Final Four – Chapter 1


When Tammy scooted closer to her brother and wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock, Sandy said, “What the fuck are you doing?”Grinning, Tammy glanced at Sandy.  “I’m going to have dessert.”  She leaned closer, took Cliff’s cock in her mouth, and stroked it with her tongue.“You’re going to suck him in front of Paul and me?” Sandy said.Pulling her mouth off Cliff, Tammy nodded and said, “Yup, and I’m not going to wear a mask.”“You’re a bitch, Tammy!” Sandy said.“Let me get this straight.  You suck and fuck your brother in front of a couple of hundred strangers, but I’m a bitch because I want to blow Cliff with you two here?”Sandy started laughing.  “I guess that’s kind of lame, isn’t it?”Tammy shrugged her shoulders and went back to sucking her brother’s growing cock.  She pressed her nose against him, feeling him swell in her mouth.  Cliff tangled his fingers in her hair, moaning when she used her hand to rub his balls against her chin.“Damn, I’d be as hard as a rock,” Paul said as he watched his two cousins.Tammy moaned and slowly pulled her head back until Cliff’s ridged cock popped from her sucking mouth.  She didn’t look at Paul or Sandy, but she chuckled when she heard them gasp.  Cliff guided her mouth back to his cock and began moving his sister’s head up and down.“I can’t believe she’s taking his whole dick in her mouth,” Paul said.“She’s taking his big cock in her mouth and throat.  It would make me throw up,” Sandy said.“You could try on my cock, sis,” Paul said.Chuckling, Sandy knelt next to Tammy.  She started stroking her brother’s cock, dropped her head, and took what she could in her mouth.  Doing her best, Sandy tried to deep throat Paul, but couldn’t.  The moment the end of his dick hit the entrance to her throat, she gagged and had to pull back.“Don’t try it if it makes you gag.  I love the way you suck me,” Paul said while running his fingers through her hair.Sandy looked up, pulled her mouth off Paul, and said, “I’m going to do it one of these days.”Paul smiled and nodded.  Sandy took his cock back into her mouth and began bobbing her head.  For the next fifteen minutes, the two girls blew their brothers.  Paul was the first to let out a groan and shoot semen into Sandy’s mouth.  Cliff didn’t last much longer and sent several spurts of cum into Tammy’s sucking mouth.Sandy coughed and gagged.  Paul stared at his sister, watching her ingest his spend for the first time.  When Tammy finished draining Cliff, she swallowed and sat back.“Wow, Paul must have given you a big load,” Tammy said.“Um, this is the first time he came in my mouth,” Sandy said.“Really?” Cliff said.Nodding, Paul said, “She never did it before.”  He pulled Sandy onto his lap and hugged her.Tammy sat on Cliff’s legs facing him.  He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her to him, and gave her an open-mouth kiss.  When she heard Sandy gasp, Tammy shoved her tongue into Cliff’s mouth.“I can’t believe you kiss her after she blows you,” Paul said.“You’re not kidding!  You two are something else.  I would have never guessed you two are as hot as you are.”  Sandy looked at Tammy.  “It doesn’t bother you when Cliff comes in your mouth?”“No.  I love the taste of my brother’s cum,” Tammy said.Sandy chuckled and said, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”“What made you decide to let me come in your mouth?  You always told me you thought it was nasty,” Paul said.“I don’t know.  After everything that’s happened today, it didn’t seem so strange when I decided to let you do it.  This has been a hell of a day so far, hasn’t it?” Sandy said.“It sure has.  We’re not finished, are we?  I want to get fucked,” Tammy said.Cliff laughed, moved his sister to the seat, and knelt on the deck.  He spread her legs and said, “Okay, but I want to eat your pussy first.”Tammy squirmed when her brother’s tongue pressed against her pussy.  He moved it around, licking her from her anus to her clit.Sandy sat on the seat next to Tammy, spread her legs, and invited her brother to eat her pussy.  Paul knelt on the deck and buried his face in her crotch.After a few moments, Sandy began to chuckle.  “I see why you love fishing so much.  