Fantasy Escape


Suspend disbelief: Temporarily allow oneself to believe something that is not true, especially in order to enjoy a work of fiction.—It all began barely a few weeks ago, but it feels like everything has changed since – that I’ve changed. Like I’ve been a racehorse with blinders on, only looking forward, but I stopped running for a minute and looked around and realised there’s so much more to the world than the race I was running.We met through Lush, I forget who made first contact, but we had an immediate chemistry. We were constantly stepping over ourselves to express our similarities without appearing overly agreeable and scare the other off – you know how these things go. We’re both Australian, same lingo and time-zone, same normal life with a partner that isn’t quite as interested in sex as we are. I guess we both wanted to escape that and that’s how we found each other.It began with friendly messages (nothing sexual), then some playful selfies, and before we knew it we were chatting every day and couldn’t get enough of each şişli escort other. She was gorgeous. Natural strawberry blonde, wavy hair down to her shoulders, deep dark blue eyes, a naturally seductive pout, and an impressive rack to top it all off. The more we ogled each other, both in looks and personality, the more we each revealed about ourselves. We’re both fairly introverted, but our chemistry was something different and we encouraged each other out of our shells.We live in different states, though it’s not unfeasible we could travel to see each other. But for the meantime, we’re both faithful partners so physical interaction was off the table. She asked me, hypothetically of course, what we would do if we were to see each other. And so I turned off the reality filter in my head, stepped out of myself, and began to type.—Me:Well! What would be fun, is meeting up in Melbourne [closest big city to both of us], maybe sometime in the arvo. We could walk around a cool area like beach or city or whatever.Then do something casual mecidiyeköy escort for food, like fish and chips on a wharf or I dunno, whatever people in Melbourne do.Then go out for drinks, maybe hop between bars until we found something with a nice vibe.Drink and chat more, then go find somewhere for a dance.So far so good?Her:Mmm so far so good. I’m from the country so I don’t visit the inner city oftenMe:Exactly, so it’s different for both of us! Otherwise, either one of us would be like a tour guide with all the pressure of suggesting fun things. This way we both just make it up as we go!So, now we’re tipsy (at a minimum), we might find ourselves in a sweaty dance-pit covered in spilt drinks but too caught up in it to care.The crowd is a little too packed, so we’re right up next to each other.Hands start to wanderHer:Mmm yesMe:You face away from me and push up against me.The more I touch your body, your hips, your tits, the harder I get. The more you feel it, the more you push back into me.I kiss your neck, nibble your ear a bit, and whisper (loudly, above the noise) all the things I wanna do to you.You turn to face me, pushing me towards the back wall and we start making out. Aggressively.You can’t find my belt quick enough, and my hands are already up your dress, feeling your hot pussy through your soaked panties.You grab my rock hard cock, right as I slide two fingers straight into your dripping slit, and as my thumb presses on your clit, you bury your face in my shoulder as you cum instantly.Now it’s your turn.Her:I’m honestly soaked from reading that!I’m holding onto you as hard as I can as I’m cumming non-stop… I spot a corner not far from us and grab you by the arm dragging you over there… I grab a hold of your cock again and pretend I’m ‘slut dropping’ on you but really I’m sucking on your cock every time I go down… taking it deep down my throat.Me:Mm I’ve never had a girl deepthroat me before I would struggle not to empty my load straight down your throat the first time you did.Her:I would swallow every fucking drop!Me:Mm that’s so hot. I’m at work with my feet up pretending to read notes to cover my massive hard on right now. Where are you right now, what is everyone else doing?

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