The Tempting of Neely J: Chapter Fourteen – Fallen Angel


The drums continued to thunder and fireworks lit up the night sky, as Lucas and Paulo led Sapphire hand in hand away from the crowd. Her head was spinning from the cachaca she had drunk. Its taste was still sweet in her mouth. “Where are you taking me, guys?” she asked with a giggle.“We’re going to show you what Carnival is all about,” said Paulo with a grin. Lucas laughed along with him.“Well you guys should know. You’re both such cool drummers,” she smiled. “I wish I could have taken part in the parade.”“You look as hot as any of those girls,” Lucas told her, making her blush.“No I don’t. You’re just saying that,” she laughed.“A beautiful curvy girl like you?” said Paulo. “In that tiny costume? You’re the one we want to hang out with.”Sapphire laughed with pleasure at their compliments. She looked about mystified as the two oiled muscular guys led her into a grove of palm trees. “What are we doing here?” she asked. “I thought we were going for something to eat.”“We’ll give you something to eat,” said Paulo.“Yes,” Lucas agreed. “We’re going to fill you up real well.”Good grief, Neely thought. Her sense of shock on reading Odyssey of Lust had subsided from the first time, but her amazement at its heroine remained. This moneyed girl had been travelling the world for several months by chapter seven, yet had lost none of her propensity for getting into the same kind of trouble. There was no learning curve at work. Wherever Sapphire went she demonstrated an unerring tendency to slip up and land on cock. Here in Rio, for example. The girl had slicked herself in oil, then dusted her whole body with glitter, before going dancing in the carnival crowd wearing nothing but a gold-link bikini studded with rubies. She had danced herself into a sweat with a pair of barely-clad samba drummers and was about to be surprised that they were planning to fuck her. Utterly ludicrous. Which did not stop Neely turning the page to find out what happened next. It was predictable.The two Brazilian hunks removed their extravagant feathered headdresses and closed in before and behind Sapphire, their hard sweaty torsos pressing against her skin. She gasped as they both unfastened their feathered tribal skirts to reveal thongs that bulged and stretched with their huge hard-ons. Her pussy moistened as she realized that it was going to happen all over again, only this time with two strapping well-endowed men. All she could do was go with the flow.“Get down on your knees, beautiful lady,” smiled Paulo. She did, her moist flesh sliding against the two robust male bodies as she sank down to the ground.“Go on,” Lucas encouraged her with a mischievous laugh. Once again Sapphire felt very far from home. She plucked the satin thongs away from the heads of both cocks and the guys’ long rigid poles sprang out and bobbed before her face, ready and waiting. She knew what these guys wanted and that they were going to get it.“Pity you didn’t think of that when you were shaking your booty in front of them, you daft bimbo,” Neely muttered, but she followed the bimbo’s progress nonetheless.Sapphire seized the two massive cocks by the base and began to massage them, her hands sliding back and forth easily along the lengths with the sweat of the hot Rio evening. Lucas and Paulo laughed and groaned with pleasure. Sapphire took the bulging cock-heads into her mouth in turn, swirling her tongue around them and then sucking the throbbing meat-rods deeper, while she continued to masturbate the guys and fondle their swollen balls. They tasted salty and were leaking pre-cum all over her tongue.“That’s it, that’s very good,” said Lucas, as she sucked on him. He ran his hand through her long brunette locks and pulled her further down onto him. Paulo did she same thing when she returned to him, making her feel the huge veiny shaft in the back kocaeli escort of her throat. She gagged and dribble ran down her chin when he pulled her off his dick.They both gripped her under her arms and raised her to her feet. She stood helpless, her eyes wide and amazed, as they removed her skimpy jewelled brassiere and pulled her jingling panties down her thighs. Lucas molded his hands around her orbed bosoms and his friend molested her ass, slapping his hand to the cleft of her cheeks and thrusting his finger between them till it stroked her asshole. She gasped again with astonishment.“Still the astonishment. Good grief, girl, you obviously enjoy it, so stop making such a fuss.” Neely could not quite believe what she had muttered.“So who will fuck this beauty first?” asked Paulo.“You, my friend,” replied Lucas. “But she can still give us both pleasure.” He braced Sapphire as Paulo bent her over at the waist. She felt Lucas’ stiff cock batting against her face, as Paulo fitted his pulsing glans to the swollen lips of her cunt and began to push. Oh dear goodness. Neely held her breath as she always did at such crucial literary moments. Sapphire gasped as Paulo slid his thick shaft inside her. Then he gripped her ripe ass and began to pound her hard, filling her up on every stroke. His balls bounced off her cheeks as he slapped against her. “This is the sort of rhythm I like to beat out!” he yelled to his friend as he shafted her. “Against a nice big beautiful ass, as I fuck a tight pussy!”