Welcome Home Part Four: Coming Together

Jordan slowly pulled the long thick dildo out of her.  Jordan loved these few moments of privacy she had on Sundays. She felt the oozing lubricant escaping her. The dildo had a few remnants of its contents on the tip. Jordan loved the feeling of it shooting deep inside her. It almost felt real. Almost. “Damn,” she said as she heard the familiar sound of her father’s truck pulling up. She quickly wrapped her toy into her towel. As she got up from the bed, she could feel the lubricant rolling down her leg. “Damn it!” she shouted. As usual, she had used too much. Jordan quickly grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them up. She would have to take them to the cleaners later. Jordan’s mum had got in her head that she had to do Jordan’s laundry. Jordan didn’t want to try and explain the mess inside the jeans. She threw on a shirt and made a dash for the bathroom, towel in hand. “Jordan?” her mum called from downstairs. “Going in the shower!” Jordan yelled back.  Jordan closed the door and locked it. She stood there panting. “I really need to get my own place,” she said as she walked toward the shower. The hot water soothed her muscles as she washed clean. She had grown her hair out since she had moved back home. She liked it this way. In the city, it was good to keep it short. The dirt of the streets and emissions from the cars made her smell horrible, even worse it made it look gray. Out here the sun and the country air did her hair right. When she finally came out of the bathroom. She slid into her jeans and picked up a bra. “God fucking dammit!” she yelled. “Jordan Matthews!” her mum yelled at her from down the stairs. “Sorry,” Jordan replied. She threw on another bra that barely fit. Then rocketed down the stairs. “When does this curse end?” Jordan said as she put the broken bra in the trash. Her mum stifled a laugh. “Well, your grandmother was still growing when your sister was born. There was a time we thought we might have to put them in a wheelbarrow in front of her.” “Not funny, and definitely not helping,” Jordan said as she sat down. “What’s wrong with her?” her father said as he came inside. “Family curse bit her again,” Marge said as she fixed them both a plate for lunch. “I think we still have the wheelbarrow,” her father smiled. “Ha, ha,” Jordan said as she looked at them both. Secretly she loved these moments. The three of them laughing it up. “Hopefully you find someone that likes them large,” her mother smiled as she kissed her father’s head. “I did, and so did your sister.” “Well, Sherry is large all around,” Jordan replied as she ate. “So were you,” her father instantly responded. “We thought you were going to be bigger than your mother.” Jordan shot him a glance. It was right if it wasn’t for her radical change a few years back. She would have probably been more significant than her sister. Jordan nodded. “Going to go to the bar later,” she smiled. “How is it coming?” her father asked. “Good,” Jordan nodded. “Just the interior and some of the decorating to be finished and we should be ready to open.” “That’s good,” her mum smiled. “People have been talking, they can’t wait for something new.” “Other than my relationship?” Jordan said peering over at her mother. For the past four weeks, it seemed everyone in town had something to say about Jordan’s relationship with Brandon. Even though most had accepted him within their community. The thought that they were together was something no one could get used to. “Well,” her mother said looking over at her husband. “Never mind,” Jordan said shaking her head. “I will see you two later.” Jordan walked out into the crisp but hot air. She had to run to Leanne’s first, then head to the bar. No doubt the others were already there. “Not again,” Leanne shook her head as Jordan walked again. “Yup,” Jordan said looking at her friend with pure aggravation. “My mother warned me about your family, the day I took over this place,” Leanne said. “She used to say your grandmother was in here nearly every month.” “Yeah,” Jordan replied as she sat down at the counter. This place had become a second home. She even knew how to run the till. One of the customers came by as Leanne was at the computer ordering for Jordan. Jordan rang the lady up as well as the other two customers. “I should hire you,” Leanne said. “Might be easier to order for you, also might be able to help pay for those things,” Leanne