Hot For Teacher Part: 4


Belinda took hold of the bottom of her dress and lifted it over her head, discarding the dress on the sandy beach, leaving her completely naked. She pushed me onto my back and started undoing my shorts.”I need you, Henry. I’m so damn horny right now my cunt is so wet for you. And to answer your question at the house, no, Ian didn’t get to fuck my arse. I denied him. I already knew I would give myself to you completely, which means all of my holes, so I wanted to let you have it tonight.””Belinda, I’m not sure what to say. This is all so crazy.””Don’t say anything. Just fuck me, Henry. I’m yours anyhow you want me, but I just have to taste your cock, right now,” she said as she pulled my shorts off, discarding them alongside her dress.I still couldn’t believe my teacher was naked at the lake with me and about to suck my– “Diiick, oooohhh, fuuuuck, meeee,” I yelled as Belinda’s mouth engulfed half the length of my cock in a single go.Belinda had her hand wrapped around the base of my cock as she knelt next to me in the sand. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I put my hand on her head and groaned as she did things to me I had never experienced. I reached under Belinda and played with her tits, the same tits I had lusted after and imagined in my mind for the last two years of school. I pulled and twisted her hard nipple, encouraging her even more.Belinda’s mouth slid even further down cock until her lips pushed against my pubic hair. She had taken my entire ten inches of young hard cock down her throat. I couldn’t believe it. This was the most surreal moment of my young life. The woman I loved and lusted after was deep-throating my dick.Belinda began jerking me while at the same time sucking the top half. Fuck, it felt some damn good, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. Belinda’s fist pumped my cock hard as her tongue flicked around the eye of my cock. “Oooohhhh Fuuuuck Belinda, that’s sooo gooood, I’m cumming. Oooohhhh fuuuuck.”My cock erupted, blasting jet after jet of hot sticky cum straight down Belinda’s throat. Belinda gulped and swallowed every drop. I have no idea how much I had cum, but it felt like it was the most I had ever shot. “Mmmmh, my God, Henry, your cum tastes so damn good I love it. I could drink it every day. So sweet and so thick. fuck, I want the next load inside my pussy. I need you to fuck me, Henry.””Belinda, that was incredible. I have never felt anything like that. Are you sure it’s ok If I fuck you, I will if you want me to?””Henry, I told you my pussy belongs to you now. You can use me anytime you want. I will never say no to you. I’m your whore. Your personal cum dump. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me until I scream. I need you to stretch me open and ruin my pussy.””Before I fuck you, I want to taste you. Can I?”Belinda took my face in her hands and looked izmit escort bayan into my eyes.”Henry, anything you want, you don’t have to ask. You just take do you understand? I’m your slut now. I will allow you to do anything to me.”I grabbed Belinda’s hands and pulled her onto me, she leaned down, and we kissed like lovers. I could taste slight remnants of my cum still on her tongue and lips. I was still only seventeen and still grossly overwhelmed by my current situation. Belinda was ten years older than me. It felt wrong to demand anything from her.We kissed madly for around five minutes, then Belinda slid up my body leaning forward and hanging her perfect tits in front of my face. I knew what she wanted, so I took her nipple in my mouth and suckled on it like a baby feeding from its mother’s breast.”Bite it, Henry. Bite it hard. I love having my nipples tortured. Go ahead, squeeze the other one, stretch it, and pull on it. Ooohhh, fuck yeah, baby like that. Fuck, you will make me cum if you keep that up Oohhh fuuuuck yessss.”I felt Belinda’s entire body shudder. Then I felt a sudden wetness on my lower stomach. Her pussy must be really wet, I thought. I soon learned just how wet Belinda was when she stood up and then squatted down over my face.Even in the moonlight, I could see Belinda’s pussy lips dangling between her legs. They were glistening in the moonlight with pussy juices. A single drop dripped down, landing in my open mouth. My cock twitched as I tasted Belinda for the first time. No, this was the first pussy I had ever tasted, and I couldn’t wait any longer.”On my face now slut, I snapped uncharacteristically,” I was about to apologize for my crude remark when Belinda responded.”Oh yes, master, I’m your slut. Whatever you command, I will do.” The next second I had Belinda’s open pussy smothering my mouth and nose. She tasted better than I could ever imagine. I hadn’t eaten a pussy before, but I had imagined it, and this was better. I was in heaven as I slid my tongue inside her, licking as much pussy juice as possible.Belinda Moaned aloud, which made me feel proud that she was enjoying what I was doing. But Belinda kept moving her pussy around on my mouth. Every now and again, she would stop in one place and moan loudly. I realized she was putting her clit directly on my tongue, and she was moving around so my tongue would flick it.Realizing the hard little nub grinding back and forth across my lips was Belinda’s clit, I took it between my lips and sucked on it, teasing it with my tongue. Belinda let out a loud moan and said, “That’s it, baby. Suck my hard little clit, bite it make me cum in your mouth Henry. Oooohhh yessss that’s it Henry I’m going to cum for you ooohhh fuuuuck yessss.”Belinda suddenly lifted up and sprayed my face squirt after squirt izmit eve gelen escort flooding my mouth and entire face. Holy shit, I had never seen anything like it. I thought she was peeing, but funnily I didn’t care if she was; I never wanted it to stop.Belinda stood up, turned around, grabbed my dick, and sat on it. Holly fuck, she went balls deep on me in one go, and she screamed out.”Oh fuck I love this huge fucking cock. You are going to fuck me every day with this beautiful thing.”  