity?” he asked. “Yes,” Jill responded, looking at me, then back at Jim. “You’re OK with that?” he pressed. “Yes,” Jill responded. “I’ve done nude stuff before, so it’s not a problem.” “So, if I ask you to strip and pose for some photos, would you?” he asked. “How much would you pay?” Jill asked. “Well,” Jim responded, “normally, a photo shoot goes for a thousand and a nude shoot can earn up to five thousand, but since this is an interview, I have to get some sample shots to show to the producers, before they can put a contract on the table.” Jill looked at me. Her leg bounced up and down as she spoke. “You don’t have to, if you don’t feel comfortable,” I replied. “It’s part of the interview process,” Jim responded. “No one sees the photos but me and the producers.” “OK,” Jill acquiesced. She slipped forward on the couch and slipped her halter top off, her 38dd boobs spilling forth. She gently massaged them and pinched her nipples, as Jim took a few photos. I pulled Jill’s long brown hair back over her soft shoulders, as Jim snapped a few more shots. He stepped around from behind the desk and sat on the front leading edge of the desk. “I tell you what,” Jim remarked, ‘Turn around and very slowly lower your jeans.” Jill did as she was instructed, wiggling her butt as she teasingly lowered her jeans, exposing a “barely there” hot pink g-string. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. I grabbed Jill’s ass and squeezed it. “Oh yeah!” I exclaimed, as I squeezed her firm butt. Click. Click. Click. escort mersin Click. Click. I could tell Jill was getting turned on. She turned around and smiled as Jim clicked away. She was in full model mode, smiling and teasing and posing, as Jim would tell her to “hold it.” Jim leaned against the front of the desk, and exhaled. “Pretty damn sexy,” he remarked. Jim looked at me and smiled. “I think it would be great,” he remarked, “If I could get a two-fer.” “I don’t know,” I replied, “I’ve had my interview. Maybe I should just wait in the waiting room.” To my surprise, Jill interrupted. “Oh come on Katy, it will be fun!” Jill and I had talked about a lot of things and kidded around, but I had never contemplated getting naked with her or in front of her. “Yeah, Katy,” Jim remarked, “You’ve got a great body. This may very well be the one thing our producers go nuts over.” I was hesitant, but Jill persisted. “Pleeeeeeeease,” Jill begged, drawing out the word in a way that only she could do, to get her way. She rubbed her boobs and smiled. Damn it. I hated to be a disappointment. I slipped off my button down white shirt, knowing full well where this was going to go. Jill brushed back her long brown hair over her shoulder and watched as I slid out of my brassiere. “You have great boobs!” Jill remarked. They weren’t quite as big as Jill’s boobs, but I felt like they were adequate. I unsnapped the leather side straps on my heels and slid them off. I stood up and shimmied out of my jeans. I sat back down on the couch and slipped my heels back on, re-fastening the side straps. I stood up and did a small turn as Jim clicked away with the camera. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Jill stood off to the side and smiled. “Damn sexy!” Jim remarked. I say down on the couch and playfully teased my breasts. My nipples were rock hard. “Hold on,” Jim interrupted. “Let me get some video.” Jill sat on the edge of the couch as Jim retrieved the video camera from the desk and set it up on a small tripod he positioned on the desk. “OK, ladies,” he replied. “Let’s show the producers how sexy and hot you are.” I looked at Jill and she looked at me. We both had our hands up, waiting for some directions. “Y’all can be innovative,” Jim responded. “Tell us what they would like to see,” Jill responded. “Masterbation,” Jim replied, “Pull that off convincingly and they’ll pay top dollar, I am sure.” I stuck my fingers into my panties and pretended to be in the throes of a wild orgasm.

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