I Didn’t Get Her Name


I calmly walked down the hall towards his office and stayed as quiet as possible so no one heard me. I didn’t want a friend or co-worker to spot me and blow my cover. As I got towards his door, I stopped in my tracks.”Do I hear moaning? Are you masturbating in there?” I giggled, before I went to his door.Although, once I put my face against the door, I jerked. “Dude, do you have another woman in there? That sounded like a woman moaning,” I whined, before I grabbed the door knob.I opened the door and saw him. “Oh, you son of a bitch, you’re fucking cheating on me with some skank,” I muttered, tightening my grip on the doorknob. “You’re fucking her from behind, you bastard. What the hell?”Even though I was repulsed, I couldn’t look away. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew he was an asshole for cheating, and sure enough, the floozy was enjoying herself too. I stood there, shedding a few tears, and tried to comprehend what was happening.”You pushed the wrong button, shithead,” I branded him, coming in there with them. “I don’t know who this is, but she likes it. Maybe because of the ring on his finger, don’t you think, tart?””Who the hell are you?” she whined, lifting and covering herself.”I’m his wife. Didn’t you see the ring on his finger?”They both stayed silent for a few seconds.”Yes, but I had no idea what you looked like, though.””And you’re not even saying you’re sorry, whoever the fuck you are,” I said, grabbing her clothes. “Would you get the hell out of here now?” I ordered her, throwing them at the door. “If you didn’t get the memo, my husband and I have some things to discuss now.””Okay, there’s smoke coming out of your ears now; sorry, does that sound better?” she asked, coming around me.I failed to even look at her and kept my eyes on him. I waited to hear the door open and close, and since it was just fifteen seconds, she didn’t even bother getting dressed.”You son of a bitch,” I attacked him, coming to him and hitting him with both hands. “How the hell could you do this to me?””Hey, knock it off,” he griped, moving away from me. “If you didn’t notice, I’m naked.””Yes, I did notice, you scumbag,” I branded him, slapping my hand and coming towards him. “I surely acknowledged you fucking her from behind too. How the hell could you cheat on me? I’m your wife!””Shit, I’m sorry,” he griped, climbing over his desk. “I, I, I…””You, you, you, what, Frank? I need to know what it was like to have your cock inside her? Who the hell was she, an intern, some tramp needing legal advice?””She was just a paralegal, Diane, that’s all. You can quit beating me now.””Oh, give me a break,” I whined, pushing his papers off his desk. “You cheat on me, and you’re unhappy with my reaction? Was I supposed to be happy about this? Were you under the impression my pussy would be drenched and I’d just be dying to have our threesome here in this office?””What, no, I just saw her, and she saw me, and things happened too.””And it just happened? Your cock just happened to venture into her snatch as you both just happened to be naked? What, were you testing the waters for the threeway I agreed to, asshole? Was I just not supposed to find out about this?””I have no idea, Diane. It had nothing to do with that threesome I wanted to have with you and another woman. Yes, that woman would’ve been a suitable candidate, but I didn’t have you on my mind at all.””Well, duh, because if you did, you wouldn’t have cheated on me, huh?” I cried. “How dare you pull this shit? I’m your wife, and I accepted your ring three years ago. I agree to let you see me with another woman and have a threeway, but this is how you repay me? I just wanted to take you out for lunch, but I come to find you doing it with that wench. Why shouldn’t I divorce you right now?””Well, istanbul travesti hun, maybe we can make things up right now,” he offered, closing the gap.”I just caught you cheating on me, asshole. We’re not about to get busy, now tell me what the fuck? I thought we were alright, but no? Do you need some other pussy too? Mine’s not good enough for you anymore?” I whined, before a gap. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I rain on your parade? You’re covering your face because you didn’t want to deal with this? You thought you’d get away with it, come home, and get me into bed? Was that the plan, jerkoff?” I branded him, pushing him.”Shit, I don’t know, Diane. She was just fucking hot, we both had lusty eyes, and it happened.”I scoffed. “So, what, like you’re a victim of circumstances? So, I should take pity on you? Fuck you, cocksucker!” I yelled, throwing a small chair he had in his office. “You should probably spend the night somewhere else unless you want to ass chewed off, dumbass!” I roared, before I walked out the door and slammed it.I just tried to breathe as calmly as possible, but my heart was beating a mile a minute, and I had smoke coming out of my ears too. I didn’t stomp, but made it clear to everyone that saw me that I was really pissed off and not to screw with me.I walked out the front door and went to my car. “Fuck going back to work; I’m going to the spa,” I said, before pulling out my phone. “Fuck you, dumbshit; get the skank to come back because you’re not getting through to me anytime soon,” I griped, before turning my ringer off and putting it back in my purse.I drove straight to the spa and tried to calm my nerves. Surely enough, I knew it wouldn’t erase the bullshit he pulled, but it’d make me feel physically better anyway. I went there and got into the locker room.I opened my locker up and saw a woman come up to me. