Cuming in the Bar


I loved meeting at a bar. It was intimate and personal – yet also public and strangely erotic. I got there a little early and sat at the end of the bar. I was anxious – it had been awhile since we’d last seen each other. I was dressed to impress. Impress you, that is. Black fishnets – crotchless of course. Black shelf bra – leaving my nipples straining out the top. High, black boots. A black dress with a long zipper. I ordered a white wine and patiently waited. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long. I started to take a sip ankara travesti of wine when I felt an arm grab me around my waist from behind, and soft lips and tongue caress my long neck. You came around in front of me and without a word, took my head in your hands and kissed me. You thoroughly and sensually kissed me. It was amazing. You caressed my mouth with your soft lips – and explored my teeth with your tongue. Leaving me breathless, you sat next to me, turned my barstool towards you, put both legs on the outside ankara travestileri of mine and gazed at me. Finally, you said hello. We started out with small talk but the electricity was so thick our minds would not stay focused. You ordered a glass of white wine for yourself and, taking a sip, kissed me and forced the tart tasting liquid into my mouth. God. You then took your hand off my thigh and reached up under my dress. I scooted forward so you could have better access. You smiled when you found out I had no travesti ankara panties on. It was, of course, expected. You took your other hand and pulled down the zipper of my dress – far enough down so my hard, dark nipples peeked over the top. You grabbed an ice cube from your water glass and touched the tip of my hard nipples – scorching me and making me jump. Your other hand continued the quest upward. You found my hard and swollen button. You found my juices flowing – making the bar stool wet and sticky. Staring me in the eyes, never taking your eyes off of me, you started very slow and circular motions on my clit. You angled your body such that it blocked most of mine – making it hard for the average person to see what you were doing to my body.

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