The Mother Nymph


Russ had returned home to his parent’s house after three years at university. It was a drag for the twenty-five-year-old now qualified graphic designer, but he couldn’t afford his place until he started work.As soon as he returned home, he noticed there was a change in the relationship between his mum and dad, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, although he knew it wasn’t good.He saw them antagonizing each other over the silliest little things, but it would always escalate before they came to an uneasy stalemate, which would make them quiet, but left an awkward atmosphere in the house.One morning Russ was going to the family bathroom to go to the toilet. He had his headphones on, listening to music, so he didn’t hear the shower bursa escort running, and with his back to it, while he used the toilet, he didn’t see his mother Annabelle in it until he turned around to wash his hands.Annabelle hadn’t seen her son enter the bathroom, but when she turned the shower off and turned around to exit the shower, there he was, staring at her slender body, with a very noticeable bulge in his shorts.There was the initial shock, but then a sort of acceptance that they were both there, and while this was accidental, it was also quite welcome after they had gotten over the initial shock.Annabelle opened the door to the shower cubicle and gestured her son forward, looking at her slender body, pert tits, bursa escort bayan shaven pussy, and her wet blonde hair, Russ didn’t need to ask twice, he started to strip off while his cock was twitching and getting bigger by the minute.His mother turned the shower back on and the hot water invigorated both of them as their lips and tongues met and his fingers found the entrance to her pussy that was aching for his cock.She told him, “Get your cock in me now, fuck me as hard as possible.”Russ looked into her eyes as he slid his meat into his mother’s wet pussy, seeing her eyes glaze over and a very satisfied smile spread across her face.Once his cock was as deep as he could get into his mother, Russ started pumping it in escort bursa and out of her at a frantic pace, while she panted her approval.”Yes, fuck me hard, fill me with your cum.”Russ pushed her against the back of the cubicle and fucked her as hard as he could. Annabelle lifted one leg and put it around his arse, as his cock pistoned in and out of her cunt.After a few minutes, the well-built Russ picked his mother up and she wrapped her other leg around the back of him, while she slid up and down on the wet side of the shower cubicle.As he pounded his mother, Russ got even more turned on than he had ever been. He was fucking his gorgeous mother; he had wanted to do this since he was a teenager, and now they were doing it because it was what they both wanted.When his hot, sticky sperm entered her vagina, Annabelle also climaxed, with her juices surrounding her son’s cock and mixing with his cum, with both of them screaming and shouting with absolute ecstasy.

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