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s wrong?”I peeked at her nude tits as she just had a towel around her waist. “Let’s just say today is not a good day; thanks for asking,” I replied, before stripping myself.She just stood there and watched as I was clearly pissed off. I didn’t know what else to say; she was just a fellow spagoer I had seen before, but never talked to. I saw her hand out with a towel when I got all my clothes in my locker.”Thank you,” I said, taking it.I wrapped it around myself and went to take a mud bath. I got in there and tried my best to relax, but of course, it was a tall order considering that I was ripping my husband a new asshole just thirty minutes beforehand.I put the pickles on my eyelids, but before pulling them down, I noticed that woman come in with me. She waved at me, so I waved back as she dropped her towel. Even in that mud, I felt my pussy get wet.’Well, she would’ve been a good contender,’ I thought, before I pulled the pickles down.Then I set my head back and relaxed. I certainly had Frank and that whore on my mind, but I tried to phase them out best. It wasn’t going to happen, but I still needed to try.One way to do that was by thinking about that woman just six feet away from me. I got to see her both half-naked and fully nude from head to toe as well. I never considered myself bisexual, but undoubtedly curious and willing to have a threesome with another woman.I couldn’t play with my twat in the mudbath, but I certainly felt my snatch leaking as if I was playing with it. I even thought about pulling my arms out and moving the pickles, but I decided against it because it would be too risky.Still, I shook somewhat. ‘Well, that chick was smoking hot. She was five foot and eleven inches of pure beauty and seemed to lay down her heart; it appeared for me to take. That curly brown hair didn’t hurt, either. She smiled at me before, but I was too pissed off istanbul travestileri to think of anything about it. She has perfect tits, a bush, and a flat stomach too. She even looked like that harlot in the office. You clearly knew he was married, but you fucked him anyway. You didn’t even look remorseful, you cunt.’I had never met her before, but considering what she did with Frank, she was a bitch, and she’d never lost that status. I was curious to know how long I was supposed to be in the mudbath, and I couldn’t even see the clock to verify how long I was there.Although, I just took the cue from the other woman as I heard her get out. I pulled my arms out and picked up the pickles. As I opened my eyes again, I saw the woman standing at my side, covered in mud, with her hand out too.I grabbed it, and she helped me out of there. “You looked like you could use a hand.””Again, thank you.””Not to be nosy, but are you sure you’re okay?””I appreciate the concern, but I’m not about to tell my story to a stranger.”She nodded and went to wash herself off. I did the same and certainly helped myself to see her. I didn’t know what to make of her, but sure enough, I liked what I saw. Once we were both washed off, she tossed a towel to me.She smiled at me as she dried off and then walked away without covering herself. So, I had to watch her stroll away, and I got to see her lips down there too. I bit down on my bottom lip and shook, but she turned her head back to me, to my surprise.I swiftly moved my head back a tad, but she smirked at me and waved again. I still didn’t know what to make of that, but sure enough, she pegged my interests. I had a cheating bastard having me think I needed to get revenge and a friendly woman in my spa.I followed her, and she went to the sauna. Oddly enough, she opened the door for me when she got there. So, I went in there, and she came in behind me. I sat on one side, and she sat on the other side.She wasted no time exposing her body once again, and surely enough, she attracted my eyeballs. I couldn’t help it, but she made eye contact with me again, but didn’t speak. So, I showed her my body, too, and I noticed her checking me out too.Neither of us said a word for over five minutes and felt the effects of the sauna. I tried not to stare, but it was a fool’s errand. I indeed decided that I would get with another woman for Frank, but once I saw that dashing woman, I knew it was for me too.We both made eye contact several times, but didn’t talk. I caught her slathering her lips somewhat, but I didn’t even know her name. She was quite the lovely lady, but I didn’t think she offered anything beyond a towel or a hand.After three hundred-plus