said pointing at Jordan’s chest. “With everything going on at the bar. I don’t think I would have the time,” Jordan replied. At that moment Brandon walked in. “Hi,” he said as he looked at Jordan. “Hi,” Jordan replied. Immediately most of the remaining customers began to look in their direction. “Oh, give it a break,” Leanne shouted loud enough for everyone in the store to hear. “You two can talk in the backroom if you want. Away from all these prying eyes.” Jordan smiled and motioned for Brandon to follow. “She doesn’t have a filter, does she?” Brandon asked as they got in the backroom. “Leanne?” Jordan replied. “As my mum puts it, she wouldn’t know when to be polite even if she was in church.” “It’s been a while,” Brandon said. Jordan stepped closer to him. “Too long,” She said as she kissed him. The two of them had been trying to see each other when they could. It seemed every chance they got someone, or something got in the way. “What brings you in?” Brandon asked. “The usual,” Jordan smiled as she looked down at her chest. “You sure you want to be with someone that might need a wheelbarrow to carry her boobs around?” “Only if I can help push the wheelbarrow,” Brandon smiled. “I am being serious,” Jordan replied pushing Brandon away. “It’s a family curse, and I think I made it worse.” “First,” Brandon said pulling her back to him by her waist. He wrapped his arms around her. “There are no such things as curses, and second there is no way I am leaving because of some family genetics.” Jordan smiled as she leaned her head back against his chest. “First,” she said as she turned around and looked up at him. “You’re wrong, there is a family curse,” she said as she tiptoed again to kiss him. “Second?” he asked. “The moment I can get you alone,” she looked back at the door that leads to the store floor. “Really alone, you are in trouble.” “I might like that,” Brandon said as he followed her out. “You guys didn’t make a mess back there, did you?” Leanne asked as they came out. Everybody turned around. “No Mom,” Jordan sarcastically replied. She looked around at everyone. “Do you guys want us to take a picture?” “Here you go, Brandon, tell Ethan I said hi,” Leanne said as she pushed a large brown paper bag across the counter.Brandon ankara travesti nodded and waved at everyone then exited. Jordan followed close behind.The bar was almost finished. Jordan and the other women that had helped with the project, stood together as they looked around. The dance floor was practically finished, the DJ booth was finished. The bar was stocked and ready for opening. “Well, ladies,” Ethan smiled. “One more week and it will be all yours.” The ladies looked around. The place was a lot better than they had ever imagined. The wall decorations were nearly finished. “What about the first night?” Sherry asked. They had many plans for the grand opening. “I still think we should go with Claudia’s idea,” Mary added. To which the others nodded. Claudia’s daughter was a member of a small dance group. They had done small events such as parties. Claudia thought it would be a good idea for the group to reach a wider audience, and on the other side, it would be cheap. Most of their money had gone into the decorations as well as the new bar stools, chairs and benches, and booths. “Do they have any videos of themselves?” Ethan asked. “Of course they do,” Claudia said shaking her head. “They are glued to their phones like the rest of the people their age.” Claudia took out her phone, a few moments later she showed them a video of the five girls dancing to a song. “They will have to wear more than that if they want to be in here,” Sherry said, looking at the skimpy outfits the women were wearing. “Definitely,” Mary agreed.”I don’t know,” Jordan said. “Might keep some of the men glued to their seats,” she smiled as she looked over at Ethan. “What do you think Ethan?” “Huh?” he said as he looked at the women standing in front of him. “See,” Jordan smiled. “Some of the other women might like it too, especially when they get their husband’s home.” “I don’t know,” Claudia said, looking down at the screen. “He might be with me, but his mind will definitely be somewhere else.” “Who cares,” Sherry said. “We just need them to be up, and if that gets the job done, then they can wear whatever they want.” “Sherry!” Mary laughed. “I wasn’t the only one thinking it,” Sherry laughed. “Right, Ethan?” “What?” Ethan said as he tilted his head to one side