Sexiest Bucket List – Chapter 1 – Conner


The wilted carnations and poppies made a gloomy scene in the hospital lobby. That, plus the off black wallpaper and the coughing from other patients made one just feel dead. It put all who entered, or were exiting, into a world of despair. Those who left felt sick, but not a normal sick, more of a soul sick. That’s exactly how Naomi felt as she walked out of the elevator, leaving towards her truck. The doctor had tried to give her the news easily, but in short, she was dying. It would take a few months, but she’d slowly deteriorate into a vegetative state, unable to move or really do anything. She didn’t know how to take the news, but knew she didn’t have a lot of time to waste.  She got in her truck and checked her phone. The sucky thing took forever to load messages, but then one popped up that caught her eye. It was from her buddy Conner. She’d had a small crush on him since High School, but now that she graduated she didn’t talk to him much anymore. He was still gaziantep escort a virgin. She knew because he still had issues with his brothers asking if she was his girlfriend every time they talked. She wished they could hang out and she could kiss him like she’d been wanting to all along. Then it hit her. Why not have sex with everyone she’d fantasized about through her Junior and Senior year? It’d be a good way to end it, having fun running around, something she never dared do. What did she have to lose now? She’d sold all her animals to good homes, no longer lived with her parents, and of course was now dying. She had the perfect way out! She immediately messaged Conner, asking if he wanted to hang out tonight. He quickly replied, “Yes!”. It was going to go down at his place. She was already fantasizing as she drove to the mall to get her hair done and get some sexy clothes. She walked up to Conner’s door, immediately becoming nervous. What if his mom was home? Or one of his siblings? What if he was baby sitting? She probably should have thought this over sooner, but it all dropped from her mind as he opened the door. He’d buffed out since she’d last seen him. He had a goatee as well, and a much more masculine face than she remembered. His skin, before a light ebony, had apparently been sun darkened to an almost milk chocolate. She’d never felt more attracted to him than now.  “Naomi!” He took her in the biggest hug she’d had in awhile. She leaned into it. “It’s so nice to see you again! Come on in, I’m home alone.” She smirked as he walked her inside.  He walked her over to the couch then sat down. She immediately made her move, throwing herself on his lap, ripping the buttons apart on the front of his shirt. She took him in a deep kiss, exploring his mouth deeply as she felt all around to get to know what she was dealing with. He pushed her back a moment, not in anger, but more in surprise. “Woah, what is this all about?” He couldn’t take his eyes off her light tanned stomach, which she’d revealed almost immediately after attacking him. “I found out today I only have a few months left to live. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, Conner. Please just let me have you this one night.”  She took him in another deep kiss. She fought for his tongue, tasting every inch of his perfect mouth. He began to go with it, picking her up and taking her to another room. He lay her down gently on a bed, and was about to begin stripping her more, but she jumped up and threw him down on the bed. She sucked his neck as she pulled his shirt off completely, then began fumbling to unbuckle his belt.  She pulled off his pants, losing her breath at the sight of his gorgeous legs, then the sight of his cock in his boxers. She hesitated. She hadn’t had sex since… well… Junior year. She was nervous, but as she revealed the deep, dark black cock, that nervousness left her whole system. She leaned over and took the entire shaft in her mouth, basically swallowing its mass.

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