The Exhibitionist


I was a 25 year old woman living in New York. My name is Shauna, people called me Shaun for short. I was into sexual things hardcore and I did everything there was to do. Luckily my boyfriend went along with everything I wanted or he would have been left on the curb. His name is Jack and works as a 27 years old CEO of a major baby toy factory. One thing I found that really got me off was having rough sex in public. All the people watching you as you just felt the pounding of a cock in you. Just thinking about it made me want to rub my clit. My boyfriend loves to read my stories as they really excite him and give him a nice hard cock. We did it in the alley, in the car, and in the forest. I wanted to fuck in a more public more open place so people could watch us more and I can all the guys getting hard. This time I wanted it in the park, behind bushes but far out enough that people could watch as they walked by. I was hoping guys would stop to watch more intently as that would make me even more horny and hot. Watching the guys istanbul travesti gaze at me as they would stroke their dicks in excitement. I’m biting my lip thinking about it. The next day I had all the plans scheduled for us to go to the park together. Little did he know that I wanted to also do other things at the park and little did I know he planned something himself. We both had off work because it was Sunday. The park was always busy on the Sundays since everyone else had work off, and it was also Valentines Day weekend. I thought about all the joggers and the other people there walking around the lake. We were definitely going to get some watchers. Even women that hadn’t had sex in a while would be eager to watch. Sunday came as I got all ready and excited for my plans. Jack had packed a nice little lunch and kept it in a picnic basket. I was surprised since I didn’t expect it Jack to be romantic at all. Our first anniversary was just a week away and I guess he wanted it to be special.He led me right near istanbul travestileri the lake to the grass, then he set down a nice blanket that I hadn’t recognized before. He must’ve had it planned a while for him to buy just a blanket for the occasion. I knew it would come in handy for my plans. He unpacked the basket and it was my favorite cold sandwich; tuna. He made the tuna himself, which made me happy. I’m glad he actually planned something and that made me hotter because I would give him the treat of his life. It made me think that being with him for a year was the best year of my life. I ate faster than I should have but I was excited for my plans. He noticed that I was eating faster than normal and asked me why, I just shrugged and kept eating as I was so excited to finally be doing this. As he got done eating I looked into his eyes and made a big grin on my face. I stopped once I noticed he was pulling something else out of the basket; it was a nice cheesecake he made himself, and I love cheesecake. travesti istanbul I stared into his eyes with a loving smile and he smiled back at me. He cut me a slice and I ate this time slowly so he wouldn’t get more suspicious about my plans after we were done eating. The cheesecake itself was a delicious rich chocolate, and it melted so well in my mouth as I ate it that I gave out little sighs of pleasure. When I was done with the cheesecake, I ran my hand up his thigh. He looked at me with a curious turn of the head and a look on his face. I started to unzip his pants slowly as his lips began to smile; he knew exactly what I wanted for my valentine. He started to take off his belt as he looked at me and everyone else walking behind us. To my surprise there were no bushes around where were lying. I knew this was going to be exciting and I grinned from ear to ear and got more excited with each piece of clothing coming off. First it was his shirt then mine; and second was his pants, again followed by mine. You begin to see a pattern as we were stripping off our clothes. I was totally naked, as was he, as he shoved everything off the blanket and laid me down. He then began to kiss me, gradually moving down to my neck. He bit and nibbled at my neck, sucking on it as I moaned.

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