Belinda was like a woman possessed, bouncing up and down on my cock, her giant tits bouncing around all over the place. It was like I was just there for the ride; maybe I was right now. But I didn’t care. I was fucking my teacher. Hell, I was fucking my brother’s future wife. Belinda grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them hard, pulling on her nipples until her whole body tensed up, and she came squirting cunt juice all over me again. This time her pulsing pussy was too much for me, and I came so hard I thought I might pass out. Shit, I was no longer a virgin; best still, I lost it to the woman I loved.Belinda collapsed down on my chest, both of us covered in sweat. She kissed me a loving, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths as my arms wrapped around her, and we shared a loving moment.”Henry, your cock is amazing, and when you came in me, I could feel it squirting against my cervix. Such a young and powerful ejaculation; I have missed those. But not anymore. Now I have you to fuck me whenever you want.””So that means you want to do it more than this one time you weren’t just helping me lose my cherry?””What? No, of course not. I fucking love this cock,” she said, reaching between us and squeezing it, “Oh my goodness, it’s ready to go again. It’s been a while since I have fucked someone with such stamina. Are you ready for round two? I want you to fuck me doggy style and slap my arse hard while you fuck me. And Henry, this might be hard for you to understand, but I want you to call me names.””Names? What sort of names?””I’m your slut now, Henry. I like to be treated like one when I’m fucked, so use your imagination and call me something filthy.””Filthy? Your right. I don’t understand. How do I call the woman I love horrible things? And what sort of things would I say?Things like cum whore, filthy slut, or filthy bitch use your imagination. And don’t forget, slap me really hard, and I mean hard, don’t hold back. I want to see bruises on my arse cheeks tomorrow. Brad needs to know I’m officially your whore.””Wait. What? You’re going to tell brad that we have fucked?””Oh, sweetie, he already knows. When I told him how big your cock was, he knew I would fuck you. He knows I can’t resist a huge cock. Well, he didn’t know if I would izmit otele gelen escort or not because he understands I would be worried about the whole teacher-student relationship thing. But I want him to have no doubt that I may be his fiancé, but I’m his brother’s whore.””Jesus, this is really weird, Belinda. I’m a bit surprised he would go for that.””Henry, you have a lot to learn about sexuality and relationships. Your brother has no control over my desires, and he knows if he wants to continue to fuck my arse, I get to fuck big cocks when I want. Because his cock is average at best. Brad understands the role he plays in our relationship. He a cleanup cuck after I have had my holes stretched by a more superior cock. And that cock just happens to belong to his younger brother. Don’t worry. He will get used to eating your cum from my pussy and arse.”Listening to Belinda talk about Brad and him eating my cum made me think I knew nothing about Belinda. If you met her at school or the shops, you would think she was a sweet, loving woman. But she is a complete slut and cheating cock whore. The more I learned about her slutty alter ego, the more I loved her.Belinda got on her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder. She smiled at me and said, “Now, don’t forget dirty names and slap me nice and hard. And don’t worry, Henry, I promise you won’t hurt me.”I put my hands on Belinda’s arse, pulling her butt cheeks apart. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like I was dreaming. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I pushed forward, and my cock slid into Belinda’s wet pussy. I loved how moist and warm her pussy felt around my cock. I was looking down at my dick in my teacher’s pussy, just taking in this incredible moment. Belinda, on the other hand, obviously Just wanted to get fucked and pushed her hips back hard, driving my cock deep inside her. Making her groan with delight as I bottomed out in her.”Come on, Henry fuck your whore. You own this cunt. Now prove it and fuck me up like the submissive bitch whore I am.”Jesus, I couldn’t believe such filthy things came out of Belinda’s sweet mouth. I was new to this submissive, master shit. I just wanted to make love to her, so I was hesitant. But I bought my hand down onto her perfect arse and slapped her as I bottomed out in her again.”Fuck yes, master, slap me. Beat my arse black blue while you fucking destroy my whore cunt.”Belinda talking like that started to turn me on big time, and I slapped her again and again. I slapped her arse so hard I could see the raised welt marks on her naked arse cheeks even in the moonlight.”Is that what you wanted, you bitch whore? You want your master to fuck your slut pussy and beat your whore arse?” I snarled as I switched sides and started smacking the other cheek.”Oh fuck yes, hit me beat my arse, master fuck your slutty whore into submission. Fill my cunt with cum for your cuckold brother to eat. I love your huge cock. I never want you to stop fucking me. fuck me, fuck me. I’m God, yesss I’m cumming, ooohhhh, fuuuck yesssss. Oooh, fuck meeeee.”

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