Chestnuts And Bays


Strolling in as smooth as sin, I looked around the room before heading to the bar. The room was full enough that no one noticed me noticing them, though few seemed worth noticing. I ordered a scotch and dizzy with success handed over a larger bill than I’d ever been used to giving barkeeps. “Take it from that, and I might be back.” He smiled and poured from the better shelf.I moseyed over to a table in a far corner of the other room and relaxed in the low light; as my eyes got used to the gloom, I looked around and saw an elegant black woman watching me with a quizzically raised eyebrow when she caught my eye. I raised my glass and smiled, and she raised hers and stared into my eyes for several appraising seconds that set my mind aglow, then turned to her friend and said something that turned her attention to me; they looked at me steadily for a few seconds as I looked back, suddenly eager to make their acquaintance.The friend then turned back around and discussed something with her for a minute; then seeming to make a decision, she rose and walked off, purse in hand. I stood as the interested one strolled over without attracting any attention from the room. Before she arrived, I had memorized the sway of her hips under her skirt, but once she spoke all I saw were her eyes and full lips.“Hello, Eyeful,” I said.“A charmer! Hello.”“I appreciate a new face.”“I appreciate a new place.” Her voice was low and clarion clear, wrapping me in thick honey as her eyes pierced mine fearlessly. “The scenery in this one is intriguing.”I stared back deep into her eyes. “Intoxicating.”She smiled slightly. “But is it worth getting to know better?”“It’s highly rewarding.”“It has that promise, yes.”She raised her glass to her lips and I mirrored her, staring into her eyes as she sipped lightly and licked the rim of the glass. My sip was only slightly larger than hers, and I savored the taste as she took her time swallowing hers. I watched the warm brown of her face amid soft black curls and glanced down the straight lines of her body, thin and probably well-toned, and wondered if her breasts were as firm and full as they seemed. I looked back in her eyes as she asked, “Are you here to prowl?”“To celebrate,” I replied.“May I help?”“That would itself be something to celebrate.”She smiled warmly and glanced up and down me. “And what are you celebrating?”“Work success.”“Work hard, play hard?”“Very hard.”I was afraid that might have been a touch too forward, but without even blinking she nodded, “And can you play long?”“As long as it takes.”“All night?”“With pleasure and gratitude.”“And do you play by the rules?”“Which rules?”“Partnership and fair play.”“Without fail.”“Straight shooter.”“Right up the middle, all six shots.”“Only six?”“I reload quickly.”“Cowboy up.”“Yippee ki-yay.”“You ride cremellos and perlinos, I bet.”I shrugged, “And dun and buckskin on occasion.”“No bay? No chestnut?”“I’ve yet to have the pleasure.”“They’re temperamental rides, you know. Prefer a long trot before a gallop, but once they’re warmed up, they’ll race all night.”“A beautiful sight once started.”“And a joy to ride.”“With the right rider…”“An ideal partnership.”We sipped once more, not breaking eye contact. My mind was aflame with desire and a fear of breaking our spell.“Do you ride often?” she asked.“Rarely.”“You must be eager to get back to it.”“Bubbling over with anticipation.”She smiled as she took a large sip, and after swallowing asked, “Familiar much with this neighborhood?”“Enough to steer by night.”“There was a park I thought I saw…”“A small one.”“Clean?”“And safe.”“Dark?”“In spots.”“Like, say, the stand of trees on the far side?”“Dappled by a light at the corner, pretty light in the middle, but otherwise dark.”“I think I shall have to see it.”“May I accompany you?”“It’s ever so much better to see it alone. Sink into the dark.”“Yes.”“You may join me though.”“After you’ve sunk into the dark?”“Then you may sink into the dark as well.”We sipped the last sips from our drinks and she smiled, “Fifteen minutes. Then join me.”She turned suddenly and slipped away, again drawing no attention to herself, and I caught a brief glimpse of her as she slipped from the bathroom past the bar, giving a quick wave to the barkeep’s nod, and out the door.I looked around the room, no one paying me any mind, watching pairs pairing and then changing partners for ten minutes, and slipped slowly past to the bar. The barkeep smiled at me and said, “Another?”“No, a water and keep the change.”He saluted and smiled, “I’ll stand you a drink the next time you come in then.” He handed me the water; I thanked him and drank it down before leaving. I strolled quietly in the dark warmth of the night as others walked past me and entered the park soon enough.I was in a mixture of shock and pride. Never had a woman so beautiful taken an interest in me. Always it had been an epic struggle to surmount a woman’s never-ending objections, an evening or three evenings of testing the waters and convincing her to join me in them, leaving me each time with the realization that it was the struggle itself and the attention that the women all wanted, not me. More than that, while I had several times made plays at black women, they had always shot me down. What seemed to me a natural partnership seemed from their reactions to be most unnatural to them. Well, I said to myself with a quiet laugh, that’s in the past!It was quiet and deserted, and I restrained myself from running as I came to the stand of trees she had indicated. I slipped out of the lit path and onto a small worn trail into the trees, and in a minute she chuckled and said, “On time.”I saw her in the shadows and walked up to her: “Fancy meeting you here.”