A Jessie McClintock Story – SUCCUBUS


“So ya gonna take the job or not?”Jessie looked coolly at the man sitting across from her.  She didn’t like him.  Not his silk shirt, not his slicked back hair, not his fake tan.  Gino the strip club owner.  He was a walking stereotype.  Her thoughts drifted mournfully to the Glade plug in working overtime in her office to combat this douchebag’s aggressive use of Axe body spray.  Then she thumbed through the bundle of cash he’d tossed in her lap.“Look, I need this done, and I’m told you’re the only person to talk to about it.  I’ll throw in another 10 once it’s done.  I just need that bitch out of my club!”Jessie whistled to herself internally.  20K total plus expenses either meant desperation, or a setup.  Either way, green was always her favorite color.“Yeah, I’ll take the job.”“Good.  And hey, you’re a damn good looking broad.  You want a more permanent position at the club once all this is over, you just let me know.”Before Gino could finish unleashing his white-stripped smile he found himself pinned to the wall by his throat, talon-like fingernails attached to a pale white hand pinched cruelly just behind the edges of his trachea.“I think you should treat the lady with more respect,” spoke an elegant, but steely voice.Jessie placed her hand gently on the shoulder of her shockingly pale friend.“Let him go, Vlad.  I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend anyone, did you, Gino?”“Fuck you,” Gino spat out.Jessie’s eyes drifted down to the recently grown wet spot at his crotch.“You know, I might have considered it, but I don’t do watersports.  Now get out of here.  I’ll be in touch when it’s done.”Vlad let his grip on Gino pop open and the sleazy flesh peddler huffed his way out of the office.  Not for the first time Jessie took a moment to appreciate the delicate features of Vlad’s face.  Almost noble, but with a deadly undercurrent that was even more exciting than his pristine features were breathtaking.“So, what do you think?”Jessie sighed, “I don’t know.  Only one way to find out.  Feel like going to a strip club with me?”A smile split Vlad’s face as his teeth elongated into fangs.  No matter how many times Jessie saw it, it never failed to give her goose bumps…and get her very wet. 2 NIGHTS LATER“You know, when you said go to a strip club with you, I thought you meant WITH you.  Not jumping from rooftop to rooftop on over watch like some underfunded Batman.”Jessie smiled to herself.  She knew it was a bit mean to invite Vlad to a strip club investigation and then ask him to work surveillance from the outside, but she knew someone had to stay clear-headed when the shit hit the fan, and going into a den of unidentified sexual power shenanigans was not a safe way to make sure she’d be the one that did.Plus, it was nice to walk down a street dressed like a slutty superhero and not have to spend a moment thinking about self-defense.  Of course, Jessie could throw down with the best of them, but tonight Vlad would pick off anyone foolish enough to get in the way of her goal, giving Jessie a rare chance to simply look like sex on legs.Not much more than a block away from the club now.  JUGS N TUGS screamed out into the night with garish neon.  She loved it.  It was rare that Jessie could truly let her sexuality flow in public, but this was not the kind of place that was going to criticize a woman for being a horny little devil.  The slight chill in the air now that the sun had dropped made her nipples stand out with precision, punctuating the top of her 36C tits and tenting the Harley t-shirt she’d cut to show off her toned midsection.  A barely legal mini-skirt hugged her shapely hips and squeezed her thighs together just enough as she walked that a delightful warmth was already growing in her belly.“Careful, love, don’t get ramped up too soon,” Vlad’s voice chuckled in her ear.  A great aspect of having a supernatural being as a partner was he could project his voice to her and her alone, and could easily hear even the softest sound from her.“Hey, you know I’m at my best when I’m avcılar escort bayan revved.”“And you’re most distracted.  I don’t want to have to bail you out too soon.”Jessie smiled.  As she approached the front door of the club she took a moment to appreciate the gentle pressure of her G-string playing between the twin globes of her impressive ass and thought about the likelihood that someone would get to fish that out before the night was over.  Sizing up the bouncer in a moment she took a deep breath, let every ounce of sensuality she felt emanate out of her, and tripped.“You ok miss?” asked the bouncer, rushing to her side.  He lifted her firmly and smiled.  “Those heels a bit bigger than you’re used to?”Bingo.  A Lancelot instead of a letch.  Time to act just a little drunk.“I’m fine.  God, sometimes I’m just soo damn clumsy.”“You’re not planning on going in here tonight are you?”“Sure was.  Why shouldn’t I?” Wobble just a bit Jessie girl.“Look, you’re fine as hell and I hate to send a fine woman away, but things haven’t been right at this club for a while now.  Tonight’s my last night in fact.  I don’t know exactly what’s happening in there, and if some assholes wanna go in there and pay for an ass to grind on their junk then good for them.  But I think you’d be better off calling it an early night.“I just found out my husband of 10 years has been cheating on me.  With…a…woman!  