If you’d have told şişli escort me about the sex, I would have gone before.”“I know, right!  There is nothing like having my pussy licked.  Well, except for giving Cliff blow jobs and fucking him,” Tammy said.  She reached down and ran her fingers through her brother’s hair.  “This is so great.  Now we can do things together again.”Sandy laughed and said, “I think we’re going to spend a lot of time fishing.  Thanks for helping me learn about the boat and stuff.”Cliff removed his head from between his sister’s legs.  He moved closer, stroked his cock, and then pushed it into Tammy’s pussy.  She hooked her legs around him, moaning as he started to fuck her.Sandy saw what her cousins were doing.  She grabbed Paul’s head and pulled him up.  “Stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me.”Paul settled between his sister’s widespread legs and fed his cock into her pussy.  She let out a moan as he began moving.The two sets of siblings screwed until they were all sated.  Cliff stood up, moved closer to Tammy, and presented his cock.  She grinned and sucked his semi-hard penis into her mouth.  Sitting next to Tammy, Sandy watched and shook her head.“God, girl, you are so much different than I ever imagined.  You’re a real hottie, aren’t you?” Sandy said.Tammy removed her mouth from Cliff’s cock and smiled.  “I don’t know about being a hottie, but I’m Cliff’s slut.”Cliff laughed, dropped to his knees, and said, “Yup, and I’m her slut.”  He heard his two cousins gasp when he pressed his face into his sister’s crotch.“Holy shit, he’s eating her after he came in her pussy,” Sandy said.  She smacked her brother’s arm.  “Why don’t you do it to me after you fuck me, Paul?”“I don’t know.  Why don’t you suck my dick after we have sex?” Paul replied.Sandy shrugged her shoulders, pulled Paul close, and took his penis in her mouth.  She flinched at first but decided it wasn’t as nasty as she thought it would be.  Removing her mouth, she looked up and smiled.  “Are you going to eat me?”Tammy laughed and said, “He might if you start sucking his cock after he fucks you.”Paul watched his sister suck his cock for a few minutes.  Taking a deep breath, he removed his cock from Sandy’s mouth and knelt between her legs.  He stared at her crotch, seeing his cum leaking from her pussy.  Shaking his head, he leaned forward and licked the length of Sandy’s vulva.“He’s licking me!  This is so fucking bizarre!” Sandy said.“I think it’s wonderful.  Cliff kissed me after I blew him the first time,” Tammy said.Tammy pushed her brother’s head from between her legs.  She pulled him up, and they kissed.  Sandy watched in disbelief as her cousins kissed.Paul got up, grinned, and kissed his sister.  Sandy felt his tongue push into her mouth and moaned.Sitting next to his sister, Paul put his arm around Sandy’s shoulders.  “Never in a million years would I have thought today would turn out like this.  I felt Sandy and I were hot, but we have a lot to learn.”  Looking at Sandy, he said, “This is way better than fooling around on the webcam.  Doing things in person is great.”“To me, knowing we’re not alone is wonderful.  It’s so hard trying to hide our feelings and the things we do.  This was by far the best sex we’ve had since we started,” Sandy said.“I have to agree, this is great.  We can boat, fish, and have sex without worrying,” Cliff said.“I was shocked when you referred to yourself as a slut, Tammy,” Sandy said.“I’m Cliff’s slut if he wants me to be.  I’ll do anything he wants me to do,” Tammy said, then she giggled.  “Wait until you see my new wardrobe.”“What did you get?” Sandy said.Tammy began telling Tammy about the short skirts, skimpy underwear, and other things she bought for Cliff to see her in.  They talked about how much they liked dressing sexy the different styles.“Come on, Paul.  Let’s go fishing,” Cliff said.Paul started the twin outboards.  He raised the power poles and started moving to one of the places he and Cliff liked to fish.Glancing at the bow, Cliff watched how his sister and cousin interacted.  They were animated, moving their hands as they discussed whatever şişli escort bayan it was they were talking about at the moment.“I don’t think I would ever get tired of seeing those two naked,” Paul said.