Un Ex Pected


I didn’t expect to hear from Kristin again. But then I didn’t expect to ever be in a relationship with her the first time we met.Short and blonde, with a rack and ass you would expect on a taller woman, Kristin worked for the same company I did. She was in her early twenties and I had just broken thirty. Although I liked looking at her as she jiggled both coming and going when she ran by my office late for a meeting, I didn’t see her as a possibility.There were guys closer to her age and music preferences who pursued her, but none seemed to last very long. I figured she wasn’t looking to make a commitment.We knew each other enough to say hello, but we didn’t cross paths much, except when she was rushing to the nearby meeting room. Then there came this new project. She was put in charge, her first real responsibility in the company.I was surprised the day she stopped at my door and asked if I had a few minutes. I invited her to have a seat, and she enthusiastically began to talk about her project. I nodded politely until she ran out of breath. I think the look on my face made her realize that she had forgotten to mention what it all had to do with me.“Oh, I’m sorry,” she smiled. “The reason I’m here is that I heard that you had some experience with this stuff, and I was hoping you might be willing to be a consultant for me. You see, this is my first project and I really want to get it right, and I could use whatever advice you can give me. I can’t do anything officially because I’m already over budget and actually that’s one of the things you could review for me, but I could write a memo to your boss giving you credit for your help and I would promise not to be a burden and you would just let me know if it was too much—”“OK, OK, I’ll do what I can in my spare time,” I agreed just to get her to stop talking. Although it wasn’t my main expertise, I had worked in that area in the past and probably could be useful.She jumped up out of her chair so fast I thought she was going to run over and give me a hug like I was a game show host who just told her she won a car. But she just stretched out her hand and shook mine as if I had just bought the most expensive used car on the lot.Over the next six months or so, I did help out from time to time and things were going pretty well. In the process, I got to know that, despite her bubbly personality and cute looks, she was smart and hard-working.One evening as I was about to call it a day, she stopped in my office, looking distraught. A supplier wasn’t providing what they were supposed to.“I’ve tried everything,” she said. “I’ve nagged, begged, threatened. I even offered to sleep with him.”“Oh my god, no!” she exclaimed at the shocked look on my face. “I only did the first three things. What kind of woman do you think I am?”We both broke out laughing when she realized I knew she was joking in the first place and I was just feigning shock.She got serious then and gave me the details. It turned out a neighbor of mine worked for that supplier, so I was able to get some inside information. They were hoping to force Kristin to renegotiate the contract, which would blow her budget. I found out where the supplier was having the parts made, and then had a different supplier order some. When the first supplier missed the deadline, Kristin got them from the second, on time and cheaper.The project was a success and Kristin got promoted. I didn’t see her running to meetings anymore, but one day she dropped by. She glanced up and down the hallway before she stepped in and quietly closed the door.“Would you like to come kocaeli escort over for dinner sometime?” she spoke quickly, not waiting for me to ask what was up. With that out, she took a breath and continued with a more conversational pace, “I want to thank you for your help with the project.”“Sure,” I said, figuring she was looking for career advice out of the office.“And to get to know you better,” she added. That was unexpected, and I tried not to read too much into it.We set a date, and I brought some wine to her small apartment. Kristin looked different in casual clothes. The tank top showed cleavage you wouldn’t see at work, and the cut-offs showed her short but shapely legs from the curve of her rear to her bare feet.She set the bottle on the table, then turned and gave me a big, long hug.“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” she said. The top of her head just reached my chin, so as I looked down, her hair tickled my nose. She rested her head against my shoulder, and her breasts were soft pressing on my chest.