The Breeder – Part XXXVIII


Kirsty came back to the bedroom about fifteen minutes later. She kicked off her shoes, slipped off her dress and slid in beside Jake. Her hand reached out for his cock only to find that Jenny’s fingers were already gripping it.“Hands off mum,” she told her. “It’s my turn now.”Jake laughed. “It’s no one’s turn. “I’m ready for sleep.”Kirsty kissed him on the cheek. “I don’t mind waiting till morning. I prefer a morning boner!”“How’s Alan?” Jenny said with a giggle.“He’s been talking to Rod, getting some fancy ideas now,” she said before going on to explain.Rod is Alan’s brother. He lives in New Zealand now with Lisa, his wife, and their two-year-old son. Apparently, Lisa is pregnant again.“He wants us to come for Christmas.”“Are you going?” Jenny asked.“No,” she stated firmly. “I’ve only got three weeks off work, and it involves nearly kocaeli escort bayan four days of travel. Also, I would sooner be with my family.”Jake looked at her. She hugged him. “And my lover, of course. Three weeks without decent sex is a lot to give up!”Jenny laughed. “That’s okay, I can take your place, and make sure your lover doesn’t go without.”Jake laughed. “I would miss you too, but it is summertime in that hemisphere, isn’t it?”“Fuck summer!”He kissed her.“Besides, he will be nagging Alan to come out and live there. He’s already been priming him. Telling him that there are loads of jobs out there, and they are crying out for teachers.”“Why don’t you let Alan go out on his own?” Jenny suggested. “His time is more flexible and if he has a few weeks on his own, and sees all the benefits of living out there, well… who knows.“Jake kocaeli sınırsız escort laughed. “That’s Alan’s future sorted then, is it?”“Well, it’s going to end sooner or later, isn’t it?” said Jenny. “May as well be sooner.”Jake cleared his throat. “Hope you’re not trying to sort my future out too!”She laughed as she put her arm around him. “Whatever gave you that idea?”Kirsty laughed.“Let’s be realistic about this, though,” Jenny said. “This marriage isn’t going to last. Sex aside, Alan is soon going to get fed up with another man giving his wife child after child. He’ll eventually call it a day, and where does that leave Kirsty? I’m not trying to manipulate things and thrust you both together, but I don’t want to see my daughter struggle through life as a single mum either. You two are izmit anal yapan escort well suited. Sex life is good. You get along together well, and you will both be parents soon. It’s also time you put down roots too, Jake. Have a permanent partner, a stable family life. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sex life that suits you both. Look at me and Derek – you certainly perked our love life up. Anyway, this doesn’t have to be sorted now, take your time, there’s no rush. It’s just something to keep in mind.”Jake smiled and kissed her. He knew that she was being protective of her daughter. That’s what parents do, but he wasn’t ready to settle down just now. “Well, I will bear it in mind,” he told her.“And in the meantime?” Kirsty said as she took hold of his cock.Jake kissed her. “In the meantime, I need sleep,” he told her.Jenny reached over and turned off her bedside lamp. “Goodnight, daughter. Goodnight, son-in-law-to-be.”Kirsty laughed.Jake turned over, put his arm around her, pushed his hand between her legs. She was still wet and sticky from their lovemaking. “And do I still get to fuck the mother-in-law-to-be?”

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