Day Strip – Chapter 01: Outward Bound


There were five of us who piled in the car on a hot Saturday in June. Cherry’s boyfriend had been called into work and couldn’t join us for the trip to the beach. Still, that meant we could all travel together, Sharon and Dave, Ryan and me – and Cherry. It was us girls in the back and the boys up front, with Ryan driving. Although we got caught up in traffic, no one really minded as we were having a great laugh! I can’t remember how but we got on to talking about embarrassing incidents – mostly times when people had been caught in a state of undress or even having sex. I just about got the courage up to tell everyone about when my older sisters had spied on me masturbating to a picture of a naked man I had found when I was a teenager. They teased me mercilessly for weeks and threatened to tell my parents unless I did their chores and ran errands for them. Then Sharon confessed to having sex in the bathroom at someone’s party with people banging on the door as she was taking so long for what she was supposed to be doing! That got the others talking about the most daring places they had made love: Cherry claimed hers was in sand dunes in broad day light and Dave and Sharon had had sex on the balcony of their honeymoon hotel bedroom. Ryan and I hadn’t even made out in the back of a car so the most ‘dangerous’ place for us was probably the stairs in our own home! As we were exchanging tales of sexual mischief we turned into some motorway services. In the shop Dave bought a music quiz CD to play on the rest of the journey. I was quite relieved when everyone thought istanbul travesti it would be a good idea as I was kind of embarrassed about the conversation we had been having – partly at the boldness of the others regaling us with their exploits and partly at not having much to contribute. Back on the road I was doing quite well in the first round of the quiz – most of the questions seemed to be about my era, the 80’s, and apart from Ryan everyone else was probably a little young to remember much of what was popular back then. Then Dave said, “let’s spice this up a bit – if anyone gets a question wrong they have to take something off!” I took it to be a joke and thought Sharon would tell him not to be silly or something. In fact she was enthusiastic about the idea. “Hey, yeah! That would be fun – as long as it’s fair and we all have the same amount on.” “I was enjoying the quiz as it was.” I ventured. “That was ‘cos you were winning.” Cherry retorted; seemed like she was up for it too. Ryan added, “Which means you don’t have much to worry about.”, trying to ease my discomfort. “Well you’re driving, you can’t take anything off.” I pointed out. “Ryan will have to be referee and we will get him next time!” Cherry suggested. Yes she was up for it. Sharon may have been getting cold feet, or may be she was trying to rescue me, and said “How about just down to what we would show off on the beech?” “Fine by me,” Dave responded, “I’m already in my trunks.” “But I wouldn’t strip off in front of everybody.” I objected. “Come on, Kay, your underwear istanbul travestileri covers up just as much as your bikini; let your hair down!” Sharon said – half encouragingly, half exasperatedly. I weighed things up quickly. I didn’t want to be a killjoy and Ryan was right – on my performance so far it didn’t look as though I would have to be divesting much. I still wished I had thought of putting on my swimming things before coming out… “Okay,” I said, “bet you I’ll have more clothes on at the end than any of you!” Excitedly everyone began totting up the items they were wearing. No one had much on, it was so hot, so sunglasses and jewellery were also counted in for five things each. Cherry’s summer dress counted for two as well: she could take off the top half for one wrong answer and the skirt part for another. Sharon asked if she could have something count double that as she wasn’t wearing a bra. “But we agreed that we would only go down to what we would be wearing on the beach.” I said, wondering how that fitted ‘the rules’. “Well, I will probably be going topless.”. I couldn’t think of a reply… At the end of the first round I had only lost my hair band, Dave had taken off his watch and shades, Sharon had also removed her glasses together with a necklace, but Cherry had come off worse with necklace, bracelet and a shoe gone. Round two and something dawned on me, the questions being asked were about successive years and the quiz was already at 1989. Soon I would be out of the era I knew. First to get a question wrong was Dave travesti istanbul and off came his first shoe; then me and I removed my sunglasses. Cherry didn’t seem to have a clue and lost her second shoe – another wrong answer would really count as she only had her dress, bra and panties left. The next one, thankfully, was the first she got right but the last answer she had to give was a wild guess and hopelessly wrong. Everyone looked to see if she was going to bottle out. I thought she would go for the bow at the back of her halter neck to undo it but instead she lifted herself off the seat, reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. As she deftly slipped them off her legs I complained that we had agreed to leave underwear on. “I think I will keep my modesty more if I keep my dress on and take these off!” she said, handing me a pair of small, slinky, completely see-through briefs. Again I couldn’t think of a reply. A familiar musky smell wafted up from the panties and I had to resist the temptation to put them to my nose to confirm my suspicion – Cherry was getting turned on by all this. Meanwhile, in that round, Dave ended up without his shoes; just shorts and shirt to go. Sharon’s left shoe was off with the right one, a ‘T’ and skirt remaining and me – having got another two wrong answers – with just blouse and jeans left. We were now into 1994 but mine was an easy one to start with. Dave fluffed and had to take his shirt off. Sharon’s was harder and she didn’t get it so lost her second shoe and Cherry was wrong again too. This time she did undo the halter neck and with a big breath she let the front fall to her waist. It revealed a bra that was as slinky and as sheer as her panties. Her breasts, with their red nipples were clearly visible through the material and everyone clapped and whooped their approval.

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