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Six Black Boys
Part Two
by: Kewl Dad

Like I said Marcus called me the next day and wanted to know if I could come by the park. When I got there I discovered that Jimmy and James were off somewhere with their dad and it was just Marcus, Davon, Peter, and of course little Donnie.

The boys swarmed my car as soon as I pulled up and dear little Donnie hugged me and pressed his soft face against my tummy and giggled. I think of all the boys I was most in love with him. I mean Marcus had the big stuff and even let me fuck him, but Donnie was just so sweet, and considering I got to take his oral virginity we shared something very special.

“Hi guys, how”s it hanging?” I said offering my fist to bump with the older boys.

“Hard and wet,” Marcus joked, but I imagined that was pretty accurate for a horny teenage boy like him.

The other boys laughed and said they were good and we walked over and sat down on the picnic table. It was hot that day and beads of sweat were running down the boys” naked chests and pooling at their navel and it was so sexy looking I had to adjust myself which did not go unnoticed.

“You horny? Cause we sure are, “Marcus said suggestively, “If we had some pops to cool us off maybe we could go somewhere and do some stuff. Can”t go to my house though cause my daddy is asleep. He sleepin” off a hangover.”

“Well, we could go to my apartment,” I blurted out without thinking. “I have pops there and beer.”

“You gotta pool?” Davon wanted to know.

“Yep, but you need swim trunks if you”re gonna swim.”

“Awww…we aint go no trunks with us….” Donnie pouted, “Can”t we just swim nekkid?” he laughed.

I wish, I thought. “Maybe next time we can plan ahead and you can wear your trunks under your shorts. This time we”ll just stay inside where it”s cool.”

“I”m down, you guys down wit” it.” Marcus said.

“Hell yeah,” Davon said.

“Yeah!” Peter and Donnie cried and Donnie hugged me again.

So we piled into the car and I drove us to the other side of town to my apartment. I lived upstairs and my apartment overlooked one of the three pools in the complex and as I led the boys upstairs it was obvious they were impressed by the looks of the place.

“Nice crib,” Marcus said once we were inside. 

I told the boys to have a seat and the three younger boys plopped down on the couch and Marcus draped his lean form in my recliner.

“I have Pepsi, Mt. Dew, or Bud.”

“Bud for me,” Marcus said smiling, “You little dudes can have pops.”

I thought that was cool of Marcus to be looking out for the younger boys, but it was unexpected considering he had no problem letting them have sex around him. I took drink orders and brought them to the boys and when Marcus popped the top on his beer he took a big swig then burped loudly causing the younger boys to laugh then imitate him with their soda burps.

I knew I”d be driving them back later so I knew I had to take it easy on the beer, but I figured one wouldn”t hurt and it would help calm my nerves. I didn”t know exactly what was going to happen, but I was sure it would be good and I was anxious to get started.

As I sat down beside Donnie he leaned into me and then pulled my head down so he could whisper in my ear.

“You gonna suck us?” he whispered sounding nervous.

I blushed and nodded, “I hope so.”

“What”d he ask ya, if he could get his dick wet again?” Marcus chuckled.

I shrugged and Donnie giggled, “Is that what we”re gonna do today?” I asked hopefully.

The other guys were watching Marcus closely and looking excited, but it was obvious that it was up to Marcus what went on and no matter what was decided they were honor bound to go along with it.

“I didn”t call you for no reason. I wants to get my dick wet as much as they do.”

“Awesome, who”s first.? Donnie jumped up and threw his hand in the air and danced around and we all laughed.

“That okay with you guys?”

“Yeah, let em” go first….makes me horny watchin”…” Davon said pulling at his crotch. 

“Same as before, we should all be naked first…okay?”

Marcus shrugged, “Fine by me,” he said standing up and dropping his shorts to reveal he was wearing nothing underneath. He was just as lovely and sexy as I remembered and that hard chocolate body would be the image that would fuel many of my masturbation sessions over the next few months.

