Maharani Bk. 01 Ch. 03


When Bangkok Girl entered Kolkata harbour flying The Marigold Line’s marigold flower on a white flag, she was sounding her horn repeatedly like a proud elephant, Prajna orders that our horn be sounded in the same way to welcome to them. We wave happily to the familiar faces of our friends, particularly Amy, as Bangkok Girl slowly manoeuvres into her allocated berth. Amy had looked after me and Sansa when we were forced into prostitution on board Bangkok Girl and who later came back into our lives as sister registered ladies of the Delhi branch of a secret sex club. The memories flood back and tears flow in happiness.

Once Bangkok Girl has berthed and the guests have disembarked, Sushila, Prajna, Karima, Priyanka and, of course Ayma, accompany Sansa and me on board to embrace the wonderful women that we had worked with and needless to say an impromptu party gets underway. We can’t resist a visit to the brothel and sitting together there, the memories almost overwhelm us because it was such a happy time. We also revisit the owners’ suite. In the meantime Prajna finds Arish and the two Captains ensure that the officers of both vessels get to meet each other. There is a great deal of hugging and kissing that becomes an impromptu party which turns the evening into something rather special.

After the coming-together celebrations Sansa’s dress in emerald green to go with her light India skin tone and mine in peach to go with my Anglo-Indian tan Mediterranean-like skin tone. We both wear shoes and carry a handbag that matches our gown and, in addition I’m wearing a clitoral and g-spot vibrator than Sansa can control remotely from her iPhone. Prajna is beautiful and looks so happy wearing her new insignia of a Captain. The sweet sounds of our musicians playing their way through a Mozart programme of well known pieces play as we join our guests in the main lounge and staying together Sansa and I, with arms linked, gently mingle personal welcome everyone on board.

At 5 pm, Maharani gently departs the dock and slowly leaves the harbour following Bangkok Girl, who has the mandatory pilot on board, out of the Hoogley River and mersin escort into the salt water seaway leading out to open sea. Both vessels are flying the Marigold Line flag and all its signalling flags from stem, via the two mast tops, to the stern in the special way that has no navigational meaning other than an unspecified celebration is taking place. The sounding of horns gives way to their normal function of, among other things, informing other vessels of her movements. It is only then that I notice the slightly higher pitched horn than that of Bangkok Girl and think it appropriate since Maharani only has ladies on board.

As we clear pilotage the vessels move further apart and the musical ensemble takes a well-earned rest. We ladies, feeling the cooler air as Maharani increases speed, either move to the stern decks or inside to explore or simply take their ease, some ladies return to their suites to relax after travelling, their unpacking having been completed by their personal stewardess. We sit in the main lounge to sociable and as we fall into conversation, I see Sansa smile as she takes her iPhone from her bag. Almost immediately I feel the vibrator having a delicious effect in the right places, so far it’s okay but I know it can be overpowering when the intensity is turned up.

We go to our suite to shower and change for dinner, an intimate shower with Sansa is one of my greatest delights, washing each other and kneeling between her legs to to her pleasure with my mouth while the shower rains a steady lukewarm drizzle down on us. I love it so much and feel so lucky that we shower several times a day. Once we are now a dry, Sansa reinserts my vibrator and then we fix our makeup and dress.

Again we wear identical ready-pleated saree gowns, this time with a crepe cowl drape and sheer embroidered net bodice with colourful Resham flowers and matching shoes and handbags. Sansa’s gown is bottle green and mine royal blue. We help each other put up our hair and attach an identical tikka pendant of small diamonds around a larger solitaire on a gold mount with seven pearls hanging from the bottom curve of the pendant. mersin escort bayan From the top of the pendant, secured by 2 hairclips, is a five inch string of small diamonds intended to run along a centre parting of the hair to the crown where the hair-clip holds it in place. Finally our matching earrings dangle to complete the outfit but decide to keep the matching necklaces for a special occasion.

After Sansa has tested that her remote is having the desired effect at full power on my vibrator, we make our way to the former Ballroom, now a Lesbian Lounge and sit to enjoy a cocktail. We are sipping our cocktails when Priyanka & Ayma enter the lounge and ask if they may join us, of course we are delighted to have their company. As we fall into conversation, it becomes clear that they are a couple, and they confess the difficulties they have had, due to work, make our new venture an opportunity that cannot miss, since when we are on board the Ayma will be too. They hope to enjoy two full cruises, i.e. 12 weeks each, per year. Priyanka has delegated so that she can run the businesses remotely. We hadn’t realised that they had booked all twelve legs and exclaim how delighted we are to have them as cruising companions.

Two couples exit the ballroom arm-in-arm and mix with others still enjoying their cocktails. There are no comments about our linked arms so the couples split to canvas opinion in case anyone felt it was inappropriate or offensive, rather the opposite, i.e. a sign of friendship. No one did and most that were asked added to their answer that mothers and daughters often do it without it raising even one eyebrow.

At dinner, Prajna points out one of the several screens around Maharani which shows her position. Modern electronics are wonderful but tomorrow morning I will give a 30 minute talk in the cinema on how it’s done without electronics. All guests are cordially invited to attend and those that do will be invited to the bridge and do it for themselves. I and the first, second & third officers will be there to provide guidance when requested. Will you place Maharani on the rocks? I’m joking of course, escort mersin there is no risk because we’ll be safely at anchor in deep water at the time! Sansa and I whisper our congratulations to Prajna.

Dinner is then served and I’m delighted with the excitement she has generated with her short announcement and challenge. Conversation needs no more help and the dinner is a great success with ladies still talking about the challenge as they head for the lounge. Suddenly I feel a lovely tingle in my genitals, the sensation increases and I want to touch myself but can’t, because everyone might see. Then the penny drops and I see Sansa grinning, she touches her iPhone and the vibrator stops immediately but the tingle remains. I go to her and whisper: “You owe me!” Sansa giggles and nods her agreement.

In the main lounge, the wind quintet entertains us while we sit and chat about Prajna’s invitation to her talk and subsequent visit to the bridge. It appears that Prajna might have a full house and I’m delighted at her imaginative exploitation of a topic that so important to mariners and those the sail with them. Sansa has her iPhone out and we both enjoy her playing unseen with my sensitive places in time with the music, I love the way that it connects us on another plane.

As ladies start to take their leave, Sansa and I wonder if any of them will be ‘sleeping together’. We haven’t noticed any signs from the other ladies, but who knows? Back in our suite we undress each other and Sansa has me lay back on the bed, from sitting on the edge. She kneels between my legs and very slowly extracts my dual-vibrator with her teeth, it is very sensuous but after putting the toy to one side, she replaces it with her mouth & fingers takes me to such heights, pausing just before each climax. She repeats the ‘edging’ many times until I’m approaching my climax for for fifth, maybe sixth, time when moaning softy I hold her head hard against me. She gets the message and I get to climax strongly. Her mouth catches my essence, and her tongue ensures that none is missed, a french kiss allows our tongues to dance and we both enjoy the fruit of our lovemaking.

After a delicious intimate shower and massage, we go to bed naked and make love again in the 69 position we love so much. Finally we settle down to sleep in our favourite spooning position with her arm and leg over me.

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