The Victoria Line


  At 830am the Victoria line becomes an industrial people movement machine, not a remotely pleasant way to travel. As the train hummed down the platform towards me it was evident that it was going to be a hot, tightly-packed journey. As a tall man this holds a particular discomfort for me: I have to keep my head bent down to fit in the sloped ceiling and whilst my blue cashmere overcoat was appropriate for the weather outside, the carriage was going to be hard work. I stepped onto the train and shuffled ankara travesti forward looking for a space to stand. By the time the train set off, the throng of commuters on the platform had found a way to squeeze onto the already packed carriage. Despite the numbers nobody murmured or made eye-contact we all just huddled about as we always had to. Directly to my left was a grey-haired man off about 50, to my right was a guy I took to be an Aussie backpacker, in front of me with her back to me was an Asian ankara travestileri girl probably around 24 and 5’4 with noticeably rounded, pert buttocks. Besides noting this, around me was the usual sea of suits and unattractive middle aged ladies struggling to read paperbacks. As the train jerked forward I felt the girl’s back and arse against my front. I made a mental note to myself to rein myself in, after all I’m not a pervy Japanese salaryman riding the subway with the intention of groping schoolgirls. travesti ankara As the train continued she remained pressed against me. Then I noticed that whilst there was not much room on the train, the only space that I could see, was in front of her. If she stepped forward we’d both have more room. I looked down, her cute arse was pressed against my lap and her torso was shielded by my unbuttoned coat. As the train accelerated I felt her body against mine and as it slowed she gently moved away. I considered the situation. Perhaps she was no observer of the typically English social rule; that whilst a confined space means we can’t have as much personal space as we’d like (miles), we should avoid touching at almost all costs.

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