A rainy night


It was raining heavily from theevening and still continuing during the night. Nick turned restless in bed trying to get rid of all wild thoughts raging through his mind. The harder he tried to forget what he just heard from his aunt’s room next door, the more restless and frustrated he became. He wished he hadn’t waked up that time and walked to the kitchen to have some water. Was it breathless moaning that he heard from his aunts room or just a fig of his imagination, he couldn’t decide. But more he thought about it, he could feel his cock getting harder. Even guilt of thinking such a thing escort about his uncle’s wife didn’t make his cock subside but only fuelled his imaginations. He wondered why she should moan when sleeping alone in her room with his uncle away on a business trip. Will she be thinking about him and having sexy dreams? At 16, Nick had never seen a naked girl except in porn sites and that too men and women making out in different positions. He had come for vacation to his uncle’s home one week back and he was having a difficult time not stare at the slim sexy body of his aunt Melisa. bayan escort He tried not to look into her curvy breasts which showed through her lose top whenever she bent for something. She was chubby but her waist was slim and gave her an hour glass appearance. Nick had thought of her many days after he came there and had to fight hard not to rub his hardening dick thinking about her. But today it was getting too difficult to forget the sound he heard from her room. The thought of his sexy aunt having erotic dream stirred the thoughts of wild passion inside his loins. escort bayan Slowly he got up from his bed. He was shivering with the thought of his aunt moaning and hearing it again. The sound of heavy rain from outside was getting louder. He stopped in front of his aunt’s bedroom and listened carefully. No sound was coming out except for the heavy rain outside. It was then he saw the faint light coming out through the key hole. It was an old fashioned door lock with a not so small key hole. With pounding heart Nick bent down and looked through it. He couldn’t see anything at first except for a dim light. The room had a bed lamp burning and the bed was direct facing the door. His eyes started getting adjusted to the room light and he could not believe what he was seeing. His aunt was lying in the bed wearing a black night gown.

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