Stained Window, Stained Panties


Barely discernable movements could be detected between two houses on the cul-de-sac. Nearing midnight, the suburban streets were silent. The movements were of a slender young man on a covert mission. His target; the dark house to his right. Only one room lit. Perfect.His gaze immediately was drawn to the light like a moth to a bug zapper. Even in this darkness on the edge of town, he knew the terrain perfectly. This wasn’t his first late-night surveillance of this particular window. Nor would it be his last.Conditions were perfect. Nimbus clouds obscured the crescent moon. His heart was pounding and his penis was hardening like a stroke victim’s arteries. He felt small raindrops on his uncovered head but felt no concern. As long as there was no illuminating lightning he could cope. Heavy rain, however, could be detrimental. If the ground became soggy, his footprints might be noticeable. He didn’t want the law showing up at his door with plaster casts of his Nikes like an episode of CSI Cinderella. His name is Tom, appropriate for his voyeuristic bent. As fetishes go, it wasn’t a horrifying one. Plus it was cheap. His only requirements şişli escort were Windex and Bounty paper towels.His fetish seemed preordained since the day-long ago he uncovered a VHS copy of Michael Powell’s “Peeping Tom” lamely hidden behind his dad’s massive movie collection. His dad claimed to be a cinephile despite owning every Jim Varney movie ever unleashed on unsuspecting theaters. Still, Tom learned much from him, explaining why he grew up watching French new wave cinema sandwiched between Power Rangers and Pokemon each morning before elementary school.Moving stealthily like a Kurosawa samurai, he crept nearer the window. He knew the view by heart. He knew her name as well, Hildie. Her indigo walls were adorned with an eclectic mix of posters. Three heartthrobs: Pitt, Leonardo, and Dr. Fauci. Finally, there she was lying exposed on her paisley comforter, wearing matching hunter-green bra and panties like a Technicolor vision. Tom was well aware of her fashion sense in undergarments. When the house was empty he had crept into her chambers and carefully inspected her panty drawer emporium. Her color selection rivaled Kubrick’s şişli escort bayan choices in “The Shining.”While searching her hidden treasures, he also discovered her impressive selection of toys and immediately realized why the girl was working so many hours at Hollister. He knew it was risky but he had to pull a prank on the seventeen-year-old brunette; he switched her phone to ‘vibrate’ and her vibrator to ‘phone.’ She was prone on her back, legs mischievously spread,  framed perfectly in the window as if she were posing knowingly for his clandestine viewing.Tom remained curious why Hildie apparently didn’t date. She was attractive enough although dropping ten-pounds would have yielded a pleasing effect. But, the weight would most likely only disappear from her curvy, prominent behind which would break his heart and reduce his masturbation by half.Tom felt guilty for criticizing her appearance since he was no Clint Howard himself. He stood a slender five-eleven, insanely pale and all topped off with thick, black horn-rimmed glasses. He resembled a cross between Nosferatu and Buddy Holly. Sadly, that look was not causing mecidiyeköy escort village nymphomaniacs to trample his lawn for the privilege of erotic coupling.He artfully kept his face out of the window’s light but could still see his target’s legs open wider with her hand slipping inside her panties. Tom mimicked her movement with his hand sliding inside his sweat pants then finding his erect rod, as hard as his college philosophy class. They both needed relief…and soon. The begonias beneath her window were soon to be inseminated again. Tom’s gaze left her hand long enough to take in her cherubic face. The ceiling fan caused her hair to flop over her eye like Veronica Lake in her prime. If he listened carefully he could hear her breathing become more labored and faster. That sound had his cock leaking like a faulty toilet so he rapidly jiggled the ‘handle’. Too rapidly perhaps since his sperm soon splattered against her window pane. On weak legs, he staggered back into the night. ____Now a few words from Hildie!She knew he was there. She always knew but kept it to herself. No need to embarrass him. He seemed nice enough. Besides, she enjoyed being watched. The voyeur/exhibitionist dynamic fit together perfectly like cream cheese frosting on a Cinnabon but with four-thousand fewer calories. And she had yet to hear of a correlation between masturbation and diabetes.

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