Well, two can play that game and I want to get face deep in some pussy tonight!”“Whoa, settle down.  I’m sorry that happened to you.  Far be it from me to judge another adult’s bad choices.  I’ll tell you what.  Tell Tammy at the bar that D-Bo said you’re alright.  She’ll look out for you.  And at the end of your night, I’m calling you a cab.  Deal?”“Deal.  Thank you.”Jessie gave D-Bo a hug and slipped into the darkened interior of the club. “Nice move Jessie.  Good to see you’ve still got it.”Vlad’s grin at her cosplay faded as soon as the strip club door opened.  There was an unnatural silence to that interior that chilled even his undead skin.  A silence that typically meant the presence of a very particular…One click and Vlad couldn’t hear Jessie anymore. The moment the door shut behind her Jessie could feel it.  A pulse in the club that was seductive, and dangerous.  Maybe Vlad was right.  Getting revved up before walking in could have been a miscalculation given that three steps inside had her body already primed like a ’65 Mustang on the starting line.  Not that she’d give that cocky vamp the satisfaction of admitting it.  He could just sit out there and wonder what was happening for a little while.Jessie made her way into the darkness of the club, letting her eyes adjust to the dim sea of writhing humanity scattered around the room.  She was surprised by the sheer number of strippers working.  Three side stages and a main stage, all with at least two girls dancing together, and in addition it looked like at least half of the patrons were engaged in a lap dance at their table, with no immediate info on how many might be tucked away in the VIP rooms.As her slow scan of the room continued she saw the bar, stretched across the left side of the room, though with only a handful of patrons.  Seemed table service was the preference tonight.  Jessie moved that way and caught the eye of a sexy Latina bartender who seemed to be the only one manning the bar.“Tammy?”“Yep.  How’d you know?”“D-Bo said to tell you that I’m alright.”“Did he now?  Well ok,” Tammy said with a wide smile. “What can I get you to drink pretty lady?”“Shot of Jaeger and a beer.”“You got it.”Tammy turned towards the bar which gave Jessie a moment to appreciate the body on her.  About 5’1” in heels it seemed like the sexy server snaked her way around the bar.  It was a luxurious sensuality that moved the glittering pattern of her bikini top and boy shorts.  Jessie had to make a conscious decision not to hop over the bar and grab that plentiful ass with both hands.  For a moment, she let herself drift with beylikdüzü escort bayan the fantasy though, imagining reaching behind Tammy and letting the string bikini fall loose so that she could take those impossibly firm DD tits into her mouth.  Gently massaging the tightest, fullest ass she’d ever felt while alternately giving her a quick, hard spank resulting in a near earthquake of movement through those glorious cheeks.  Then Jessie slowly slid up between those beautiful tits and let her lips meet the plump, kissable mouth of Tammy the bartender…“So, what brings you in tonight, Miss ‘I’m Alright’?”Jessie started.  She had a strong ability to daydream, an occupational need in some ways, but if it got out of hand it became a hazard.  And she was feeling things getting a little out of hand.“Just found out my husband was cheating on me with some strip club skank.  Figure what’s good for the goose…blah, blah, blah.”“I hear ya girl.  Usually, I’ll tell women the one place their guy has absolutely no chance of cheating on them is at a strip club, but the way things have been going around here, I’m not so sure.”“What do you mean?”“Just look around,” Tammy gestured around at the dances, both on stage and private going on.Jessie took her shot and then sat back against the bar, looking out while she sipped at her beer.  Things did seem a bit more intense than you usually saw at a strip club.  She hadn’t been surprised when the girls on stage were completely nude, but she was a bit surprised that all the lap dances on the floor were nude as well.  And she saw a lot of contact.  Hands slipping between the legs of customers and dancers.  She saw nipples being suckled hard instead of used to tease, girls openly rubbing their pussies and those of their fellow dancers, and faces pressed between legs a little deeply to be just show.  She even saw more than a couple of people actively making out and could have sworn she heard some zippers going down.  If this was what was happening on the main floor, Jessie could only imagine what was happening in the back.With that thought she casually let her legs drift apart, her beer bottle resting between her legs, the cool wet glass resting against the thin fabric of her rapidly soaking underwear.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten this hot, this fast.  She subtly shifted the bottle back and forth, feeling her lips, slick with desire begin to part, the broad side of the bottle pushing against her rapidly engorging clit.  The room was thick with lust and Jessie felt herself riding that wave toward an orgasm right there on the bar.“I can help you with that y’know.”Jessie became aware of the slim brunette in front of her and for a moment had to reorient her senses.  Then realizing what she was doing, and where, she sat upright, snapped her legs together and accidentally splashed beer all over her skirt.