Thigh High Hose -Part 1

Big Tits

I have been a computer consultant for many years.  So many that I seldom get to do any of the programming that I love, but spend most of my time designing computer landscapes.  While the pay is great, especially when I can get a gig on my own, the people I need to work with are most often in management and are acutely aware of sexual harassment issues.  Thus, unlike earlier in my career when fun banter was had by all, now things were practically sterile. Remember that I said most of my client’s people.  Several month ago I got a call from an old client of mine, Jack Ingram, who had moved to and now ran a moderately large new company.  He told me that his new company needed my assistance and that he had it all arraigned for me to begin working as soon as I was available.  I was to work with his CIO, Jill Daniels.  He described her as a very competent individual, about our own age, who enjoyed the work but seemed to be a real hard-nose and far too dedicated to her career. Jill and I worked rather closely for over a month scoping out the company’s current situation and designing where I thought they could get to over a several year period.  Jack was right about Ms. Daniels.  I would have said Jack was right about Jill, but that just seemed stupid.  Jill was anything but stupid.  While she was indeed a workaholic, she must take time outside of work to do things.  I took several opportunities to slyly admire the trim form that surely took time to keep in shape.  Her shoulder length blonde hair always smelled freshly washed.  Not that I would perv out and bury my nose in her hair, but on occasion while we worked together on something we would be side by side and opportunities presented themselves.  She always dressed professionally, naturally, after all as the CIO, she was constantly meeting people.  Her favorite outfits seemed to be mid-thigh skirt suits or dresses and thigh high hose.  She spent more than a few meetings with me making sure the hem of her skirt or dress covered the top of her hose. The day of my presentation to the board came quickly, but with Jill’s help I was well prepared.  I started out with a short power point that merged Jack Ingram’s name with Jill Daniels’ to show the company’s best relaxation tool, Jack Daniels.  There were some groans, but the joke seemed to lighten the mood just a bit.  I then went into my actual presentation which lasted about an hour and a half.  We took a break and then the final two hours of the meeting was spent on questions and answers after which I left the board room for my desk so the board members could discuss my proposal in private. About a half hour later, beylikdüzü escort as I formalized the pricing structures and worked on some other details, I saw Jill coming toward me.  Her long legs, God her legs, satin smooth in her ever present stockings, begged me to admire them.  Her trim hips swayed gracefully and demanded as much attention.  Then there was her chest, forever hidden beneath a suit jacket that she almost never took off.  When she did give us a chance to see her feminine form, her bounties were obvious.  Not huge as some would have loved for them to be, but just enough to tickle my fancy.  However tempted I was to eye her from nylon covered toe to well-coiffed hair, my eyes begrudgingly stayed above her neck.  Her beautiful face gave nothing away as Jill approached me.  Neither smile nor frown crossed her beauty. “Six o’clock – my office.  Bring your computer,” she demanded in a whisper as she passed. “You got it, boss,” I replied in kind, now free to admire her swaying ass as she continued to her office. As six approached, I began to wonder what Jill had in mind.  The meeting went extremely well so that could not be it.  Perhaps, now that they had their plans in hand and the direction was set, they felt free to let me go. At six, laptop in hand I knocked on Jill’s office door. “Come.” “If only,” I thought to myself as I entered. “How did the rest of the meeting go?” I asked. “Wow, right to the point.  Sit, sit,” she instructed motioning toward a chair at her small round conference table. “Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you, you like directness and you don’t waste a lot of time,” I replied. “Yeah, I know that my reputation is that I’m a workaholic,” she intoned as she crossed from behind her desk to take a chair next to me.  “I’m not really like that all the time you know.” “I can safely say,” I responded pretending to look at my laptop, but really glancing sideways at her legs, “that in the time I’ve been here, you’ve been very work oriented, all the time and every day.  That kind of defines workaholic, wouldn’t you say?”  “I would, but in the next two years, I dare say you’ll discover some other aspects of me that to date have been hidden from you.” “Two years,” I asked as I began to log in to my computer.  “What’s that mean?” “It means,” she said resting her hand on my back, “that the board has authorized me to offer you a two year contract at your current rate plus ten percent.  Are you interested?” “Hell yes!” I exclaimed. “Good,” she said pulling down on the hem of her skirt to cover the top of her hose near the chair.  “I’ve taken the beylikdüzü escort bayan liberty of getting your new contract prepared.  Here, take a look and you can sign it at your leisure.” I started reading the contract over.  