“The fates are having fun tonight,” she smiled.“And smiling.”“Warmly.”She stood where light falling through the leaves dappled her as I watched the two pinpricks of light reflected off her eyes. We stood a yard apart for a minute, and then she turned, looked quickly around, and moved to somewhere else, a more open space better lit by the lamp. I followed her, and when I had come into the light she nodded and leaned toward me.“I do like a well-dressed man,” she sighed as she allowed me to take her into my arms, and whispered, “They’re such a joy to unwrap.” Her lips met mine more than halfway and caressed my tongue as it slowly entered her mouth. Her tongue soon danced around it, and I heard her istanbul travesti breath quickening until my own quickening breath drowned it out of my ears.Her soft breasts were cushioned against my chest as my hands held her hips. Her hands snaked down my back to cup my ass as her hip pushed against my throbbing erection, and a slight chuckle rushed into my mouth as she pressed herself hard against me. I reached down to cup her ass in return, and she circled her hips as she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.Her body was well-toned and her ass small and firm, filling my hands and as perfect to the feel as the sight of them had been. I ran my hands up to her ribs and felt the swells of her breasts at her side. She merely tilted her head the other way and thrust her tongue all the way into my mouth. As I pulled back to give my hands room to cup her full tits, she chuckled and kissed over to my ear and down my jaw. I undid her blouse and lifted her bra, then pulled back to watch the rich brown skin come into view, the nipples and aureoles no darker than the skin around them, though a bit redder, perhaps.She held my head as I lowered my lips to her nipples, licking and sucking one and then the other, and felt her hand cup my cock. “Like a stallion,” she whispered, and expertly unzipped and undid me, sucking on my tongue as she ran her fingertips along my swollen shaft. With a sharp intake of breath, she whispered, “And thick even more than long. That’s what counts most, you know.”She took obvious delight in exploring my shaft. Soon she intoned, “When you were a virgin, so long ago, before you sank this beauty into the bellies of all those lucky women, you played with yourself all the time, didn’t you?” I nodded and she continued, “Twice a day, no doubt. Anything less with a spear like this would be a crime against nature.”“Three times, most days.”“Good! And when you saw me tonight, you were reminded of all the beautiful bays and chestnuts you used to stroke off to, weren’t you?”I nodded, my throat dry, “Constantly.”She smiled, “I knew it, the way you looked at me. I could tell. The hunger in your eyes…With all those brown sugarplums dancing in your head, have you ever done more than drain yourself? I suspect not, not with any of us.” She pursed her lips and smiled, “Now let me see all the pleasure you took imagining yourself where you want to be now. Your fist plunging up and down…gripping you tightly at the end…So often I fantasized about that when I was first learning myself, caressing my little honeysuckle blossom as I imagined a beautiful young man watching me, and keeping time with me.”Her index and middle fingertips were holding the bottom of the head tightly as the thumb circled the top, my precum lubing the circling motion, and she glanced up: “Did you do this the first time?”“Yes,” I hissed past her nipple.“And then…” She moved her hand so that my tip touched her palm; her fingers and thumb were like a cage, the tips part of the way down the shaft holding my skin. She flexed her fingers, sliding the skin up and down my shaft. “So soft, the skin, and so hard in the middle. Delicacy and strength alive in my hand.” I looked up to see her still staring at my cock in the light. “The first time I ever felt a cock, I did this. It was so new, and so fun. He didn’t last as long as you will though. He came in three minutes, spurting all over my palm, down my fingers, moaning like a sinner reaching heaven as he drained onto my hand.”She then shifted her hand to hold my shaft firmly as I did when masturbating, and she said, “You want to do that, don’t you? Fuck my fist and shoot your hot white seed all over my body? Spray your glossy clear juice with thick white streaks all over my rich brown skin?” I moaned in anticipation and she chuckled, “Not yet. Not this time. Show me in the air.”As I continued sucking on her breasts, my left hand slip down her side; I pulled up her hem and slid my fingers