Alumnight – Ch. 02


This is the 2nd in a series of short stories. Reading the first isn’t necessary to enjoy this, but it may add some color.

Dramatis Personae from Ch 1

Jennifer: A 19-year old pledge to the sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi (SEX)

Samantha: Jennifer’s loving mother, was a member of SEX in college

Julie whether that was to support her daughter or to heighten the embarrassment was unclear. By this point, though, there was no one whose presence would give Jennifer pause. While spending intimate time with a lover, or lovers, had a special quality that nothing could beat, fucking for an audience was pretty damn amazing, too.

To introduce the theme for the evening, Siobhan and Jennifer gave a brief speech, taking turns speaking.

“We need to end greed to save our society.”

“To end greed, we need to spread a spirit of sisterly love.”

“To spread sisterly love, we need to share.”

“Share our toys” and the girls briefly sucked a large, double-ended dildo.

“Share our fingers” and the girls reached down to stroke each others’ crotches.

“Share our tongues” and the girls kissed passionately.

“Share our bodies” and Siobhan turned to face the audience, as Jennifer slipped behind her. Jennifer slipped her arms around Siobhan to gently caress her breasts. Once Siobhan’s nipples were rock hard, Jennifer started undoing her shirt buttons, starting at her neck and continuing until her cleavage was on display, then going to the bottom button and working her way back up, teasing everyone. With the last button undone, Jennifer held Siobhan’s shirt closed while kissing the side of her neck right at the jaw line.

Jennifer spread Siobhan’s shirt, exposing her turgid nipples to the sea of ravenous eyes. A variety of gasps and wolf-whistles demonstrated the crowd’s approval. Siobhan started swaying her hips seductively as Jennifer squatted down behind her.

Jennifer ran her fingers up the top of Siobhan’s bare feet. Reaching her ankles, Jennifer turned her hands inwards so that her fingers were caressing the inside of Siobhan’s calves and her palms lightly touched her shins. Jennifer rose, gently rubbing Siobhan’s legs, taking a moment to pay special attention to her crotch, before moving up to unbuckle Siobhan’s belt, then unbutton and unzip her pants. Jennifer pulled Siobhan’s shorts down as she slowly sank back to the floor, revealing a pair of pretty, lacy pink panties. Siobhan stepped out of her shorts, spreading her legs to take a slightly wider stance. On cue, Jennifer crawled between her legs, turning mersin escort to remain facing Siobhan. Jennifer caught the gusset of Siobhan’s panties between her lips and pulled them down. Once they were down past Siobhan’s knees, Jennifer stood back up, turning to face the crowd and briefly depriving them of their view of Siobhan’s glorious body.

Her heart beating wildly with a combination of nervousness and the anticipation of being stripped naked by Siobhan, Jennifer looked down at her mother for comfort. Samantha stared at her baby girl as intently as anyone else in the room. Then, smiling sweetly, she spread her legs to give her daughter an unobstructed view up her dress. The sight of Samantha’s bare pussy stoked the fires of her daughter’s raging sexual arousal even higher.

The crowd watched enthralled as Siobhan worked her sexy magic, teasingly stripping Jennifer naked. Jennifer’s eyes were locked on her mother, unable to look away from the sight in front of her. Samantha stared hungrily at Jennifer while playing with her nipples with one hand and lazily fingered her pussy with the other. As Siobhan pulled Jennifer’s shorts down, she exposed a very skimpy black thong. Repeating the earlier maneuver of crawling between her partner’s legs, Siobhan leaned forward to pull Jennifer’s thong down with her mouth. Having less material to work with, Siobhan improvised, slipping her tongue between Jennifer’s pussy and the fabric, using it to help hold the thong in her mouth.

Once Jennifer was completely naked, she and Siobhan turned to face each other, giving the audience an unobstructed view of their bodies in profile. The two took a moment to suck the double-headed silicone dildo, getting it nice and wet before dropping to their knees. Siobhan got on her hands and knees, before turning to present her pussy to Jennifer. As Jennifer slowly worked the dildo into her, Siobhan moaned and mumbled, “Oh god, Oh fuck, yes. Fuck that feels so good.” Once it was firmly in place, Jennifer turned around and took the other end of the dildo, leaving just a little over a hand’s width free. Jennifer looked out at the crowd and said, “In the spirit of sharing, we’d like to share control. Can we get someone up here to help us? Maybe give us a good, hard fucking with this dildo? It feels so good filling our pussies, but it’d be even better with your hand guiding it in and out of us, driving us crazy, getting the cumming started.”

