Kenny Loves Carla


“Uggh, not again,” Kenny mumbled when his mother told him tostart getting ready. “The guests will start arriving at 6.” Kenny hated his parents’ dinner parties – always so boring and having to answer questions from all of the neighbors and friends. He reluctantly climbed the stairs and went to his room to change into a dress shirt and khakis. Contrary to Kenny, the neighbors and friends of his parents loved the parties. Kenny’s family was rich and lived in a glamorous house in a wealthy neighborhood. And his parents loved to entertain, throwing on extravagant dinner parties with delectable food, fancy wine, and fun conversation. Despite have wealth, Kenny didn’t have many friends. He was terribly shy, a loner, and certainly not great with the girls. Sure he had girlfriends, but it never lasted and he remained a virgin. Kenny wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t smart, he wasn’t funny, he wasn’t tall. He stood just 5’5’’, thin, inheriting his grandfather’s sandy hair, and his mother’s pale blue eyes – just another plain person. At 18, he should be living in his prime. After all, he recently graduated from high school and would be attending college in a few months. Instead, he was lazing about the house and ready to suffer through another long night of superficial conversation. His parents’ friends never brought their children, so there was no one his age to hang out with. He sighed as he buttoned his sleeves. The doorbell rang. “Here we go…” The guests begin filling the home, men in suits and women in nice dresses. Kenny’s father instructed him to help the butler, circling the house with platters of hors d’œuvre and wine. He forced himself to answer questions about himself, the college he would be attending, and other meaningless chit chat. And then he saw her – Carla. Carla was a neighbor that lived on the other side of the neighborhood and played tennis with Kenny’s mother. Kenny thought Carla was the most beautiful creature. Sure, she was in her late 40’s, but she had kept herself well, Kenny thought. She had sharp features in her face, large brown eyes, and curly brown hair. She was 5’9’’ and kept her shape well, though she was thicker bayan escort beylikdüzü in her thighs and butt than she would have liked. Kenny always enjoyed seeing Carla. She stirred a fire in his loins each time she came over to the house that he could only extinguish in the privacy of his bedroom. As he circled the house attending to guests, he would sneak a peek at Carla whenever he could. God, she’s exquisite, he thought. Tonight, she was wearing a sexy, satin blue dress and her ass was perfectly hugged by the material. The dress was short and sleeveless, and the front plunged into a low V-neckline, enhancing her already large breasts. A mere look at her deep cleavage would send Kenny into a full erection. He shuddered in excitement. He knew what he would be doing as soon as dinner was over. Dinner began at 7:30 and Kenny had the fortune to sit across from Carla. They made small talk as the meal began, and it was difficult for Kenny to keep from staring at Carla’s chest. As could be expected, the meal was spectacular, the wine flowed generously, and the conversations grew animated. Carla had always suspected that Kenny had an infatuation with her. She caught him stealing glance at him throughout the night and he was even worse at hiding it as he sat across from her. To be honest, she liked the attention. Carla noticed that Kenny had rubbed his sleeve into the vegetables. She leaned over and picked some of the spinach off. He couldn’t help but look down her dress, but he kept his head down and mumbled, “oh, thanks.” When he looked back up furtively, she looked him straight in the eye and winked. “Oh shit, did she catch me?” his mind raced. As dinner continued and they moved onto dessert, the crowd was nearing its inevitable intoxicated state. Everyone was loud, full of laughs, and words tumbled from their mouths. Kenny eagerly ate his apple cake and crème brûlée. His father’s golf buddy, Richard, was gesturing wildy with his hands and accidently knocked Kenny’s spoon out of his hand. “Ha, ha, sorry about that, son!” Richard yelled apologetically while he laughed. Kenny smiled politely. Irritated, escort bayan beylikdüzü he crouched down to the ground and was surprised to see Carla uncross her legs. His heart thumped excitedly as she slowly parted her legs to reveal white panties underneath the short dress. As he caught his breath, she crossed her legs again. Kenny stood back and sat back down at the table. He took a long sip of water as the noisy laughter and conversation around him faded. He painfully adjusted his trousers and continued eating his dessert. At last he looked back up as he heard Carla laughing at her neighbor’s joke. While she covered her laughing mouth, she caught his eyes and gave another playful wink. Kenny’s face went white. “What the hell is going on?” he thought. He noticed how loud and giddy she was. “She’s probably just drunk and not realizing what she’s doing,” he forced himself to believe. Kenny’s father stood up at the head of the table and announced that the party would continue in the living rooms next door where everyone could be more comfortable. “At last,” Kenny thought, “I can finally escape.” While the guests picked up their wine glasses and exited the dining room area, he helped the butler bring plates and utensils to the kitchen. As Carla teetered away in her white heels, Kenny admired her thick thighs and ass, scraping back and forth. He sighed deeply in lust and had to adjust himself before taking the remainder of the dinner plates away. Retreating to his room, he fired up his computer and began looking at porn, searching for mature women images and video clips. Finding some erotic galleries of older women, he sighed as he put his hand down his pants and begin massaging his hardon. His penis was small, but felt as hard as steel as he began squeezing and stroking. The images on his screen along with the flashes of breasts and panties from Carla made him feel hot in his room. And so he began stripping until he was completely naked. He lied down on his bed with his penis straight into the air to rest. 30 minutes later downstairs and the party of guests were entirely drunk. Neighbors kayaşehir escort were shouting while other friends were droopily sitting in the couches. Carla excused herself as she teetered to the restroom. She had a lot of wine to drink, and needed to relieve herself badly. To her dismay, she found both restrooms downstairs occupied. Exasperated, she began climbing the stairs to the second floor. Stumbling she made her way down the hall until she found the restroom. Collapsing on the toilet, she peed for what seemed like a lifetime. Drunk, she pawed in the air around her to flush. Her head rolled to the side, “just a little rest” she told herself. 5 minutes she stood up. Dizzy and dazed, she fell to the side as her panties were still around her knees. “Ughhhhh” she moaned quietly. While Kenny was lying on his bed, he heard footsteps outside of his door. He stopped stroking and listened quietly. It was the irregular clicks of what sounded like women’s heels. He remained motionless until he heard the bathroom door closed. Shrugging, he leaned across the bed, pulling out some “40+” magazines, as he ogled the sexy older women contained in its pages. He heard a loud thud and soft groan from outside. “What was that?” He hopped up from his bed and cracked open the door. “Should I go see what’s going on?” he debated. Carla felt awakened by the fall. She picked herself up, pulled her panties up and looked at herself in the mirror. Grinning, she thought, “you’re completely smashed.” Shaking her head, she washed her hands and face with cold water. She patted her hands dry and opened the door, exiting the bathroom, but stood against the wall to compose herself and regain some semblance of balance. Kenny jumped back when he heard the bathroom door open abruptly. He tiptoed back to his bed and lied still. He thought he heard the footsteps disappear. And so he returned to his magazine. Aroused by the slutty makeup, gaping pussies, and breasts across the pages, he began fondling himself again, forgetting that he hadn’t closed the door completely. Soon, he was closing his eyes and fully jacking off. He moaned, thinking about the women in the magazines and of Carla. Carla heard strange noises down the hall and quietly walked towards the door from which noises were escaping. It almost sounded like someone was talking quietly and tapping. She leaned against Kenny’s doorframe and peeked in the open crack. To her shock, she saw Kenny lost in his masturbation.

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