“I hear you, my friend!” replied Lucas, as he gripped Sapphire by the hair and shoved his sturdy cock back inside her mouth. He held her with both hands and rammed his entire length to the back of her throat. “Ohhh shit, I love Carnival!” he cried, as he sawed his length in and out of her spluttering mouth.“So do I!” shouted Paulo over the noise of music and fireworks, as he continued to deliver hard strokes deep into Sapphire’s cunt. “Life gets no better than this!”The dancing and celebration continued mere feet away, as Sapphire felt herself filled up at both ends by the hard dicks of these two lust-crazy guys. Once again she was having a whole different kind of party.Party. That was what Ray was planning for her. Neely wondered how often he had used the word as euphemism for sex. But her man (how delicious to call him that) was reforming himself, so she had nothing to worry about. And the fact that he was going to make no move on her was not to be regretted on this, her twenty-fifth birthday. Not remotely. Despite the fact that Sapphire was now taking two cocks at a time, while Neely had yet to experience one.Damn that bloody book.Neely was positively blasé now in how she picked it up and leafed through a few more pages every day. Took her erotic hit. “We must be single-minded in our pursuit of holiness,” the pastor would say, and he was right. Because as she set aside Odyssey of Lust and proceeded to her room to prepare for the evening, her pussy was throbbing from all those smut-words and the images they conjured. Images she could ill-afford in the company of a hot real-life guy.In her room she paused, then retrieved Jasmine’s and Leo’s birthday gift from where she had stowed it under towels in the bottom drawer the moment she got home. Taking it out of the box she examined its bizarre shape, running fingers over the surface to feel the silicone texture. So not like a cock, the colour and gentle contours somehow friendly and fun. A recreational item, far from the seediness she had always associated with sex-toys. To be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s home—a modern woman’s liberating plaything.She experimented, touching one of the controls so that the power-tool hummed into life. The vibrations were curious under her fingers, she could feel them travelling to the tip of the main darıca escort bulbous head, transferring to the smaller one in the circular motion Jasmine had described. The current in the vibrator triggered a shock of excitement in Neely’s brain; she imagined the sensations transferring to elsewhere in her body and switched off the device hurriedly, returning toy to box and box to drawer in brief seconds. She stared at the drawer a moment, almost expecting the gadget to start buzzing again on its own like in some comedy-horror. Then she took a calming breath and set about prettifying herself for Ray.All her innocent preparations that afternoon had new and guilty associations. She had trimmed her pubic hair before, but did she have some ulterior reason for doing so today? Maybe she should have left it a tangle of red, like Bridget Jones wearing her ‘big knickers’, one more reason to keep her clothes on. Was there any need to soap her body quite so luxuriously in the shower? To linger at all on her private zones, since she was going to keep them private? To cup the squeezable handfuls of her breasts, considering how they made up for lack of volume in their pretty pertness?And after the shower, why brush out her flaming locks with quite so much care? Why shave her legs again when they were still smooth from the day before? It wasn’t as though her powder-blue summer dress was going to be sliding off them that evening, pooling around her on the floor. Gosh, she shouldn’t really be wearing her ‘sexy number’ at all. Or the darker blue lacy bra and panty set beneath them. Ray was endeavouring to be a good boy, more than deejay Brian ever had, so she shouldn’t be testing his resolve with such an alluring outfit.“Vanity, vanity …” She checked herself in the mirror with a reproving grimace. “All is vanity.”So what if she dressed up on her birthday? Applied some bronze lippy and sprayed a mist of the Givenchy (a present from Layla) around her modest cleavage? She was girl-next-door, not red-carpet-stunner. She was scarcely going to drive Ray into a lustful frenzy. Get a grip, Neely.“Looking good enough to eat, girl,” Jasmine said as she waited for her taxi. “How does he not jump on you?” Not what she needed to hear.It was seven when the cab dropped her off at Ray’s end terrace in Clifton. His greeting was not a lustful frenzy. It was a controlled breath-extracting smooch with lashings of tongue and full body-contact. When he set her back on the floor, she thought her knees might buckle. “Birthday kiss,” he explained, as she tried to refocus. “It won’t happen again. Unless either of us comes up with a good pretext. Which we probably will, because we’re both smart people. You look stunning, by the way.”