From the pages of Jake’s Diary…

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04:12, Friday, May 28th 2012. Dear diary, A lot has happened over the past few months. I’m sorry I couldn’t write, my room has been completely messed up and I couldn’t find you, nor had I the time to write. I think I should start the story at the night my Dad sat down in the TV room and we had a chat. “Jake I need to talk to you”, my Dad said walking into the TV room and sitting down on the couch opposite me. “About what?”, I enquired. “You know Kate I’ve been dating for the past few months?”, he asked me. “Of course”, I said. I’d never really seen her around much while I was here, she normally only came over to the house when I was in school. “We decided last night that we are going to get married”, he told me. I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t a big shock to me, he had been dating her for two years nearly. “When are you getting married?”, I asked. “Next weekend. It’s just going to be a small wedding”, he said. şişli escort bayan “OK, so is she moving in or are we moving out?”, I asked. “Well there is a problem there son. We both live in two bedroom apartments, and Kate has a daughter named Ally. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s the same age as you and I she goes to your school. You probably know her. Anyway, with us both having two bedroom apartments, and with you and Ally, we don’t really know what to do”, he said. “Kate has suggested that we move to her apartment, and you and Ally can share a room so we might be doing that. They could come here, but Ally’s room is bigger than yours so you would have more space over there”. I couldn’t believe my ears. My Dad had just said her name was Ally, the girl I’d had a crush on for the past few years. I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t wait to move into their apartment. “When mecidiyeköy escort bayan are we moving in?”, I asked. “We are due to pay rent on Monday, so we will be moving out this weekend so I don’t have to pay it”, he told me. “So you best go and start packing up everything. I’ve empty boxes in the closet in my room, go in and get a many as you need. Clothes in one, games in the other you get the idea. Just leave clothes for tomorrow out, we will move to Kate’s tomorrow evening”. I got up and went into my room. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I instantly went on Facebook and went onto Ally’s page. There were no new status updates. I had guessed there would be a few about what was happening but I was wrong. I turned off my iPad and sat on my bed, looking around my room at all the stuff I had to pack. Clothes, video games, my guitar are just some of the things I had to pack. I luckily escort şişli didn’t have much junk around my room, so I got completely packed up in the space of two hours. All that was left in my room was a set of clothes, a pair off shoes, my bed and my desk. I checked Facebook again, still no updates from Ally. I decided to go asleep, my last night in my own room. I awoke next morning to my Dad banging on my door telling me to wake up. I picked up my phone to check the time since my clock was packed away. It was 1pm, I had slept in. I got up went into the TV room. Everything was moved out and the room just had a few boxes left in it. “I’m surprised you slept through us trying to get the sofa out the door”, my Dad laughed coming in the door from the hall outside. “I was tired I guess, I’m going to take a shower and I’ll get the boxes from my room down to the truck then”, I said. “There’s no towels left, or soap so you’re just going to have to wait until we get to Kates”, he said. I groaned and went back into my room to get dressed before I started to bring the boxes down to the truck. Half an hour later and I was in the truck with my Dad and a mover man on the way across town to my new home.

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