Donnie was cute as a puppy as he shucked his shorts and little plaid boxers, just like the big boys wore, and I loved him so much it hurt. He sat down on the couch then and leaned back into it, his chin on his chest and waited for me to give him istanbul travesti pleasure.

I knelt between his legs and rubbed his perfectly smooth legs and he smiled at me. “You little stud,” I said looking down at his stiff little cock. It was just as perfect as I remembered and I could smell his spicy little boy aroma and it was driving me crazy with lust. 

As I took Donnie”s small hard cock into my mouth I was amazed at how good it tasted and how right it felt in my mouth. He was uncut and I loved that special flavor that was always hiding beneath the foreskin and his was delicious. I loved boys who could come, but there was something very special about a boy still on the threshold of puberty who could have hard dry comes over and over again and in some ways I envied them the most.

His little balls begged for my attention and he gasped as I left his cock and licked and sucked on those little grape-sized orbs. His bag was smooth and of course hairless and delicious on my tongue. If I”d had him alone I”d have let my tongue travel lower and taste his little brown eye, but I didn”t want to risk it with an audience.

I returned to his lovely little cock and pulled back the foreskin and  began to bathe the head of it with my tongue as he squirmed and panted. I reached my hand up and placed it over his heart, touching his erect little nipple, and I could feel his heart banging in his chest. I just couldn”t resist licking his belly button, and he giggled and squirmed some more, and when I moved up  and suckled his nipples he took in a sharp breath and shook as if he were cold. I suspected this was the first time he had ever discovered that his nipples were a source of pleasure and oh what other places would I help him discover given the time and opportunity.

I had three other boys waiting though, and as much as I loved servicing Donnie, I decided it was time to give him his shivers and move on. Returning to his sweet little cock I swallowed it to the hilt and sucked for dear life as I used my tongue to swirl around his sensitive ridge. I was rewarded by little mewling sounds and before long he was thrusting up and driving his hard cocklett into my mouth like the stud that he was.

I knew he was close when he started shaking and as his orgasm hit him he grabbed my head and drove his cock into my hungry wet mouth and fucked out a hard shaky orgasm. He fell back back against the couch when it was over and was panting as if he”d ran a mile. I held his sweet little cock in my mouth for a long time then pulled off, kissed it sweetly, and patted his little leg.

“God, you are such a little stud,” I said happily.

He grinned and looked over at Marcus who was smiling warmly at his little buddy, “You shore do like gettin your dick wet now, don”t ya”?”

“I shore do, it”s fun and Rob does it good.”

“Who”s next? I said jumping up and looking around at the three horny naked boys.

“Davon,” Marcus said taking charge again, then Peter and then me.”

Excellent, I thought, and if I”m lucky I”ll get to fuck that sweet ass of Marcus”s again.

Davon”s lovely little cock was about 4.5 inches of cut meat and his balls were hanging a little lower than I remembered them before. He had a few wispy hairs just above his cock and I knew full blown puberty was just around the corner. I knew from our first encounter than he could produce cum, and I was hoping for a little more of it this time.

“You ready buddy?”

“Uh huh, do it.”

I gave Davon the same treatment I gave little Donnie only there was a lot more to work with and his balls were a lot bigger. His nipples were just as sensitive, but it was his belly button that seemed to get the biggest rise out of him as he shivered and moaned. This boy had all the makings of a freak in the sheets and I was almost sure if I could get him alone he”d give up his butt cherry without too much trouble.

I nuzzed his adorable little love handles causing him to giggle then I moved over and swallowed him down in one gulp causing him to come up off the couch moaning lowly. Unfortunately Davon was quick on the trigger that day and I barely got my tongue working when he grunted and grabbed my  head and began firing off his thin watery load.

It was as delicious as I remembered and maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed thicker and more plentiful this time. Maybe if I sucked him more often I”d have a geyser before long.

I licked him clean and patted him affectionately and complimented him on his sexual prowess, “You”re shootin” more spunk now buddy, way to go.”