“Thank you.” She giggled like an adolescent once more as he led her through to the kitchen, where pots were bubbling gently on the stove.“Sit down, let me pour you a glass of wine.” The bottle of Sauvignon blanc was already open. He poured a large glassful and pressed it into her hand before she could object. Well, he had instructed her to take that taxi after all, so what else could she expect?“This is your night,” he insisted. “All you’re to do is sit back and let it happen.”It was comforting to perch on a kitchen bar stool, legs demurely crossed, as Ray busied himself at the stove. He looked most presentable in blue jeans and maroon shirt undone to the second button. “First time I’ve seen you do your Heston Blumenthal impersonation,” she said happily, the wine warming her stomach.“And it’s the first time I’ve tried this recipe,” he told her as he stirred. “So there you are. It’s an evening of firsts.”“Re-creating a Medieval banquet are you?”“No, just cooking tagliatelle. Experimenting with a new sauce though. Taste test?”She opened wide as he fed the spoon into gölcük escort her mouth. Pesto with pine nuts and added sexiness. “Mmm … delicious.” She might have meant him, standing so close as she supped. His non-seduction was vastly more seductive than the attempts of any church-based guy to feel her up.He chatted as he cooked, recounting his day and drawing her out on her own. She described it cheerily, omitting reference to sex-toys, erring ex-pastors and naughty novels. She was pampered, her glass topped up regularly and samples of food popped into her mouth. “Here, I got this Brie at the market earlier, it’s so creamy.” Her body goosebumped when he nuzzled her on each feeding foray. Her filmy dress swished against her legs as she shifted position to receive. It felt good to get a little drunk on her birthday with a man she trusted as much as she fancied. What a relief to abandon control, knowing there was no real danger.She sat down to dinner with her charming host and personal chef, enjoying being there amid the masculine ash furnishings of his open-plan. David Gray was agonising tunefully on the stereo and candles were alight to supplement the fading daylight. They began with stuffed peppers—this man did courses!—and went to work on a second bottle of Sauvignon with their pasta.“And he can cook as well,” Neely said in wonder. “If only you’d get in touch with your spiritual side …” Then you’d be Mr Righteous as well as Mr Right.“I’m in touch with someone who’s in touch with her spiritual side, won’t that do for now?” Candlelight danced about his finely crafted features as he gazed at her.“Yeah,” she said, returning his gaze more boldly than she normally allowed herself. “It’ll do fine.”As they ate and drank, they chatted about writers who inspired them, about places he had been, and she wanted to go, about his rationalism and her faith. Never had their differences seemed less of a problem, such was his attention and respect. And maybe it was somewhat to do with the wine. The whole evening had a lulling quality. She felt sexy and able to show it. To tease her hair and give him the full emerald blaze of her eyes.Her face was numb from alcohol by the time they reached the final course. “I don’t do dessert,” he apologised, returning from the kitchen with two plates, “not like you serve at the café. So I resorted to Bailey’s cheesecake.”“Very disappointing. You’re really not trying.” She leaned across the table to kiss him on the lips before her first delicious forkful.After dinner as they lazed on his rug, backs propped up against his sofa, he delved under a cushion to produce her presents. The first came with an instruction. “You’re not to open this till you get home. Otherwise you’ll get totally the wrong idea about my intentions tonight. It’s a luxury item, but it’s for you to enjoy on your own.”Oh God, not another vibrator. She almost snorted with laughter at her funny thought before dismissing it. “Are you sure?”“Absolutely.” Neely blushed and beamed at his consideration. “These, however …”The second item was a box-set—ornate hard-bound volumes of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. She caught her breath as she leafed through them, admiring the original ink illustrations of her favourite childhood novels encased in such sumptuous bindings. She threw her arms around Ray and kissed his face as he was setting about her smaller final gift. Inside the velvet case she found a tiny gold cross on a chain of fine gold.“Is this appropriate?” he asked tentatively.“It’s beautiful. And it’s totally appropriate.”“Can I put it on you?”“Mm-hm.” There was something overpoweringly intimate in how he brushed back her hair and hooked the chain at the back of her neck, so that the cross trickled down her cleavage.“God …” He said it almost prayerfully as the necklace settled about her. “It’s so, so difficult.”“What is?” Neely was anaesthetised by several glasses of wine, but still unnerved by his tone. That and the brush of his fingertips on the back of her neck. Worry which had lain at bay over several dates came surging back and his next words fuelled the sensation.

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