as he watched the women dance seductively around a few chairs. “They are in,” Jordan nodded. “Here you go,” Claudia said as she handed her phone over to Ethan. “If you keep scrolling down, they have other videos. Just let Cynthia know to thank me later.””Okay,” Ethan said as he took the phone. Jordan packed up a few of the old bar stools from the bar into the back of the truck. The local church was going to sell them at their next auction. She locked up the bar. They still didn’t have a name for it yet. As she drove down the road, she saw lights coming up from behind her. “Shit,” she said as she pulled over. Rick came up to the window. “You know the speed limit,” he said as he took her I.D. and registration. “Yeah,” Jordan said as she leaned back. She had been thinking of a name for the bar. She looked over at Rick, he had seen better days. Since the incident at the party, as well as other things, his days of being Sherriff were numbered. There were already talks around town that they could be taking his badge any day now. “I’ll be back,” Rick said as he walked back to his truck. “I’ll be here,” Jordan replied. Jordan looked down at her phone as she got a text. “Can we meet tonight?” the text read, it was from Brandon. “I wish,” Jordan replied. “Have to go to the church and the whole family is meeting at Sherry’s for dinner. Raincheck?””Definitely, maybe then you can tell me about this curse of yours,” Brandon replied. There was a massive smile on Jordan’s face as Rick came back. “You know how to take care of…” he began to say before he looked down at her phone. “Still dating that ni…” he began to say before Jordan shot him a glance. “Don’t,” Jordan said. “Don’t even think of finishing that sentence. You have enough problems going on as it is, do you really want to add to it?” “Take the damn ticket,” Rick said throwing the papers onto Jordan’s lap. He walked back towards his truck. He took the handle of his gun and hit the tail light of Jordan’s truck. “Get your damn lights fixed.” “Ha!” Jordan yelled out of the window. “It’s not my truck, it’s my father’s.” “Shit!” Jordan heard Rick say as he climbed into his truck. Jordan watched him speed away.Jordan sat back in her seat and looked at the red lights disappear. She shook her head. “Sometimes you are too much of a nice person, Jordie.” Jordan put the truck in gear and chased after him. She flashed her lights as she got close. Slowly Rick pulled over, she pulled in behind him. “What the fuck do you want?” Rick said as he exploded out of his truck. “Can you fix it?” Jordan asked. “What?” Rick asked. “Can you fix the damn light?” Jordan repeated. “Of course, I can fix it,” Rick replied. “Tonight?” Jordan asked. “Yeah, why?” Rick said as he lowered his voice. “If I go home with the light like that, he will ask how it happened. I sure as hell aren’t going to lie to him, he will know,” Jordan said. Rick nodded. “Seeing as I called in for pulling you over, someone will put two and two together,” Rick shook his head. “I got the parts at the house.” Jordan followed Rick to his house. He went to the back and into his shed. “Holy crap,” Jordan said as he came back with a huge crate of tail lights. “Guessing this isn’t the first time.” “What can I say,” Rick smiled. “I have a temper.” “No shit,” Jordan said as she leaned against his truck as he rummaged through all the lights. She looked at him and shook her head. “What the fuck is going on Rick?” “You know the saying,” Rick said as he lined one of the lights up against the broken one. “Don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer.” “I’m asking,” Jordan said. “You,” Rick said turning to look at her. “You’re the problem since you come back you have been running around this place like a hurricane. Changing shit and making people change to suit your high and mighty needs.” Jordan smiled. “Wow, I didn’t know I had that power over people. I haven’t asked anyone to change except maybe my parents. And even they aren’t changing that much.” “Oh really?” Rick said as he stood up. “You know what I heard the other day at the hardware store?” Jordan shook her head. “Two people were talking about your boyfriend, not once did any of them call him any name. They actually used his real name, and they were talking about him like if he was…” “A human?” Jordan interrupted. “Holy crap, that’s what this is about?” “No,” Rick said shaking travesti ankara his head. “It is,” Jordan laughed. “I magically made people in