Davon bristled at the compliment and as I stood he moved over to make room for Peter who sat down quickly and spread his legs wide. His cock was about 4″ and slender but I remembered from our first meeting that he was a take charge kind of boy and according to Marcus he had actually fucked a girl once. 

His body was trim and smooth and even though his nipples weren”t very prominent I liked how his chest looked and couldn”t resist running my hand over it. He pushed back into the couch and thrust his crotch up at me and I took the hint and began working his balls and cock over with my tongue. He was completely hairless and he tasted sort of spicy and sweet and I lapped his junk like a hungry calf.

Eventually he grew istanbul travestileri impatient with me and grabbed my head and began pushing me down toward his cock and I chuckled and let him take charge. He let me take charge again once I had him in my mouth and I didn”t waste any time going to work. I sucked and licked and took him deep and after a few minutes he began thrusting up to meet me and after six or seven thrusts he grunted, grabbed my head, and buried his cock in my mouth as he shook and grunted as his orgasm hit. It must”ve been a good one, because afterwards he basically collapsed on the couch, panting like a dog.

“Dam boy, you fuck like a champion,” I said patting his leg.

“I know,” he said grinning, “Can”t wait till my dick gets bigger and I start shootin”.”

I”d serviced the younger boys and it had been great, but now I was looking forward to the real deal, a hard hot teenage boy who could fill my mouth with his hot sticky cum and maybe take mine up his butt. As before I expected him to want privacy but boy did I get a surprise.

“Can we use your bed?” Macus asked when I turned to him with lustfilled eyes.

“Of course, you other guys can watch TV if you want. There”s more pop and snacks if you”re hungry.”

“They gonna watch this time,” Marcus said simply.

“Oh, well…okay. I”m cool with that…” I stuttered. I guess that meant no ass for me though and I was a little disappointed.

They followed me to the bedroom and I waited for Marcus to tell me what was next, and watched with interest as he fell down on the bed on his back.  His seven inches of hard ebony flesh looked even fatter today and his balls looked ripe and ready to be drained and I couldn”t wait to reap his fruit.

“Same as before,” he said looking nervous.

“Everything?” I asked just to be sure.

He nodded, “Just like last time, first we fuck, then you suck me dry and swallow all my hot cum.”

I smiled, “Hell yeah, this is the best sex I”ve ever had.”

We started by kissing and Marcus was on fire with desire. Hell we both were after a few minutes, and when I moved down to his nipples then  his taut stomach the others moved closer on either side of the bed and watched intently. Even Donnie who occasionally rubbed his cocklett which was hard once again. The other two were rock hard too and I wondered if there would be any interest in round two once they finished watching Marcus and I fucking like animals.

I was so lost in lust that I didn”t give it a second thought as I pushed his legs up and began rimming his sweaty hole. Fortunately for me Marcus”s hygiene was impeccable and the only taste was teenage boy and sweat and I attacked his ass with fury as the others oohed and aahed and watched with lustful interest. I wondered if they truly understood what was going to happen next, but at that point I was too horny to care.

Grabbing a tube of lube out of the bedside table I lubed up my cock and fingered his hole a little to loosen him up, but it didn”t really take much and that made me wonder how many times Marcus had bottomed. But at the moment my dick didn”t care, all it wanted was a hot tight wet place to hide.

As I positioned myself to enter Marcus the other boys watched intently. I pushed Marcus” legs up higher exposing his wet hole completely then placed my cockhead against it and pushed. The head slipped in easily and slowly but surely I planted my cock in him until my balls were against his soft butt.

Turning to grin at the other boys in turn I started moving. I fucked him slowly at first, but as before he encouraged me to fuck him hard and fast and that”s just what I did for the next fifteen minutes. Occasionally I would lean down and kiss him but toward the end I braced myself on all fours and fucked like my life depended on it.

I cried out loudly as I unloaded inside Marcus” hot wet insides and then fell down on him and nuzzled his neck as I came back down to earth. As before the orgasm had been intense and draining, but after a  few minutes of rest I was ready to return the favor.

