It was always good to get to Homecoming. A weekend of just living the college life again, seeing old friends, and hopefully watching the team win. One friend I hadn’t seen in a while was Carla.Carla was a bubbly, sweet, intelligent woman who liked to drink wine. I had always found her attractive. She had been a cheerleader all through high school and college. She had that cheerleader build—long legs, ample bust, strong, sexy, thin. She had soft medium-brown hair that came down past her shoulders and down her back and flirted with her boobs. She had managed to retain excellent cheerleader shape.Carla was given to wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and long dresses. She was şişli escort always happy to come back for Homecoming and see old friends. We encountered each other soon after arriving back on campus.”Hey,” said Carla. She walked quickly towards me and gave me a big hug. “How are you? I was hoping you’d be here.” She smiled. Carla had a very pretty smile.”Carla,” I said. She was dressed in her usual style. “How are you?” She grinned and giggled a little. We wandered into the tent party. The beer was flowing and so was the wine. I got us a couple of glasses.We started talking about our lives and what we had been doing since we had been in college. We danced quite a few numbers mecidiyeköy escort together. Carla clung to me on the slow dances. She was staying close to me for the evening. Carla was laughing and smiling, her long hair flowing as she did. It was clear that she was enjoying herself, and so was I. As I looked at her, I couldn’t help but think I would enjoy spending the night with her.The party was winding down. “I think it’s time to leave,” Carla said softly. I nodded. We left the party together. We began to walk back toward the main part of the campus.”I’m staying on campus,” Carla said in a cheery tone. There was a hotel and conference center attached to the campus.”So am I,” I replied. We continued to walk together.”Do you mind if I ask you a question?” said Carla. “It might seem a bit forward.””No, not at all.””When we were in college, did you ever think you might want to sleep with me?”This conversation was getting interesting. “Well, yes, I’ll admit the thought crossed my mind once or twice,” I said. “Maybe more than once or twice.”Carla smiled. “It crossed mine, too.” She laughed. “Once or twice.” She stopped.”Is something wrong?” I asked. Carla just grinned. Then she kissed me. She made sure to press herself close to me.”No, nothing,” she said. “Nothing at all.” We continued walking.I opened the door of the hotel and held it for Carla. She smiled and nodded. We walked down the hall together.”Come on in,” Carla said.”Well, I’d love to, but I’m kind of tired,” I replied.

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