“No shit, this is great.  It’s going to be fun having our sisters fish with us,” Cliff said.“Did you feel having sex in front of Sandy, and I was weird?” Paul said.“No, as I said, I thought it was hot.”  Cliff chuckled.  “It was a lot better than watching you two on the website.  Tammy and I fooled around while we watched you, but this was better.”“Yup, it sure was.”  Paul stopped the boat and lowered the power poles.Cliff and Paul told their sisters they were going to fish.  Sandy and Tammy came back to the stern.“Is it safe to jump in the water?  I’m all sweaty and sticky,” Sandy said.“We can rinse off with the wash down, or you can use the head,” Cliff said.“You can rinse me off here,” Tammy said.Cliff took out the fresh-water wash-down hose and pointed at his sister. Tammy held her arms out, slowly turning as her brother sprayed her.  When she finished, Sandy asked Cliff to do the same for her.  Cliff and Paul rinsed each other before putting the wash-down hose away.“We should cook some of this fish for dinner tonight,” Tammy said.“Fish sounds good.  We can do it at our house and go swimming,” Paul said.The four of them discussed their plans and decided to head back to the marina.  After they dressed, Tammy sat next to Sandy, showing her cousin more about operating the boat.  When they arrived at the marina, Tammy took over and docked the boat in the slip.Paul and Cliff secured the lines.  Sandy and Tammy pitched in, helping their brother’s clean the boat.  The two boys cleaned the fish and packed the fillets in a cooler.“Cliff and I will meet you at your house.  I want to get something to wear tonight,” Tammy said.“Okay, we’ll see you in a little while.  Paul and I will stop at the store and pick up something to go with the fish,” Sandy said.Cliff and Tammy got into his truck.  They waved to Paul and Sandy as they left the marina.“Holy shit!  I can’t believe what happened today,” Sandy said.  “I would have never guessed Tammy was as wild as she is.”“I couldn’t believe she’s able to take Cliff’s entire cock in her throat,” Paul said.“I’m sorry, but it makes me gag when I try.”Reaching over to his sister, Paul put his hand on her leg.  “You have nothing to be sorry for, baby.  I like everything we do together.”“So do I, but I want to make you happy,” Sandy said.“I don’t think I could be any happier.  The fact you’re willing to fish and go boating with me is great.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sex with you and everything else we do, but now we have something else we can do together,” Paul said.Laughing, Sandy said, “I have a feeling we’re going to do a lot of fishing, boating, and sex.  Fooling around in front of Tammy and Cliff is way better than doing it on the webcam site.  Fucking next to our cousins was so exciting.”“Does it mean you’d do it again?” Paul said.Sandy put her hand on her brother’s crotch, rubbed him, and smiled.  “You bet I’d do it again, every chance we get.”Paul pulled into the parking lot of a store.  He and Sandy got out and went to the store to pick up a few things for dinner.“You were wild today, sweetie,” Cliff said as he held his sister around the shoulders while driving home.“You’re not mad at me, are you?” Tammy said.“No, I’m not mad at you.  I have to say you did surprise me.  I figured you’d get naked, but never thought we’d do the things we did in front of Paul and Sandy.”  Cliff moved his hand to his sister’s breast and gently squeezed her.  “You bring out the exhibitionist in me.  I would have never done anything like we did without you there.”Twisting so she faced Cliff, Tammy put her hand on his leg and slipped it into the leg opening of his shorts.  She fondled his balls, causing him to wiggle.  “Honey, I think we bring out the best in each other.  I feel as if we’ve set each other free, and we can do whatever we want to do.  These past few weeks have been the best in my life so far.  I know we’re going to raise the bar again and again.”Cliff mecidiyeköy escort nodded and said, “If you keep playing with my balls, you’re going to make my bar rise.”Laughing, Tammy said, “Too bad it isn’t dark.  I’d pull your big cock out and suck it.”Cliff pulled into the driveway and shut off the truck.  