underneath it, and soon my fingers reached the join of her thighs, meeting nothing but swollen wet flesh. She whispered, “Yes, feel my velvety, fur-edged pocket. Show me you know what to do with it.” I caressed her lightly with my fingertips as her hips circled slowly, then more quickly, pushing against them to let me know when they were allowed to enter.For a minute she stared into my eyes as my fingers danced outside her and then inside her, her hand stroking me firmly but slowly, and then she turned her head to stare down at my rod. Her hips seemed to thrust at the same rhythm as her hand stroked me, and as we rode each other more quickly, she said, “I need to see it burst. Drain all over the ground just for me. I know you’ve drained yourself countless times thinking of a woman like me, so let me see.” As her hips circled fast and hard around my fingers, she added, “It’s the hottest and wettest you’ve ever been inside, isn’t it?”“God yes.”“Finish with me.”Suddenly her hips shifted gears to thrust fast and hard fore and aft against the palm of my hand. Her breath was as ragged as mine, and she whispered, “Come for me, baby.” I thrust hard and fast against her pistoning fist and soon groaned as the waves washing over me strengthened and quickened, her low keening intertwining with my voice as our lust escalated. She continued staring at my cock shining brightly within the brown blur of her fist, the dappled light around the beam speckling her hair and body and shifting in the wind much more slowly than our thrusts, and her climax came first.Her tunnel squeezed hard around me as she rode my hand fast and hard, and inarticulate squeals stifled in her throat as her loins squeezed down tight. Her body seemed to have lost control, slamming down on my hand at the same time her hips circled and thrust irregularly. I stared down at her brown face, flushed and sweaty, her eyes closed and teeth clenched, the barely visible eyeliner and prominent lipstick shining in the dapples crossing her orgasming face. The muscles and tendons of her throat were tight, standing out against her skin, and her right arm tightened hard around my neck, her left and squeezing tightly on my cock as I barely held off.Finally, she relaxed and looked up at me sweetly, then looked down. She said, “Now join me,” and I gave myself over to her expert hand. In less than a minute the first spurt was torn out of me; I shot hot and sticky two yards into the istanbul travesti air and onto the ground, and groaned unseeing as she drained me of ten more spurts. Each time I spurted, she gasped as she counted, “Three; so much for me…four, so thick…five; beautiful…” When I finished, she fondled me as I softened and kissed me deeply. She pulled away to whisper, “My hero! That was the largest load I ever inspired! So much cum, so much passion, spraying in the air and all over the ground just for me.”Suddenly she pulled away and with incredible speed pulled down her bra and buttoned the top of her blouse. “Thank you,” she said, “You are beautiful. It was good.” I blinked in surprise as she went to a nearby tree and retrieved her purse. She added, “I’ll think about it constantly, I’m sure, but now I must go home. It was a wonderful evening.”I finally stammered out, “Will I see you again?”She chucked, “Not if I see you first.”“Did I…I’m sorry if I offended you.”“No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just my way. Toodles!” She waved her fingers at me over a stupid grin in a fashion that might have maddened many men and slipped swiftly into the darkness. I stared into the nothingness of the dark and my loss. Never had a woman been so eager for my company, as quick to the reply as I was, firing on all cylinders and fixated on me, as I had been on her, and as verbal in her desires and as pleased with my seed as I was. All gone! All gone, with no chance of retrieval. Now I stood there puzzling over what her name might be, and realized I didn’t even have that, only the memory of her beautiful body in my arms and our hands pleasuring each other all the way to heaven. I sighed and lifted my pants, wiping my dribbling cock on a handkerchief before buckling up. I muttered, “Well, best go home.”With a crack of a twig and a rustle of fallen leaves, another figure appeared, equally feminine and equally obscured by the dark. She stepped up close to me, showing herself to be the other woman in the bar, and said quietly, “No need for that.” She stood before me in the dappling of light, her hands coyly behind her, looking straight into my eyes. “Amazing. I think that woman likes sex through the eyes better than in the belly.” After a second she added, “I’m not like that.”I looked eagerly at her slightly plumper body and less fancy hairstyle, her eyes shining up at me over a slight smile, and she glanced down to my belt and then stared into my eyes as she said, “Though I could understand its attractions.” She smiled more broadly, “In your case.”Again I faced the fear of saying too much or too little, missing the sweet spot leading to the sweetest spot of all, and wisely decided to follow her lead, letting her nudge me in the direction she wanted.