this town see someone for more than what they see, and it scares the fuck out of you.” “Yes!” Rick shouted. “Things were just fine around here until Jordan Matthews comes home and has to shake things up. Wants us to change our way of thinking suddenly.” “What else have I changed?” Jordan asked. “Are people listening to Hip-Hop? Suddenly wearing their pants to their ankles. Eating watermelon?” “Stop it,” Rick shook his head. “You’re making a joke out of a serious conversation.” “Fine,” Jordan said as she folded her arms. “What else am I guilty of?” “The bar,” Rick said as he started taking out the broken light. “You’re going to have elaborate,” Jordan said, shaking her head. “It was fine,” Rick said, shaking his head. “Now it’s all people talk about. They keep talking about Bill and how he would be so proud.” “What’s wrong with that?” Jordan asked. “Bill was an asshole,” Rick turned to her. “Sure, some might think he was a good person, but let’s not forget the man was an asshole, how many times did he shoo us away from his bar, or when he shot Laney and Dave with rock salt.” Jordan laughed. “Your father hated him,” she smiled. “Wait,” Jordan shook her head again. “Your father really hated him, not because he was an asshole, but because he hired that black guy as a cook.” “Changing the subject,” Rick said, shaking his head. “No,” Jordan smiled. Bill was like me. Yeah, he was an asshole, but he was only like that to certain people. You because of your father, me because my father married my mother who Bill was in love with. But to everybody else, he was just fine.” Rick shook his head. “I just liked things the way they were,” he looked back at her as he put the new light in. “Now, everything is changing, people are changing.” “And you blame me?” Jordan smiled. “Yes,” Rick nodded as he finished up. “You ever think that maybe things were changing already, and they just needed a little push?” Jordan asked. Rick looked at her then shook his head. “Some of us like the way things are, we don’t want change.” “Too bad,” Jordan said. She looked around. “The world is changing, it always has and it always will. You think the earliest of people wanted change? They fought it tooth and nail and just take a look around you. It changed, from living in caves and fighting for food to this,” Jordan said as she pointed at Rick’s house. “If our ancestors could see all this, they would freak the hell out and dive back into a cave never to be seen again. Life evolves, people evolve, you can either accept it or move the fuck out of the way because that huge stone wheel will run you the fuck over. I have seen it, and it’s coming whether you like it or not. It’s called technology, and it’s making this world smaller and smaller; eventually, it will come to this town and every other like it.” Rick looked up at the stars. “My uncle has a ranch, he has been asking if I want to help him with it.” “You should,” Jordan nodded. “It’s far away from here, middle of nowhere,” Rick smiled. “Sounds like a place you would like,” Jordan smiled. “But change will come, you can’t keep running forever.” “Not forever, just long enough so that I would be too old to care,” Rick smiled. “What about the house?” Jordan asked as she looked over at it. “You want it?” Rick looked down at her. “You serious?” Jordan asked. “As a heart attack,” Rick nodded. “Sure,” Jordan nodded. “Come by tomorrow,” Rick said as he walked towards the door. Jordan nodded as she got into her truck. “Jordie?” Rick said as he turned around. “Thanks.” “What are friends for?” Jordan said as she got in her truck. *******************”You’re joking,” Mike asked. “No,” Jordan said as she smiled back at him. “We have been packing for the last four days.” “Well,” Mike shook his head as he closed the hood of the car he was working on. “Good riddance.” “Come on,” Jordan shook her head. “You don’t mean that.” “The hell I don’t,” Mike snapped back. “That man has been a thorn in people’s side, since his parents passed,” Mike said as he cleaned his hands. “Talking about how things were and how we are supposed to keep things the way his parents liked them.” Jordan lowered her head as Mike walked up to her. “You know he had Teresa at the library in tears, the day she took some of the kids to the city, in tears!” Mike shook his fist. “Then when I started up my shop and started customizing old cars that I bought he came down here on his high horse, telling me that I shouldn’t be doing customs