“It wouldn’t have been appropriate at work,” she said. “But we’re not at work now!” Finally letting me go, she turned to get a bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator.As we raised our glasses, Kristin said “I want to celebrate the success of the project, my promotion, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as Humphrey Bogart said. Of course, he only said the last part.”After a nice dinner, we sat on the couch, and Kristin snuggled closer to me. For some reason, I still held back. Despite her obvious attractiveness, I guess I just didn’t picture us together.She set down her glass and turned to me, speaking uncharacteristically slowly and quietly.“I like you, a lot. I’m used to guys chasing after me, so I get to decide who I want and who I don’t want,” she said. “But I want you, and for some reason, I can’t get you to chase after me.”I started to laugh, but when I saw her dismay, I stopped.“Kristin, you are a smart, capable, sweet person, and anyone, including me, would love to be with you. But you have to admit,” I tried to explain my rationale to myself as much as to her, “most people would not expect you to want to be with someone like me, nor expect me to be able to be with someone like you.”Her giggle was infectious. “I love that you said ‘nor’ instead of ‘or,’” she teased. “Do you think I haven’t thought about what some people might think? It’s why I waited this long to ask you over.”“But I am serious,” she was quiet again. “I want …” she left it unspecific.I don’t want to say she threw herself at me, but she bent her legs up underneath her so she was kneeling on the couch and, from her higher position, she leaned to kiss me.Her warm lips were tentative, but mine were welcoming. I reached to hold her, and she turned herself into my arms, her soft derriere on my lap. Her hands caressed my face and neck as our tongues met between parted lips. My right hand found her left breast and as my fingers gingerly tested its softness, any hesitation I might have had disappeared.Sensing my enthusiasm from my mouth and the growing lump against her butt, Kristin broke for a moment and pulled the tank top off. She made a few swift moves, and her bra was gone too, releasing her globes to my attention. Soft gold of exposed skin faded to the paler regions that had been kept out of the sun. So beguiled was I by these unseen treasures that I didn’t notice she had mostly unbuttoned my shirt.I had to break contact enough to finish the job and work my arms out of the sleeves, but I was rewarded with the feel of her breasts kocaeli escort bayan pressing against my skin. We took time to survey the new territory, her hands stroking my chest, arms, and shoulders. Leaning her back a little, my mouth slowly journeyed down her neck to her cleavage.Her areolas seemed small on those large mounds. I lifted her right breast to my lips and kissed her nipple. First gently, then sucking harder, my lips and tongue elicited a swelling from it, and a sigh from Kristin.I was getting acquainted with her other breast when I started thinking ahead. Raising my face to hers, I kissed her again, then asked “How far do you want to go tonight? I didn’t bring any condoms.”“Don’t worry about that,” she grinned, “I have enough. But we can save something for next time.”She got off my lap and stood up, drawing me to my feet. “Let’s get more comfortable,” she said, leading me to her bedroom.Her shorts and panties were gone in a second, and I stared at her round ass as she lit a couple candles. She stretched out on the bed, making me realize I was still half-dressed. I fumbled to get out of my shoes, socks, and pants as quickly as possible, then climbed in next to her.Her hand found my cock as she squirmed closer to me. It was not hard to find, and it was hard. Her hand tugged it gently to sense its length. My penis is below average—some guys have to be, after all. It means I try harder, and I have had at least a few satisfied customers.Kristin stroked my shaft with one hand while she massaged my balls with the other. Equally ambidextrous, I kneaded the larger, firmer sphere of her ass with my right hand as I played with her boobs with my left.“I want to give you a blow job,” she said, rolling away from me so she could access the nightstand at the side of the bed. “If that’s all right with you!” she teased.“If you insist,” I grinned back at her. She pulled a condom out of its wrapper. Kneeling between my legs, she positioned it against the tip of my dick. Unrolling it down my cock, she lowered her head and licked it like a popsicle.“Yum,” she said, “chocolate.” Apparently, she wisely chose a flavored condom. Licking to spread her saliva all around, she held the base firmly in her hand. Wrapping her lips around it, she slowly sucked it in, her flicking tongue pressing it to the roof of her mouth.When she reached the base of my cock, she paused. Lips-covered teeth lightly chewed as her mouth warmed my full length. Her fingers played with my testicles and the area below. She slowly withdrew, keeping that O-ring tight around my rod as she did, creating a delightful suction.