Getting A Workout Bonus


Thank goodness, the last of the guests finally departed. I mean, do you think I really wanted to celebrate yet another birthday? I thought it was enough to hit fifty-five without celebrating the fact. Okay, I agree it’s better than the alternative and, being honest, I think I look damn good for my age. Head of blonde hair, beautiful nails on fingers and toes… ha-ha, yes I know, you’re waiting for the big details. Well, let’s see. I divorced two years ago and I knew that if I wanted a life, I would have to be more active. I needed to take care of myself to keep looking good! I’d never really put on weight, but you can get comfortable and, before you know it, you’ve gained a few pounds. At fifty-five, I definitely didn’t want to be totally alone, so I decided to start going to the gym. Yes, I made up my mind to get into shape and I bought sets of sexy gym clothes. If I was going to sweat my buns off, I would do it looking good.Monday came around and I showered, put my hair in a cute bun clip, applied a bit of makeup, and headed for the gym. When I got there and saw all the young tight bodies, I knew I had my work cut out. At the sign-up desk, a cute young clerk with a beautiful smile and a firm body walked up and asked me if she could help me.”Hi, yes, I’m sure you can,“ I said. “I would like to sign up for a class or two and possibly a trainer, but I’ll check back on that in a few days. Let’s first of all see if I have what it take to stick this out for even one day.” I laughed as the young clerk stared at me.”Sure, I can take care of that,” she said seriously, handing me forms to complete. “Are you interested in a full membership?””Yes, I think so… if I want to look like you.” I smiled at her. ”I have a few extra pounds to work off and a butt that needs firming up.” I guess she didn’t think I was funny because she continued to stare at me in a quite solemn manner. Damn, I was only trying to have a bit of fun. Oh well.I took the papers and when I finished filling them out, I took them back to her. She asked me to step around the counter so she could get my measurements.She started by measuring my bust — 37CThen my waist — 25My hips — 37Weight — 135Well, not too bad. A few pounds more than I wanted but I’ve always been curvy and never had any problem with looks. So, the main thing I was interested in was firming up. I didn’t want to be sagging and I knew that was a danger at my age.The young girl told me to look around while she put the paper work together. Then, she said, either herself or another staff member would give me a tour and explain all about the equipment.“Thank you for all your help,” I said, grabbing my bag and going bahçesehir escort to the gym to look at the different machines. Before long, a young man came toward me. My son is around his age.He put out a hand. “Hi, I’m Troy. I’ve been told you’re interested in getting trim and firming up with some classes and possibly a personal trainer.”Shaking his hand, I said, “Yes, I am. I’m Gail, nice to meet you.””Gail, follow me and I’ll show you around and explain some things to you.”Smiling at the young man, I listened to everything he said — at least, I tried to listen. The more he pointed toward things, the more his firm body flexed. I believed he knew exactly what he was doing… and I loved it. This might not be to bad. I felt a smile creasing my face. Okay, Gail get your dirty mind off his body and on to what he’s telling you.Okay, I’ve long admired younger men but Troy really was a baby compared to me. So, snapping my attention back to what he was explaining, I managed to concentrate and learn about the equipment and what certain machines would do. I knew what I needed to get into shape.As we walked around, Troy pointed out different things on the machines, then he would very carefully show me on my body where they would do the most work. For instance, he ran his fingertips down the length of my inner arm and told me how I could avoid any extra flab. I felt the back of his hand lightly brush my breast. Oh yes, he was very smooth — and I loved it. “So, what time would you usually come here, Gail?” he asked, interrupting my thoughts about the tingle on my arm, my breast, and the throb in my pussy.“Ah, well… hmm, usually mornings, I think. Unless I have an appointment. When is the best time, Troy?” He knew exactly what I was asking and answered with a flirty smile. “Mornings are good. Always good trainers here. I’m here most Mondays through Thursday. On Fridays, I have my special classes, more advanced training. But, as I said, there’s always good trainers here. If you see someone you are interested in, you can always ask for them specifically.””More advanced training?””Yes, for people into body building. I don’t think you’re interested in that, are you, Gail?””No, no. I’m just wanting to lose a few pounds and firm up some areas.””You won’t have any problem there.”“Then, I can ask for you specifically?”“Yes, you can, as long as I’m not already with someone or have a previous appointment. But I must stress there are a lot of good trainers here.”“I’m sure there is, but I would really like to have you.”“That’s fine, Gail. I would be pleased to work with you. Please, talk with the young lady at the counter. She knows my beylikdüzü bayan escort available times.”“Okay, great. I need to run for now. Thanks for all your help, Troy.