The Photoshoot Chapter 1

Big Tits

For a sexy muse and philosopherChapter 1″I’m so sorry, I got a little lost,” you say brightly, breezing into the suite like sunshine through a just-opened curtain. “I tried to use my phone for directions but these one-way streets can be a little tricky, then parking was crazy, et cetera et cetera.” You drop your gym bag on a chair and turn to smile at me. “You’re Jay, right? I got the right room?” Your smile creeps up a notch. “Or do you just hang out in hotel suites with lights aimed at a bed?””I try not to make a habit of it,” I grin, closing the door. “Yes, I’m Jay. A pleasure to finally meet you… You look great,” I blurt before I’m aware of it, but it’s true: your t-shirt is a hunter green that sets off the highlights in your hair, and tight enough so that your breasts strain against the fabric. The jeans hug your curves marvelously. Though I’ve seen your naked form on the net quite a lot, having you here is an experience I’m realizing I wasn’t fully ready for, despite weeks of preparation. A second too late I realize I’m staring, and my gaze snaps back to see you grinning bemusedly at me, fully aware. “Really great,” I nod like an idiot, but bursa escort you just smile before turning to survey the room. Or to show me the view from behind, which I take in appreciatively, before you turn back to me.”Nice suite. You have good taste in classy joints, Jay. Do you have what we talked about?” My brain snaps back into place, and I point at the envelope beside the TV. You pick it up and glance inside, before extracting my driver’s license. After inspecting it a moment to ensure it’s legit, you drop it back in the envelope next to the cash and, with a satisfied smirk, toss it at your bag. “And the other that we talked about?” “Yes indeed,” I reply, moving to the fridge to extract the chilled champagne glasses, champagne, and tumbler of iced liquor I’ve prepared. As I ready our drinks you move to examine the bed and lights. “Quite the setup you have here. These look professional grade.””Most of it’s borrowed from a friend who is a professional,” I explain as I pour champagne over the mix of gin, simple syrup and lemon juice. “I dabble a little, but I wanted some good lighting, since this is costing me, and I want it to come bursa escort bayan out right, y’know? Might never happen again, so get it right the first time… Your drink, m’mselle?”Taking your drink, your eyes sparkling as you touch your glass to mine. “A votre sante,” you smile before taking a long draught. “Oui oui… Aaaaand now you know the limits of my french.” I take a gulp of my own. “Not bad for your first french 75, Jay. Maybe a little much on the lemon juice. Sometimes depending on my mood I just kinda wave a lemon at the gin bottle and go from there,” you giggle before taking another sip. “So Jay… I promised you I wouldn’t watch the clock, but it is ticking. Where’s what I’ll be wearing for you today?” “There’s a closet off the bathroom,” I gesture. “I’ve got some things together that I’d like to see as a group, so humor me with those and keep them together.” “Okay, I will. It’s your dime,” you say, all business as you retrieve your bag before moving to the bathroom. “Let me go take a look at what you’ve got in here,” you call out as you close the bathroom door, “and you can tell me again what our rules are today.”I escort bursa count them off as I begin turning on the camera and lights. “Number one, you keep my license until you get the camera flash drives, or to take to the cops if I harm you at all. Number two, you own the pictures and keep the clothes.” I hear you moving hangars in the closet and periodic noises of appreciation. “Number three, you show me four outfits, at least two with your glasses on, for at least fifteen minutes each as I take pictures and make suggestions, but you leave after two hours total. Number four, you may or may not use any of the toys I’ve picked out, but if you do I can make suggestions for how to use them. Number five, you never tell me your name. Number six, I keep my clothes on at all times. Number seven, you can call it quits at any point you feel hinkey, but still keep the money and the clothes and the flash drives. Number eight…””Yes? Number eight was, hmmm?” “Number eight, I haven’t had sex or jerked off in three weeks.” The door pops open and you poke your head out. “Really? Three weeks, nothing?”I sigh. “Yup. Three weeks. Thank you so much for that, too.””Ha!” you yell triumphantly, popping back in behind the closed door. “Yes! Perfect. How do you feel about that, Jay?””Fucking horny,” I reply through gritted teeth, and it’s the absolute truth. “Good. I like a good looking man who’s fucking horny.

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