I took my time loving and tasting and kissing and licking his hard ebony body until he was gasping and begging for release. Only this time instead of going down on him I decided to give him the ultimate gift, my ass. I”d used my dildo the night before and was encouraged that I could still take it as easily as I once had and I was sure I could handle Marcus” monster if I took my time and was in control.

Grabbing the lube I slathered up his cock and then applied some to my hole and fingered it to work it in and loosen things up. When I was finally ready I straddled Marcus and positioned myself over his throbbing cock and reaching down I placed his cock head at my back door and slowly inch by inch impaled myself on it.

He grunted once or twice but for the most part he was quiet as he lay there with his eyes closed and let me do all the work. When I was finally sitting down on his pubic bone he finally grabbed my waist and began to help as I began to ride his cock. I started off slowly letting my poor throbbing asshole adjust to his girth and length. but before long I was riding him like a champ. The feeling was amazing as his cock rubbed against my prostate and my once deflated cock soon climbed back up to it”s travesti istanbul full 6.5″ of glory.

Toward the end he took complete control lifting me up and pulling me back down onto his cock as he thrust up against me bouncing the bed so hard it was thumping against the wall. Six brown eyes were glued to the action as the three other boys stroked their hard cocks watching their bro fuck the white cock sucker and I could smell their excitement.

Marcus nutted on the down stroke and I could actually feel his jizz shooting deep within my guts. He growled as he came and came and came and then he just held me there as he wiggled around as if rubbing out the last of his orgasm before lifting me up and pulling me down on top of him and kissing me hard.

“Fuck that was good,” he said between kisses, “dat” ass be fine.”

“Thanks, yours too,”  I sighed as I nuzzled his neck. 

Eventually I rolled off of Marcus and rested for a minute. After a while I excused myself to the bathroom and pooped out Marcus huge load and peed then washed up a little and returned to find the boys were already dressed and in the living room.

“Oh, I see you guys are dressed. I”ll just grab some clothes. Are you guys hungry? I could fix some burgers or something.”

“We gotta get back, but maybe next time,” Marcus said speaking for all the boys once again.

I was a little disappointed, but I had a feeling this wasn”t the last time I”d see these boys and if my instincts were correct, things were going to get better and better as we went along.

I offered to stop somewhere and buy them a drink or whatever and wound up going through the drive through at McDonalds and buying them dinner. I didn”t mind, by now they were my boys and I loved taking care of them. When I dropped them off in the park  Donnie insisted on giving me a hug before bouncing off to join Davon and Peter, but Marcus hung back.

“Next time we gonna stay all night, that coo”?”

“Very cool, if some of them don”t mind sleeping on the floor or the couch.”

“Naw, we figure that out. See ya man, thanks for the burgers….and for….the azzz,” he said grinning.

“No..thank you, for everything. You guys are the best thing that”s ever happened to me.”

We said our goodbyes and I watched him as he walked away. The others had spread out their meals on the picnic table and were already eating but they waved when Marcus joined them and I waved back. I couldn”t help but wonder what they said about me when I wasn”t there, but I supposed it didn”t matter as long as we all got what we wanted it was all good.

I went back home and decided I might need to change the sheets but wound up wallowing in the boys” sexy smells there and beating my meat with my dildo stuck up my very loose butt hole. When I came I added my load to the scent on the sheets and slept for a while before getting up and finally changing the sheets. Later as I showered I thought about how crazy all this was and how wonderful and I couldn”t wait for the next visit of my Six Black Boys.

End of part two

Okay, I know I said it was a one shot wank story, but due to popular demand and my own horniness I decided to make it a short series. Sorry it took so long to get this written but here it is at long last. In this one there are only four black boys, but there”s plenty of fun to go around and Marcus has made it clear that the next visit will be an overnighter. Imagine what fun they can have with hours and hours of time to come again and again…..


Thanks once again for your support over the years and I value your emails and your input. Please address all emails to ail I promise to answer all of them in a timely fashion.

Kewl Dad           






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