“ I offered my hand to shake. “I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other soon.””I’m sure we will, Gail.” He held onto my hand. Our eyes met, I gently withdrew my hand, smiled, and walked away.At the desk, I made an appointment with Troy for two days later. As I walked to the door, I turned to look back at him. Hmm, this really might not be too bad at all.Driving home, my mind was on Troy. Crazy, really — he was way too young for me. I needed to get the idea out of my head.Fixing a salad for dinner, I was really excited about starting at the gym. I would get healthier and maybe have a bit of fun, even if it was just flirting. Taking my salad into the sitting room, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. I couldn’t find anything interesting and I decided to make it an early night.Thinking about getting into shape, I was truly excited as I prepared for bed. Seeing Troy every day, wouldn’t hurt, either. I have to admit it was an incentive. And, hell, who knew how many other good looking guys would be at the gym?Eventually, I was able to fall asleep… into a dream world of young, fit men.~~~~The next morning, the sun was shinning through my window. Stretching, and thinking what a beautiful day it was, I jumped out of bed, and went to make coffee. Out on the deck, I curled up in an overstuffed chair and looked out over the lake, contemplating. As I’ve said, I was divorced two years ago. And, even saying so myself, I made out pretty good. My ex didn’t know how to keep his little cock in his pants. What caught the sucker was playing with young fertile women. He ended up getting one of them pregnant and he didn’t want to claim it. Well, too bad for him, she was a bit smarter. So, he got slammed with child support — then divorce and alimony. Who do you think got the house on the lake?So he pays for me to play. Too bad for him. His loss, my gain. Looking at my watch, I saw it was time to shower and head to the gym. After soaping up my loofa sponge, I rubbed it over my large breasts. For an older lady, they’re still impressively firm with perky, sensitive nipples. I didn’t look or feel fifty-five and, with Troy’s help, I thought I would soon be looking even better. Look out world, here comes Gail.Out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried off in my bedroom. I opened the French doors and the breeze blowing in off the lake made my nipples harden. Rubbing my hands over my breasts, made my nubs even harder. Where was that damn pool boy, when escort beylikdüzü I needed him? Oh, hang on, he comes later! I really didn’t want to stop playing with myself but I did have an appointment. Putting on a sports bra, my hard nipples pressed against the fabric. I truly was horny now and rubbed over them again. Hmm, maybe after the gym…~~~~At the gym, I immediately looked for Troy. He was in a corner helping a young girl with one of the machines. Changing into my sneakers and putting my bag into a locker, I was ready to have some fun. I did a few stretches, then walked over to one of the machines. As I read the label to discover what I needed to do, I heard a voice from behind me.”Good morning, Gail. Glad you made it back.” Troy’s beautiful smile spread across his boyish features.”Good morning, Troy. Hope you’re well today.”“I am, thank you. But I thought our appointment was for tomorrow.” He looked confused.“Oh, it is. I thought I would try some of the machines today. Maybe get into some kind of routine.”“You don’t want to start too quickly; not till I have time to work with you. I have a few minutes now, would you like me to work a bit with you?”“Yes, that would be awesome. If you’re sure you have the time.”“Yes, of course, Gail. Follow me.”Following Troy to a quiet corner, we started by doing stretches. In fact, stretching and using muscles I didn’t even know I had, I soon worked up a sweat. Wow, this is harder than I thought. Guess you must pay your dues to have that perfect body.Finishing the exercises, I followed him to a couple of machines. On one of them, I had to use my arms to pull and push my body up and down. Troy came behind me, placing his hands on the small of my back and my abdomen. “Keep your body straight, Gail. This will help keep your tummy flat.”Tensing my body, I pulled back and forth while Troy kept his hands on my body. Now this is what I could get used to.I guess I was doing it right because he moved his hands away. I heard him tell me to finish those last ten and we would start another machine. I finished and followed him to my next torture. My thoughts suddenly went from working out to really wanting to fuck this young guy. He had a rock hard body and, I had no doubts, a cock to match. The way he moved sent shivers all through me. And those slate blue eyes: damn, I felt he was undressing me.“Gail… Gail…”I heard my name and came out of my daze.”Gail, are you okay?”“Yes, Troy, why do you ask?.”“Well, I’ve been talking to you, calling your name, and you never answered.””Oh, I’m sorry, my mind was… well, on other things.” Couldn’t tell him I was dreaming about getting naked and fucking the hell out of his young ass, could I?As Troy showed me different machines and how they worked, I watched his body moving. But he was very professional; never gave a hint that he was at all interested in me. Not even a mild flirt. Then again, I was very much older than him…

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