Aunt Beth- Chapter 02


I finish separating the paperwork I’m going to throw away, put it in large trash bags and carry it to the garage. I leave the little I still want to keep separate, of course between them are the photos, more than I remember, and between them those of Aunt Beth.I have many photos, one or the other we appeared together, and we were always discreet, so as not to attract attention.I examine again the face and the laughter of this beautiful woman, the second meeting comes to mind, I can not summarize it in one story is little to describe everything that happened that day. This woman deserves more consideration for those who learned so much from her in one day.Just thinking about her makes my dick grow again, I stroke this friend between my legs. I can’t resist unzipping, I pull out my cock, and smooth the tip and the pleasure brings back memories of that day.And I relive that wonderful and unforgettable day…..I saw Aunt Beth again two weeks later when she was visiting my mother.I arrived in the late morning from college and there she was looking elegant in a dress that looked more like a modern painting with geometric patterns in blue tones and a white shoe with a heel, the whole ensemble made her look admirable.They were both talking about their sisters and their problems with their husbands and children. I said hello to her, and we greeted each other as if nothing had happened, escort kocaeli despite my discomfort.I went to my room to leave my backpack and change my clothes.But as I finished dressing, my mother called me into the living room.”Denis, your aunt wants to talk to you!I hurry, my heart beats fast, and my thoughts fly: “My God, did she speak, did she say something?”Yes?” I ask in a worried voice.”Your aunt wants to know if you can help her on Saturday.Beth completes the sentence:”Nicholas and the boys are going to Deauville this weekend and I need to tidy up a book cabinet that makes me nervous just looking at the mess.”She talks while laughing and moving her head, which makes her even sexier.I meet the eyes of this fascinating woman, more and more surprising, even more so after what happened to our days before “the cock reacts faster than she talks, I think she notices. I don’t know where her coolness comes from.”Yes, I can aunt, what time do you need it?””About nine o’clock, you drink coffee with me and we spend the day cleaning.””The day! Is it going to cost that much, just a closet?”Ask my mom, who worries about my work at school.”I’m up to date. If necessary, I’ll study on Friday.””It’s just one day, maybe by mid-afternoon we’ll finish everything.”‘Beth speaks jokingly, my mother still doubts it:”Is that the closet in the study room?””It’s that one.””But it’s not that big, kocaeli anal yapan escort you finish it before lunch.”You don’t know the world of the books we keep there.””All right, then Denis will help you on Saturday. If you can come back earlier, dear.”I agree with a smile, my aunt does the same thing looking at me deeply, with a glance that made my penis reacts again to the command of that indecent look she has.***I arrive at the house where my uncles live a little before nine o’clock, I call the intercom, it takes a little while, but she doesn’t even answer, just unlocks the lock and the gate opens then I hear her metallic tone voice:”I’m in the pool, come on here.”I enter, I go down some steps, I pass a big room and I see her sitting near a round table with a glass tray, facing the huge pool where the sun starts to light the water. She is sitting on an iron sofa with green leather cushionsI put my fingers on your shoulder.”Good morning, Auntie.””Good morning dear, how nice of you to come, did you sleep well?”I sit next to you on the same couch.”Yes, why?””It’s going to be a very ‘busy’ day.”She speaks with a mischievous smile, her eyes sparkling. She hands me a slice of toast, I take a bite. As I chew, she runs her fingers over my cheek, caressing it with her fingertips, and speaks:”You are almost a man now, I saw you izmit yabancı escort being born, and now…”Embarrassed, I stop, she looks at me and scoffs.”This is not a problem, it’s like boys to dream of mature women. It makes them feel safer, I think. It’s fun for us to know that they find us sensual. It doesn’t stay that way.””It’s just that you’re my aunt.””And then how many don’t start with aunts, my husband once confessed that he touched a tasty aunt. Even whores are called “aunts”, right?I never thought about it. I nod my head yes while I chew what’s left in my mouth. That’s when I realize that she’s wearing a short, light green robe, her legs bent over the couch we’re sitting on. This leaves her thighs more exposed, and desirable, and she still has the protrusion of the hard nipples of her breasts behind the satin fabric, making my gaze stop on what I am admiring.She notices. Pulls her face closer and whispers in her ear:”Do you like the scenery, honey?”Beth strokes me, rubbing her face against mine, a soft touch, a gentle caress I’ve never had, that’s when I notice her hand stroking my thigh.We kissed, and her tongue entered my mouth as before, less daring, I did the same, the hand went down my thigh, and reached my groin until the fingers touched the nerve center of my body. She squeezes my penis tight, the member becomes large in the prison that has become the shorts.My heart beats fast, she calms me down by putting her hand on my shoulder. Beth separates her lips from mine, puts her head on my chest, and I play with her hair.”Stay calm, my beautiful, everything will be fine. There’s no sin, we want to, we can…, we do…”Beth laughs a sexy laugh.

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