that I should be restoring them or leaving them alone. I knocked him flat on his ass right over there,” Mike pointed to the front of the garage. “No, I mean this, and there are a lot of people in town that would back me up. Good riddance.” Jordan nodded. “Okay,” she said as she held up her hands. She knew when to back down, and this was one of those times. “I didn’t know.” “No,” Mike said nodding. “Of course, you didn’t. You two have a history before you left and after you came back. The boy you knew has been gone a long time. The man that he became is a piece of shit.” As they were talking Brandon came walking up. “Great,” Jordan said shaking her head. The two of them had been arguing the past few days. Since the work on the bar was nearly finished, Ethan had no need for the hired help. The company that Brandon and the others worked for had new jobs for them in another state. Jordan had tried to convince Brandon to stay, but he kept saying things would be better for Jordan if he left. “Hey Mike,” Brandon said as he walked towards them. “Brandon,” Mike smiled. “Jordie,” Brandon said quietly. “Hey,” Jordan replied. “I called you here because news around town says you know your way around cars,” Mike said as he walked towards a vehicle covered with black tarp. “Danny,” Brandon smiled. “Yup,” Mike nodded as he pulled the tarp off the car.”Holy crap,” Brandon said as he looked at the car. “Is this a demon?” “Uh-huh,” Mike replied. “What happened?” Brandon asked as he looked it over. The car seemed alright except for a few scrapes and gashes along the sides. “Oh no,” Brandon said as he got to the front. “No,” he said shaking his head. He reached for the hood and pulled it up. “Motherfucker!” “Yup,” Mike said shaking his head. “Some rich kid took his father’s toy for a joy ride, he ended up nose first in a lake.””Supposedly the rest of it is okay.” “How the hell did you end up with it,” Brandon said slamming the hood back down. “No offense, but these things are going for…” Brandon shook his head. “Never ask a man how ankara travestiler he does what he does,” Mike interrupted. “I know some people that know other people and voila,” Mike said pointing to the car.Brandon and Mike shook hands and looked at the black and red beast sitting in front of them. “Well, if you boys are finished…” Jordan said, but she saw Mike secretly shake his head. “Too bad, though,” Mike said patting Brandon on the shoulder. As he began to cover it with the tarp. “I have no idea how to fix it, neither does anyone here. I could fix the body and do custom work, but engine work that’s not up my alley. So it will go to auction, someone will fix it.” Jordan stifled a laugh. As she looked at Brandon’s face as it was covered up. “I can fix it,” Brandon blurted out. “I mean if we get the parts here I can definitely fix it.” “But you’re leaving,” Jordan smiled. “Yeah,” Mike nodded. “Something about taking the easy way out or some bullshit like that.” Brandon caught on to what the two of them were doing. “Ah,” he smiled. “The two of you.” “No,” Jordan smiled as she held up her hands. “Just him, I caught on afterward.””What do you say, the two of us get this beast back on the road again?” Mike asked as he held out his hand.”You got it,” Brandon said as he shook hands. Jordan smiled. “You owe me,” Mike said as he walked away. “Yeah, yeah,” Jordan nodded. She turned to Brandon. “I think I am a little offended,” she said as she wrapped her arms around Brandon’s neck. “You will stay for a car, but not for me.” “Well, I mean,” Brandon began to say. “I am teasing,” Jordan laughed. “I know how you boys are with your toys, just don’t pay too much attention to its headlights and ignore mine.” Brandon looked down at the long line of cleavage. “That would be hard to do.” “Good,” Jordan smiled. “I have to head to the bar. Finishing touches tonight before the grand opening this weekend.” Jordan pulled up to the bar. The other ladies were standing outside looking up at the sign. “I don’t remember deciding on the name,” she said as she got down from her truck. “Neither did we,” Claudia said. The sign was still covered. “Let’s see what it says,” Jordan reached for the rope attached to the gray tarp. “No,” Sherry said shaking her head. “Ethan made us promise we would leave it up until opening.” “He decided,” Jordan nodded. “It only seems fair, he did most of the work, and we didn’t pay him that much,” Mary pointed out. The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement. “Okay,” Jordan