He and Tammy got out and went into the house.  They came together in a hug and kissed one another.  Cliff began undressing his sister, and she helped.  As soon as Tammy was naked, she removed her brother’s clothes.Laughing, the siblings ran up the stairs to their shared bathroom.  They showered together and then got ready to go over to their cousin’s house.  Cliff chuckled as he watched Tammy put on a sundress over her naked body.“Aren’t you wearing underwear tonight?” Cliff said.Smiling, Tammy shook her head.  “No, not unless you want me to.”Cliff hugged Tammy, pulled up the back of her dress, and gripped her ass.  “I like this.”“Me too.  Will you go commando too?” Tammy said.“Anything for you, sweetheart.”Cliff pulled on his cargo shorts and a tee-shirt.  He grabbed a pair of sweatpants, telling his sister it may get cool later.  Tammy nodded and grabbed her sweatpants to add to their duffel bag.  They tossed in their swimsuits and a few other things.Sandy and her brother stood in the shower.  They laughed as they talked about the things they did on the boat.  Moving her hand to Paul’s crotch, Sandy said, “Did you notice Cliff shaves his pubes?”“Yeah, I noticed Tammy shaves her snatch too.”“Have you ever thought about shaving here?” Sandy said as she fondled her brother’s balls.Laughing, Paul raked his fingertips through his sister’s pubic hair and said, “No, but I will if you do it too.”“Okay, we’ll shave each other’s crotches.  Just make sure you’re careful.  I don’t want nicks on my pussy,” Sandy said.“You?  I sure don’t want you to cut my cock or balls.”Sandy and Paul took turns shaving each other.  He sat her on the seat in the shower stall, spread her legs, and used the razor to remove her curly hairs.  While shaving her labia, her brother put a finger in her pussy and used his thumb to pull her skin tight.  He rinsed her crotch with the removable showerhead, changed it to pulse, and pointed it at her clit.“Oh fuck, you’re going to make me come,” Sandy said as her brother used the pulsating spray to massage her clit.Paul slipped two fingers into his sister’s pussy and began moving them in and out.  She squealed and wiggled as her brother brought her to an orgasm.“That’s enough, I can’t take anymore,” Sandy said as she pushed Paul away.Paul returned the showerhead to the hook, pulled Sandy to her feet, and hugged her.  They shared a tender kiss, and then she started fondling his balls.“It’s your turn, baby,” Sandy said.Paul sat on the bench.  Sandy knelt on the floor of the shower and applied shaving cream to his genitals.  She pushed his legs apart and began scraping away the hair around his balls.  Paul watched as his sister carefully shaved his balls and the hair on his ass crack.  She moved to the area above his cock and shaved him bald.Once she finished shaving Paul, she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and began stroking him.  Paul let out a moan as his sister’s hand moved up and down his shaft.  Glancing at his crotch, Sandy noticed her brother had moved his butt to the edge of the seat.  She used her other hand to fondle his balls and then pressed her fingertip against his anus.Sandy rubbed her brother’s puckered opening, applying more pressure.  Paul grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled back.“Do you like it when I play with your asshole?” Sandy said.“It’s turning me on,” Paul replied.“How about if I do this?” Sandy said as she pushed her finger into his rectum.Paul let out a grunt and rocked his hips.  Sandy started fingering his ass while pumping his cock.  When Paul told her he was going to come, she took his cock into her mouth.  She stroked his rectum with one finger, sucked on his cock, and stroked his shaft.  When he came, she collected his semen in her mouth.When her brother’s cock stopped shooting cum into her mouth, Sandy removed her finger from his ass.  She sat back and opened her mouth, showing Paul his cum.  Closing her mouth, Sandy swirled the semen around and then swallowed.  She licked her teeth and lips, smiled and looked into Paul’s eyes.“That’s the second time you let me come in your mouth,” Paul said with a big grin.Nodding, Sandy…

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