Jennifer was fully expecting her mother to be first in line, but to her surprise and disappointment, Samantha remained seated. Samantha mersin escort bayan seemed content to play with her pussy while watching a stream of co-eds fuck her daughter. Even without Samantha, there was no shortage of women lined up to fuck Jennifer and Siobhan. Vicky got the first turn and by the time she was done, Jennifer and Siobhan were both breathing heavily and moaning, their pussy juice flowing freely. He twin sister, Julie, picked up where she left off, eliciting loud moans from Jennifer and a stream of, “Oh, fuck yes, fuck me please!” from Siobhan.

Once Julie’s turn was up, she walked to the side where her sister was waiting. Wrapping her arm around Julie’s waist, Vicky said, “That was so fucking hot sis. I’m so horny I might explode. Lets see if Samantha wants to play with us.” The twins walked arm in arm to Samantha and asked, “We really love your tits. Can we play with them while you finger yourself?” “Well, I don’t know. That would leave one of my hands with nothing to do, and I can’t have that. Although… maybe you could give my free hand something hot and wet to play with.” The twins answered by hiking up the hem of their dresses and sliding the sundress down off Samantha’s shoulders, exposing her puffy nipples and their extreme arousal.

The twins wasted no time, eagerly attacking Samantha’s breasts, licking and sucking as if they’d run away if left unstimulated for even a second. Samantha was equally eager, quickly slipping two fingers in Vicky’s cunt, taking turns twisting them and tapping on her g-spot. A mind-numbing orgasm ripped through Vicky’s body almost immediately, leaving her barely able to stand.

Samantha swapped hands, using the fingers that had been plumbing her depths to explore Julie. Like her sister, Julie didn’t last long against Samantha’s expert fingers. As the twins regained their breath, they heard someone slapping the floor, while Jennifer yelled, “Oh fuck! That’s it! I’m cumming! I’m cumming so fucking hard!”

The last woman controlling the dildo helped Jennifer and Siobhan slide off of it and handed it back to them after they turned to face each other once again. The girls turned the dildo around so that each had the end that had been used on her partner. “Sharing our juices,” the girls said in unison before licking and sucking their partner’s juices from the toy. Jennifer and Siobhan sat down, their legs intertwined. They picked up a wand vibrator, holding it up for their audience to see. “Sharing our toy,” they again said in unison. They turned the toy on and slid closer to one another escort mersin so that it was on both of their clits at the same time. Using their free hands, they began slowly fingering each other.

Having caught a second wind, the twins asked of Samantha, “May we please play with your pussy? It looks so hot and so delicious, and it frees up both of your hands, so you can finger us both at the same time.” “Yes, I think I’d like that,” Samantha replied, as she reached down to cup the pretty blonds’ pussies. The twins took turns on Samantha, one using fingers to fill her hole, the other sucking her swollen clit.

Jennifer cast a glance towards her mother and what she saw made her hips twitch involuntarily. There was her mother, tits out for the world to see, a pussy in each hand and two gorgeous young women lavishing attention on her cunt. The illicit show drove Jennifer much closer to orgasm, so she quickened her pace to help Siobhan catch up. The added stimulation soon had both girls moaning loudly.

Samantha had planned on not cumming until the end of the show, but between the lustful sounds her daughter was making and the pleasure of the twin’s wonderful tongues and fingers, her will was soon overcome. Lust conquered control to trigger a very noisy orgasm. Seeing and hearing Samantha cum drove Jennifer over the edge. Knowing that Jennifer’s orgasm was due in part to watching her own mother cum drove Siobhan over the edge. Exhausted, the girls told the audience, “Don’t leave yet. There’s more… to the show. We just need… to catch… our breath.”

Samantha quickly finished the twins off and then told them, “You girls are amazing, and I’d love to play with you some more later, but for the grand finale, I want to give Jennifer Jennifer had an amazing body and she was sure that she had an OK body, that some people seemed to like. Just standing around naked made her feel silly, though, so she picked up her thong to start getting dressed again.

An almost sad look descended over Samantha’s face as she suddenly took Jennifer’s hands in hers and said, “Baby, please don’t. At least not yet Just… please, just let me enjoy looking at you a little longer. This was your last show; after this all that’s left is Alumnight. Hopefully we’ll all have fun at that, but then you’ll be a sister, not just a pledge. You’ll be watching the show, not presenting it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the sexy woman you’ve become, watching you get in touch with your body, watching other sexy women getting in touch with your body, and I just don’t want that to end.”

Jennifer pulled her mother into a warm embrace. “It’s OK, mom. I’ll still be around and you’ll still see plenty of me, it just won’t be naked.”

“I know, baby, and I am eternally thankful that you’ll still be in my life. I love you so much.”

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