Mom, Continued


TimothyThe sun was setting as we were once again in the missionary position shortly after our recent orgasms. I rolled Mom on top of me as I worked to even out my breathing.In between soft kisses, Mom suggested, “Shall we warm up our lunch for dinner? I know that I’ve worked up a hunger for more than just your glorious cock.””Sure, Mom,” I replied as we kissed some more and reluctantly moved from the bed.  I followed her perfect petite naked form into the kitchen and watched her bend over to pull our meals from the small refrigerator. That ass was just too irresistible, and I pressed my face between those perky lobes and licked from top to bottom and back again.MomThe day went better than I ever could have conceived. I went into this, hoping that we would be close again. Still, I never considered the closeness that we had achieved in one magical afternoon. Lying on top of him, I reveled in the feeling of his softened cock pressing against my well-used and slippery vagina.  I suggested food as both of our stomachs growled endlessly. After making my way to the kitchenette, I bent down to retrieve our food from the half-sized fridge when his tongue slipped between my exposed cheeks. Bent over as I was, I shuddered at the lecherously exquisite feeling of having both of my holes orally pleased. Timothy moved his arms between my legs, pushing them further apart in his quest to manhandle my breasts. As he reached and began to palm my tits, I lost my balance and was basically resting on his arms. Realizing my situation, Timothy slowly stood and placed me on the table like I was a feast for him to dine on, and eat he did.The orgasms rolled through me like an unending train intent on running me over and leaving me euphoric. He did all that and more before finally removing his tongue and letting me rest while he warmed our food. I was still in the same position, spread-eagle across the table, when he sat our food in front of my face and fed us both. I finally gathered the strength to get off the table and moved straight to his lap and his rising prick. It’s an interesting sensation eating nude with a cock inside you, even more so when it’s your son’s.We continued to eat until there bursa escort was nothing left, and he stayed hard inside me the whole time. Upon finishing, Timothy wrapped his arms around me and stood up, carrying me back to bed, where we made love for a few more hours. Waking to my alarm a six, I felt safe and loved like never before, wrapped up like a child in his arms.”What time do you have to go?” he asked as his morning wood slowly permeated my willing puss.  “No time soon,” I replied while pulling his arms tighter around me.We both came again before he scooped me up and took me to the shower. He let me down, and I turned on the shower, then pulled him inside. We lathered each other up and played before leaving the warm water for some coffee. I started the pot with a towel around my hair as Timothy shaved. I watched as the razor glided across his face, leaving it smooth and shiny.After he rinsed off the remnants of the shaving cream, Timothy offered, “Would you like me to do you too?””Sure,” I replied, hopped up on the sink, and spread my legs wide.I’d always kept myself trimmed and shaved down there because I never knew when I’d meet someone in my travels.”Have you ever shaved someone else?” I teased with a sexy little smirk while inching further forward.”No, but I shave myself all over, even in places I can’t see.””Well, I’ve only shaved one other person, and that was my Aunt Melinda. She had a lot of facial hair and talked about shaving it. She was afraid to do it herself and asked me if I could do it for her. Let me just say that it is a whole different experience shaving another person. That sense of touch that helps you while shaving yourself is non-existent when you’re working on someone else. So, be gentle and take your time, please.””I’m sure, especially while shaving the pubic area. I know that my skin down there is much more sensitive, so don’t worry about me taking my time. Show me with your finger the directions that you move the blade to minimize razor burn,” Timothy requested.Feeling sexier than I had in a very long time, I used two fingers from my right hand as a mock razor. I glided them across my pubic area, showing Timothy exactly how I shave myself. Nearing bursa escort bayan my taint, I leaned back further and placed my heels on the edge of the sink to expose my little star. Tracing my fingers around my recently licked pucker raised my temperature several degrees, causing my nipples to swell briskly.By now, it was clear to both of us that my little presentation had gone off the rails, especially when I dipped them into my very damp cunt. I was having trouble maintaining eye contact with Timothy as my self-pleasure escalated. Through squinched eyes, I wondered aloud, “Are you enjoying my little display?””Mmmm, very much, Mom,” he replied while keeping his distance.The addition of a third finger to my already peaking puss and his use of ‘Mom’ pushed me over, and I rode the wave home. I felt Timothy’s hands grasp my thighs as I began to slip off the counter. He held me in place during the last surges of my climax. I stayed in that awkward position for another minute or two.When my eyelids finally parted, Timothy suggested, “Why don’t we take this shaving thing back to the bed. I think it will be a little safer than the bathroom vanity.””Okay,” I mumbled in my cum-drunk state.TimothyIt was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Watching Mom move her fingers around her groin to show me the best directions to move the razor across her tender skin. When she leaned back and traced around her little star, my cock twitched ardently. My eyes moved to hers as her digits moved into her slippery vagina. I saw the pleasure as it built in her libidinous frame and rapidly took control. She began sliding off the edge of the counter, so I grasped her thighs to keep her from falling.Holding her in place for a couple of tempting minutes, she finally opened her eyes. I suggested we move back to the bedroom to complete her shave, where she could be more comfortable.Mom replied, “Okay,” in a very sultry manner before I picked her up and carried her to the bed.Once I placed her on her back, she luridly stated, “Forget the shave and eat me, Baby Boy.”I didn’t hesitate to press my mouth to her sex as my eyes never left hers. While I lapped at her womanly folds, Mom stared back at me through escort bursa the tiniest slits of her eyes. Her mouth was agape as she spread first her legs and then her labia with her own hands. It was nothing short of intoxicating to watch. Stretching her labia sinfully wide, she cooed, “Deeperrr… get your tongue deeperrr.”I followed her instruction and pressed my face harder into her slit as my oral appendage reamed her slippery womb. Whirling my tongue like a human blender brought her over the top within minutes. As she convulsed through her climax, her legs pressed my face even harder into her pussy. I kept my tongue still as her peak slowed, and her legs gradually stretched out, releasing my head. Now able to breathe, I sucked deeply, inhaling her delicious scent while filling my lungs with air.I stayed in place and licked up her flowing nectar as she spoke between deep gasps.”Wow!” she puffed. “That was amazing! I… I’ve never… never cum that hard!” she wheezed. “Come kiss Mommy, Baby,” she pleaded as her hands gripped mine, pulling me up her torso.Her continued use of the word Mommy only increased the effect that her tantalizing body had on my manhood. I couldn’t explain it other than to say that the social forbiddance of our relationship only added fuel to my need to be with her. As I slid up her body and our lips touched, I also felt another set of lips with my manhood. Our lips parted, and our tongues wrestled as I once again eased into her welcoming womb.I noticed the time from the corner of my eye and saw that it was already seven-thirty. I leisurely delved the depths of her perfect vagina putting aside the fact that I should be logging onto my work computer very soon. The kissing became the sort of sloppy, hungry type that left you wanting more. Between that and the clutching lubricious warmth of her pussy, I didn’t care to ever leave this place or her.It was an indulgent wanton fuck, if ever there was one. The sounds that emanated from our depraved souls only fueled the heat and escalation. As our mouths worked to swallow each other’s, our groins crashed together in an unending rapturous collision. How either of us could even walk after that was nothing other than fucking stupid orgasmic love. After what seemed to be multiple orgasms for my mother, I finally climaxed with little seminal evidence. Of course, there was that incredible high that accompanied it all.Mom

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