“Don’t stop on my account baby.  That was all kinds of hot.”Jessie took a breath.  Whatever was going on here was powerful.  Dangerously powerful.  She was on the edge of getting herself off at a strip club bar and hadn’t even given it a second thought.“Nice to meet you.”Jessie accepted the outstretched hand.“Hey Deidre, why don’t you leave this one alone,” Tammy stated sternly as she handed Jessie a towel to clean up the mess.“Um, how about you take that fat sexy ass of yours and shut the fuck up.”Deidre looked Jessie up and down like a farmer appraising cattle.  It was hard to tell if she was more disturbed by the look or the thrill that ran up her spine because of it.“Come with me in the back and let’s get you cleaned up.”Even with her libido turned up to 11, Jessie knew all her alarm bells should be ringing.  Strangely they weren’t which worried her more.  But the only way to investigate was to investigate, and getting into the back rooms was a good step in that direction.“Thanks,” Jessie smiled.  “I’d appreciate that.”“Hey, give the lady a house draft since she spilled her beer, Tammy.”“Deidre…”“I’m guessing esenyurt escort you don’t want the boss thinking that you didn’t want to take care of a customer in need do you?”With a weak smile Tammy poured a tall draft and handed it to Jessie.  None of this read as OK to her detective instincts, but her hand was being forced in a direction she had to play out.  Besides, Vlad was out there listening in on all of it.  He’d never let her down. Vlad looked around the entire club and was getting scared now.  Not only did he recognize what was probably going on inside, something that Jessie would need his help with to control anyway, there was also an insane network of magic wards surrounding the club that he’d never seen before.  Some of it shouldn’t have even been possible, unless … but there was no point getting worked up over fairy tales.  Right now, he had to find a way in before Jessie got in too far to come back. Deidre led Jessie by the hand through a thick, black curtain in a hidden corner of the club.  She showed her to a very comfy looking chair and gestured for Jessie to sit down.“What do you think of the chair?  It’s my own design.”“You design chairs?”“Chairs, couches, beds, all kinds of furniture.  I love working with wood, no pun intended, and I love fabric.  So what better way to bring those interests together?  Besides, it gives us girls something comfy to sit on, and I make a little extra money selling my stuff to the boss.  So, you ready to see how it works?”“Works?”“Yeah, we get spilled on all the time so I took the concept of a hand dryer and turned it into a chair.  Look!”Deidre then brought two flaps that had been hidden along the arm of the chair and pulled them up so they created an arch of sorts covering Jessie from about mid-thigh to her shoulders.  Jessie thought to herself that it looked like she was about to get a body perm.“Oh shoot.  You can’t use your arms now.  If you want a drink of beer just let me know and I’ll serve it to you,” Deidre smiled.“I’m good.”“Suit yourself,” Deidre took a long swig from the glass.  “Here we go.  You’re gonna love this.”Deidre reached under the chair and flipped a switch which caused a warm air current to flow all over Jessie’s body.  It was a delightful and relaxing sensation as the trapped air currents seemed to caress her with the gentle insistence of a thorough lover.  Already feeling heady with desire from the start of the evening and her own internal fantasies, Jessie let her head loll back and surrendered to the dry warmth that was encouraging her engorged center to work counter to the stated goal.  It was like floating on a sexy cloud, one that perfectly slid into and around every crevice of her body.Jessie felt her legs fall open, obscenely wide given her barely covered state, and that warm breath emanating from the chair pooled and stroked from her clit down to her clenching rosebud.  She could almost swear the eddy had form.  That it was trying its best to lightly penetrate her swollen lips.  The only frustration was that with her arms pinned to her sides in this contraption she couldn’t reach up and tweak her sensitive nipples, which were jutting out proudly and absolutely begging to be touched.And just like that, it went away.  The air stopped and Deidre unfolded the flaps keeping Jessie bound in the chair.“Ready for the beer now,” Deidre smirked.Jessie had to admit her mouth felt parched, but house brew had all the wrong connotations in this place.“No thanks, I’m good.”“Suit yourself,” Deidre smiled as she took a long swig.Then without warning, Deidre swept Jessie into a crushing embrace and kissed her hard on the mouth.  Jessie’s eyes popped open at the sensation of the beer in Deidre’s mouth spilling into hers.  The lightly spiced liquid heat slid down her throat, coating everything as it went.  It was musky and alluring, one of the best things she’d ever tasted.  If Jessie hadn’t been so distracted already from the heat building between her legs, she’d never have been caught off guard by a move like that, but she was distracted.  Deidre released her and she stumbled back, licking her lips and trying to self-assess what she’d been obviously drugged with.She felt her heart rate speeding up while goosebumps covered her body.  The odds were she was dosed with an aphrodisiac.

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