Callum’s Been A Naughty Boy


I enjoy flicking through my scrapbooks because they contain all sorts of personal memorabilia that remind me of happy events throughout my life. There are concert tickets, family photographs, scribbled notes and poems, plus love letters and drawings. When I lost my virginity just after my eighteenth birthday, I quickly became sex-obsessed, and my scrapbooks began to fill up with reminders of my sexual encounters as well.My other great passion is art, and I love drawing pictures of all sorts of things. My interest in erotic artwork began when I joined a club where they held a monthly life class with a nude model. I became quite proficient at drawing the male and female form.They were very innocent studies whereas nowadays, most of my pictures are much more explicit.One of the female models that sat for us in those days was a lovely woman called Carol Bridges. She was around forty when I knew her, and she lived just round the corner from my parent’s house with her daughter Tara. In her late teens and early twenties, she was one of the nations’ top glamour models and regularly featured in newspapers and men’s magazines. When she was in her twenties, she was famous for her trim figure, large firm shapely breasts and huge sex appeal, none of which had significantly changed over the years.A few weeks ago, I came across a nude drawing that I’d made of Carol at one of those sittings, together with a centrefold from a magazine at the height of her popularity. The two images were so different in the sense that my pencil study of her breasts was tasteful and classic whereas the centrefold image was highly explicit with no attempt at modesty. The entry was dated just a couple of months after my first real sexual encounter and, when I looked at it, the memory of a surreal event flooded back.She frequently attended the lingerie and sex toys parties that my bahçesehir escort Mum hosted, and I’d got to know her quite well. Then when Tara turned eighteen, she came along too, but she was quite a moody girl, and we never really became friends.A few days after the art class when Carol posed for us, I called round to her house on the off chance to show her my drawings.I knew she was comfortable being naked so it didn’t really surprise me when she answered the door wearing nothing but a stylish gold chain and a broad smile. However, when she led me into the lounge where a young man was reclining naked on the sofa with a hard-on, it did cause a sharp intake of breath. I knew that she’d been divorced for some years ago so it was none of my business who she had sex with, but I was somewhat taken aback when she introduced him as Tara’s boyfriend who was staying with them for a few days.He was a very fit looking young guy about the same age as me or perhaps slightly older and, although I’d heard about this kind of attraction between mature women and their daughter’s boyfriend before, it was still a bit of a shock.As it turned out, though, there was much more to it than that.“Callum’s been a naughty boy,” Carol said sternly, “and I was just about to punish him.”She winked at me when she said it, then went on to explain that after Tara had left for work that day, she’d caught Callum masturbating in her bedroom. That in itself wasn’t really an issue, but when Carol saw that he was looking at the same explicit image of her that was now in my scrapbook, she wasn’t best pleased.She said that she was so angry that she slapped him across the face then snatched the magazine away before storming downstairs.When Callum came down sheepishly a few minutes later, he was most apologetic, but Carol had calmed down a bit by then and invited beylikdüzü bayan escort him to sit next to her on the sofa.They talked about it at some length, and Callum was clearly upset by what he’d done, but Carol was beginning to feel guilty about overreacting. She stroked his hair asking him if he’d taken himself to a climax, and when he said that he hadn’t, she felt that she needed to do more than just console him.That’s when she suggested that just this once, she’d be willing to do it for him.“We’d just got undressed, and I’d given him a few initial strokes when you rang the doorbell,” she said. “But I can’t leave the poor boy like this so I hope you don’t mind if I finish what I started. I’m sure Callum won’t object if you want to stay and watch. ”Since this opportunity might never arise again, he was clearly not going to refuse, so I sat down on a sofa opposite them, and prepared myself for this weird spectacle.Callum looked at me as Carol cradled his balls in one hand and began to pull on his cock gently with the other. I know it’s a strange thing but I have this vivid memory of her beautifully manicured crimson nails gleaming as she stroked her hand up and down his rigid cock.It was beginning to turn me on, and I instinctively lifted my short skirt where my finger soon found my neat slit. I wasn’t wearing any panties so there was no barrier to me probing my own pussy, which by now was getting lovely and wet. I slipped my middle finger deep into my vagina and noticed both of them watching me as I sucked it dry.Callum then reached over with his hand and began squeezing Carol’s fabulous big tits, which she didn’t seem to mind at all. She then shifted her position and knelt on the sofa with her face just above the tip of Callum’s engorged penis. “I hadn’t intended to go this far,” she whispered, “but escort beylikdüzü I haven’t sucked a cock for ages, and I just can’t help myself.” She then tenderly licked all around his glans before taking it into her mouth.Callum groaned softly as Carol began sucking him, and when he reached between her legs in an effort to find her pussy, she parted them slightly to give him better access. She was clearly happy to let her daughter’s boyfriend play with her cunt and, when her legs began to tremble, she told him quite firmly not to stop.After several minutes of expert cocksucking, she slowly disconnected her mouth but kept a firm hold of Callum’s saliva soaked cock in her hand. She looked directly at me and said softly, “ I know I shouldn’t be doing this Candy but I just so want to be fucked,” and in a smooth seamless movement, she straddled him in a reverse cowgirl position. She guided the tip of his meaty cock into the entrance to her vagina, and I watched it disappear completely into her beautiful body as she sank down on it. She leaned forward putting her hands on his thighs close to his knees and began to ride him energetically. Her lovely big conical shaped tits were hardly moving as all the power came from her hips, and she was making wonderful feminine grunting sounds with every rhythmic stroke. She tossed her glossy mane of brunette hair and glanced over her shoulder. “God Callum,” she gasped, “Your cock feels so big inside me. My daughter’s a very lucky girl.”Then she glanced over to me and said, ”What about you Candy, would you like to try it for size?”“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied softly, and then I swiftly stripped naked.By the time I joined them, Carol was leaning back against Callum’s chest, and he was holding her tits firmly. She had fabulous long nipples that were really stiff now and just too tempting to resist. I had no idea how she would react when I started sucking them, but when she saw me doing it she smiled at me. “I didn’t know you were into women too,” she whispered, “I love girls who love girls.”I doubt Callum had any idea until now just how hot his girlfriend’s mother was, but he was rapidly finding out.

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