“The attractions were not all on her side, you know.”“No,” she grinned, “I could tell. She didn’t leave you hanging, anyway.”“Well, actually, she has.”She glanced down and grinned again, “Yes, quite. Poor fellow, lovelorn and lost, looking for a warm haven.”“Well, one takes what one can get.”“I’m sure you could get better tonight. If you just look in the right place, you know.”At that, I reached out and took her hand, and she smiled and said, “I think I know a place. Come with?”“With alacrity.”She smiled happily at that and led me to the path. Once out of the park she put her arm through mine and said, “It was an impressive spectacle though.” I eagerly followed her words as her breast tantalized my elbow. “That was perhaps the most copious discharge I have ever witnessed outside certain flicks, and there I think the scene was, shall we say, artificially augmented?”I looked down at her face, a delighted teasing look on her lips to go with the amused lilt in her voice, and I replied as lightly, “And the most copious I have ever experienced.”“Yes, if I saw a delicious white sausage on my plate spurting out like that, I’d complain to the manager, but back there, that was beautiful. You must have been inspired.”“As never before.”“Ah, I see. And was it the circumstances? Or perhaps the partner?”“Both. The whole gestalt.”She laughed happily, “And the current gestalt?”“Equally effective. Indeed, more so.”“To satisfy my interest in…developmental psychology,” and here she smiled ironically, “tell me, kind sir, about some of the previous experiences referenced earlier this evening.”After a split second catching her point, I nodded, “Certainly.”“Were certain surmises I heard accurate?”“To a certain extent, yes.”“I see. So, when in the past you, shall we say, delivered sausage yourself, you did need visual…aids to reach the desired location?”“Of course. I’d say that’s universal with beginners.”She laughed one sharp laugh and said, “Of the male variety, perhaps, which is perplexing in a way, given how loath you lot are to use maps otherwise.” We laughed and she continued, “And am I correct in surmising that you used, shall we say, the standard monthly issue?”“Most certainly.”“And so certain types and…certain shades are…fixed in your tastes?”“Yes.”“And was her surmise absolutely correct?” “As of tonight, yes.”She smiled in satisfaction and said, “One tires of competing with blondes.”“Too washed out.”“Yes,” she smiled, “that’s one way of putting it. Hardly a majority opinion.”“Democracy is overrated in some matters.”She cackled quickly and said, “Tastes are such an individual matter.”“And your tastes?”She cocked her head at me and smiled, “Yes?”“How do they run? In breakfast meat products?”She laughed, “You’re so bourgeois and mainstream. They’re ideal for any meal. Especially a bedtime snack.”“Granted.”I looked down into her eyes and she smiled briefly before saying, “I have a healthy appetite. I need to be filled up thoroughly.”“And do you have a taste for white sausage?”“As of tonight, yes.”We laughed and turned a corner. The lights were fewer and further between, the street more residential, our gait more relaxed, and she looked up and said, “Star light, star bright, best star I saw tonight…” Then she glanced at me mischievously and concluded, “Wish he may, wish he might, that he might flood my mouth tonight.”I looked at her evil grin and said, “Delivery available upon request for no added fee.”She laughed loudly and with perhaps a trace of embarrassment and replied, “I say, sir, it’s the delivery man who pays the fee for that service.”“Lip service?”She purred and smiled non-committally. As we came istanbul travesti to a cross street, she asked with a sudden swallow, perhaps of nervousness, perhaps swallowing an accustomed restraint, “And so, do you have protection?”“I wasn’t expecting anything when I went out…”She nodded and said, “Well, come this way.” We went into the small store on the corner and she looked the woman behind the counter squarely in the eye and said with a touch of bravado, “Where are your rubbers? We’ll need extra-extra-large, probably a couple packs of ten.”She grinned as the woman looked us both up and down and then just pointed down a side aisle. “Everything you need right there, dear heart.” We made a quick selection and as quickly checked out, and as we left the woman said with a smile, “I’d wish you a good night, but I don’t think you need my help.”I grinned, “Not anymore.”As we walked down the street, she said, “Good help is so hard to find these days.”“Prompt service with a smile. She’s got a good future ahead of her.”“Especially as a cute blonde.”“She was pretty cute…for a blonde.”“Oh, do I have a rival?”“Oh, goodness no. Like I said, washed out. If I came all over her belly, you wouldn’t even be able to tell where the cum ended and the skin began.”She laughed loudly and said,  “That’s Clarice’s way, not mine. Once you’re good, you’re in like Flynn. Inside your sweet Chantelle all the way and all the time.” She added, “I mean, unless you like that. That can be arranged. But it’s not necessary.”“And does she do that often?”