Disney vacation


Please comment below if you like or if you didnt what you would like to have included. This story is fictional. It had been a few years since we stopped doing the annual disney trips each summer. Me and my brother got older and were kind of done with that. But now we all missed it and we decided to do one last family summer trip there. Since the last time though my mom and dad divorced so we were jist going with our mom who owns the timeshare we always stayed each year. Im Chelsea 5’2 tan blonde green eyes A boobs…I had hoped they would grow more but I think im stuck with small boobs. Im a gymnist anyway and have a really nice butt to make up for it :). My brother is 2 years older than me and I hate to admit it but if I wasnt his sister he’d be really hot! He was the QB of the football team and super muscular dark hair skin and eyes…I’d be lying if I said the sight of him never made me wet :p. but usually me and him dont get along he has his criends and J have mine I was just always the annoyin little sister….but that never stopped me from hooking up with some of his friends haha; he hated that! Anyway so necause dad wasnt coming my mom decided to bring our grandma. now I love my grandma but shes really really annoying to talk to and she is gassy if you mnow what I mean. anyways no one gave much thought to it but when we got to the timeshare all of a sudden we realized duh theres only two bedrooms with only one king sized bed in each! I woulda preferred to sleep with my mom of coarse like we usually had but obviously couldnt have grandma sleep with my brother and I wasnt about to ne stuck having to deal with grandma 24/7 on this trip NO WAY! So reluctantly me and my brother ended up in the same bed. The first day went really well me and my brother bonded like we never had before since really it was pretty much me and him with escort my mom having to entertain grandma everywhere we went (im lretty sure she regretted taking her but whatever it was her idea). That night because my grandma likes it super cold like 65…seriously! I was freezing! I slowly scooted toward my brother…i didnt want it to ne too weird I mean we just started bknding for the first time in our lives! But I was so cold and he was there! He finally got the hint and was like “chels ur cold arent u” “yes” I said. “Ill warm you up” he said and before I knew it he was spooning me and we even instinctively interlocked our legs. I couldnt help feeling really good in his arms and I just sunk back into him and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning I felt something hard pressed up into my butt…i realized my brother had morning wood! He was still asleep but we were still all intertwined into each other. I knew I should have felt disgusted that my brother dick was wedging itself in between my butt cheeks but it also had been a few days since I last had an orgasm so I was pretty horny and his dick was really turnin me on! I slowly started grinding on it and I felt rushes of wetness pouring out of my pussy and soaking my boy shorts (which is what I sleep in). I was also wearing just a sports bra to complete my PJs. My brother was only wearing boxers and I could feel his abs pressed up against my bare back which only turned me on more and I started grinding harder. I let iut a soft wimper…i didnt want to wake him but I needed to cum! Almost instantaneously my brother suddenly says my name in a sort of confused like whats going on way AND the alarm goes off! I didnt finish but now that I knew he was up I had to lretend nothing was goin on even though im sure he noticed something. I popped right out of bed at the sound bayan escort of the alarm and was just like omg I jave to take a shower we can miss the breakfast mom will be mad and ran into the bathroom. I couldnt helpt thinking about him in the shower his hard dick inbetween my legs his hot ans oressed against me! If I thought I could finish myself off quietly I would have but I was so hot Inwas sure I would moan too loud so I had to hold off. I got out of the shower wrapped in my towel and my brother was standing there just grinning at me I had to ask him “what”. “Oh nothing” he said as he made his way into the bathroom for his shower…right before he closed the door he asked if I was going to wash my clothes which I said yea “ok cool could gou throw my boxers in with them they got all wet thanks” and winked at me and closed the door. I knid of froze jn that moment oh shit he knows! I went over to his boxers and sure enough right where the flap is was just all wet with my juices…i really was turned on! Oh well nothing I could do about it I thought. I got dressed and put my dirty clothes in the wash with his as well. The rest of the morning went without incident. Later on the afternoon we wenr to universal and rode dudley doo-right the log flume they have there. And of coarse we get all the way up and into the log and suddenly my grandma decides she doesnt want to do it anymore! She gets out just in time and of coarse my mom went with her out the exit. Which left just me and my brother in the boat and if youve ever ridden dudley do right or like any logflume you know how you sit legs apart and leaning back on the other person. Well I was laening back on my brother. Not too much after we got off he put his hands down at my legs…if this was a couple days ago it would be the weirdest thing ever but I welcomed it escort bayan now and more I liked it..i wanted his hands on my bare skin! Slowly hes moving his hands more and more up my inner thighs and im slowly moving my legs more and more open as he does. On the ride im just pointing out stupid things like oh look theres brer rabbit or laughing at the animals but it was really just to play off like nothing was going on down below even though we both knew what was happening! After the first little drop his hands moved really far up…he tried to make it like the drop caused his hands to move up but I knew better it wasnt like I was stoppin him anyway. At this point he realized we didnt have all too much time left and to my surprise he just went right in for it. He whispered in my ear as hes moving my panties to the side “i know u didnt finish this morning, my boxers were soaked you must be dying” thats when his bare fingers touched my pussy and it sent shockwaves thru me! I moaned so loud! And I instinctively pushed down on his fingers. “Wow you are dying arent you” he says to me “mhmm” is all I can get out as hes rubbing me “ill make sure ur finished this time” he says as he plunges his finger into me! I was so hot! I started fucking his finger bouncing up and down as he rammed it into me! If they have cameras on that ride the guy watching them got a good show! Lol Finally we get to the last hill climbing up to go all the way to the top he stuck a second finger in me and the whole boat is bouncing up and down and vibrating as it goes up the conveyor belt thing were getting to the top and thats when he said “come on lil sis cum for your big brother!” And I did! I cam so hard just as we were dropping! As were getting back to the station I just lay into him limp breathing heavily. “Oh my god I needed that” I say to him. You owe me one he says and winks at me. “Hehe shutup” I say and slap his arm playfully. He takes his hand out from under my shorts “look at that! My fingers are covered!” He was right thank god we were on a water ride or I woulda looked awkward coming off.

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