How My Family Deals with the Quarantine, Part II


Chad and I were like rabbits over the past week fucking numerous times each day. I must say Chad has become quite a lover. He has become more confident in himself and has started to take the lead to get what he wants.With mom being an essential worker, it gave Chad and I the opportunity to enjoy each other wherever and whenever we felt like it. Each morning since it was just the two of us, we never bothered to dress before we came to breakfast. Then after a quick bite we would relax in each other’s arms on the sofa in the family room. It was there that we would enjoy our morning screening of porn videos.One benefit of having a massive television in the family room was it made it look like we were in a movie theater. Chad became very interested in some new things he had never known of, which spurred him to try many different positions, as well as ask questions. Inevitably we would try an ever-expanding list of sexual activities, thereby always keeping our time together fresh.Chad did have a fixation on women giving oral. He told me that he thought the site of a woman sucking a man’s cock was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He had a huge smile on his face as he added, “and it feels amazing as well.” That helped us enjoy these videos of a woman giving a blowjob even more. I would move between Chad’s legs and suck his cock as he watched it. He loved it and usually didn’t take long before he blew his load into my mouth … mmmm I loved the taste of his cum more and more.One morning Chad watched as a man fucked a woman between her tits. Soon I commented on how hot that looked and added, “I think we should give it a go. Do you think you might like your big sister’s knockers wrapped around your lovely cock for a titty fuck?” With both of us having an unquenchable sexual thirst, he enthusiastically opined that as much as he loved the soft feel of my ample boobs, he couldn’t imagine that being anything other than fantastic. A little later I was sucking his cock and soon I wrapped my tits around his cock and tittie fucked him as they did on the video. I made sure to lick his cock as it thrust up şişli escort bayan through the valley of my cleavage each time, rising to my mouth. He moaned how he loved it, especially when he shot his cum all over my face and tits.We had the run of the house and with mom at work, we made sure we fucked as much as possible because once she came home, we necessarily had to calm it down. That was until one night I was on my Skype call with Barry, we were both naked as usual and telling each other the naughty things we would do to each other if we had been together. Barry came and so did I, but as we ended our Skype call it just wasn’t enough. With my insatiable needs, I knew I needed more.I needed Chad! I quietly left my room and went down the hall sneaking into Chad’s room. He was sleeping; I cautiously moved to Chad’s bed and pulled his blankets and sheets down. As I sat on the bed my hand started caressing Chad’s limp dick. As Chad started waking from his sleep and realized what was happening, I put my finger to his lips and told him, “Shhhhh, don’t make a sound.”I pulled his boxers off and wrapped my mouth around his cock. While working my mouth up and down his hard cock, both of us became oblivious to our surroundings. Suddenly I heard Chad scream out, “OH MY GOD!!” Chad jumped out of bed and covered up. My attention was drawn towards the door; there stood Mom!Chad began babbling about how sorry he was, but Mom was silent as a stone. I noticed something else as I just knelt on the bed looking at her. Then a sense of calm came over me as I noticed Mom wasn’t moving; she didn’t have a look of rage on her pretty face; she didn’t even seem to be ready to speak. Instead I noticed that her hand was up her nightgown and she was fingering herself.Boldly, I stood up and walked over to Mom. I took her in my arms and placed my hand over hers under her nightgown adding my fingers to the invasion of her pussy. She was soaking wet! Mom was always a good-looking woman, and at forty she still rocked a hot body. She stood five feet six inches tall with long, beautiful legs leading to her firm hard şişli escort bayan ass. Mom has blonde hair and big beautiful 38DD tits. I was surprised to see she had a smooth shaved pussy. She looked like a goddess standing in the doorway as if in a trance, her eyes evident to the lust this sexy woman was experiencing looking at her children making incestuous love with each other.I pulled mom tight to me and kissed her softly on the lips. She showed no resistance at all. I guided her to Chad’s bed and then pulled down the covers fully exposing my naked brother who had been trying to hide his semi-hard cock. Mom still never said a word and showed no resistance she just allowed me to move her as I wished.I removed Mom’s nightgown, exposing her smoking hot body. As I lay her on the bed and started caressing her tits, I whispered to Chad to move between mom’s legs and lick her wet cunt. Chad hesitantly nestled in between her legs. All of our playtimes proved fruitful as my brother performed cunnilingus on our sexy Mother. Mom’s eyes closed as she sighed with pleasure. Her hips started grinding up into Chad’s face. Chad was masterfully stimulating mom’s clit as her moans became louder and louder. I watched as Mom squirmed with arousal and balled up the blankets in her hands. Her hips pushed upward as she offered her juicy cunt to Chad’s tongue, attempting to pull him deeper into her sex.For me it was such a beautiful sight to witness Chad making love to Mom at the hole from which he had entered this world. I leaned down to Mom’s face and softly kissed her on the face and lips whispering to her, “Cum Mommy, cum all over Chad’s wonderful tongue … cum for us Mommy.”With that Mom’s hips raised into Chad’s face as she screamed. Soon her body started shaking as her nectar exploded all over Chad’s tongue and face. Chad’s lapped up all of Mommy’s juices before sitting up. When he did, I kissed him, tasting our Mother’s cum as we kissed with dueling tongues.As our kiss broke, Chad and I both looked down at Mommy who was smiling as her breathing was returning to normal. She looked up at me mecidiyeköy escort and asked, “Did you teach him that?”Smiling, I replied, “He’s a natural Mom, and take a look at this cock…..WOW!” As I reached down and started caressing him.”I think Chad needs a little reward Mom, don’t you agree?” With that I leaned into Chad’s crotch and took his dick in my mouth. Chad sighed as he sunk back into the bed. I looked over to Mom and smiled. “He does like a good blow job Mom,” and then moved my mouth back onto his cock.Mom moved around next to me and caressed Chad’s balls as she whispered to me, “Since he pleased me, don’t you think I should give him that reward?” I removed my mouth from Chad’s dick as Mom took him in her mouth. As mom sucked Chad off, I moved under him and licked and sucked his balls as Mom bobbed up and down on his manhood.Mom and I then alternated sucking Chad’s cock and balls until he screamed out, his body tensed up and blew his load into Mommy’s mouth. Mom was a pro as she sucked while she took rope after rope of Chad’s cum without wasting a drop. As mom removed her mouth from Chad’s dick, she kissed me and we then snowballed his load between us until we both swallowed a portion of his tasty delight.We all collapsed into each other’s arms in one naked mess. After a short time, Mom finally broke the silence as she told us, “We should go to my bedroom. The king-size bed will give us more room.”We all laughed, raced to her room, and then we all jumped on the bed. Mom moved over toward me. Her lips leaned into mine as she kissed me softly on the lips. Our soft kiss turned more passionate as our mouths opened and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Mom’s hands cupped my breasts as she massaged and caressed them. I let out a loud moan as her touch sent tingles through my body.Chad lay on the bed next to us watching as Mom and I kissed. The intensity of our encounter increasing in passion as we caressed each other’s breasts, leading to kissing all over one another’s mounds and sucking the aroused nipples into our mouths. Mom’s hand slid down my body and between my legs. To accommodate her access to my clit and cunt, I spread my legs like a wanton whore. I could feel her fingers sliding up and down my wet slit and her thumb rubbing and strumming my clit causing the extreme release of my womanly nectar in copious amounts.

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