Kelly Chapter 6


I had spent two long days driving to the area where I needed to go and pick up the items for my store. My SUV is roomy and comfortable, great air conditioning when I need it and heat when it’s cold. My trip to the upper Midwest threatened snow, it was October, of that year, after all. I stopped after the first day along I-90 in Rapid City. I checked into the hotel, found some dinner then crashed into the bed.When I woke the next morning, I looked out of the hotel window. There was a light dusting of snow, with more coming down. I took a quick shower. I went down to the free hot breakfast then off down the road to try and get ahead of the storm. I was able to do that. After about 100 miles the clouds were spotty and the road dry.I mention all of this as lead into my drive home. The storm blew through, leaving about three inches of snow on the grass. The roads were wet for a couple of days while the snow melted and water drained off. It kept getting warmer every day. On the day I was to leave I realized that I didn’t take any short sleeve shirts and I was going to bake in long sleeves. Now along I-90, every town of much size has a Wal-Mart. I usually wear polo shirts. As I was heading West again, I stopped in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Gillette, and Casper. NO SHORT SLEEVE POLOS to be found. The few I did find were double and triple XL, white, and already dirty. I finally stopped at an Outlet Mall and Eddie Bower came to my rescue. They had one in my size and grey in color. So you can see how the drive was going.I drove a long day, twelve hours, anxious to get home. In Evanston, WY, I stopped at a Best Western for the night. Now in the 1960s, I’m şişli escort sure that the room was probably beautiful and the height of elegance. It had been updated over the decades but still looked very dated. Today, some more modern hotels would have called the room a suite. There was a short, half-wall dividing the “living room” from the bedroom. It was clean and the bed was comfortable so I did get a decent night’s sleep.After breakfast in the morning, I continued my journey. I must have had a tailwind as my gas mileage was great. I had planned on dinner with Kelly when I got back to town. When I was about an hour out I stopped to text her where I was. She seemed to be in a panic. She said she was nowhere near ready to see me.We had discussed the night before, where we were going to meet for dinner. I wanted a steak, so we made plans to meet at the restaurant. Thus begins the night of a comedy of errors.During our conversation the previous night, I was sure that we had decided to meet at the restaurant. When I contacted Kelly to tell her that I was an hour out and she told me that she was not ready, I decided to kill some time. I filled the gas tank. Since I had a cooler in the car, I bought some groceries. Having been out of town for over a week I had no perishables in the fridge at home. I then meandered over to the restaurant and parked the car.I was still early so I turned on the audible book that I had been listening to while I was driving. Since music on the radio has a tendency to cause me to become drowsy while I’m driving, I listen to recorded books. I started doing that back when you could rent a book on cassette tapes at one truck mecidiyeköy escort stop and return it at another truck stop on down the road. All of that listening, as well as my reading I believe has helped with these stories.I had been sitting there for a little over half an hour when I received a text from Kelly. She said she was waiting at the usual place that we leave her car in the next town over. The town we live in has no steak house, which is why I was parked nearly forty miles from where she had parked. I told her where I was. Again she seemed flustered and said she’d be right there, then I had to remind her where the restaurant was.Having sat in the restaurant’s parking lot for nearly an hour, I was starting to get some weird looks from other patrons. They had noticed me sitting in my car when they went in and really noticed me still sitting there when they came out.I finally decided to move my car to the back parking lot. As I did, Kelly pulled into the lot. She had made the forty plus mile drive in about fifteen minutes. There is only a short section of that drive that is a freeway. You can do the math. She may have exceeded the speed limit, just a little. I parked my car and she pulled in beside me. She greeted me with a quick hug and a kiss, but looked at me with hunger in her eyes and not for food. She held my hand tight as if the ensure that I was really there and couldn’t get away.We went in and were seated immediately. With it being late afternoon, the restaurant was nearly empty. We talked about inconsequential things, just being glad the see each other again and holding hands under the table. I looked over the menu but the only size of Ribeye steak was a sixteen-ounce steak. I have never been able to eat a Pound of steak in one sitting let alone the side dishes. We sat there looking at the menus. We wanted steak but since Kelly liked hers medium rare and I prefer mine a bit more done, we couldn’t even share one.Finally, she decided on a fried shrimp sandwich and I ended up with a pulled pork sandwich. She had the house salad while I ordered lobster bisque. The bisque was wonderful. While we waited for our food, we continued our conversation, getting caught up with what had happened in each other’s lives while I was gone. We continued to hold hands under the table when we could, while we ate our dinner. After we finished, I paid the bill and we went out to our cars.Usually, we take my SUV but since it was full, including the front passenger seat, we took her four-door sedan. I knew of a little city park nearby so we headed that way. We had held hands under the table in the restaurant. Now it was time for a much needed make-out session. I had told myself that a little necking and fondling were about all I could handle as I was quite tired from my long drive.We went into the park and drove around looking for the most secluded corner that we could find. We found a place with no other cars that was next to a freeway flyover. It was a warm day and we parked in the shade provided by the freeway entrance.Kelly was in the driver’s seat and I was in the passenger’s seat. It didn’t take long for us to realize that bucket seats with center consoles were really uncomfortable. We glanced in the back seat then at each other. We then reached for our respective door handles simultaneously. Once we were back in the car, Kelly laid across my lap, arms around me and mine around her. The heavy kissing began in earnest. 

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