From the corner of my eye I could see Jill looking at me the entire time.  Her focus was not just on my face, but seemed to roam.  As I read, there were two other times that she tugged on her skirt.  I began to wonder if she was doing it just to annoy me. She put her hand on my back again and began to move it slowly back and forth across my shoulder blades.   I wondered what would happen if I did that to her.  How fast could she run to a lawyer to file a sexual harassment suit?  She need not worry about that from me.  Sexual harassment?  Bring it on! “Is everything you need in there?” she asked. I decided to up the ante a little, so I said, “Everything I need in the contract is in the contract, but that certainly is not everything I need.” “Is that so,” she said with a sardonic little grin that told me she knew exactly what I was doing. “Before I sign, there is one thing that I need you to do for me.” “Name it,” she said moving her hand to her skirt again. I put my hand on hers stopping her and said, “Jill, if you’ll stop yanking on your hem every day to cover the half inch of stocking that I get to see occasionally, I’ll sign the contract.” “That you get to see?” “Yes that I get to see.  That little sliver of your leg is one really fine distraction and you keep covering it up.  What do you say, half an inch of leg, and I‘ll sign.” “Only if you agree to my one demand,” Jill retorted.“And what pray tell would that be?”“That from now on, you are brutally honest with me and that you won’t think any less of me because of my questions or answers to questions you ask.  Is it a deal?”Rather than say anything right away, I clicked my pen and signed the contract.  Jill then signed on behalf of the company and put the sheaf of papers into a folder.  As she did, she crossed her legs and displayed all of her stocking top to me along with a little delectable skin.“Hank, we’ve been working hard together for a while now.  We’ve spent more than a few late nights and more than one working dinner together, right?”“And almost every minute has been a pleasure, so?”“Why haven’t you tried to put moves on me instead of just looking at my legs?”“Because you’re the CIO of my friend’s firm and a sexual harassment charge is the last thing I need.”“Do you think that just because a woman works hard that she might not have needs outside the office?”“I’m sure you do, just as escort beylikdüzü I work hard and have needs too.  Not many women want to mix it up with co-workers though.”“And if I said that I would prefer to mix it up, as you say, with you rather than anyone else, would you be reluctant or upset?” Jill asked.“I would be very happy, that’s what I would be.  I would immediately ask you to dinner to celebrate and then we could go to either my hotel or to your place and celebrate a little more.”“Was that an invitation?”Assuming nothing for the moment I asked in return, “Was your question that included your preferences really a question or was it a postulation?”Her eyes remained glued to mine, her face expressionless and impossible to read.  At last, she said, “it was a postulation.”“Jill, I’d like to take you someplace nice for dinner to celebrate my new contract and the boards acceptance of my proposed action plan.  Would that be okay with you?”“Give me a moment to freshen up and I’ll meet you at your desk.  And Hank, please choose somewhere quiet.  I have a lot of things I’d like to ask you and I want to hear your answers.”I left Jill’s office with euphoric enthusiasm coursing through my veins. Aside from the obvious windfall that was coming my way monetarily, thoughts of steamy showers, naked romps and the company of a sexy, smart and sophisticated woman stirred my loins.When she returned, something in her demeanor had changed.  I realized that a facade had been removed and that she was far more relaxed than I had ever seen her.  I suggested a restaurant nearby which was known for soft music, elegance, excellent food and service, and above all, discretion in its dimly lit atmosphere. She decided that we would take her car, a convertible, and leave my rental at the office.  As she drove, we spoke of inconsequential matters.  She said that she wanted to wait until we were seated at the restaurant to begin trading questions.  Since it only took us ten minutes to reach the place, that was fine with me.  She left her car with a valet and she calmly took my arm as we strolled in.  Her hand was warm and felt like a mere feather as it rested in the crook of my arm.  My euphoria continued unabated.We were seated off to one side and presented with both wine lists and menus. Once we had made our choices and the waiter and sommelier disappeared, Jill asked the first question.“Have you ever dated someone from work?”  She asked.“Many years ago, I did.  It was very early in my career and she broke it off with me when her ex-boyfriend got out of prison and wanted her to move in with him.  She said later that she expected me to fight for her, but I had been given the advice not to chase someone who wasn’t sure that they wanted to be with me but sought to make a decision later.  I took the advice as sound and let her go.  I believe it was for the best.  My turn.  How did you become so successful at such a young age?”

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