shrugged “Friday night it is then.” “You still practicing with the girls?” Mary asked. “Yes,” Jordan smiled. “It has been interesting, to say the least.” “Rather you than me,” Sherry shook her head. “Between the packing and moving, then dancing with the girls and this bar. I don’t know how you are still standing.” “Neither do I,” Jordan shrugged. The truth of the matter Jordan didn’t really know. She didn’t feel tired; her muscles didn’t ache. Jordan had kept up with the teenagers at times, even outperforming them, then she was lifting and carrying furniture out of Rick’s place into the trailer and getting her things out of storage. Rick had even commented that she lifted and carried more than he did. **************”Here we are,” Jordan said, a bit excited as the ladies looked over the bar. The DJ, the bartender, and the waitresses were all in place. Jordan looked out the front window and saw the bright headlights of people parking. “Can’t believe it,” Mary said as she stood next to Claudia. “Believe it,” Sherry said. “You all did great. I have never seen this many people trying to get in here.” “Let’s not keep them waiting,” Jordan smiled. Slowly the four of them walked out into the parking lot. “Holy shit,” Sherry exclaimed as she looked at the rows of cars. “Your husband is directing some of the other cars to park in the field across the street,” Ethan smiled. “You’re shitting me,” Sherry said as she tiptoed to see over the parked cars. She could see the parked cars across the road and the people coming over. “Nope,” Ethan smiled. “Don’t worry, I will make sure we get a head count, but the place is much bigger than it was before, which made the parking lot smaller.” “All of them can get in, right?” Jordan said looking at the people. “I would say more than likely,” Ethan nodded. “Good,” Jordan said as she looked at everyone. “Well, you better go talk to them,” Mary pushed Jordan forward. “Me?” Jordan looked back at them. The others nodded back at her.”Fine,” Jordan nodded. She walked forward and smiled as everyone gathered around. She looked at her parents and smiled. “When I left her, I didn’t think I would miss this place. I thought I was running away and never coming back. I thought why would I miss a place that didn’t respect the person I was becoming. My parents at the time didn’t like the woman I was becoming, my friends tried to talk me out of being a rebel and causing too many waves. Then I got to the city, and I found people that thought like me, that acted like me. I felt comfortable,” Jordan wiped a tear from her face. “Then the walls came down, and they came down hard, my boyfriend of many years left me, my supposed friends didn’t care, and my money ran out. I came back with my tail not just between my legs but shoved permanently up my ass.” People smiled. “I thought I was coming home and that I would be here for a while and then get back on my feet, but that didn’t happen. All of you took me back, with a bit of tongue lashing I would add, but well deserved. I came back to where I should have stayed in the first place. And I am sorry I left.” “Ah come here,” Marge said as she embraced her daughter. “All is forgiven.” “So, what does the sign say?” someone shouted. “Good question,” Sherry smiled as she yanked the rope. There was thunderous applause. Jordan stood in shock as she looked up at the bright blue light. There it was in the same blue light she had seen over and over again as a kid every time she passed this place. She had always wanted to go in, to take a peak around Bill’s Place. Now the sign looked down at her, Jordie’s Place. “Bill would’ve liked this,” someone said. “Well, what are yawl standing outside for?” Mary shouted. “Come in!” Jordan nodded and accepted the handshakes of people as they passed her to get in. All she could do was look up at the sign. It meant a lot to her to see it. Especially after what Rick had said. “See you inside,” Brandon said as he passed her. Jordan stood alone in the parking lot. Only a few more people trickled in. “Hi,” a voice said from behind her. She turned around to see a shadow coming between the cars. Jordan looked at the lady as the blue light hit her. “I always hated that light,” the lady said as she looked up at it. “But then I was just a kid.” Jordan suddenly recognized the face. “No,” the lady said as she looked at Jordan. “Don’t say it.” 

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