“Ohhhh”, a long low groan seemed to come all the way from my gonads.Kristin’s eyes were bright as she looked up from my belly. She bobbed her head on my cock, going faster as her saliva made it more slippery. She stopped near the tip and tongued the most sensitive underside, the condom doing little to reduce the intensity of the sensation, and pushed me dangerously close to the edge.“Wait!” I cried, not wanting it to be over yet. Kristin obliged by removing her mouth and pumping the shaft lightly with her hand. She paused until I started breathing again, then resumed her various techniques. Well-lubricated by her saliva, her lips, tongue, and fingers pushed me to the edge and brought me back again and again.I began to feel selfish when she stopped just in time again, my groin burning and my body tingling all over as her hand squeezed low on my shaft, leaving the sensitive tip of my cock to throb, desperate for contact. Her face looked up at izmit escort me joyfully as she licked her lips, ready to complete her work.She built steadily, alternating hand and mouth, leaving no part of my genitals unattended.“I’m cumming!” I announced, but she knew before I did, her hand on my taint feeling the machinery come to life. Her other hand grabbed my shaft as her lips and tongue focused on the tip. The pleasure washed over me, triggering the pumping that would soon fill the condom. She suckled the cockhead while her hand stroked the shaft.I don’t like to think about the grunts, groans and thrashing motions I made under that onslaught of ecstasy. My nuts still tingle when I think about it years later. When I finally stopped, she crawled up on top of me, her body warm against my sweaty skin.I kissed her gently on the mouth, my tongue tasting chocolate. I laughed against her lips and she understood. Rolling her onto her side, my hand slid down her body to part her thighs. My fingers found her mound smooth and warm. Probing cautiously, my middle finger split the divide and was treated to a wash of fluid.Kristin gasped, then moaned softly as my fingers explored her warm folds. I pushed her thigh to get better access. She must shave or wax because every spot I touched was smooth and increasingly slippery as I distributed her lubrication. The aroma drew me to move lower.Kristin’s hand on my cheeks held me for a moment. “Help yourself,” she gestured to the nightstand.In addition to condoms, she had lubricant, vibrators, dildos, and dental dams. Before I opened one of the last, I quickly slipped off the condom and tossed it in the wastebasket. She rolled on her back and spread her legs, giving me my first look at her sweet pussy.She was as hairless as my fingers had detected. Her plump outer lips concealed her delicate pink inner ones. I laid the thin sheet across her vulva and pressed the middle of it into the crevice, sliding a finger up and down its length. Kristin twitched when I crossed over her clit.“Sorry,” I mumbled.“I forgive you,” she giggled. “Or I will …,” she urged me to continue.The rubber film stuck to her damp skin with some amount of slack as my fingers spread it fully open. I pressed my lips against it, feeling her warmth through it. My tongue ventured into her gap, and I vaguely sensed some berry as the wrapper had promised. Kristin’s natural scent overwhelmed it, however, and that was what I wanted to enjoy. I slowly worked my fingers lower, poking gently at her opening, circling around it, letting her know we would be back to explore it another day.I didn’t anticipate it, but the sheet was long enough to cover her anus. Normally, that area is off limits until you get to know someone better, but I couldn’t resist completing my journey to the end of the dental dam. Her butt tensed as my finger crossed the spot.“Sorry,” I said, hoping I hadn’t pushed my luck.“No you’re not,” she laughed. I distracted her by getting to work with my tongue.“That’s nice,” she sighed as I nibbled at her puffy vulva. I pressed the two sides together, rubbing them up and down against each other as well as what was buried between them. Using my fingers to spread them, I drove my tongue deep to slurp from the bottom of her opening up to where her lips converged. I kept my tongue wide and flat, gently oscillating from side to side, slowing as I reached her clit.The return trip was quicker, but I headed north again, this time with more pressure and faster movements. I ran through my repertoire, getting reviews from Kristin’s moaning, breathing and squirming. I had no hope to match her virtuoso performance on my penis, but I wanted to show her I was trying. She helped, moving her hips to adjust the angle for maximum effect, raising and spreading her legs to let me focus on the most sensitive areas.

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