Very Good Friends


In the shower after working at the foundry, four or five guys were standing around toweling off and swapping stories about women. As with fishing stories, the stories got expanded and advanced. Stories about women that worked in our company were especially interesting. Which women liked to suck were the favorites, even if they swallowed or not. The fact that they liked to suck cock was exciting. One woman in the office liked to ride and grind on a cock and feel the cum fill her up and start to run out down the cock.Everyone in the conversation had a cock starting to get a little chubby from this talk. A couple of guys covered up their growing erections with their towels. A couple of guys started to touch their cock while they listened and talked about women.I saw that David had started to get a good hard-on and was watching my growing erection. Somebody told a story of the boss’s wife getting drunk and sucking cocks and then getting fucked at the Holiday party. When he told the part about the boss and two other guys cumming on her tits simultaneously, bursa escort we all had a hard-on coming on. Not erect yet but showing. We all laughed and decided to continue the conversation later at the bar. I thought that this conversation was going to start a circle jerk but not this time.David asked me to stop by his place on the way home for a beer. At his place, we sat down on opposite ends of the couch. He said that he liked the locker room talk. I said that I enjoyed it a lot and that just thinking about it was giving me a hard cock. He stood and unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He was enjoying thinking about jerking off with me and the other guys because his cock was already rock-hard. He sat back and started stroking slowly. He started telling me a story about his girlfriend Sally. He said she loved anal sex. I took my cock out and it didn’t take long for me to cum, listening to his story about Sally grinding her ass on his cock and feeling his cum run out of her ass and down his cock. He leaned his head back and bursa escort bayan started to cum. I noticed a vein at the base of his cock start to bulge. Then his cock pulsed and shot a long load on his belly. He dropped the cock and relaxed. I watched his cock slowly return to soft.We met at his house and watched each other cum maybe once or twice a month. It was fun trying not to cum and just staying on the edge. One of us would say, “I can’t hold it anymore, I’m gonna cum.” A cock would start to drool some clear pre-cum then erupt cum all over the place. It was contagious; once one of us started, the other one was soon to cum too. Afterward, he asked me if I wanted a date. He said that Sally had a girlfriend who was looking for a boyfriend. He thought that maybe we could double date.David had a classic Chevrolet. Big back seat and bench front seat (no console) in the front. Jeanie was my date. She had short blond hair. She was wearing a white button-up blouse and shorts. She did not have large tits but she had a cute ass and she seemed escort bursa very friendly and flirty. We went to the drive-in movie and I sat in the back with Jeanie. Jeanie wanted to make out right away but she didn’t seem to want to go much farther.Jeanie licked my ear and whispered, “Just pay attention to David and Sally. They are a trip.“ After that, she leaned back against me on the seat and put my hand on her breast. She started stroking my cock through my pants.Jeanie was right, the show was not on the movie screen but right in the front seat. First, a blouse came over the seat, then a bra. Some heavy moaning was heard before someone accidentally hit the car horn. After this, some heavy moaning started, and then the whole car was shaking. The smell of wet pussy filled the car. I put my hand inside Jeanie’s blouse. She was wearing no bra and her nipples were erect and hard. She was certainly enjoying the show in the front seat. I slipped my hand into her pants and put a finger on her clit. She thrust against my hand and had an orgasm just as David and Sally came in the front. She smiled and kissed my ear and said, “Thank you, that was very sweet.” I don’t know how I did not cum but I was paying attention to Jeanie’s body and the two in the front seat.

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