“Like tonight? Hell if I know. We met at a meeting this week and when it was over, she said, ‘Let’s get a drink,’ and then, ‘Let’s go each find someone.’ We’d been talking, she likes doing that, so I guess she does it often enough. All fun, no commitment; she has someone steady back home, I think. Then when she caught you watching us, she told me to get lost, so I knew what she wanted. You were too good to pass up, so I just waited and watched, and after she got what she wanted…”“Well, I got the better deal.”“Damn straight,” she said with a relieved smile. After a second she added, “I did love watching you two. Especially at the end…”“Copious discharge, I believe was the term used.”“Can you manage that again?”I thought for a second. “Cumulatively, yes, but not all at once.”She purred, “’Cumulatively’? Good.”“Baby, I will love you long time.”“You’ll plow me deep while others sleep?”“Damn straight.”She chuckled, “You’re in luck then, since my furrow is the best any man has ever plowed.” She reached down and traced her fingertips across my bulge. “Mmm. My juices will fry that sausage like it’s never been done.”And with that she turned me down a sidewalk to a small house, glimmering white in the moonlight; she unlocked the door and we left silly metaphors behind as we entered. It was a small, bare house, sparsely furnished and almost anonymous in the dark. Just inside the door she slipped her shoes off and then her socks with alternate feet and pushed them against another pair and nodded for me to do the same, and I followed her quickly to a bedroom on the right of a short hall; a door faced it and another stood at the end of the hall. She turned on the light and stood facing me. “Light stays on. I want to see you, and I know you want to see me.”I finally had a thorough look at her standing next to the bed. She reached up and undid the ribbon holding her hair back and let it down, thick black waves flowing around her brown, high-cheeked face, her black eyes staring greedily as she glanced up and down me, her eyebrows raising as she saw the massive bulge in her honor. I gazed from her face down her thick neck to her red blouse tight over swollen breasts, then down to her dark gray skirt, along the curve of her hip and her plump thighs to the hem just above her knees, and back up to her eyes. She winked and returned her stare to my crotch as she reached down to the top button of her blouse and undid it. She glanced up at my avid stare and smiled.“They say women are less visual than men. They lie.”“I don’t know, I’m pretty damn visual.”“Like in high school? Draining yourself to pictures nightly?”“And daily.”She smiled. “And how much of the time were they like me?”I paused and smiled, “Greater than the percentage of the population.”She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows in mock surprise and said, “A little greater or much greater? Were we the majority?”“Somewhat greater, I suppose.”She nodded as she undid her third button. Within the V of her collar, the top of her cleavage was barely visible, tantalizing me, and she said quietly, “But I’m the first of all those lovely ladies to show her flesh to you in the flesh, aren’t I?”“Yes,” I hissed as the next button opened, and stared as she quickly opened the rest and slipped the blouse out of her skirt and let it fall half on the bed, the rest cascading to the floor. She stood proudly in a thick, strong black bra that squashed her breasts to create a deep cleavage. She laughed as my eyes followed her breasts as she swung them side to side, then said, “Let me make myself comfortable.” She reached behind her and undid her bra, and tantalized me as she slowly slid it off.Her breasts were a flawless brown slightly lighter than her face, large and sagging, with large black aureoles and nipples, and she posed for me with her hands behind her head, chest pushed out, devouring the desire on my face as I stared at a sight more beautiful than the women on paper I had masturbated to a decade before, the attractions of her brown skin that had slumbered since the obsessive strokings to flat images had ended with high school graduation, and she twirled and twisted for my delectation, her breasts and back and sides and neck and face beautiful from every angle.“And what would your younger self have thought of me?”“He would have drained into his pants three times by now.”“That would have been a waste, but I’d have been honored by his love for my breasts.”“If you had let him, he’d have drained himself between them.”“The next day I might have, but not the first night. Not tonight.” She stood still before me and reached down to her belt. She unbuckled it and reached to the side to unbutton and unzip her skirt, which even after undoing hung on her hips until she somehow slithered slightly and they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood in nothing but a lacy pair of panties that did little to obscure the thick black thicket I stared at in unthinking lust. She chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed to pull them off, then raised her left knee and tilted her hips so that only the top of the thick triangle peeked over her thigh.

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