licking my sister


It all started sometime back and I think the best way to write about it is by starting at the very beginning. I used to live with my sister, Eliza and my father, Louis.My mother died when we were young and then at my 21 st birthday my father suddenly disappeared, vanished no letter and certainly no phone calls. My sister was 17 at that time, she was quiet the lady, tall with long legs with long blonde hair reaching just past her shoulders, she wore a 34 b bra, I knew since she usually leaved her underwear just where she took it off in her room ,lovely light skin slightly tanned and lovely bubble butt, the kind that make men stare when we go to the town occasionally, It wasn’t wide It just pokes our of her skirt and truthfully makes me stare sometimes too.And my name you ask? I’m Geoff. I took up an online job shortly and lived with my sister we had just enough for a living. Our house was somewhat secluded from the town so we had just a few friends around us but all far apart. I somewhat got over my fathers disappearance but my sister never did I used to escort see her all the time staying up late ether crying or just moping over my father’s photo. But our life wasn’t always that bad and monotone.She took up writing books as a hobby and we would go out sometime to have some fun with our friends and sometimes it gets really crazy …..Well most of the time. My sister got a boyfriend, Jason, shortly afterwards and started going out. I was not quite happy with it but well she was happy and so was I. A few months afterward I was working on my project, Eliza had gone out with her boyfriend so I set about to complete some of the work I had to do. I never guessed my life was about to change a few minutes later. At about 11 I hear her car come in, unusually fast and guessed by the way she parked it that something had happened. She came in with tears on her cheeks and before I could talk to her she slammed herself into the washroom for a shower.This was one of her habits she takes a shower when she is upset. I did a quick review on what I was bayan escort working on till she came out and set it out to print and 10 minutes later I was walking over to her room and walked right inside, she was in her black bra and panties.  “What is wrong with you, cant you knock” she asked. Wrapping herself in a towel. “I’m sorry, I was just trying to help” I say rather hurt and turn around to go back. “Wait…wait” said Eliza her tone rather more despite, “Jason dumped me”. I turn around “shit , I am so sorry ” I say walking over to her couch, but really I was glad , I knew Jason was a jerk from the start he would use people and throw them away when he doesn’t need then. I warned my sister about it. “Want to talk about it?” I ask.  My sister walks over and sits herself down on my lap. WOW I never expected that I couldn’t stop myself from turning on. It took quite a lot of me just to keep me from having an erection.”Jason is a jerk, he never cared to pence on another person you deserve better than him someday…..someday you are going to escort bayan thank yourself”. She started to argue and oh my god she would wiggle her ass with every move she made I couldn’t think straight. I could feel my cock beginning to touch her towel and pressing in-between her legs. I wonder if she can feel it. Well at least she didn’t show it. “Tell you”, I say placing my hand on her thigh, and “let’s not talk about this tonight, how about we watch some TV” I turn around and switch on the TV. She leaned back over me I could spot a bit of her cleavage from over her towel. It was a late night movie. it was about some man breaking out of prison and a few minutes later just like all films we watched together she got bored and fell asleep. My cock was now in-between her legs just near where her legs met with her lovely ass and fully erect brushing against her inner thigh . I couldn’t help it; I wanted to feel my sister a bit more.  I slowly slipped my hand a bit higher up her leg almost at her inner thigh taking it really slow my hand just near there towel I slipped further inside parting the towel from where the two sides met. upp….. Up …up my fingers dragging along the inner bit of the thigh reaching the lining of her panty and over it unable to master my courage to slip my fingers under it.

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