seconds, she peeked at me. “So, are you gonna tell me what’s going on?”I heard her that, but my focus was on her boobs, which were like two sexy shiny objects. My pussy leaked again, and I shook, but she didn’t speak to that. Although, she did rub my leg, and as she could tell what was on my mind, she knew I wouldn’t object.”Your mouth is wide open, and you seem to feel better now. I guess the spa did its job.”I nodded and pictured her kneeling before me, even with my eyes open. I already knew the fire was there, but she turned up the heat as she got close like that. After a moment, she sat next to me and still kept everything out there.”Feel free to look, I don’t mind, and I’m assuming you don’t care if I do the same?”I answered her by eyefucking her. I indeed didn’t plan on finding someone to fuck, but she had me begging to get with her by then. I took her up on her offer and watched her like I’d die if I didn’t.”I know I shouldn’t pry, but did your wife or girlfriend cheat on you?””No, my husband.”She broke eye contact and nodded. Obviously, she didn’t travesti istanbul see that detail coming, but the other one, though.”I know we’re strangers and both naked, but may I hug you?”I immediately grinned, and she took that as her answer. So, she wrapped her arms around me from my side and let me feel her jugs too. I felt so good that my twat had juice drizzling down off the top step.I felt my heart beating like it had Lar Ulrich in there banging on those heartstrings. She also helped peck my cheek a couple of times, so obviously, she found something she liked in me.I didn’t know what to think about her, but she proved that she did put her heart out there for me and maybe something else. After a moment, she let go of me, but kept her eyes on me. She failed to say a word, but she grabbed my hands and massaged them between hers.I couldn’t control my cherry to save my life, and she knew it. Whether she was screwing with me or not, I had to let her do whatever she wanted. I couldn’t comprehend a motive she’d have to mess with me, but all bets were off.She knew something, but even just some information, I knew she could make a move, and she knew I wouldn’t mind. I tried to stay calm, but she wasn’t making it easy at all. Nevertheless, I still liked that.After a moment, she took my right hand and brought it to her face. “Dare I ask, are you a naughty married woman?”I bit down on my bottom lip, but nodded.”Did someone break your heart?”I nodded again, and then she brought her face toward mine. “May I kiss you?””What?” I questioned, backing away. “I don’t even know you.””Yet, you like what you see,” she busted me, getting on my lap. “Call it me being pushy, but it’s not like you’re gonna be resistant, huh?” she pondered, before stealing my palms and setting them on her tits. “Let’s face it, you’d like it better not knowing my name,” she whispered, before kissing me.She was right and practically rubbed my nose in it. I was still very much a married woman, yet I was doing something just as bad as Frank, but I wasn’t expecting him to show up at my all-female spa.I felt the thrills surging throughout my body, and I wasn’t regretting it so far. The woman kept her hands on my shoulders and lips on mine for over two minutes as we just enjoyed each other. I didn’t foresee this situation, but I wasn’t complaining.I let her be the ringleader and kiss me with purpose, as in she wanted to make me feel better, even if I was married and we never uttered our names. Even if I didn’t spill the details, she seemed to grasp the main one: I was cheated on, and she saw the lust in my eyes for her.After over two minutes, she parted her lips and smiled at me. “So, you liked that?”I nodded and attacked her with my breath. She pulled my hands down just a tad so her nipples were exposed. I couldn’t help, but to eyefuck them up close, and needless to say, I soiled the wood bench again.She even leaned back somewhat so I could get yet another foot or so and allowed me to soak in her whole body once again. I still had no idea what her name was or why she was being so lovely, but she was right: I liked not knowing.After another minute, she leaned to me once again and kissed me. “Well, regardless of whoever the fuck he screwed behind your back, he sucks.””I agree,” I added, before bringing my lips to her right nipple.She offered herself on a silver platter, and I took her as I had the most giant sweet tooth imaginable. I immediately began slathering her nipple, and she also placed her palms on my head. I couldn’t look at her, but I didn’t think she minded.She caressed my head and shook a bit, too. All the while, she moaned, but didn’t utter any actual words. I felt her juice plummeting out as well, so I knew I had already made her feel good. On the other hand, it was clear she was out to feel good too.I went to both of her nipples and pleased both of them the most I could. I felt the adrenaline coursing through my body like I got struck by lightning and more. All because of this hot chick that just offered herself.

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